F0453 - Herbert Whittaker fonds


Call Number: 2002-002/001

Personal files

(13)The Adventures of Herbert, Laure and Kaykritz and How They Discovered Budapest
(14)Anton Chekhov, The 20th Century's First Dramatist[ca. 1998]
(15)Applications, agreements[1981]-1994
(16)Arts and Letters, Intro to Voaden
(17)Arts and Letters, birthday celebration20 September 2000
(18)Awards and Honours1971-1982
(19)"But Eastward Look, the Land is Bright" : A Vision for WolfvilleAugust 1996
(20)Canadian Odyssey
(21)Celebrated Women: Conversations with Canadian Actresses, manuscript1994
(22)Convocation address1986, 1995
(23)The Critical I'25 May 1995

Call Number: 2002-002/002
(1)Robertson Davies1950-1991
(2)Letters to Robertson and Brenda Davies by HW1949-1952
(3)Dora Mavor Moore Awards26 June 2000
(4)Du Maurier World Stage11 April 1996
(5)Gala Performance for Ronald and Nancy Reagan Program10 March 1981
(6)A Gathering of Friends of John Colicos, Hart House Theatre8 May 2000
(7)Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Program2 November 2001
(8)Guelph Speech7 March 1977
(9)Happy 90th Birthday HW, Presented by the Arts and Letters Club20 September 2000
(10)Hart House Theatre interview4 November 2000
(11)HW's Birthday Journal2000
(12)HW's Documentation on Winston's: The First Fifty Years10 December 1998
(13)Honorary Doctorate, McGill University15 November 1991
(14)Honorary Doctorate, York University1971
(15)I'd Like You To Meet My Friend Anton Chekhov, The Arts and Letters Club23 March 1998
(16)I'd Like You To Meet My Friend Douglas Campbell, The Arts and Letters Club26 April [1998]
(17)I'd Like You To Meet My Friend John Neville, The Arts and Letters Club
(18)International Theatre Institute Identification Card1967
(20)Loose journal pages1973-2001
(23)Interview with HW by Fergus Cronin, for the Arts and Letters Lampsletter30 November 1995
(24)Interview with Ellen Pollock
(25)George Luscombe1998-1999
(26)The Matchmaker Makes History
(27)Miscellaneous writings by HW1965-1996
(28)Miscellaneous writing, research and notesn.d., 1992
(29)Misc. writings by others1975-1998
(30)Note books, sketches
(31)Perspective: Whittaker Notes, Introduction to Season's Plays, Atlantic Theatre Festival
(33)Principle Witness: Herbert Whittaker and Canadian Drama, 1949-1975, PhD thesis by Richard Hanson[ca.1997]
(34)Programs, catalogues, ephemera1985, 1999-2000
(35)Ryerson Theatre School Performance Advisory Committee Meeting8 November 1997
(36)St. Clair "60" Club15 February 1996
(37)Salute to the Queen of King Street
(38)Son et Lumiere ScenarioFebruary 2000
(39)Tribute to HW by Alexander Leggat, The Arts and Letters Club20 September 2000
(40)Voaden Trustees, minutes and documentation1997-1998
(41)Original manuscript, Whittaker's Theatre1985 1 of 2
(42)Original manuscript, Whittaker's Theatre1985 2 of 2
(43)Women's Art Association14 March 2001
(44)York University Archives1994

Whittaker's Montreal: A Theatrical Autobiography, 1910-1945

(49)Second proof25 February 1994 1 of 2
(50)Second proof25 February 1994 2 of 2
(51)Miscellaneous drafts1997 1 of 2
(52)Miscellaneous drafts1997 2 of 2
(53)Draft, 1996 version1996

Call Number: 2002-002/003
(1)Draft[ca. 199-]

Subject files

(2)Association of Canadian Theatre History, NewsletterFall 1985
(3)Association of Canadian Theatre History, agendas, speeches1987
(4)Canadian Theatre Critics Association1984-2001
(5)Canadian Theatre Museums Project Feasibility Study, Phase Two Analysis Interim ReportMay 1985
(6)Canadian Theatre Museums Project, Phase Two ReportFebruary 1996
(7)Report on Friends of Canadian Theatre Museums30 May 1987
(8)Theatre Museum Corporation, Board of Directors, correspondence, minutes and related material1990-1992
(9)Theatre Museum Corporation, Board of Directors, Correspondence Minutes and Related Material1994-2001
(10)Theatre Museum, Elgin Winter Garden Exhibition2001
(11)A Life in the Theatre: The Whittaker Collection, Media Reception Scrapbook2000

Call Number: 2002-002/004

Newspaper articles

(1)Clippings of articles by HW1934-1938
(2)Clippings, articles by HW1929-1945
(3)Clippings of articles by HW1958-1962 1 of 2
(4)Clippings of articles by HW1958-1962 2 of 2
(5)Clippings, articles by HW1966-1971
(6)Articles, columns by Whittaker, drafts1975-1995
(7)Clippings, articles by HW1977-1979
(8)Clippings, RE: Whittaker1949-1964
(9)Clippings, articles about HW1971-1985
(10)Clippings, articles about HW1999-2000

Call Number: 2002-002/005


(1)The Alumnae Theatre: A History in Three ActsMay 2001
(2)Aperitif, draft, includes correspondence with Jack Cunningham1966-1968
(3)You Should Know, script

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