F0225 - Reg Whitaker fonds


Call Number: 2001-041/001

Publication Files

(1)Methuen, Canada's 28th Parliament1969
(2)Methuen, Drugs and The Law1968-1971
(3)Copp Clark1968
(4)Drugs & The Law, Methuen Publication1969
(5)The Government Party Publication w/UTP1976-1979 1 of 2
(6)The Government Party Publication w/UTP1976-1979 2 of 2
(7)Government Party Research for PHD Thesis1974-1977
(8)Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship1969-1976
(9)SSHRC Research Grant - RCMP/CSIS History
(10)Research Inquiries1972
(12)Double Standard, Correspondence, Clippings1986-1993
(13)RCMP Security Bulletins CCLH Publication Project1985-1998
(14)Access To Information, RCMP/CSIS Security Bulletins1983-1990
(15)RCMP Bulletins May 1940 W. S. 29-32
(16)RCMP Bulletins June 1940 W. S. 33 & 34
(17)RCMP Bulletins July 1940 W. S. 35
(18)RCMP Bulletins August 1940 W. S. 36
(19)RCMP Bulletins September 1940 W. S. 37
(20)RCMP Bulletins November 1940 W. S. 38
(21)RCMP Bulletins December 1940 W. S. 39
(22)RCMP Bulletins February 1941 W. S. 40
(23)RCMP Bulletins March 1941 W. S. 41
(24)RCMP Bulletins April 1941 W. S. 42
(25)RCMP Bulletins May 1941 W. S. 43
(26)RCMP Bulletins June 1941 W. S. 44
(27)RCMP Bulletins July 1941 W. S. 45
(28)RCMP Bulletins August 1941 W. S. 46
(29)RCMP Bulletins September 1941 W. S. 47
(30)RCMP Bulletins October 1941 W. S. 48
(31)RCMP Bulletins December 1941 W. S. 49
(32)RCMP Bulletins, War Series 15 DEC '42
(33)RCMP W. S. 1 FEB '43
(34)RCMP W. S. 1 March '43
(35)RCMP W. S. 1 May '43
(36)RCMP W. S. 1 August '44
(37)RCMP W. S. 1 Sept. '44
(38)RCMP War Series Oct. 1 '44
(39)RCMP War Series Nov, 1, 1944
(40)RCMP War Series Dec.1 '44
(41)RCMP War Series 1 Jan, '45
(42)RCMP War Series Feb 1 '45
(43)RCMP War Series 1 March 1945
(44)RCMP War Series 1 April 1945
(45)RCMP War Series 1 May 1945
(46)RCMP War Series 1 June 1945
(47)RCMP War Series 1 July 1945
(48)RCMP War Series 1 August 1945
(49)RCMP War Series September 1945
(50)RCMP War Series November 1945
(51)RCMP War Series December 1945
(52)RCMP War Series October 1945
(53)A. CHP. 1-4
(54)C. CHP. 11 -18
(55)B. CHP.
(56)D. CHP. 19-23
(57)E. CHP. 24-28

Call Number: 2001-041/002
(1)F. CHP. 29-33
(2)G. CHP. 34-38
(3)H. CHP. 39-43
(4)I. CHP. 44-46
(5)J. CHP. 47-49
(6)Cold War Canada1986-1995
(7)Cold War Canada1991-1994
(8)Cold War Canada Reviews1995-1996
(9)SSHRC: Application 2 Cold War Project1983-1989
(11)Cold War Canada Correspondence Madeleine Pargot
(12)Cold War Canada Unpublished Materials1986
(13)End Of Privacy Australasian Edition2000
(14)End Of Privacy Publishers' Correspondence 1998 / 2000
(15)End Of Privacy Spanish Edition 1999 / 2001
(16)End of Privacy Reviews 1999 / 2000
(17)End Of Privacy French/Quebec Edition 2000 / 01
(18)End Of Privacy German Edition1999
(19)McGill/Queen's UP A Sovereign Idea: Reviews1992-1993
(20)Royalty Statements Public Lending Right1986-1991
(21)Access To Information Cold War Canada Project1982
(22)Access To Information Cold War Project1983
(23)Access To Information Cold War Project1984
(24)Access To Information Cold War Canada Project1985
(25)Access To Information Cold War Canada Project1986
(26)Access To Information CHA Group1998
(27)Access To Information CPSA Group1990
(28)Access To Information Security Service Book Research1991-1996 1 of 2
(29)Access To Information Security Service Book Research1991-1996 2 of 2
(30)'Cold War' Correspondence1984-1985
(31)Reviews, Articles, Papers
(32)Adelman/Cargns 'Membership' Seminar - Cargns Volume
(33)Article from Carleton Student Newspaper 1962/3
(34)Articles in Journals, Scholarly Collections1979-1985 1 of 2
(35)Articles in Journals, Scholarly Collections1979-1985 2 of 2

