F0260 - David Bakan fonds


Call Number: 2002-008/001
(1)Curriculum Vitae1980
(2)Speaking Engagements1979-1983
(4)Speechesn.d., 1969-1975
(5)Interviews with David1983
(6)Reviews About David's Work1972-1980
(7)Articles Featuring David Bakann.d., 1983
(9)Associations, Fellowships, and Memberships1970-1982
(10)Augustine's Confessions, The Unentailed Selfn.d.

Call Number: 2002-008/002
(1)An Investigation of Vacillation Rate and Intelligence in Adult Males1944
(2)The Effectiveness of Directed Attention to...1946
(3)The Effectiveness of Directed Attention to Instruments as a Training Aid1946
(4)An Investigation of the Effect of Sensory Deprivation on Stall Perception1948
(5)An Investigation of the Relationship Between Usual Ability and Flight Performance1948
(6)Elements of a Theory of Self Location1949
(7)Elements of a Theory of Self-Location in Space with Special Reference to Approach Light Systems1949
(8)An Investigation of the Effect of Sensory Deprivation of Stall Perception1949
(9)The Relationship Between Alcoholism and Birth Rank1949
(10)Public Policy and Urban Transportationn.d.
(11)The Role of the Psychology in Public Policyn.d.
(12)Some... Psychology of Warn.d.
(13)Some Reflections about Narrative Research and Hurt and Harmn.d.
(14)Suicide, Immortality and the Method of Embarrassmentn.d.
(15)Notes and Writingsn.d.
(16)Comet, Yearbook1937-1938
(17)The Agreement Between Inspector's Observations1946
(18)John Broadus Watsonn.d.
(19)Das Opter Im Buch Hiobn.d.
(20)Foreward: Toward the Psychology of Malefactionn.d.
(21)The Experimental and the Historical Method in Psychologyn.d.
(22)Freud and Jewish Mysticismn.d.
(23)Freud, Maimonides and Incestn.d.
(24)Ju-Jitsu in Vietnamn.d.
(25)Maimonides on Prophecy, Publicityn.d.
(26)Military Service in a Free Societyn.d.
(27)On JF Brown's Psychodynamics of Abnormaln.d.
(28)On Teaching and Service Informationn.d.
(29)On Why Students Are Not So Enthusiastic About Yorkn.d.
(30)Politics and American Psychologyn.d.
(31)Political Factors in the Development of American Psychologyn.d.
(32)Power, Method and Ethics: A Reflection on Bateson'sn.d.

Call Number: 2002-008/003
(1)Studies in Aircrew Composition I Measurements of Cross Training in B 29 Aircrews1952
(2)Learning and the Principles of Inverse1953
(3)Learning and the Scientific Enterprise1953
(4)Freud's Jewishness and his Psychoanalysis1954
(5)A Generalization of Sideman's Results on...1954
(6)On Skelson's Critical Comment1954
(7)A Reconstruction of the Problem of Introspection1954
(8)The General and the Aggregate1955
(9)Clinical Psychology and Logic1956
(10)Freud in His Old Age1957
(11)Mases in the Thought of Freud1958
(12)Idolatry in Religion and Science1961
(13)Psychotherapist: Healer or Repairman1962
(14)Suicide and the Method of Introspection1962
(15)Psychoanlysis on the Interpretation of Judaism1963
(16)The Mystery - Matery Complex in Contemporary...1965
(17)A Perspective on Psychoanlytic Theory1965
(18)Some Thoughts on Reading Augustine's Confessions1965
(19)Behaviourism and American Urbanism1966
(20)Comments on D. Fiske's on the Coordination of...1966
(21)The Influence of Phrenology on American Psychology1966
(22)The Psychology of the Infiction of Pain1966
(23)Science, Mysticism, and Psychoanalysis1966
(24)The Test of Significance on Psychological Research1966
(25)God and Golem, Inc1967
(26)Infanticide and Sacrifice in the Biblical Mind1967
(27)Psychological Characteristics of Man Projected in the Image of Satan1967
(28)Comment on Carnin's Private Events Made Public1968
(29)Eros and Knowledge1968
(30)Is Phrenology Foolish1968
(31)Economics of Student Unrest1969
(32)Experimental Psychology and Society1969
(33)The Hall-Dennis Report and the Universities1969
(34)A Plan for College1969
(35)Education: The Future of Human Relations1970

Call Number: 2002-008/004
(1)Suicide and Immorality1970
(2)Adolescence in America from Idea to Social Fact1971
(3)The Contemporary Crisis in Science and World Culture1971
(4)The Effects of Corporal Punishment in School1971
(5)Jospeph Brozek1972
(6)Paternity in the Judeo-Christian Tradition1972
(7)The Social Context of American Psychology1972
(8)Social Context of American Psychology1972
(9)Youth, the Future and Liberal Education1972
(10)Judaism and Kinship1973
(11)Satana Nelle Psiche1973
(12)Should Would-Be Change Agents Enter Politics1972
(13)Mind, Matter, and the Separate Reality of...1974
(14)The Symbolization Process and Communication in Religion1974
(15)The Authenticity of the Freud Memorial Collection1975
(16)Speculation on Psychology1975
(17)Le Frenologie e Ridicola1976
(18)Pain, The Existential Symptom1976
(19)On the Repart of...1977
(20)Psychoanalysis in North America1977
(21)Some Observations on the Seminar in Psychology, History, and Culture1978
(22)Does York University Need A Faculty Commons1979
(23)Belief and the Management of Chronic Pain1980
(24)Contributions to the History of Psychology1980
(25)Interview Transcript1980
(26)On the Effect of Mind and Matter1980
(27)On the Application of the Social Sciences1981
(28)On the Application of the Social Sciences1981
(29)The Interface Between War and the Social Sciences1982
(30)On Evil as a Collective Phenomenon1982
(31)On Psychoanalysis and History1983
(32)Jung's Struggle with Freud1986
(33)The psychologist in Studying the Psychopath1983
(34)Some Thoughts on Reading Blight's Article1988
(35)After the Orthodontist came the Interior Designer1989
(36)A Note on Freud's Idea that Mases was...1989
(37)Contributions to the History of Psychology1989
(38)On Fecnna's the Little Book of Life After Death1992

Call Number: 2002-008/005
(1)On Psychoanalysis and Tragedy: A Response to Rubens1992
(2)Maimonides and Freud on Self-Destructiveness1995
(3)Maimonides Theology and Psychology1995
(4)Response to Roten Berg's Cabalistic Sexuality and Creativity1995
(5)Commenting on PC and Multiculturalism1996
(6)A Note on Male-Female Empowerment in Divorce1996
(7)Origination, Self-Determination and Psychology1996
(8)David Baran Tribute in the Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless2001
(9)From Duality of Human Existence2001
(10)Sacrifice and the Book Job2001
(11)A Tract on Psychology: Agency and Communian in Human Mentation2001
(12)DPS, Publishing1981-1986
(14)Freud Photon.d.
(15)Investements, Writingn.d.
(16)Healing (Grounds of)n.d.
(17)Freud's Idea Re Moses1988
(18)Ethics: Peace1982
(19)Experimental Psychology and Sociologyn.d.
(21)Alumni, Brooklyn College1987
(23)On Being Humanistic and Effectiven.d.
(25)Psychoanalysis in Contemporary American Culturen.d.
(26)Miscellaneous Notes, Writingn.d., 1981-1985
(27)On Final Causality in Psychology: An Historical Perspectiven.d.
(28)Prolegomena to A Psychology of Human Intervention...1988
(29)The Historical Understanding...n.d.

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