F0221 - Frank Barrett fonds


Call Number: 2001-034/001
(1)Reviews Written1967-1975
(2)A Model of International Migration1976
(3)African Studies Association, Programs, Abstracts1972
(4)East Lakes Division, AAG, PittsburghOctober 18-October 20, 1973
(5)Uncertainty Process
(7)Memo From Barrett to Senate Committee, on Tenure and Promotion
(8)World Population, year 1974
(9)Rise and Demise of the Federation of the West Indies1973
(10)System and Portal, Master Prints1973
(11)Search Clusters1974
(12)The Decline of Canada's Farm Population1974
(13)The Urbanisation of Society (Some Thoughts on the Concept of a Colonial City)1968
(14)WORLD Population Year In Retrospect1974
(15)The Search Process in Residential Relocation1975-1977 1 of 2
(16)The Search Process in Residential Relocation1975-1977 2 of 2
(18)A Schema for Indirect International Immigration1974-1976
(19)The Uncertainty Process House Selection1973
(20)Rise and Demise of the Federation of the West Indies1974-1980
(21)Some Problems of Studying Ethnic Sub Groups1974
(22)Transparencies, Ethnic Sub Groups1973
(23)Uncertainty Process Figures, Overheads, Transparencies1973
(24)Overheads, Transparencies
(25)Habitat Conference1976
(26)Diffusion Of Ideas and Information1972
(27)Geomedical Aspects of Simple Endemic Goitre in Africa1975
(28)The Relative Decline of the French Language In Canada: a Preliminary Report1973-1980
(29)World's Child Population, 1974
(30)A Profile of Apartments' Tenants Search Behaviour[ca. 1977]
(31)Research Proposal1970
(32)The World's Child Population, 1974
(33)The New French Fact1974-1980
(34)Atkinson Monographs, Canadian Geography1979-1980
(35)Medical Geography, Concept and Definition, Draft1986
(36)Geography 20 Years Past, 20 Years Hence1978
(37)Burden of the Third world1978

Call Number: 2001-034/002
(1)Ontario Teachers, Professional Development1982
(2)Manuscript Reviews, Correspondence1976-1982
(3)Development and Current Status of Medical Geography in Canada1977-1982
(4)Canadian Studies in Medical Geography1980
(5)Themes in Medical Geography1985-1987
(6)Research 1984, School of Tropical Medicine Liverpool
(7)Washington 19841983-1984
(8)Research 1983, New York Geography of Medicine
(13)Chapel Hill, NC1980
(14)Merit Increase, Frank Barrett1977-1978
(15)Anomaly Merit1973-1977
(16)Tenure and Promotion1973-1974
(17)National Science Foundation, Research Proposal1979
(18)Curriculum Vitae
(19)Frank A. Barrett1973-1976
(20)Stimulus Two1981
(21)Merit Pay1980
(22)Correspondence, Ephemera1973-1977
(23)Tenure and Promotion File1972-1978 1 of 2
(24)Tenure and Promotion File1972-1978 2 of 2
(25)Research Grants1979-1980
(26)Los Angeles1981
(28)Victoria, BC1979
(29)Epidemiology Summer 78
(30)Epidemiology 79
(32)NCGE, Atlanta1971
(33)San Francisco1976
(34)New Orleans1977-1978
(35)International Geography Congress, Montreal1972
(36)KG 1972: CA 16, Commission On Population1972
(37)ICG 1972: CA 16 Commission on Population
(38)Salt Lake City1977
(39)Philadelphia AAG1979

