F0203 - Linda McQuaig fonds


Call Number: 2000-023/001


(1)Noam Chomsky letters1980-1991 **RESTRICTED**
(12)Correspondence, re. Globe [and Mail] article "Company's Pay Only 24% of Tax Bill"1984
(13)Correspondence : Work Related1981-1986
(14)National Magazine Awards, University of Western Ontario President's Medal Awards for General Magazine Articles1980

Research Files

(15)Address book[ca.1976]
(16)Applications, Submissions1977-1980
(18)Atkinson (French)1991
(19)Atkinson Contacts : Speeches, Contacts1993
(20)Atkinson Fellowship, draft1992
(21)Marvyn Blauer1991
(22)Catholic RetreatMarch 28-29, 1992
(23)Contacts, Book IV1993
(26)Drake, etc.May 1992
(27)EuropeMay 1992
(28)European model1992
(30)Globalization Conference, Reagan-Mulroney, (Stuart Maclean Material), notes and transcripts, tape
(31)High school debating1967-1970
(32)Leads to follow1990
(33)Brian Mulroney, interview transcript[ca.1984]
(34)Mulroney, research1983
(35)Photographs, Brian Mulroney/Linda McQuaig[ca.1988]
(36)Notes, H. and D. Development, John Tory, etc.[ca.1991]
(37)Notes, play ideas1973-1975
(38)Notebooks, Debating Society1968-1969
(39)March 1992

Call Number: 2000-023/002
(1)December 8, 19921992
(2)Norway (Continued)1992
(4)Ottawa I
(6)Notebook, Sweden and Norway
(11)Notebook, Washington1992
(12)Notebook, Winnipeg
(13)Polanyi Book, notes1999
(14)Proposals, Leads, Nudes, Rape in France1976
(15)Patti Starr Documents1987-1989
(16)Patti Starr/ Conrad Black1988-1989
(17)Correspondence Re. Patti Starr/Behind closed doors1988-1990
(18)Patti Starr1989
(19)Tax Reform, Neil Brooks1991

Behind closed doors : how the rich won control of Canada's tax system

(21)Behind closed doors : correspondence1987-1988
(22)Correspondence, contracts1986-1988
(23)Behind closed doors : notes1986-1987
(24)Behind closed doors : notes1986-1987
(25)Behind closed doors : notes[ca.1987]
(26)Notes, transcriptions1987
(27)Interview notes1986-1988
(28)Interview notes1986-1988

Call Number: 2000-023/003
(1)Interview notes1986-1988
(2)House of Commons Press Pass1985
(3)Interview notes1986-1988
(4)Interview notes1986-1988
(5)Interview notes1986-1988
(6)Interview notes1986-1988
(7)Notes from interviews1986
(8)Notes, Neil Brooks1986-1987
(9)Maceachern, Notes[ca.1986]
(10)Notes, Al Short1987
(11)Notebooks, Tax1986
(12)Notebooks, Tax reform[ca.1986]
(13)Weyman/Mickey transcribed[ca.1986]
(14)Notes, drafts, transcripts1985-1986
(15)Tax articles1984-1986
(16)Tax speeches1986-1990
(17)Earlier drafts1986
(18)Behind closed doors1987-1990
(19)Behind closed doors1987-1990

Call Number: 2000-023/004
(1)Notebook, preparation for defence of Behind closed doors1987
(2)Photos from book launch in Canadian Senate Chambers1987
(3)Behind closed doors : publicity materials1987
(4)Publicity, promotions1987-1988
(5)La art du lion [Behind closed doors] : reviews1987-1988

The quick and the dead : Brian Mulroney, big business and the seduction of Canada

(6)Interview notes1990
(7)Interview notes1990
(8)The quick and the dead : notes[ca. 1991]
(9)Quick and dead : book outline (missing chapter)1990
(10)Washington I : Quick and dead1990
(11)Senate of Canada proceedings1991
(12)Quick and the dead : draft[ca.1991]
(13)Correspondence re. The quick and the dead1991-1992
(14)Book promotion, The quick and the dead1991-1993
(15)Reviews of The quick and the dead1991

