F0209 - Sydney Eisen fonds


Call Number: 2000-043/001

Lecture Notes

(1)The Working Class 1830-1850
(2)Critics of Victorian Society
(3)The 1850's Prospius and Power
(5)The Problem of Belief 1850-1890
(6)Lecture on Religious Revivals
(7)Social and Political Thought Programme1972-1973
(8)Impact of Evolution
(9)Liberals and Reform
(10)Victorian Studies Introductory Lectures
(11)England 1815-1818
(12)The Beginning of Reform 1820-1832
(13)Frederic Harrison: Biography by M. Vogeler
(14)Lecture 2: A Century of Prospect
(15)Lecture Introduction: The Victorian Age
(16)Repeal of Corn Laws
(17)201-Med. Ren. Narrative
(18)Woodman: Fur ref. Bill
(19)The Working Class
(20)Century of Science
(21)Church of England
(22)Lecture notes "Introd[uctio]n to Darwin"
(23)Early 19th
(24)Lecture notes "English Poverty"

Call Number: 2000-043/002
(1)Humanities 102: Idea of Progress
(2)The Pentagon of Power
(4)Humanities 102: Romantics
(5)Liberal Education1985
(6)Lecture notes
(7)Lecture notes 1801-1815
(8)Exam 2011966
(9)History 201: mid-term1966
(10)Political & Social Thought - 2 Lectures or one
(11)The Liscrae Revival
(12)Lords and Commons
(13)Unskilled Issues
(14)Lecture: The Evolution of Evolution
(15)Bibliography-321-U of T1966
(16)History 316: mid-term1967
(17)History 316: 1760 Bibliography
(18)English Historical small studies and documents
(19)English History
(20)H[istory] 201[G] Final 1966

Call Number: 2000-043/003
(1)History 201: Summer Reading
(2)Introduction: (lecture notes)
(3)History 201:The Social Structure
(4)History 201 II Religion 18th c.
(5)History 201-18th c. Constitution (3)
(6)History 201: Lecture notes-"1760-1770"
(7)History 201: Weeks
(8)Lecture notes: The American Revolution
(9)Lecture notes: 1780-1785
(10)Reform measures under Pelt: 1780-1789
(11)Reform measures: 70's-80's
(12)England 1789-1801
(14)The Strands of Socialism1965
(16)Social and Political Theory
(17)Labour policies: 1906
(18)Humanities 102: Lecture notes
(19)Haveug VA 1 Part III
(20)Economic History of Britain: 1870-1900
(21)Belief and Unbelief

Call Number: 2000-043/004
(1)Victorian Studies Seminar: John Stewart Mill and his Times1972-1973 1 of 2
(2)Victorian Studies Seminar: John Stewart Mill and his Times1972-1973 2 of 2
(3)550-Part II1974
(4)History 5501977-1978
(5)Religious Studies1967
(6)Humanities Curriculum1982-1989 1 of 4
(7)Humanities Curriculum1982-1989 2 of 4
(8)Humanities Curriculum1982-1989 3 of 4
(9)Humanities Curriculum1982-1989 4 of 4
(10)Department of History1976-1980 1 of 2
(11)Department of History1976-1980 2 of 2

Call Number: 2000-043/005
(1)History Executive1988-1989
(2)Canadian Federation for the Humanities1979
(3)Humanities Plan1989

Graduate File

(4)Graduate studies1986-1990 1 of 2
(5)Graduate studies1986-1990 2 of 2
(6)Ad Hoc Committee Report1990
(7)Notices and Material re: Senate1990
(8)Memorandum Dept. of History29 Sep. 1987
(9)Ad Hoc Committee on Appointment and Reappointment to FGS1989
(10)Memorandum: Department of History30 Mar. 1989
(11)Faculty of Graduate Studies-memos, minutes etc.1989
(12)Terms of Reference for Ad Hoc Committee
(13)Canadian Association of University Teachers[1984?]
(14)Academic Policy and Planning Committee Report to Senate Jan. 26th 198926 Jan. 1989
(15)Graduate Programme Materials 1 of 2
(16)Graduate Programme Materials 2 of 2