Call Number: 2001-034/003
(2)CAL ONT RyersonOctober 1978
(3)CAG - 78 UWO, Medical Geography
(4)East Lakes AAG1978
(5)Starry Meester1984
(6)Norma Regismond1983
(7)Anne Brown Collection Providence1985-1986
(8)Scarb, Conference, Third WorldApril 1986
(9)The Eighteenth Century Antecedents of Medical Geography, Final Draft5 May 1983
(10)The Eighteenth Century Antecedents of Medical Geography, Paper As Delivered in Rome4 Nov 1982
(11)Atk. Residence Fellowship Submission, F. A Barrett1986-1987
(12)Atkinson Fellowship 1985-1986
(13)East German Libraries1991
(14)NorwichJuly 16-19, 1990
(15)World Health Organisation, Geneva, Copenhagen1991
(16)"The First World Map of Disease?" Edmonton1990
(17)Schnurrer's Global Disease, Map of 1927
(18)Medical Cartography1988
(19)Research Grants1966-1969
(20)Killam Research Program1985
(21)The Eighteenth Century Antecedents of Medical Geography, Drafts, Negatives, Originals1982
(22)Jody Decker1982-1985
(23)Duane Rajsigle1982-1985
(24)Amanda Terry1993-1996
(25)Atkinson Fellowship1984-1985
(26)Atkinson Research Fellowship1986-1987
(27)Medical Geography, "What Is In A Name?"
(28)York University Research Development Fellowship, Submitted 1991 for 1991-1993[ca. 1991]
(29)Atkinson Fellowship Proposal For 1992-1993[ca. 1991]
(30)Research Leave1990-1991
(31)Medical Research Council1988-1989
(32)A Medical Geographical Anniversary, Aug. 5 1992, IGC-IMGS Charlotte, North Carolina
(33)A Medical Geographical Anniversary1992
(34)FINK200, SSM1992
(35)Charlotte, IGC-IMGS1992
(36)Drake SSM1994
(37)Disease and Immunity in the Pre Spanish Philippines1998
(38)Search For Finke's Map1998
(40)Early Cholera Maps and the Development of Medical Cartography in the 19th Century- Atkinson Minor Research1998
(41)AAG, Pittsburgh1999

Call Number: 2001-034/004
(1)The First Major Geography Study Of North America, 6th International Medical Geography Symposium, July 10-16, 1994
(2)New York, AAG2001
(4)Geo 2000
(5)Prussian State Library2000
(7)Dept. Of Geography - Policy1981-1993
(8)Dave's Records as Charts1998-1999
(9)Chair Geography1999
(10)Department Of Geography, Departmental Meetings, Minutes, 1983-2000
(11)Chairman File (Department Meetings)1981-1982
(12)Curriculum Vitae1982-1998 1 of 2
(13)Curriculum Vitae1982-1998 2 of 2
(14)Cus. Memos1987
(15)Full Professor1975-1998
(16)Full Professor1973-1998
(17)Undergraduate Program Review 1993, 1991-1995
(18)Health Studies Planning Group1985-1986
(19)Medicine and the Social Science, ss/931979-1994
(22)Physical Geography, AK GEOG 2510.602000
(23)Correspondence1992 -1995
(24)Grad, Med, Geog, 563.31976-1986

Course Notes

(25)Cultural Geography1972-1975 1 of 2
(26)Cultural Geography1972-1975 2 of 2
(27)Charles Unhola1983
(28)Post War Europeans Immigrants In Metropolitan Toronto: A Social Geography / Frank BarrettJune 1963
(29)West Indian and Coloured ComWlth Migrant and Race Relations In UK, Black British1968-1970
(30)Antochin - West Indians1977

Call Number: 2001-034/005
(1)Ghettos as Special Phenomenon1970
(2)Human Geography, University of Minnesota1958-1959
(3)Negroes in Canada1966-1971
(4)Immanuel Kant's Theory Of Geography (1)1983-1996
(5)Hartshorne [See Entkin and Brunn] (2)1958
(6)Schaefer, Exceptionalism In Geography (3)1968
(7)1. Burton, 2. Taylor (4)
(8)Bunge, Theoretical Geography (5)
(9)Daniel Harvey, Explanation in Geography (6)
(10)Reflection on Richard Hartshorne's "The Nature of Geography" (7)1983
(11)John Marshall, "Geography of Critical Rationalism" (8)
(12)Behavioralism (9)
(13)Relevance and Applied Geography (11)
(14)Humanistic Geography (12)
(15)Postmodernism Feminist Geography1995
(16)Health Medicine and the Social Sciences1985-1995
(17)Health Medicine and the Social Sciences1981-1982
(18)Health Medicine and the Social Sciences, F1930.061978-1985
(19)Why Should Social Scientists Study? 1930.06 (1)1992
(20)Has There Always Been Disease? 1930.06 (Lect. 2)
(21)The Development Of Human Disease (3)
(22)The Development of Human Disease, Part 3, Trans ocean Exchange (4)1991
(23)Origin Of Western Medicine (5)
(24)History Of Western Medicine, Pt. 2 (6)
(25)Demise of Medical Geography and the Rise Of Microbiology
(26)History FO Western Medicine-3, Revolution of Microbiology and its Social Scientific Implications (7)
(27)Medical Geography, 1 Disease (8)
(28)Medical Geography, 2 Medical Care (9)
(29)Medical Anthropology (1), What is Cause? (9)
(30)Medical Anthropology, False Assumptions (10)
(31)Medical Anthropology, Non Western Approach to Medicine (11)1991
(32)Medical Sociology
(33)Medical Anthropology and Medical Sociology
(34)Scope and Nature Of Medical Sociology
(36)Abnormal Psychology
(37)Radical Medicine
(38)Radical [Medicine]
(39)Medical Economics1989-1990
(40)Medical Economics, Extra-Billing1985-1988
(41)Social Science Looks at AIDS1988

