F0236 - Barbara Godard fonds


Call Number: 2002-039/001

Professional Files: General

(1)AD HOC Grant: Travel to India1995-1996
(2)Application for Teacher Learning Grant submitted by Godard and Deborah Britzman1998
(3)Banff Centre for the Arts1992-2001
(4)Can Council of SSHRC Leave Approach
(5)Bill 103 PresentationFeb. 1997
(6)Canada Council, 2001
(7)Canada Council, Governor-General's Award for Translation1984-1988
(8)Canada Council, Governor-General's Award Literary Awards2001
(9)Canadian Topographical Poetry project1974-1975
(10)Class Lists1996-1999
(11)Committee Work, SSHRC etc.1991-1992
(14)General Correspondence1978-1988
(15)Ongoing Correspondence1984-1986
(16)Correspondence, General1985-1989 1 of 2
(17)Correspondence, General1985-1989 2 of 2
(19)General Correspondence1987-1990
(21)General Correspondence1991-1992
(22)General Correspondence1991-1993 1 of 3
(23)General Correspondence1991-1993 2 of 3
(24)General Correspondence1991-1993 3 of 3
(25)General Correspondence1991-1995 1 of 6
(26)General Correspondence1991-1995 2 of 6
(27)General Correspondence1991-1995 3 of 6
(28)General Correspondence1991-1995 4 of 6
(29)General Correspondence1991-1995 5 of 6
(30)General Correspondence1991-1995 6 of 6
(31)General Correspondence1992-1993 1 of 3
(32)General Correspondence1992-1993 2 of 3
(33)General Correspondence1992-1993 3 of 3
(34)Correspondence1992-1997 1 of 4

Call Number: 2002-039/002
(1)Correspondence1992-1997 2 of 4
(2)Correspondence1992-1997 3 of 4
(3)Correspondence1992-1997 4 of 4
(4)General Correspondence1995-1999 1 of 7
(5)General Correspondence1995-1999 2 of 7
(6)General Correspondence1995-1999 3 of 7
(7)General Correspondence1995-1999 4 of 7
(8)General Correspondence1995-1999 5 of 7
(9)General Correspondence1995-1999 6 of 7
(10)General Correspondence1995-1999 7 of 7
(11)General Correspondence1996-1998
(13)General Correspondence1996-1999 1 of 4
(14)General Correspondence1996-1999 2 of 4
(15)General Correspondence1996-1999 3 of 4
(16)General Correspondence1996-1999 4 of 4
(17)General Correspondence1999-2002
(18)General Correspondence1999-2002 1 of 3
(19)General Correspondence1999-2002 2 of 3
(20)General Correspondence1999-2002 3 of 3
(22)Correspondence and advertisements1995-1997
(23)Canada Council Writer Program1987-1989 1 of 2
(24)Canada Council Writer Program1987-1989 2 of 2

Call Number: 2002-039/003
(1)Canadian Academics1986-1987, 1990-1992
(2)Correspondence with Canadian Academics1984,1987-1991 1 of 2
(3)Correspondence with Canadian Academics1984,1987-1991 2 of 2
(4)Canadian Academics1986, 1991-1992
(5)Canadian Academics1994-1996
(6)Canadian Author1994-1996 1 of 2
(7)Canadian Author1994-1996 2 of 2
(8)Committee: York/Trillium/PLMA1980, 1988-1991 1 of 3
(9)Committee: York/Trillium/PLMA1980, 1988-1991 2 of 3
(10)Committee: York/Trillium/PLMA1980, 1988-1991 3 of 3
(11)Correspondence re: Conference1987-1990 1 of 3
(12)Correspondence re: Conference1987-1990 2 of 3
(13)Correspondence re: Conference1987-1990 3 of 3
(14)Correspondence re: Conference1987-1991 1 of 2
(15)Correspondence re: Conference1987-1991 2 of 2
(16)Correspondence re: Contracts projects etc.1985-1989
(17)Correspondence with Editors1985-1991 1 of 2
(18)Correspondence with Editors1985-1991 2 of 2
(19)Correspondence with Editors1985, 1987-1991
(21)Correspondence: Fellowship1996-1997