Call Number: 2000-043/006
(1)Humanities course 102A and 102 B1968
(2)Humanities 170: library
(3)Courses Haberman: Ideas and Movements in the 19th Century
(4)Kelly Grey1984-1985
(5)History 1060 European Thoughts 1 of 2
(6)History 1060 European Thoughts 2 of 2
(8)Humanities 1820B Syllabus1976-1995
(9)Humanities 18201981-1982
(10)Humanities 1501982-1984 1 of 2
(11)Humanities 1501982-1984 2 of 2
(12)Feltes/Eisen Course "Mary Barton: An Annotated Edition" Stuart Clark
(13)Feltes/Eisen Course "Morality and the Victorian Agnostics" Lesley Enns1973
(14)Feltes/Eisen Course "Hard times": Camilla Marsden1971
(15)English 6431971
(16)Feltes/Eisen Course1971

Call Number: 2000-043/007
(1)Feltes/Eisen Course "An Annotated Edition of Tom Brown's School-Days" Charles Wall1975
(2)History 5501975 1 of 2
(3)History 5501975 2 of 2
(4)Feltes/Eisen Course "Notes to Felix Holt the Radical" Marie Dowler
(5)Feltes/Eisen: religion in Manchester
(6)English 639: N. Feltes[1975?]
(7)Bibliography of Industrialization
(8)Humanities 1820.06B 1 of 3
(9)Humanities 1820.06B 2 of 3
(10)Humanities 1820.06B 3 of 3
(11)Humanities 1820 B1984-1985
(12)Humanities 1820 B Leisure Additional Documents 1 of 2
(13)Humanities 1820 B Leisure Additional Documents 2 of 2

Call Number: 2000-043/008
(1)Humanities 1820B Example1985-1991
(2)Humanities 3140: Natural Theory to Natural Selection folder1994
(3)Hist/Hum. Victorian Culture and Society1984-1988
(4)Darwin and his Age; proposed tutorial
(5)Levere-Eisen Course[1979?] 1 of 2
(6)Levere-Eisen Course[1979?] 2 of 2
(7)Feltes/Eisen Course "North and South" Jack Seaton1972-1973
(8)Humanities 3500 H Science and Religion1989-1990
(9)Williams College: early courses1955-1961
(10)History 5601982-1983
(11)History 10601988-1991
(12)The City: A Course Proposal1972
(13)History 2011965
(14)History 10601988-1991
(15)Humanities 102: Idea of Progress
(16)War and Politics
(17)The First Labour election
(18)The March of LaSour: 1925-1930
(19)The Second World War
(20)Reconstruction and The Welfare State

Call Number: 2000-043/009
(1)Syllabus and bibliography1966-1967
(2)Humanities 102 Make-up exam
(3)Humanities: Essay writing
(4)Humanities 102 Y1966
(6)The Triumph of Monarchy in England
(7)Humanities 102 Notes England 17th c.
(8)Humanities 102 Notes: England
(9)Humanities 102 Notes Lousse
(10)Humanities 102 Introduction
(11)Humanities 102 Y: final exam1967
(12)Humanities 102A mid-year1967
(13)Humanities 102 Syllabus1967-1968
(14)Syllabus etc. Hist. 2011965-1966
(15)History 201: Final1967
(16)History 102: Meaning of World War II
(17)Humanities 102 Communism
(18)Challenge of Democracy
(19)Humanities 102: Meaning of the First World War
(20)Humanities 102: Lectures and syllabus1966-1967
(21)Humanities 102A Course Evaluations
(22)Humanities 102A Final1968
(23)Louis XIV
(24)Notes: Humanities 102
(25)Humanities 102: The Politics of the Enlightenment: The French revolution

Call Number: 2000-043/010
(1)Humanities 102: Enlightenment in the Enlightenment
(2)Humanities 102: Trial Democracy
(3)The Advance of Democracy
(4)Humanities 102: Individualized and Social
(5)Science and Religion in the Age of Dawn
(6)Humanities 102: Socialism
(7)Humanities (research grants)1968
(8)Science lecture history
(9)Augustine: history
(10)History: Rome
(11)History I
(13)History: (Lecture notes)
(14)English Social History
(15)History 55201985-1986
(16)History 5520: Social and Political Thought1985-1986
(17)History 550 (old)1973
(18)Humanities 170A
(19)Humanities 1820B Course Evaluation1987-1988
(20)Humanities 1820B[1991?] 1 of 2
(21)Humanities 1820B[1991?] 2 of 2

Call Number: 2000-043/011
(1)History 4410.061960
(2)The Impact of Darwin on Conventional Thought: Robert M. Young
(3)Darwin, Evolution, Lubavitch
(4)Rogers: "Morals in Review"
(5)Turner: Oxford1983
(6)The Crisis in Egypt (from Maxse Papers) by Harrison, Frederic
(7)History 4410[1969?]
(8)W. Whewell: Scientific Method
(9)Darwin and the Rabbi[1982?]
(10)Darwin and Creation[1977?]
(11)Buddi S.
(13)History 44101993-1994
(14)History 416-U. of T.1959-1960
(15)History 4410.06 misc. papers1981
(16)Seminar 4410 Science and Religion1965