Call Number: 2001-041/003
(1)Miscellaneous Articles, Off Prints1978 - 1990
(2)Banting - And No one Cheered1982
(3)Berg-En-Dal Citizenship Studies 'Refugees - The Security Dimension'1995-1998
(4)'Biography of an Institution' Public Service Commission/Queen's/McGill UP1970-1975
(5)Book Reviews1979-1981
(6)Book Reviews1979-2001
(7)Reviews, Assignments1979-1981
(8)Reviews, Assignments, etc.1978-2000
(9)Book Reviews1981-1984 1 of 2
(10)Book Reviews1981-1984 2 of 2
(11)Reviews, Assignments1984-2001 1 of 2
(12)Reviews, Assignments1984-2001 2 of 2
(13)Canada Watch
(14)Canada Watch York Newsletter1997
(15)Canadian Dimension Writing1973-1984 1 of 2
(16)Canadian Dimension Writing1973-1984 2 of 2
(17)Canadian Dimension1974-1975
(18)Canadian Encyclopaedia1981-1983
(19)Contributions to Canadian Encyclopaedia CD-ROM 1996-97
(20)Canadian Foreign Policy, Hensler Articles On Canadian Foreign Intelligence1996
(21)Canadian Forum1975-1984
(22)CHA Booklet On Cdn. Immigration Policy
(23)Canadian History Contributions CD-ROM1997-2001

Call Number: 2001-041/004
(1)Canadian Historical Review1979-1984
(2)'Canadian State' Panitch, Ed.1976-1977
(3)CUPS Rejected Submission 'Federalism and Democratic Theory' 1983/4
(4)Carleton Library Wm. Irvine Farmers in Politics Re-issue1975-1979
(5)'Politics of Censorship in Canada' Peterson, Hutchison Ed.1995
(6)Constitutional Forum: 'Thinking About the Unthinkable'1996
(7)Controversy over Canadian Forum - Hobbes & Quebec Article1979
(8)Gagnon, Quebec Society Article1991
(9)Granatstein and McNaught 'English Canada Speaks Out' Book1991-1992
(10)How Ottawa Spends - Articles on Quebec (2), National Security
(11)Iacovetta, Perin...Ed...WWII Internments (with Kealey)1997-1999
(12)Harold Innis Article CJPST/U of T/Queen's Quarterly1979-1983
(13)Harold Innis Article Simon Fraser/U of T/QQ1978-1982
(14)'In Roads' Article on Federal Clarity Act2000
(15)Intelligence & Nat'l. Security Articles1992
(16)Intelligence & Nat'l. Security 'Bristow Affair' Article1996
(17)Intelligence & Nat'l. Security 'Spies Who Might Have Been' Article1997
(18)Intelligence & Nat'l. Security 'Cold War Alchemy' Article1999-2000
(19)Journal of Canadian Studies Article for 'Millenium' Year1999-2000
(20)Labour/ Le Travail Articles1977
(21)Labour/Le Travail 'Communism in WWII' Article1984-1985
(22)Labour/Le Travail Article1997
(23)Letters to the Editor Published and Unpublished1990-1999
(24)Literary Review of Canada, Reviews and Exchanges1999
(25)Marcovits, Scandal Volume 'RCMP Scandals' Article1988
(26)McDonald Commission on Economics1984
(27)MacMillan Pub. Political Advertising Proposal1977
(28)McRoberts/Monahan Charlottetown Accord Collection1992-1993
(29)Negotiating With A Sovereign Quebec Conference - York1992
(30)1984 Carleton Conference on Integration Essay Published
(31)Peter Russell Conference U of T Volume in Honour of Russell - Article1998-1999
(32)Miscellaneous Political Writing1981-1990
(33)Queen's/R/'State of the Federation'1998-1999, 1997-1998
(34)Saturday Night Articles By & About1979-1985
(35)Socialist Register1986
(36)Socialist Register Articles, Reviews, etc.
(37)Spencer/Secession Volume 'Quebec:A Unique Case' Article1997-1998
(38)Stein/Trent Canadian Politics Volume (unpublished)1978-1981
(39)Studies in Political Economy 'Sovereignties: Old & New'1997-1999
(40)Taras/Rasporich 'End of Millenium' 1995-96
(41)Taras/Rasporich, Passion For Identity 4th Ed. Article on Harris Ontario PCs2000
(42)Trudeau Article Calgary Conference-CJPST1979
(43)Studies in Political Economy1985
(44)U of O Human Rights Conference Commentary1998
(45)Whittington & Williams Eds. 'Bureaucrats & Politicians'1993
(46)WWII Uncertain Horizons Keynote Address on Cold War & World War1996
(47)Miscellaneous Writing1981-1984