Call Number: 2001-034/006
(1)Intro. To Geography of Nutrition (1)
(2)Geography Of Nutrition, Course Outline (0)1979-1989
(3)Diamond Chapter 7-9, Origins and distribution Of Major Domesticated Crops and Animals (livestock)
(4)Diamond Chapter 10-11, Why Did Food Production Spread at Different Rates on Different Continents?
(5)Geography Of Diet (4)1993
(6)Geographical Interrelationship Between Nutrition and Disease, Gogdala and Map Library (5)1999
(7)Student Seminar, Disease and Nutrition (6)
(8)Mid Term (7)
(9)Disease and Nutrition (8)1999
(10)Geography of Diet (9)1986
(11)Seminar Diet (6)
(12)Geography Of Hunger (11)
(13)Geography Of Famine (12)
(14)Geography Of Diet (9b)
(15)The Historical Evolution Of Diet (2)
(16)Malnutrition and Agricultural Productivity In Malawi, A Development Dilemma, Paper By Deborum R. Fedder1998
(17)Fear of Frying, SSM Rev 1993
(18)Geography Of Health Care System (0)1995
(19)Introduction to the Geography Of the Health Care System (1)
(20)Introduction to the Geography Of the Health Care System (2)
(21)Introduction to the Geography Of the Health Care System (3)
(22)Caring For Health History and Diversity (9)
(23)Geographical Aspects of the Canadian Medical Care System (4)
(24)Rural Health Care in North America
(25)Seminar, The Geography of Medical Care In Lesser Developed Countries (6)
(26)Health Care System In Lesser Economically Developed Countries (5)
(27)Socialist - Welfare Health Care systems
(28)Medical Care System In Lesser Developed Countries, Video - Kerala
(29)Physicians Location and Behaviour (9)
(30)Location Health Care Facilities (7)
(31)Seminar - Location, Accessibility and Utilization (8)
(32)Seminar - Geographical Aspect of Physicians, Nurses and others in Medical care (10)
(33)Geography Of Health Care System, Patient Location and Behaviour. 348.3 (11)
(34)Geographical Aspect of Patient Location and Behaviour

Call Number: 2001-034/007
(1)Social and Cultural Influences on Health in Lesser Developed Countries
(2)Health Care Misc. (13)

Correspondence, Manuscripts, And Research Applications

(3)The Development Of Medical Geography In Canada1979-1980
(4)Correspondence, Memos1978-1996
(5)The Origins Of Medical Geography In France. A preliminary note on an early Contributor1984
(6)Third International Symposium in Medical Geography, Kingston7-12 August 1988
(7)W.H.O. Library, Geneva1991
(9)Montpellier 1984
(10)CAL ONT, ELDAAG1984-1985
(11)Medical Geography, Concept and Definition1984-1986
(12)Historical Development Of Disease Concept, Atkinson Minor Research Grant1985
(13)The Age Of Exploration And Its Impact On Geographical Medical Knowledge1989
(14)Tropical Exploration and Its Disease Consequences1990
(15)Medical Geo: Concepts and Definitions1985
(16)Medical Geog. As a Foster Child 1980
(17)SSHRC, Third Year grant, 1992-1993
(18)Atkinson Minor Research, An examination of Eighteenth Century Documents in German Libraries1992
(19)ATK. Minor Research, Medical Geog. Research in French Libraries1993
(20)SSHRC Three Year Grant, 1993-1996
(21)Atkinson Fellowship, 1993-1994
(22)Atkinson Fellowship, 1994-1995
(23)Some Observations About the Historical Roots of Geography, Washington 1984
(24)(Tony) A.C Gatrell1994
(25)Review in Health in Rural North America, Gesler and Richetts1992
(26)ARG. French Language Contribution (French and Swiss)1994
(27)Cambridge University Press1994
(28)Hannah Inst. Grant-In-Aid, The Origins Of the Term "Medical Geography"1994-1995
(29)AAG Boston1998
(30)SSHRC - Archival research, American Geog. Society 1998
(31)AGS - Milwaukee1997
(32)ELDAAG - Michigan State University, The Impact of August Hirsch On 19th Century Development in Medical Geography1997
(33)SSHRC - An Analysis of Medical Maps in British Libraries1996
(34)Sabbatical (Last) 1996-1997
(35)German Contribution To Medical Cartography, 1996-1997
(36)7th Symp. Medical Geography, UK Portsmouth 1996
(37)Charlotte AAG - A Program Report On The Origins And Development Of Medical Geography And Geographical Medicine1996
(38)Pettenkofer at Munich, 1995-1996 Atk. Research Grant
(39)Book Review
(40)The 1787 Project For a Medical Geography of France