Call Number: 2000-043/012
(1)Science and Religion 4410 1 of 2
(2)Science and Religion 4410 2 of 2
(3)History 200 Introduction
(4)Methodology Group paper
(5)History 2001983-1984
(6)History 200: "The Historian and his Day"
(7)Lecture Notes: (Darwin etc.) 1 of 2
(8)Lecture Notes: (Darwin etc.) 2 of 2
(9)Darwin: Review of Dawkins and Behe1996
(10)Seminar Fall 1996: Graduate Bob Haynes1996
(11)The Crisis in Religious Belief
(12)Hum 31401988-1989
(13)Humanities 3000B1984-1986

Call Number: 2000-043/013
(1)Thompson-notes on book
(2)History, Science, Religion and Society1985-1986
(3)Library Reserves: 44101996
(4)History 44101984-1988
(5)History 6011969-1985
(6)Victorian Tucker 601-61984-1985
(7)Industrial Revolution 1 of 2
(8)Industrial Revolution 2 of 2
(9)Stationary requisition forms etc.
(10)FW: Newman, Tennyson, Froode
(12)Victorian Studies: Lightman and Fayter
(13)History 200 Lectures1982-1983
(14)Hist 200 lectures1981-1982
(15)Hist 200: Social Science History

Call Number: 2000-043/014
(1)History 2001983-1984
(2)History 2001979-1981
(4)History 200: Syllabus1971-1972
(5)History 2001982-1983
(6)History Syllabus1981-1982
(7)History 2001969-1981
(8)The Origin of the Species: Reviewed by Owen
(9)The Life of the Rev. Joseph Blanco White, ed. Thom, J.H. (Vol. II)
(10)Vogeler, M.: "Harrison"
(11)Frederic Harrison: The Vocations of a Positivist: Martha Vogeler
(12)Tolstoy and the Evangelical Revival Among Russian Aristocracy, Heier, Edmund

Call Number: 2000-043/015
(1)Agnostic's Apology of Stephen
(2)Wilberforce, Samuel: Origin of the Species
(3)Lux Mundi
(5)J.H. Newman: The Idea of a University
(6)Moore, Charles Darwin Lies in Westminister Abbey
(7)Arkansas Decision re: Evolution1992
(8)Bagehot, Walter Physics and Politics
(9)Whewell, I, IV, IX, XIII1988-1989
(10)Gore, Charles: Lux Mundi
(12)Galton 1822-1911
(13)W.W. Reade V-VI
(14)Bagehol IIII-IV
(15)Bagehol P and PI
(16)Comte and Spencer
(17)Bridgewater Treatises
(18)Essays and Reviews
(19)William Hale White Bibliography
(20)W.H. Mallock's Other Novels by Yarker, P.M.
(21)Robert M. Young: "Darwinism and the Division of Labour"
(22)Darwin's Metaphor: Does Nature Select? By Robert M. Young
(23)"Non-Scientific" factors in the Darwinian Debate: Robert M. Young

Call Number: 2000-043/016
(1)Ruse, M.: The Relationship between Science and Religion in Britain 1830-1870
(2)Ideas and Institutions of Victorian Britain: Robert Robson
(3)Mark Rutherford by Thomas Seccombe
(4)Imperialism and Social Reform by Semel, B.1960
(5)Susan Simpson: "George Eliot's Religion of Humanity Re-examined"1966
(7)L. Stephen: Mr. Bradlaugh and his Opponents
(8)Elizabeth Brown: Nonconformity in the 19th c.
(9)Elizabeth Brown: The Pursuit of the Catholic Ideal
(10)Education, deduction certificates: Robert Eisen1983
(12)Auguste Comte
(13)Plymouth Brethren: Darby
(14)Olive Schreiner: Her Life and Ideals: by Plomer, Wm.[1955?]
(15)Proctor RA
(17)Prof. Agassiz on the Origin of the Species
(19)Bagehot, Walter: Physics and Politics
(20)Balfour: The Evolution of Belief
(21)Tennyson and Wordsworth: Lynda Harris
(22)Hutton, R.H.
(23)The Voyage of the Rattlesnake by Huxley, Julian
(24)Huxley: Education
(25)Elizabeth Brown
(26)Browning Christmas Eve and Easter Day
(27)Darwin, Dissemination: 1860-1900
(28)Darwinism: Paul Fayter1988
(29)Little Journeys to Homes of Great Scientists: Darwin: Elbert Hubbard
(30)Darwin: An unpublished article by Michael Ruse
(31)Darwin: Social Darwinism: McCarron1984
(32)The Phenomenon of Man: Chardin1961
(33)W.K. Clifford
(34)Stephen, Sir Leslie: An Agnostic's Apology
(35)Optimism in "Mark Rutherford" by Tempest, E. Vincent