Call Number: 2002-039/004
(1)Correspondence from Foreign Academics1984-1989
(2)Correspondence from Foreign Academics1984-1989 2 of 2
(3)Correspondence from Foreign Academics1988-1990 1 of 2
(4)Correspondence from Foreign Academics1988-1990 2 of 2
(5)Correspondence from Foreign Academics1988-1991 1 of 2
(6)Correspondence from Foreign Academics1988-1991 2 of 2
(7)Foreign Academics1981, 1988-1993 1 of 2
(8)Foreign Academics1981, 1988-1993 2 of 2
(9)Correspondence: Foreign Academics and Canadian Academics1989-1994
(10)Foreign Academics1990-1992
(11)Correspondence: Foreign Academics and York University1990-1994
(12)Foreign Academics1994-1996 1 of 3
(13)Foreign Academics1994-1996 2 of 3
(14)Foreign Academics1994-1996 3 of 3
(15)Correspondence From Publishers1995-1989 1 of 2
(16)Correspondence From Publishers1995-1989 2 of 2
(17)Correspondence re reference works1994-1995
(19)Correspondence from Societies etc.1985-1989
(20)Correspondence re: student1986-1989

Call Number: 2002-039/005
(1)Students1990-1992 1 of 2
(2)Students1990-1992 2 of 2
(4)Correspondence from Writers1986-1988
(5)Correspondence with Writers1987-1991 1 of 2
(6)Correspondence with Writers1987-1991 2 of 2
(7)Writers1986, 1990-1992
(9)Department or Committee Related Correspondence1999-2002
(11)Editorial Boards1990
(13)Financial Record and Research Grant1991-1992
(14)Graffiti Project (without photos or list)1989-1990
(15)Grant proposals and Non York Reviews1988-1990
(16)Greeting Cards2000
(17)Harper Collins1992-1993
(18)Penn Kemp
(20)Letters of Congratulation for Faculty Teaching Award2002
(21)Lit. Trans. Assoc.1988-1989
(23)Modern Languages Associations1984-1989 1 of 2
(24)Modern Languages Associations1984-1989 2 of 2
(25)Modern Languages Association, New York1992
(26)Pas De Change, Catalogue1996
(27)Susan Petrilli1999
(28)Poetry Toronto, Women and Language Issue1987
(30)Project for Course at Universite de Paris XIII [Cretail?]Spring 1971
(31)Protest Letters1995-1996
(32)Publication Biography1987, 1989-1992
(33)Reader's Report on "Traditionalism, Feminism,Nationalism: Women Writers of Quebec." By Paula Lewis Gilbert1983
(34)Records of Speaking Engagements1986-1989
(35)References, Reader Reports1988-1989
(36)Research Center for Language and Semiotic Studies1989

Call Number: 2002-039/006
(1)Research Financial1989-1992
(4)SSHRCC Grant Application1989-1990
(5)SSHRCC Grant Application1981
(6)SSHRCC Information Session1999
(7)Talks, Conferences1987-1992
(8)Toronto Ecrit, Modern Languages Association1993
(9)Voix Et Images Evaluation2001
(10)University Validation of New Secondary School Curriculum1999

Professional Files: Women's Studies

(11)School of Women's Studies, Curriculum Committee1994-1996 1 of 3
(12)School of Women's Studies, Curriculum Committee1994-1996 2 of 3
(13)School of Women's Studies, Curriculum Committee1994-1996 3 of 3
(14)School of Women's Studies, Feminist Courses1994-1997 1 of 2
(15)School of Women's Studies, Feminist Courses1994-1997 2 of 2
(16)Women and Language Working Group1986-1987 1 of 2
(17)Women and Language Working Group1986-1987 2 of 2
(18)Women and Language, Bibliography[ca. 1987]
(19)Women's Studies Activities1993-1996 1 of 2
(20)Women's Studies Activities1993-1996 2 of 2
(21)Women's Studies, Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Practice in Women's Studies1990
(22)Women's Studies Program, Planning and Research1985