Call Number: 2001-041/005
(1)Miscellaneous Writing1986-2000
(2)Miscellaneous Writing1974-1978
(3)Miscellaneous Writing1970-1972
(4)Policy Options, Articles1999-2001
(5)Unpublished Paper on Charlottetown 'The Problem with Democracy'1993
(6)Unpublished Writing1972-1982
(7)Unpublished Paper on Quebec Sovereignty & Liberalism1980
(8)Unpublished Writings1970-1982

Legal Cases

(9)Alyamani, Issam I, Immigration Case Expert Witness1993
(10)Alyamani, Issam II, Immigration Case : Expert Witness2000
(11)Manjour Ahani, Immigration Cases: Expert Witness1993-1996
(12)Munro v. Liberal Party Political Cases: Expert Witness1993
(13)Baroud, Wahid Khalil, Immigration Cases : Expert Witness1995
(14)Russell v. CSIS, CSIS Act Cases1987-1988
(15)Barnhardt, Cassidy Case1986-1987
(16)Ruby vs. Sol. Gen., Privacy Act : Expert Witness1995-1996 1 of 2
(17)Ruby vs. Sol. Gen., Privacy Act : Expert Witness1995-1996 2 of 2
(18)Ruby vs. Sol. Gen., Privacy Act : Expert Witness1998
(19)Thompson Security Screening1988
(20)M. M. I. Mohammad1988
(21)Jack Gold1986
(22)Andre Harvie, SIRC Review1986 1 of 2
(23)Andre Harvie, SIRC Review1986 2 of 2
(24)PSAC : Political Activity, Political Cases1986

Correspondence and Subject Files

(25)Advisory Council on Records, NAC Body, Representative of CPSA AT1986-1990
(26)Archives - Researchers' Forum1992
(27)Atkinson Hiring P. S. Academic V. P. Feinberg1992
(28)Bavarian/American Academy, Munich Conference Paper on Border Issues2000
(29)CHA: J. A. Macdonald Prize Committee1991
(30)Carleton University, Promotion, Status, etc.1972-1975
(31)Carleton University1975-1984