Call Number: 2000-043/017
(1)John Morley's letters to F.A. Maxse[1982?]
(2)"In Memoriam": Peter Flaherty
(3)"Social Aspects in the Emergence of Chemistry as an Exact Science: The British Chemical Profession" Holt, B.W.
(4)Tolstoy and Nihilism by Heier, E.
(5)"Professionalism" American Sociological Review: W.J. Goode[1960?]
(6)Has Philosophy A Future? by Gilmour, J.S.L.
(7)John Ashler: Child Labour and Parliamentary Interference[1974?]
(8)Checks on Population Growth 1750-1850 by Langer, Wm. L.[1972?]
(9)"Prosopography as a Research Tool in History of Science: the British Scientific Community, 1700-1900"[1974?]
(10)Planck's Principle: David L. Hull, Peter D. Tessner, Arthur M. Diamond
(11)"Quakerism and Evangelicalism: The Soc. Of Friends": Kathleen S. Moore1974
(12)Mansel: papers
(13)Mansel: Limits of Religious Thought
(14)Lighthman: Mansel
(15)Religion and Materialism: Mortineau
(16)Theism: Mill, J.S.
(17)Miller, Paul: Jesus and the Victorians1978
(18)Hume and Paley on Miracles and Design: W. Paul Fayter1980
(19)Fayter: Huxley: Thesis Proposal1982
(20)Elliot Binns: "Theology from 1860"
(21)Alvar Ellegard: Darwin and the General Reader[1958?]
(22)Robert Fitzroy1968
(23)Susan Rochester: James Anthony Froude

Call Number: 2000-043/018
(2)Gosse, P.M.
(3)Farrar, Adam Storey: A Critical History of Free Thought
(4)Flaherty, P.
(5)George Elliot
(6)Dockrill, D.W. Origin and Dev't. Of 19th c. Eng Agnost.
(7)Dockrill, David W. "The Limits of Thought and Regulative Truth"[1970?]
(8)The Origin and Development of 19th century Agnosticism by Dockrill
(9)The Nature of the Argument in Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species-Gary McCarron1984
(10)A South African Rebel by Olive Renier[1955?]
(11)Lyell Principles: misc. 1 of 2
(12)Lyell Principles: misc. 2 of 2
(13)Principles of Geology: C. Lyell 1853
(14)T.H. Huxley and the Meaning of "Agnosticism"1971
(15)Charles Kingsley: The Water Babies and Christianised Darwinism: G. Crane
(16)McKay L.: William Buckland
(17)Peterson, Jeanne M: Patronage and Power in the Victorian Medical Profession
(18)Little Journeys to Homes of Great Scientists: Huxley: Elbert Hubbard
(19)"Wealth" North American review: Andrew Carnegie
(20)Coleridge S.T.: The Friend
(21)Elliot M. Monkeydom
(22)Darwinism: The Social/Intellectual Context
(23)Asa Gray by J.S. Dana
(24)Cockshut's Religious Controversies
(25)"Resistance by Scientists to Scientific Discovery" by Berbard Barber
(26)Interpretation in History: Hayden White1973
(27)The Fortnightly's 17th Birthday: Arthur Waugh
(28)Science in the 19th Century ed. Rene Taton
(29)W.D. Swinton: Historical Interrelations of Geology and Other Sciences[1975?]
(30)Socrates: An Article by I.F. Stone[1979?]
(31)Concerning the Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities: Leonard B, Meyer[1974?]