The wealthy banker's wife : the assault on equality in Canada

(16)The wealthy banker's wife : uncorrected and unpublished proofs1993
(17)Book promotion : Wealthy banker's wife1993-1994

Shooting the hippo: death by deficit and other Canadian myths

(18)Material from Lord Macaulay (John Crane, Clarence Barber, Gideon Rosenbluth)1986-1989
(19)Notebook, untitledMarch 16, 1993
(20)Notebook, Book IVMay 1993
(21)Notebook, Comer sessionJuly 1993
(22)Notebook, Book IV, Uxbridge McQueenAugust 1993
(23)Notebook, Ottawa interviewsAugust 18, 1993
(24)Notebook, Book IVSeptember 1993

Call Number: 2000-023/005
(1)Notebook, OttawaNov. 30, 1993
(2)Notebook, Book IVDec. 1993
(3)Notebook, Book IV, Halifax1993
(4)Notebook, Ottawa, Wealthy banker's wife[1993]
(5)Notebook, untitled[ca. 1993]
(6)Notebook, Mile Wilson, Ted Beza, Pierre Fortin, Donna Dasko[ca. 1993]
(7)Notebook, Ottawa, Book IVOct. 1993 - June 1994
(8)Notebook, Book IV, MontrealFeb. 1994
(9)Notebook, OttawaMarch 1994
(10)Notebook, OttawaApril 1994
(11)Notebook, OttawaJune 23, 1994
(12)NotebookJuly 1994
(13)Notebook, Ottawa, Book IVSept. 1994
(14)Notebook, Ottawa1994
(15)NotebookSept. - Oct. 1994
(17)Notebook, movie
(18)Notebook, Sudbury Conference, New York
(19)Notebook, untitled
(20)Notebook, untitled
(21)Notebook, Vancouver, Victoria And De Roo
(22)Notebook, UntitledFeb. 1995
(23)Notebooks, Hippo[ca. 1997]
(24)Notebooks, Hippo[ca. 1997]
(25)Shooting the hippo : drafts

Call Number: 2000-023/006
(1)Correspondence re. Shooting the hippo1996-1999
(2)Press, Publicity1994-1996
(3)Press, Publicity1995

The cult of impotence : selling the myth of powerlessness in the global economy

(5)Cult of impotence : Notes1997
(6)Notebooks : Cult of impotence1997-1998
(7)Notebooks : Cult of impotence1997-1998
(8)Notebook, James Tobin interview[ca. 1998]
(9)Preparatory material [outlines]1997
(10)Early drafts1996-1998
(11)Chapters, drafts1996-1997
(12)Chapters, drafts1996-1997
(13)Correspondence, re. The cult of impotence1998-1999
(14)Articles, Press, Publicity1998-2000
(15)Articles, Press, Publicity1998-2000
(16)Publicity : The cult of impotence1995

Articles, speeches, other writings

(18)Articles, notesn.d., 1997
(19)Articles, speeches, drafts1984-1988
(20)Articles, speeches, drafts1998-2000

Call Number: 2000-023/007
(1)Book 6 : The market as god : notes and proposals1999
(3)Early writings1968-1969
(4)Essays, debates, speeches, University of Toronto1973-1974
(5)Essays, stories[ca. 1968-1969]
(6)Iran, stories, notes, correspondence1979-1980
(7)Journal[ca. 1968]
(8)Maclean's articles1981-1984
(9)Memoirs of Monoprix, manuscript[ca.1984]
(10)Memoirs of Monoprix, manuscript[ca. 1984]
(12)Novel, revisions
(14)Report: Canada's social programs : under attack1992
(15)Speeches, media, drafts1983-1986
(16)Speech at Schiller meeting1987
(17)Old speeches1991-1994
(18)Old speeches1991-1994
(19)Speech material (copies of speeches), manuscript1993-1996
(20)Speeches (done)1993-1999
(21)Speeches (done)1993-1999
(24)Tax speech notes[ca. 1988]
(25)Varsityn.d., 1972