Professional Files: Students and Foreign Academics

(23)Correspondence, Notes. Re: Submissions1982-1986
(24)Correspondence, Notes. Re: Submissions1992-1997
(25)Susanna Baecker
(26)Sharon Berg1994
(27)Maria Casas (student)1995
(28)Marie. Christine [Escalle]1990
(29)Dorothy Henaut1988
(30)Adeena Karasick (student)1992
(31)Claire Lejeune1999
(32)Kim Michasiw1999
(33)Miguel Neneve1994-1995
(34)Elise Redekopp (student)2001
(35)Sinakka Tuohimaa1987-1988
(36)Fiona Strachan, Translation of "Les Sens Apparent"1982-1988
(37)Betsy Warland1984
(38)Elizabeth Yake/ Memoire Moire des souvenirs1994
(39)Rachel Zolf1995

Professional Files: Letters of Recommendation

(40)Kathy Mezei, Tenure and Promotion Assessment1983
(41)Peter Schwenger, Tenure and Promotion Assessment1987
(42)Requests, Letters of Support, Reference, Research Assistance1996-1997 1 of 2
(43)Requests, Letters of Support, Reference, Research Assistance1996-1997 2 of 2

Call Number: 2002-039/007
(1)Requests: Letters of Support, References, Research Assistance1999-2001 1 of 2
(2)Requests: Letters of Support, References, Research Assistance1999-2001 2 of 2

Studies in Women Writers: Canadian Women Writers

(3)Journal Essays/ Assignments1996
(4)Journal Essays/ Assignments1990-1991
(5)Journal Essays/ Assignments1994-1995 1 of 2
(6)Journal Essays/ Assignments1994-1995 2 of 2
(7)Journal Essays/ Assignments1999
(8)Patricia Robertson1990
(9)Undergraduate Student Essays, Canadian Literature1971-1977 1 of 2
(10)Undergraduate Student Essays, Canadian Literature1971-1977 2 of 2

Course and Lecture Materials

(11)ENG 333. Notes For Programme1965-1971 1 of 2
(12)ENG 333. Notes For Programme1965-1971 2 of 2
(13)Reading Lists. The British Novel1974
(14)Miscellaneous Course Notes
(15)Hamlin, Garland
(23)George Elliot
(30)V. Wolf
(32)D.H. Lawrence
(35)Sir Walter Scott
(40)Fiction of the United States, English 333, Exams, Essays1971

Call Number: 2002-039/008
(1)Teaching Materials, ESL, Vincennes, V. De Paris 1 of 2
(2)Teaching Materials, ESL, Vincennes, V. De Paris 2 of 2
(3)Teaching Materials, ESL, V. De Montreal1964

Conference Files

(4)ACSANZ '86, The Search For New Futures: Issue and Debates in Science and Technology, Cultural Studies, Social and Economic Policy, Program abstracts, Notes1986
(5)Acute, Conference Material, Notes1985 1 of 2
(6)Acute, Conference Material, Notes1985 2 of 2
(7)American Council for Quebec Studies, Sixth Biennial Conference, 20-23 October 1988
(8)American Council for Quebec Studies, 10th Biennial Conference1996
(9)The Association For Canadian Studies in the United States, Ninth Biennial Meeting, Montreal1987
(10)Bakhtin and the epistemology of Discourse, Urbino, Italy, 17-21 July 1989
(11)Les Batisseuses De La Cite - 350 Ans De Vie De Femmes A Montreal,1992-1994
(12)1st Brazilian International Translators Forum, Sao Paulo1997-1998
(13)The Children's Literature Association 1987 Conference: Cross-Culturalisation in Children's Literature1987
(14)Canadian Literature and Film Conference, California State University1986
(15)Comparative Literature Conference1973
(16)Conference Information1986-1989
(18)4 Congresso Interamericano De Escritoras, Cidad de Mexico1981
(19)Conference Notes and Collected Material1986
(20)A Conference En the Canadian Long Poem, Correspondence, Notes1985
(21)Conference on Lyric poetry and the New Criticism, Toronto, 14-17 October 1982
(22)Contemporary Literary Theory: Critical Practice and Philosophical Associations, Queens University, 1-3 October 1982
(23)Correspondence Re. Writings, Conferences1989, 1999-2002
(24)Critique De la Literature - Literature De La Critique, Kingston 16-18 November 1990
(25)Dijon Conference1986
(26)Ebony, Ivory and Tea, University of Silesia, Poland1999-2000
(27)Emergence, MontrealApril 1982
(28)Femme: International Conference on Research and Teaching Related to women, Montreal1982 1 of 2
(29)Femme: International Conference on Research and Teaching Related to women, Montreal1982 2 of 2
(30)Femmes De Lettres et le Francais hors Frontiere, Concordia, 15-17 May 1998
(31)Feminine/Masculine and Representation, Conference, Sydney. Association for Studies in Society and Culture1986
(32)Feminisms in the Cinema, York University, 3-4 November 1990
(33)4th Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, Spain, 3 March - 6 April 1989
(34)Fourteenth Annual Convention, The Popular Culture Association, Toronto1984
(35)Hugh McLennan Conference, University of Toronto, 25-27 February 1982
(36)Humanities Research Centre Conference: Feminist Criticism and Cultural Production 12-15 May 1986
(37)ICCA '91, Tokyo, Visions of the Other, 1991-1993
(38)Issues for the Next Generation International Conference, Toronto, 15-18 August 1985
(39)Images of Canada: The Borderline Stance, Universita di Cantania1987-1988
(40)Intersections: Studies in the Canadian and American Great Plains, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 18-20 March 1982
(41)Language and Difference: The Canadian Discourse as Discourse of the Other1984-1985
(42)Learned Societies, McGill University1972