Call Number: 2000-043/019

Student Files

(1)Fritz, Jonathon1975-1977
(2)Foverti Khoder1989
(3)P. Enros: Ph.D. Oral1979
(4)Dowler, Marie1979
(5)Dixon, Gail1990
(6)Dixon, Robert J.1991
(7)DeAcetis, Dianne1991
(8)DeAngelo, Vincent1990-1993
(9)Creal, Margaret C.1980
(10)Cicchinelli, Joe1985
(11)Chenier, Elsie R.1989
(12)Chisholm, Jane
(13)Cesnik, Joe1994
(14)Brownson, Patricia1974
(15)Bishop, Jennifer1992
(16)Boswell, Yazmine1993
(17)Kelly, Nancy1977
(18)Kelly, Coleen1982
(19)Jenkinson, Stephen J.1978
(20)Jowett, Garth S.1973-1976
(21)Annunziata, Frank1977-1982
(22)Kaplan, Tamara1998
(23)Kaplan, Dayna1991
(24)Jarvie, S.1986-1988
(25)Hicks, Deborah1979
(26)Hoffman, Richard C.1978
(27)Harris, Linda1974
(28)Hara, Jodi1989-1990
(29)Haniff, Nisa
(30)Hallsworth, Darren1990
(31)Guenther, Colin1979
(32)Greer, P.1987
(33)Green, Cary1982
(34)Greenberg, Susan1992
(35)Goldfarb, Joel1989
(36)Ginou, Merau1990
(37)Ginzburg, Hedy1985
(38)Ghert-Zand, Renee1993
(39)Gallant, Jeff1989
(40)Gagliese, Rocchina1989
(41)Manilla, Morton Lewis
(42)Le-May, Suzanne1989
(43)Lang, May1994
(44)Laytnor, Anson1973
(45)Lawrence, L.1983
(46)Lebow, Steven1984
(47)Lagziel, Ilan1992
(48)Kwok, Lois1981
(49)Kirsh, Randy1992
(50)Klein, Michael1986
(51)Keys, Christopher1986
(52)McCarron, Gary1985
(53)MacDonald, Daniel John1985

Call Number: 2000-043/020
(1)Mackay, Lynn1985
(2)McNally, D.1982
(3)McNeil, Maureen1976
(4)McMillan, Robert Dr.1973-1993 1 of 2
(5)McMillan, Robert Dr.1973-1993 2 of 2
(6)Merk, Christopher1993-1994
(7)Melul, Annie1992
(8)Matravers, Alice
(9)Miller, Paul1978
(10)Musicar, Elliot1974
(11)Okr, James C.1978
(12)Parry, Kevin1987
(13)Perry, Bill1985
(14)Portch, David1993
(15)Rosenak, Michael1988
(16)Rose, Paul L.1990
(17)Shai, Ron1988
(18)Sampson, Mark A.1985
(19)Rosenfield, Daniel1994

Call Number: 2000-043/021
(1)Cesnik, Joe1994-1995
(2)Schnoor, Randal[1994?]
(3)Welch, Colin[1988?]
(4)Walsh, Patrice[1988-1989?]
(5)Yip, Angelina[1989?]
(6)Yoh, May1976-1977
(7)Mulder, Jonathon1990
(8)Mueller, Helmut1973
(9)Lewis, M.1991
(10)Porten, Deborah1975
(11)Tamminga, Tim1980
(12)Robern, Amy1984
(13)Thompson, James Ray1974
(14)To, Edmund[1988?]
(15)Vince, Connie1984
(16)West, James D.1973
(17)Hunter, Sally1990
(18)Johnston, Angelina
(19)Baszak, Martin1974
(20)Galho, Joseph1987
(21)Rochester, Susan[1982-1983?]
(22)Rotman, Jason1989
(23)Rotenberg, Deborah1974
(24)Shushan, Ruth1980
(25)Walman, Bob1985
(26)Wall, Charles1976
(27)Cohen-Matlofsky, Claude1992
(28)Cumiskey, Derran1991
(29)Dulmage, Dale1993
(30)Gleberzon, W.I. Dr.
(31)Gould, F. Ivor1976-1978
(32)Grey, Don1979
(33)Graham, Gregory1992
(34)Iacobella, Lou
(35)Kasmetis, Mary1985
(36)Laboucheix, Henri1975
(37)Halkewycz, A.G.1985
(38)May, Cheryl[1983?]
(39)Marlow, Neil1986
(40)McCormack, Stuart[1975-1992?]
(41)Mcrae, Sandra1979
(42)McKellar, Deborah Dawn1979
(43)Macdonald, Arlene1986
(44)Ludlow, Gregory1976
(45)O'Hagan, Joseph1975-1976
(46)Abiodun, Rowland[1987?]
(47)Moore, Kathleen1975 1 of 2
(48)Moore, Kathleen1975 2 of 2
(49)Merton, Harold A.1976
(50)Storey, Margaret1988
(51)Sinicrope, Anna1988
(52)Schoenfeld, Cathrina1991
(53)Rolfe, Susan
(54)Reimer, Allen James1973
(55)Waisburg, Darrell1989
(56)Vranic, Manda1988