Call Number: 2000-023/008


(1)Presentations to Council of Canadians, Victoria BC, Nov. 1995; Untitled; Up Front Entertainment, Speaking Our Minds, Episode #14, Linda McQuaig and Oliver Senior; CUPE, "Before It's Too Late..", February 1996
(2)Various business cards

Audio recordings

(3)Bill Loewen - 2nd time, John A. Macdonald Funeral, Mel Clark - 2nd time, Helen Simlar, David Braide, Rob Parker-Royal Band, June 10 micro-cassette
(4)Michael Kalnay, Rowland Kazee, Honedenich Culver, September 13, 1990 micro-cassette
(5)[McNamphir] Interview, Beigie, Axworthy, Forsey, Crombie, Rotstein, Bill Loewen, Doug Peters micro-cassette
(6)Tapes from Europe trip micro-cassette
(7)Alf Paris, Bob Johnstone, Jerry Delmissier, Bill Loewen, November 28 micro-cassette
(8)Washington tapes and business cards micro-cassette
(9)Ottawa, August 18-19, 1993, October 14-15, 1993 and March 14-15, 1994 micro-cassette
(10)New York, Mark Lack, John Parke, July 1994 micro-cassette
(11)Montreal February 9-10, 1994, New Zealand micro-cassette
(12)Michael Wilson [Dec.1994], John Crow [Off record], Peter Spiro, September 16, 1994 micro-cassette
(13)Lars Osberg [June 1993], John Grant, Daniel Kelly, Wood Gundy [Sept. 1994] micro-cassette
(14)Peter Rehak: CTV Panel, Dave McQueen, Carl Beigie [Dec. 1993], Uxbridge, Donna Dadro [Dec. 1993] micro-cassette
(15)Kierans, Ben Hoffman, Nov-Dec., 1993 micro-cassette
(16)Clarenie Barker, Michael Walter, Mike McCroden, De Roo, Hotson, Book IV, May 1993 micro-cassette
(17)Film Strip: Love Canal micro-cassette

Call Number: 2000-023/009
(1)CBC Sunday Morning Radio : Running on EmptyMay 16, 1993 audio cassette and transcript
(2)Garmerondi audio cassette
(3)1969 III audio cassette
(4)[Untitled] audio cassette
(5)Sahabi Continued, Amir, Entezam audio cassette
(6)Blank Unit 135 - Street Sounds audio cassette
(7)Rafsanjani, Teff Simpson audio cassette
(8)Interview Mohammed, Girls demo audio cassette
(9)Baie VerteApril 6, 1978 audio cassette
(10)Kaplan audio cassette
(11)SealsMarch 14, 1978 audio cassette
(12)Novazadeh audio cassette
(13)Bazaar Merchant audio cassette
(14)Sunday Morning audio cassette
(15)Mulroney audio cassette
(16)Tobin micro-cassette
(17)Judith Maxwell, Tony Clark micro-cassette
(18)[Untitled] micro-cassette
(19)Lindsay Teleph.- poor quality micro-cassette
(22)Michael Wallner
(24)Morningside ForumJanuary 7, 1994
(25)Plenary: "Caring: Canada's Social Programs Under Attack" - Linda McQuaig. AASW Annual Conference 19941994
(26)Linda McQuaig - CKO Radio Night TalkNovember 1987
(27)Assorted, Michael Walker CKO Radio - Night TalkNovember 1987
(28)Thursday, January 15, 1987
(29)Shahabi's continued press censorship
(30)Debate with PugmanOctober 13, 1991 video
(31)Saving the safety net : CLC/SWCHC Presentation1994 video
(32)Bill Fox [March 15, 1991], Simon Reisman [ Feb 8, Mar 19, April 3], Led Ritchie [April 8] micro-cassettes

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