Call Number: 2002-039/009
(1)Learned Society Conference, Guelph1984 1 of 2
(2)Learned Society Conference, Guelph1984 2 of 2
(3)Literary Translation and Literary Identity: A Conference on Canadian Literature Around the World, Montreal, 16-19 October 1986
(4)Lukacs Symposium, Concordia University, 10-12 October 1985
(5)Lyric Poetry and the New Criticism, 14-17 October 1982
(6)Post-Structuralism/e, University of Ottawa, 10-13 May 19841984
(7)Miscellaneous Correspondence, Conference Material1981-1983
(8)Miscellaneous Correspondence, Conference Material1985-1986
(9)Miscellaneous Correspondence, Conference Material1988-1989
(10)Modern Languages Association of America, CentennialNovember 1983
(11)Montreal and Vancouver: Imagining and Writing Our Cities, Simon Fraser University, 18-20 March 1993
(12)The Native in Literature: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives, University of Lethbridge, 13-16 March 1985
(13)The Oral Tradition and National Literatures, 1978
(14)Post-Colonial Translations, Montreal1997
(15)Premier Colloque International Sur la Short Story, Paris1988
(16)Pre-, Post-, and Neo-Colonialisms: Wole Soyinka and Contemporary Theatre, University of Toronto, 19-21 October 2001
(17)Publications of the Modern Language Association of American, Convention1984
(18)Rencontre Interdisciplinaire: Les Figures de l'Indien, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, 7-11 October, 1985
(19)Requests: Conference Attendance, Papers1999-2002 1 of 2
(20)Requests: Conference Attendance, Papers1999-2002 2 of 2
(21)Requests, Conferences, Papers1990-1997
(22)Terry Threadgold and ISISSS1987
(23)Translation Conference, Montreal1984
(24)Translation and power, University of Warwick, UK1996-1997
(25)Visibility and Expressivity, International Association for Philosophy and Literature, Pittsburgh, 12-15 May 1993
(26)Women's Writing and the Literary Institution, Sixth Conference, Edmonton1989

Writing Files

(27)ACQL Paper, 1974, pub ECW 1977-1998
(28)L'Amer or the Exploding Chapter
(29)Article, Essays1982
(30)Atwood Bios + Oral Literature rev1996
(31)Margaret Atwood Article for New Canadian Encyclopedia1986-1989
(32)Margaret Atwood: Form and Vision, Katherine Van Spanckeren1984-1987
(33)The Avant Garde in Canada: Open Letter and La Barre Du Jour[1981]
(34)Margaret Atwood and Robertson Davis Articles for the Encyclopedia Americana1989
(35)La Barre Du Jour: vers une Poetique Feministe[ca.1990]
(36)Bibliography of Writings by Quebec Women in English Translation1978-1982 1 of 2
(37)Bibliography of Writings by Quebec Women in English Translation1978-1982 2 of 2