Call Number: 2000-043/022
(1)Vella, Paul1974
(2)Uren, Alan1976-1978
(3)Walker, Terry1974-1978
(4)Leipnik, Norman1973
(5)Fleming, Elizabeth1985
(6)Brickles, Bonnie1975
(7)Levy, Philip1974-1976
(8)Murdoch, Norman1987
(9)Melek, Bartlomiej1991
(10)Barnes, John1975
(11)Andreacchi, Ralph1992
(12)Langlois, Ann-Marie1987
(13)Cunningham, Mary1974-1980
(14)Coombs, Christine1984
(15)Cohen, Moses1981
(16)Clarke, John1983-1985
(17)Littman, Nina1974
(18)Glicksman, Sylvia1986
(19)Escoffery, Mr.
(20)Durkin, Tracey1986
(21)Crocker, Miss Arna1976
(22)Lerner, Eve1982
(23)Juk, Mary-Frances
(25)Fujiwara, Ms.
(26)Fuerstenberg, Z.1992
(27)Fuller, J.1986
(28)Gauthier, Judith W.1976
(29)Geysendorpher, Alexandra1989
(30)Goodfield, Linda
(31)Banner, James
(32)Petroff, Jacob
(33)Pickles, Carol
(34)Munro, Mark1984-1985
(35)Marshall, Derek1989
(36)McKinney, Louise
(37)Ross, Harry William[1976?]
(38)Rightmyer, Glen1989
(39)Chapman, John[1975-1976?]
(40)Cencich, Jeffrey
(41)Cairns, Brian1976
(42)Blower, Paul1980
(43)Bond, Kathleen1975
(44)Berke, Jack1975
(45)Boyer, Marc Roger1973
(46)Birks, Louise1980
(47)Burston, Don
(48)Curtis, Dr. Ronald1988
(49)Eastman, April1987
(50)Eisenstein, Mike1978-1979
(51)Chuh, M.1983
(52)Clarke, Evelyn M.
(53)Scholarships: correspondence[1964-1965?]
(54)Kelly, Colleen1984
(55)Weinberg, M.1993
(56)Weisberg, Joseph1973
(57)Watkins, Deborah1978
(58)Van Dusen, Bob1983
(59)Somboun, Tsai1994
(60)Stanisic, Peter1991
(61)Straka, Michele S.1979
(62)Stratton, Lee1980
(63)Szybalski, Christopher Matthew1985
(64)Sigler, Daniel1973
(65)Simpson, Eve
(66)Srebrolow, Jimmy1986
(67)Silverman, Marilyn1994
(68)Salcman, Bonnie1974
(69)Zucker, Lisa1979
(70)Zerker, Steven1975
(71)Wolf, Steven
(72)Zarull, James[1994?]

Call Number: 2000-043/023

Academic Correspondence

(1)American Historical Association Meeting1975 1 of 3
(2)American Historical Association Meeting1975 2 of 3
(3)American Historical Association Meeting1975 3 of 3
(4)History of Science: Cdn. Historical Association Meeting1974 1 of 2
(5)History of Science: Cdn. Historical Association Meeting1974 2 of 2
(6)Institute for the History and Philosophy and Technology: U. Of T.1979
(7)Bibliography of the History of Technology
(8)British History Bibliographies
(10)Victorian Faith in Crisis
(11)Rossabi, M.
(12)Academic Correspondence[before Dec. 1977]
(13)Academic Correspondence1978
(14)Science and Religion Conference1992

Call Number: 2000-043/024
(1)Science and Religion Conference1994
(2)Papers Relating to Speech on "Nuclear Hazards" Three Mile Island
(3)Papers Relating to Speech on "Nuclear Hazards" Three Mile Island
(4)Levere: Structure of Victorian Science1986
(5)Comte and Spencer: A Priority Dispute in Social Science1976
(6)Paper by Prof. Arthur Haberman on Henry Thomas Buckle (1821-1862)
(7)Rajapakse, V. (McGill)1982
(8)National Endowment for the Humanities1983-1985
(9)Re: Conference1994
(10)J.S. Mills Later Letters Review1975
(11)U of T Press Sirluck1995
(12)Victorian Periodicals1981
(13)Canadian Historical Association1983
(15)Sirluck: Reviews of Autobiography: U. of T.1995
(17)Van der Meer1994
(18)Spring, David1993
(19)Correspondence1970 1 of 2
(20)Correspondence1970 2 of 2
(22)S. Eisen Teaching

