F0211 - Tessera fonds


Call Number: 2001-065/001
(1)Tessera, L'Ecriture Comme Lecture, #157 (La Nouvelle barre du jour)
(2)Tessera, Fiction/Theorie, #57 (Canadian Fiction Magazine)
(3)Room Of One's Own, Vol.8 No.4, Special Issue Of Tessera, Jan. 2, 1984
(4)No.14, Memory Issue
(5)Tessera, Project Issue
(6)Fantasy Issue
(7)Issue #18
(8)Bodies, #19
(9)Dispositions, Volume 20
(10)Marginal Distribution 1997 Fall Catalogue
(11)Tessera, Volume 21, Winter 1996 1 of 2
(12)Tessera, Volume 21, Winter 1996 2 of 2
(13)Tessera, Volume 22
(14)Tessera, Volume 23, Feminism & Self-Help
(15)Vol. 24, Baroque
(16)Vol. 25, Seductive Feminisms
(17)Tessera, Volume 26, Utopias
(18)Vol. 27, Coincidence of the Page
(19)Tessera, Vol. 28, Feminist Ethics & the Law I
(20)Tessera, Volume 29, Feminist Ethics and the Law II
(21)Archive for Tessera, Volume 31 1 of 2

Call Number: 2001-065/002
(1)Archive for Tessera, Volume 31, Fetishism 2 of 2
(2)Coach House [Invoices]
(3)Editorial Archive
(4)Magazine Addresses & CMPA
(5)Word on the Street & Other Promotional Stuff
(6)Descriptions Of Tessera For Marketing Purposes
(7)Tessera Stationary (subforms, letterhead...)
(8)Marketing and Ideas, Resources
(9)Talk given by Jennifer Henderson and Barbara Godard, Nov 17 1997. "The Vicissitudes of Feminist Publishing: Thirteen Years Of Tessera"
(10)Autumn 2000, Inventory Of Tasks Performed By Individual Collective Members
(11)Records Re: Archives
(12)Tessera Exchange Ads
(13)Ontario Arts Council
(14)Canada Council
(15)Old Subscription Lists
(16)Subscriptions, Renewals (Originals)Aug. 1995-Jul. 2001 1 of 2
(17)Subscriptions, Renewals (Originals)Aug. 1995-Jul. 2001 2 of 2
(19)From: Katherine Binhammer [Correspondence] 1 of 3
(20)From: Katherine Binhammer [Correspondence] 2 of 3
(21)From: Katherine Binhammer [Correspondence] 3 of 3

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