Call Number: 2002-039/010
(1)Blais, La belle Bete: Infernal Fairy Tale1981
(2)"Body I": Daphne Marlatt's Feminist Poetics1985
(3)Book Reviews1972-1981 1 of 2
(4)Book Reviews1972-1981 2 of 2
(5)Book Reviews1978-1985 1 of 2
(6)Book Reviews1978-1985 2 of 2
(7)Borealis Press, World of Wonders1986
(8)Billy the Kid[1988]
(10)Nicole Brossard, Biography, Bibliography
(11)Brossard Bio1999
(12)Brossard - Overflow
(13)Brossard Profile, Preface
(14)Can Lit. Bordas, Bio-Bibliography1971-1973 1 of 2
(15)Can Lit. Bordas, Bio-Bibliography1971-1973 2 of 2
(16)The Canadian Encyclopedia, Oral History Entry
(17)Coach House Press Correspondence1974-1987 1 of 3
(18)Coach House Press Correspondence1974-1987 2 of 3
(19)Coach House Press Correspondence1974-1987 3 of 3
(20)Address Book (Coach House Press)
(21)Coach House Press, Catalogue, Newsletters, Correspondence1977-1979
(22)Fiction Translation For Coach House Press Series1971-1979
(23)Crawford's Fairy Tales[ca. 1980]
(24)Frank Davey1988-1989
(25)The Diviner's As Supplement: (M)othering the Text1986-1989
(26)Eccentric, Ex-Centriques, Avant-garde, Women and Modernism in the Literatures of Canada
(27)El Greco in Canada: A Parable of the Artist1981
(28)Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, Volume I: Lesbian Histories and Cultures1997
(29)Encyclopedia of World Literature1998
(30)Essays on Canadian Writing - World of Wonders: Robertson Davis, Carnival1984
(31)Critical Carnival1990-1994
(32)Feminism and/as Myth
(33)Flying Away with Language[ca.1981]
(34)Folktale Paper
(35)Geography of Separatism, early draft and pub/ocism, Laurentian, rev. 19711974
(36)"God's Country": Man and the Land in Canadian Novel1972-1973
(37)David Hayne1979
(38)Her Words in Canada, Proposed Final Draft for the Viewer's Guide1988
(39)In Pursuit of the Long Poem

Call Number: 2002-039/011
(1)ISISSS '87 Follow Up, Feminism and Semiotics1989 1 of 3
(2)ISISSS '87 Follow Up, Feminism and Semiotics1989 2 of 3
(3)ISISSS '87 Follow Up, Feminism and Semiotics1989 3 of 3
(4)"Patterns and their own particular ceremonies": A Conversation in an elegiac Mode Between Mary Di Michele and Barbara Godard1990
(5)Gerin-Lajoie Essay1990
(6)Heirs of the Living Body: Alice Munro and the Questions of a Female Aesthetic1981
(8)Misc. Writings on Lesbianism1991-1996
(9)Misc, Writings, Reviews1981-1983
(10)Modular Concept in Fiction1976
(11)Mon Corps Est Mots1985
(12)Mother Tongue: Toward a Feminist Poetic in Quebec1983
(13)My (M)other, My Self: Strategies for Subversion in Atwood and Hebert
(14)New Canadian Encyclopedia Publishing Ltd.1981-1982
(15)New Critical Essay1981-1992
(16)Other Fictions: Kroetsch
(17)Oxford Companion on Canadian Literature1996
(18)Audio Cassette: Interview with Mary Di Michele1990
(19)A Powerful Speller: Nicole Brossard1981
(20)Profile In Canadian literature: Nicole Brossard[ca. 1985]
(21)Redrawing the Circle: Poetry, Power, Language1982
(22)Re: Post[ca. 1987]
(23)Rewriting Our History, Kudchekar
(24)Scripts for Taking Sex into Account: In Her Own Words, Through her Own Eyes1983
(25)Semiotics of the Everyday: Essays in Contemporary Poplar Culture, Correspondence, proposals1989
(26)Semiotics of the Everyday, Papers1989-1990 1 of 3
(27)Semiotics of the Everyday, Papers1989-1990 2 of 3
(28)Semiotics of the Everyday, Papers1989-1990 3 of 3
(29)Short Story Anthology1972
(30)Space of the English Canadian Short Story1986
(31)SSHRC, CFH reports1997
(32)Strategies for Subversion in Atwood and Hebert: My (M)other, Myself / Barbara Godard for Janie Pallister1998-2000
(33)Subject1988-1990 1 of 2
(34)Subject1988-1990 2 of 2
(35)Structuralism/Post-Structuralism: Language, Realism and Canadian Literature1984
(36)Taking to the Woods: Of Metaphors and Poets
(37)Tales Within Tales: Margaret Atwood's Folk Narratives[ca. 1983]
(38)Talking about Ourselves1983-1985
(39)Talking about Ourselves: The Literary Productions of Native Women of Canada1985
(40)Native Women's Oral History tapes