Call Number: 2001-034/008

Questionnaires and Surveys

(1)Dissertation Sample, Quest 1-198 1 of 4
(2)Dissertation Sample, Quest 1-198 2 of 4
(3)Dissertation Sample, Quest 1-198 3 of 4
(4)Dissertation Sample, Quest 1-198 4 of 4
(5)Dissertation Sample, Quest 199-380 1 of 4
(6)Dissertation Sample, Quest 199-380 2 of 4
(7)Dissertation Sample, Quest 199-380 3 of 4
(8)Dissertation Sample, Quest 199-380 4 of 4
(9)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 1-299 1 of 4
(10)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 1-299 2 of 4
(11)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 1-299 3 of 4
(12)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 1-299 4 of 4
(13)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 300-599 1 of 4
(14)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 300-599 2 of 4
(15)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 300-599 3 of 4
(16)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 300-599 4 of 4
(17)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 600-878 1 of 3
(18)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 600-878 2 of 3

Call Number: 2001-034/009
(1)Recent House Movers Search Behaviour, Toronto, 1970-1971, Quest 600-878 3 of 3
(2)Intra Urban Toronto Condominium Study1972
(3)Intra Urban Toronto Condominium Study1972
(4)Apartment Survey 1973
(5)Apartment Survey 1973
(6)Apartment Survey 1973
(7)Apartment Survey 1973
(8)Apartment Survey 1973
(9)Apartment Survey 1973

Call Number: 2001-034/010
(1)Apartment Survey 1973
(2)Apartment Survey 1973
(3)Apartment Survey 1973
(4)Apartment Survey 1973
(5)Apartment Survey 1973
(6)Apartment Survey 1973


(7)Microbes and Men Pt. V - Tuberculosis, Diphtheria (Video 55 min. Colour) (08) (09) (10) (11)
(8)Microbes and Men Pt. IV - Rabies, Work of Pasture Roux Loir. (Video 55 min. Colour)
(9)Microbes and Men Pt. III - Pasture / Roux - Anthrax, Roux / Koch-Cholera (Video 55 min. Colour)
(10)Microbes and Men Pt. VI - Ehrlich - Syphilis Chemotherapy, (Video 55 min. Colour)
(11)Microbes and Men Pt. I -(Video 55 min. Colour)
(12)Microbes and Men Pt. II - Pasture - Fermentation Germ Theory, Koch - Anthrax (Video 55 min. Colour)
(13)Conquest Of Parasites, Nova (Video 55 min. Colour)
(14)"Introduction to Medical Geography" A Lecture Given By Doctor Neil McGlashen, University Of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia. Given At University Of Windsor, Ontario, Jan. 1985. (1/2 hr. VHS Tape)
(15)Understanding Human Behaviour - Stress (Video)

Call Number: 2001-034/011
(1)Geography of Health Care Systems1988-1995
(2)Geography of Nutrition1989-1999
(3)Health Medicine and Social Sciences1993-1998
(4)Mapping Diseases; Problems and Methods, Lecture Notes
(5)Medical Geography1991-1999
(6)Memo to J. David Wood1996
(7)Seminar in the Theory of Geography1992-1996

Call Number: 2001-034/012
(1)Immigration to Canada, 1962-1972; A Decade of Change
(2)West Indian Immigration To Canada, 1960-1970

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