F0218 - Gerald Caplan fonds


Call Number: 2001-007/001


(1)Journal, AsiaMar. 1996
(2)Journal, Latin AmericaJan. 1996-Feb. 1996

Correspondence and Subject Files

(3)Child Labour Reports, Drafts1996
(4)Paul Copeland1989-1991
(5)Re: Government1989-1995
(6)Jack Layton Campaign1991
(7)Mackenzie Institute for Studies of Terrorism, Revolution and Propaganda1987
(9)Miscellaneous Correspondence1985-1997
(10)The Ontario "Gestapo" Affair [includes related research material]1982
(11)Security Policy: What are the Real Choices?1987
(12)Spry Society, Correspondence, Memos1995
(13)Stop: Save TVO from Privatization Advisory Committee1996-1997
(14)World Television Network (WTN)/CRTC, Correspondence, Notes1992-1993
(15)Canadian Right, NCC etc.1985-1988
(16)Canadian Right, Resource Material1987-1990
(17)Black Ribbon Day/Right Wing in Canada1987-1990 1 of 3
(18)Black Ribbon Day/Right Wing in Canada1987-1990 2 of 3
(19)Black Ribbon Day/Right Wing in Canada1987-1990 3 of 3
(20)Canadian Right, Rushton etc.1989
(21)Right Wing, Tories1985-1988
(22)The Right Wing, Research Material1988-1992 1 of 2
(23)The Right Wing, Research Material1988-1992 2 of 2
(24)Ireland: The Propaganda War/Liz Curtis1988
(25)Peace with Freedom/Maurice Tugwell1988

Call Number: 2001-007/002

Correspondence and subject files

(1)Miscellaneous Correspondence, Memos, Reports1991-1999
(2)Royal Commission on Learning, Commission Business1993-1995
(3)Royal Commission on Learning, Report1994 1 of 2
(4)Royal Commission on Learning, Report1994 2 of 2

New Democratic Party Files

(5)Legislative Diary1998
(6)Legislative Diary1998-1999
(7)Legislative Diary, Ontario Election1998-1999
(8)Alexa: Correspondence, Speeches1995-1997
(9)Ontario N.D.P. Campaigns (N.S.)1987-1990
(10)N.D.P. Caucus, Correspondence, Notes, Memos1998
(11)N.D.P. Strategy1998
(12)1999 Election1996-1999
(13)1999 Election Campaign (N.D.P.)1998
(14)N.D.P. Election Campaign, Correspondence, Memos, Reports1999 1 of 2
(15)N.D.P. Election Campaign, Correspondence, Memos, Reports1999 2 of 2
(17)N.D.P. Campaign 99 Binder 1 of 3
(18)N.D.P. Campaign 99 Binder 2 of 3
(19)N.D.P. Campaign 99 Binder 3 of 3

Rwanda Report

(20)April Draft2000 1 of 2
(21)April Draft2000 2 of 2
(22)Draft Two2001 1 of 2
(23)Draft Two2001 2 of 2
(24)Press, etc.2000
(25)Final Draft2000-2001
(26)Revisions2001 1 of 2
(27)Revisions2001 2 of 2
(28)Rwanda: Reports, Drafts2000-2001

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