Call Number: 2002-039/012
(1)Telling It Over Again: Margaret Atwood's Art of Parody, Drafts, Correspondence1986-1987
(2)Through Her Eyes: Resources for women's studies1983-1988
(3)Traduction Terminologie Redaction1997
(5)Translator Inquiry Paper
(7)Voicing Difference: The literary production of Native women, paper by BG1985
(8)Watson Essay, edited for English Quarterly
(9)Joanna Wood1978
(10)Women, Culture and Creativity, ITV module. Carleton Uiversities1985-1988
(11)Women Loving Women Writing: Nicole Brossard

Call Number: 2002-039/013
(1)Clippings re: Martindale1995-1997
(2)Correspondence, Papers1987-1988
(3)Kathleen Martindale, articles, speeches, papers1988-1994 1 of 2
(4)Kathleen Martindale, articles, speeches, papers1988-1994 2 of 2
(5)Godard Report on Martindale for Tenure and promotion Committee1992
(6)In memoriam: Kathleen Martindale, April 4, 1947-February 17, 1995 / Barbara Godard1995
(7)Interview Transcript, Martindale with Rachel Blau DuPlessis[ca. 1987]
(8)Kathleen Martindale, Maurice Elliot Correspondence1994
(9)Papers, Projects, Proposals. Re: Kathleen Martindale1988-1992

Call Number: 2002-039/014

Chap Books and Broad Sheets

(1)The Glass Harmonica by Bok1993
(2)Version SixMay 1996
(3)Postcards: Tea by Hiromi Goto-Tongu1992
(4)Advertisement: Moss, Pas De Chance, Letter
(5)Mm by Charlene Diehl-Jones1992
(6)Nancy Sinatra's Datebook1993
(7)Hung Up by Jeffery Kennedy1995
(8)Postcard: Depth Problem1995
(9)The Random Flow of Blood and Flower by Greg Young-Ing1992
(10)Tracking the Game by Nicole Markotic1992
(11)Graffito: The Poetry Poster, vol.2, Issue 2Jan. 1996
(12)Graffito: The Poetry Poster, vol. 2, Issue 5April 1996
(13)Dig: A Journal of Poetry, etc.[ca. 1998]
(14)Stanzas Magazine: A Medicals History of Saskatoon by Carla Milo1997
(15)Round Table by Nelson Ball
(16)And Sometimes, Christian Bok1996
(17)Underwhich Editions Catalogue1996
(18)New Genre 42, Summer/Fall 19921992
(19)ISM 2-3 March '91
(20)Pen Canada Annual Report 2001/2002
(21)Gallery 101 - Publication Series 1 to 4
(22)Identity 1: The Young Man and the Dog by Fred Gaysek1981
(23)Identity 2: Three Stories and Ten Poems by David McFadden1982
(24)Identity 3: Chromatique1982
(25)Identity 4: Next in Line by B. Daurio, and Identity 5: No Habla Espanol by Lesley McAllister1982
(26)Identity 6: Thin Air, by Frank Green1983
(27)Identity 7: Planet of the Heart by Daniel Jalowica and Judith Fitzgerald1983

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