Call Number: 2001-041/006
(1)Carelton U.1981 - 83
(2)CASIS - CDN. Association For Security & Intelligence Studies2000
(3)C. D. Howe Foundation Constitutional Meetings1990
(4)C. D. Howe Memorial Fellowship1971-1972
(5)Charlottetown Accord1992
(6)Charlottetown Accord Social Charter Working Group1992
(7)Coalition Against Free Trade Campaign1988
(10)Sudbury Conference 'Whose National Security?'1996-1997
(11)Queen's Intergovernmental Relations Conference Constitution1991
(12)Quaker Conference on Intelligence - London1996-1997
(13)U of T Espionage Conference, 'Gouzenko' Movie1991
(16)Correspondence1978-1990 1 of 2
(17)Correspondence1978-1990 2 of 2
(20)CUPE 3903 Strike - Issue of Classroom Disruptions, Nov. 2000 I
(21)CUPE 3903 Strike - Nov. 2000 II
(22)CUPE 3903 Strike - Nov. / Dec. 2000
(23)CUPE 3903 Strike - Jan. 2001
(24)Dialogue Quebec/Canada1998
(25)Ditchley Foundation Conference On Intelligence1997
(26)Dr. James Endicott Memorial Service1993
(27)Employment Equity Issue - Controversy over my article in The Globe & Mail1992-1994 1 of 2
(28)Employment Equity Issue - Controversy over my article in The Globe & Mail1992-1994 2 of 2
(29)Funding for Separate Schools Issue1985
(30)GPSSA - Post CUPE Strike 2000 - 01
(31)Killam Award 1994
(32)PoliSci. Dept. 'Culture of Science Issue' Issue2001
(33)DRP, Retirement from York2000-2001
(34)Igor Gouzenko the Movie, Paper for Toronto Espionage Conference
(35)Killam Fellowship 1994-1996
(36)Lobby Against C-7, Archives Act - Removal of Offensive Clause1986-1987
(37)MacDonald Commission on Economy1984-1985
(38)MacKenzie King Project1977-1978
(39)Microsoft Encarta 'RCMP' Entry1996-1997
(40)National Archives R/Forum1997

Call Number: 2001-041/007
(1)Notes for Unfinished Book on Early MacKenzie King1970s
(2)Ontario Constitutional Reform Project - York University1991
(3)Ontario FOIA CPSA Brief to Legislature Committee1990-1991
(4)Ontario FOI Act Toronto Archivists Group1986
(5)'OP. Ed.' Articles, Letters To The Editor1967, 1981-1983
(6)Osgoode Rule of Law Conference Controversy with Michael Mandel1994-1995
(7)Parliamentary 5 - Year CSIS Act Review 1989/90
(8)PLO Intelligence Secretariat 'Team B' Intelligence Project2000-2001
(9)Political Activities1973-1985
(10)Political Issues International - Kosovo War1999
(11)Political Discussions Media - CBC/Globe & Mail1999
(12)Political Discussions Privacy1999
(13)Political Discussions Canadian Party Politics1999-2000
(14)Political Discussion, Quebec & Aboriginal Peoples1998-2001
(15)Premier Rae Advisory Group on Constitution1991-1992
(16)Public Service Commission1969-1971
(17)Quebec - Presse1971-1972
(18)Research Notes For Stephen Commission Liberal Party1970
(19)Royal Commission on Electoral Reform (Lortie) Paper Submitted1991
(20)Sabbatical, Victoria, Paris1978-1979
(21)Security Intelligence Review Committee1989
(23)Smiley Collection Broadview Press (with Sugarman)1989-1990
(24)Smiley Conference and Volume1987-1988
(25)Smiley Conference (with Sugarman)1988
(26)Donald Smiley Memorial Service1990
(27)Sol. Gen. Dept. Workshop on Future of Policing1990
(28)SSFC/CFH Task Force on Lines of Authority1994
(29)3rd Way' Initiative1996
(30)Three Nations' Group1992
(31)TVO Special: Canada With or Without Quebec1991
(33)U of T Job Interview 1976
(34)UVIC Workshop Political & Governmental2001
(35)University/Dept./YUFA Armstrong Hiring Affair1994
(36)York University Appointment1984
(37)YUFA : Employment Equity Proposals1999
(38)YUFA Strike1997
(39)YUFA Strike1997

Academic Files

(40)Undergrad Writing Carleton/Citizen1960s
(41)Student Essays, Carleton University1961-1965 1 of 3
(42)Student Essays, Carleton University1961-1965 2 of 3
(43)Student Essays, Carleton University1961-1965 3 of 3
(44)Papers written in PhD Program U of T1970-1972

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