F0200 - Alan Clarke fonds


Call Number: 2002-006/001

Day Books

(1)Day Book, January - February 20002000
(2)Day Book, March - April 20002000
(3)Day Book, May - June 20002000
(4)Day Book, July - August 20002000
(5)Day Book, Sep - October 20002000

Call Number: 2002-006/002
(1)Day Book, Nov - Dec 20002000
(2)Day Book, Jan - Feb 20012001
(3)Day Book, March - April 20012001
(4)Day Book, May - June 20012001
(5)Day Book, July - August 20012001
(6)Day Book, Sep - Oct 20012001

Call Number: 2002-006/003
(1)Day Book, Nov - Dec 20012001
(2)Address welcoming "Catherine Jane to the Family That Comes with Jeffery Hunter"
(3)Business Cards/ Membership Cards[ca.1967]-2001
(4)Canada Who's Who2000-2001
(5)Alan Clarke, Personal2001
(6)Correspondence, Notes, Personal1984 -1990
(7)Correspondence. Notes, Personal1996-2001
(8)The House of Culinary Inventions, Course Material and Notes1998
(9)National Arts Centre, Correspondence1999
(10)Ode to Peter Martine, on the Occasion of His Sixty-fourth Birthday1998
(11)York University Archives1999
(12)Algonquin college : Course in Community Organization1977
(13)Algonquin college : Course in Community Organization1983-1984
(14)Almonte : Workshop on Community Affairs, 14 March 1970
(15)Report and Papers on the Meeting on Continuing Education Policies and Public Participation, 3-7 August 1981
(16)Report of the Seminar on Social and Community Development, May 1970, No. 1
(17)Report of a Survey of Travel and Exchange/ Canadian Commission for the Community College, June 1969
(19)Baffin Region Workshop on Community Leadership, Notes[197-]
(20)Baffin Region Workshop on Community Organization Photographs[197-]

Call Number: 2002-006/004
(1)Big Brother Association of Canada1999
(2)Bridges for Progress International, Agenda Notes[1997]
(3)Canadian Association For Adult Education, Correspondence1959
(4)Canadian Centre for Management Development, Armchair Discussions, notes1999
(5)Canadian Centenary Council, Report of the First Annual Meeting, , 12 May 19611961
(6)Canadian Citizenship Council , correspondence1963
(7)Canadian Citizenship Council1966
(8)Canadian Emergency Coordinator, African famine, Correspondence1985-1986
(9)CIVICUS Annual Report1996
(10)Civil Society and the United Nations, Meeting, 20 April 19981998
(11)Civil Society and the United Nations, Meeting, 20 April 19981998
(12)Civil Society and the United Nations, Project Reports1997
(13)Civil Society, Current2000-2001
(14)Civil Society, Resource Material1998
(15)Engagement with Civil Society Organisations By Multilateral Organizations, Report1997
(16)Community Awareness, Reference Material1994
(17)Community Consultation of Reforming Social Programs,1994
(18)Community Dialogue, Notes1998
(19)Community Participation1965, 1999-2000
(20)Company Of Young Canadians, What happened at Crystal Cliffs?
(21)Consortium on development1969-1970
(22)Directory of Archival Material on Adult Education/ J. Robby Kidd, Duncan Duquet, Ann Anell1980
(23)Facing Unprecedented Challenges, Mankind in the Eighties, IIASA Distinguish Lecture Series1980
(24)Freenet, Information1994
(25)Frontier college, Correspondence1986-1990
(26)Frontier college, Correspondence, Ephemera1996-1999
(27)Guatemala ! The Horror and the Hope/ Rarihokwats
(28)Helping Canadians Help Canadians, Improving Governance and Accountability in the Voluntary Sector, Discussion Paper and Guide1998
(29)Implementing Sustainable development: Moving Forward on the World Commission on Environment and Development Report1988
(30)International Joint Commission, Correspondence1989
(31)John C. Kellerman, Mayoral Campaign1988
(32)Lamont/Spencer Imprisonment, Correspondence1993
(33)Learning from the Experience of Others/ Alan Clarke
(34)Literacy Alive!, Correspondence1991
(35)Literacy Alive!, Questionnaire1992
(36)Literacy Report, Alan Clarke, Draft1988
(37)Literacy Session: 1999 Ottawa International writers Festival1999
(38)The Millennium Year and the Reform Process1999
(39)Movement for Canadian Literacy1988
(40)Who's Literate?, A Look at Functional Illiteracy in Industrial Countries, Audio Reel, Dec 19861986
(41)New Generation earth Alive Olympiad I, Notes, Memos, Resource Material2001
(42)NGO Steering Committee to the United Nations, Annual Report and resource Material1999-2000
(43)Organizing for Power: The Alinsky Approach, Notes1993
(44)Parkinson Society of Canada, Minutes, Notes, Ephemera2001
(45)Parliament Hill Form on Society and The Economy, 10 April 2000, Notes and Reference Material2000
(46)The Politician as Diplomat: The Diplomacy of Paul Martin Sr., Seminar, 6 Dec, 19991999
(47)Standing Committee for International Development, UNAC, Correspondence, Resource Material1994
(48)Sudan Inter-Agency Reference Group (SIARG), Sudan Civil Society Symposium, 7-9 June, 20002000
(49)Ryerson Program2000
(50)Task Force On the Future of Work1986
(51)United Nations Association in Canada, Correspondence, Notes1997-1999
(52)U.N.A.C, Notes, Memos1993-1995
(53)U.N.A.C, Receipts Submitted1999
(54)Victoria University, Isabel Bader Theatre2001
(55)Volunteer Sector2000 1 of 2
(56)Volunteer Sector2000 2 of 2
(57)We're Tired of Being Guinea Pigs! A Hand Book for Citizens on Environmental Health in Appalachia1980
(58)World Civil Society Conference, Montreal1999
(59)World Federalist of Canada, Correspondence, Memos, Resource Material1999-2000
(60)World Federalist Of Canada2000-2001 1 of 2

Call Number: 2002-006/005
(1)World Federalist Of Canada2000-2001 2 of 2
(2)World Federalist Of Canada, Democratising Global Governance in the 21st Century, 2-4 June, 20002000
(4)York University Convocation Address, 13th June 19921992
(5)York University, Research and Interest1992-2001 1 of 2
(6)York University, Research and Interest1992-2001 2 of 2
(7)Y.M.C.A, Correspondence1960

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