Frederic Harrison Collection

(23)Positivist Women's Guild [1905?]; Photograph: Frederic Harrison 1905; Centenary of the Revolution 1889; Pantheism and Cosmic Emotion 1881; New Year's Address to the Positivists of New York 18861881-1905
(24)Photograph: Mrs. Harrison; Postcard: Frederic Harrison; Freethought and Religious Controversy 1-3: David Collis; A Philosophic Synthesis: The Positivist Review 1920n.d., 1920
(25)Spencer and Comte 1884; Material re: Newton Hall (1882-1883)
(26)The Meaning of History-Frederic Harrison; Mr. Gladstone or Anarchy!: Frederic Harrison
(27)Supplement to the Positivist Review1897
(28)Letter to S. Eisen from Peter Topping Nov. 23rd 1954; Copy of Letter from Frederic Harrison to Mr. Gennadius Nov. 25 1890; Copy of Letter From Frederic Harrison to Mr. Gennadius Jan. 9th 1891; Calendrier Positiviste n.d.

Call Number: 2000-043/025
(2)Professor Stephen A. Geller
(4)Dr. Shirley R. Rausher
(5)Fizman-Stanislawska - Stefania
(6)Morris Winer
(7)Recommendations: Scott, Dr. Randy Allen
(8)Dr. Candice L. Seguinot
(9)Shapson, Dean of Education (York)
(10)Winters, K.
(11)Articles: Misc. on Victorian Studies
(12)Miss S. Benjamin
(13)Carl Keyfetz
(14)W. Westfall: Humanities
(15)A. Paolitto: Experience Profile
(16)William Whitla
(17)K. Wilson
(18)Wertheimer, Douglas
(19)Ayn Rand, Objectivism
(20)Vogeler, M.
(21)George Weider
(22)Dr. Kim Veltman 1 of 2
(23)Dr. Kim Veltman 2 of 2
(24)Frank Turner
(25)Urowitz, Murray
(26)William Thompson
(27)Totino, Mariella
(28)Trklja, Marta
(29)Tucker, Albert
(30)Stuckley, Johanna
(31)Subtelny, O.
(32)Swarny, Paul
(33)Smiley, Don
(34)Spence, Edward
(35)Stoll, Richard
(36)Stein, Robert
(37)Stevenson, Michael
(38)Steinberg, Sheldon
(39)Srebrolow, Michelle
(40)Schneider, Benjamin
(42)Silverman, Marc
(43)Shor, Elchanan
(44)Sherman, M.
(45)Silber, John
(46)Zwiebel, Avraham
(47)Zelechow, B.
(48)Saelman, David
(49)Rotenberg, David
(50)Rosenblatt, G.
(51)Pollock, Harry
(52)Mrs. B. Pereira
(53)Nussbaum, Chaim
(54)Newman, Peter
(55)Morrisey, Beverley
(56)Mitchell, Sherma
(57)Lightfoot, Sara Lawrence
(58)Sheldon Levy
(59)Jacobs, Mrs. Rivka
(60)Jacobs, Nolan
(61)Natural Science Report1989
(62)Percentage Calculation Chart
(63)Department of Religious Studies
(64)Religious Studies
(65)Science, Culture and Society
(66)Senate, York University
(67)Correspondence with the John Robarts Library

Call Number: 2000-043/026
(1)Fayter, Paul1981-1984
(2)Letters of Recommendation: Lois Arlene Felhaber (S. Eisen)1980-1981
(3)Davis Harrison1977
(4)Speirs, Brenda1987
(5)Schlesinger, Rachel1991
(6)Schoenfeld, Stuart1994
(7)Schenitzer, Abe1981-1982
(8)Safran, Bezalel
(9)Rosenthal, Alan1968-1978
(10)Rosner-Siegel, Judith1994
(11)Rogers, N.1990
(12)Richman, B. re: York & Slater1975
(13)Reisman, B.1992
(14)Pyke, S.1980-1985
(15)B. Polka1981-1994 1 of 2
(16)B. Polka1981-1994 2 of 2
(17)Phillips, Paul1974
(18)Opalski, M
(19)Oliver, Peter N.1983
(20)Nicholles, R.W.1984
(21)North, Liisa1982
(22)Nicol, James1975
(23)Moore, Jones C.1984
(24)Letters of Recommendation: Paul E. Lovejoy1978-1979
(25)McCarthy, MarySue1990
(26)Lumsden, Paul1983
(27)Luther, Michael1989
(28)Maidman, Maynard1993
(29)Liebman, Jean1992
(30)Lefeber, Louis1985
(31)Lennard, Jos1980
(32)Levere, T.
(33)London, Richard1988
(34)Prof. Gabriel Kolko1980
(35)Prof. Kathryn Koenig1980
(36)Kilbaurn, Bill
(37)I Abella1993
(38)Barr-Lewaw: Pope correspondence
(39)Crandles, N.1980
(40)Cox, Richard
(42)Cosenteno, Frank1988
(43)Cohen, Amnon1982
(44)Letters of Recommendation, Michael Collie1978
(45)Rod Byers1985-1990
(46)Professor Michael Brown1986-1995
(47)Letters of Recommendation, Earl J. Breech1978-1986
(48)Boyd, Terry1985
(49)Bloore, R.1988
(50)Creal, M.1983
(51)Creery, K.
(52)Crowe, Harry1982
(53)Daigneault, Dwight1992
(55)Delattre, E.J.1980-1988
(56)Mr. Moshe Ben Baruch1976
(57)Emil Ludwig Fackenheim1978-1980
(58)Effrat, Andrew1990
(59)Edmondson, J.1990
(60)Dwyer, John, A.1989-1993
(61)Letters of Recommendation, Prof. Marilyn Dumaresq1979
(62)Professor Ed Dosman1991
(63)Donner, Henriette1989-1992
(64)Halpern, B.1986
(65)Mrs. Barbara Happy1975
(66)Gagin, R.1994
(67)Goby, Ken1989
(68)Ginsberg, Gerry1983
(70)Professor Steven B. Filseth Gewurtz, Shal1982
(71)Fuse, T. Professor Steven B. Filseth1980
(72)Fullerton, Olive Fuse, T.1994
(73)Fullerton, Olive1989-1992
(74)Dr. Rick French1976
(75)Flaherty, P.
(76)Fitzgerald, David1987
(77)Professor Norman Feltes1980-1986
(78)Falles, G.1994
(79)Harold Kaplan (Dean)1980
(80)Kallen, Evelyn1981
(81)Johnson, Bill1981
(82)Jordan, Gerry1983
(83)Jacobwitz, F.1993-1994
(84)Jacober, Levi1988
(85)Hughes, David1992
(86)Letters of Recommendation, Judith Humphrey1979
(87)Clifford G. Holland1981-1984
(88)Herzberg, Paul1991
(89)Helmstadter, Richard J.1987
(90)Harrison, Michael1982
(91)Hecker, Joel1994
(92)Grant, Enid1980

Call Number: 2000-043/027
(1)Working Group on Restructuring1992 1 of 3
(2)Working Group on Restructuring1992 2 of 3
(3)Working Group on Restructuring1992 3 of 3
(4)Correspondence for Signature1970-1971
(5)Dr. Murray Ross1970
(6)Early Retirement1995
(7)Library Donation1996
(9)Senate Financial Issues1991-1992 1 of 3
(10)Senate Financial Issues1991-1992 2 of 3
(11)Senate Financial Issues1991-1992 3 of 3
(12)York University Senate1992
(16)Restructuring, S. Levy1992-1993 1 of 2
(17)Restructuring, S. Levy1992-1993 2 of 2
(18)ORA (Office of Research Administration)1990-1995 1 of 2
(19)ORA (Office of Research Administration)1990-1995 2 of 2

Call Number: 2000-043/028
(1)Personal File1976-1978 1 of 3
(2)Personal File1976-1978 2 of 3
(3)Personal File1976-1978 3 of 3
(4)Personal File1975-1976 1 of 2
(5)Personal File1975-1976 2 of 2
(6)Experiencing the Humanities1990
(7)Soc. Science Council1968
(8)Science Council
(10)Progress and Babel- Judaism 1 of 2
(11)Progress and Babel- Judaism 2 of 2
(13)Harcourt Brace
(14)Personal File1976-1977
(15)Correspondence with Harcourt Brace
(16)Personal File1978-1981
(17)Arts Scholarships
(18)Interdisciplinary Events
(19)Palliative Care
(21)Canadian Who's Who
(23)The Meaning of History
(24)The Secular City
(25)Lecture WHF -Auguste Comte
(26)Curriculum Vitae
(27)Transfer from Decanal Status
(28)Teaching Award1989

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