F0266 - bill bissett fonds


Call Number: 1999-041/001


(1)General1991-1998 1 of 3
(2)General1991-1998 2 of 3
(3)General1991-1998 3 of 3
(6)General1996-1998 1 of 6
(7)General1996-1998 2 of 6
(8)General1996-1998 3 of 6
(9)General1996-1998 4 of 6
(10)General1996-1998 5 of 6
(11)General1996-1998 6 of 6
(12)General1996-1998 1 of 5
(13)General1996-1998 2 of 5
(14)General1996-1998 3 of 5

Call Number: 1999-041/002
(1)General1996-1998 4 of 5
(2)General1996-1998 5 of 5
(3)General1998-1999 1 of 4
(4)General1998-1999 2 of 4
(5)General1998-1999 3 of 4
(6)General1998-1999 4 of 4
(7)General1997-1998 1 of 4
(8)General1997-1998 2 of 4
(9)General1997-1998 3 of 4
(10)General1997-1998 4 of 4


(11)Memorabilia1994-1998 1 of 2
(12)Memorabilia1994-1998 2 of 2
(13)Memorabilia1994, 1998-1999
(16)Address book pages

Call Number: 1999-041/003
(4)1997-1998 (3 files) Yearbook, The Redcoats1994
(5)Clippings, Fire in the Tempul
(6)Miscellaneous memorabilia [includes b.b. poems]1998-1999 1 of 2
(7)Miscellaneous memorabilia [includes b.b. poems]1998-1999 2 of 2
(8)Scrapbook, Europe trip1992
(9)Mounted invitations
(10)Mounted invitations1991
(11)Mounted invitations1994
(12)Mounted invitations1993
(15)London Life1990 audio cassettes
(16)off th road1999 audio cassette
(17)Miscellaneous memorabilia [includes b.b. poems and poetry by others]1993-1998
(18)Miscellaneous memorabilia [includes b.b. poems and poetry by others]1993-1998
(19)Miscellaneous memorabilia [includes b.b. poems and poetry by others]1993-1998
(20)Miscellaneous memorabilia [includes b.b. poems and poetry by others]1993-1998

Call Number: 1999-041/004
(1)Address book pages

loving without being vulnrable

(2)loving without being vulnrable, Drafts[1995-1996]
(3)loving without being vulnrable, Drafts1996
(4)loving without being vulnrable, Drafts1996-[1997] 1 of 2
(5)loving without being vulnrable, Drafts1996-[1997] 2 of 2
(6)loving without being vulnrable, Draft, clean1996
(7)loving without being vulnrable, Sketchbook[ca.1996]
(8)loving without being vulnrable, Artwork[ca.1997]
(9)loving without being vulnrable, Draft1997
(10)th ekstasy w aprikots1997
(11)Galley proofs1997
(12)bill 2 bill1998


(14)luddites, Chart data and memorabilia1986-1991 1 of 2
(15)luddites, Chart data and memorabilia1986-1991 2 of 2
(16)luddites, Distribution1991-1992
(17)luddites, Grant applications, finances1989
(18)luddites, Lyrics, manuscript drafts1989
(19)luddites, Notes, drafts[ca. 1989]-1991

scars on th seehors

(20)a trip 2 th moon
(21)a violent prson
(22)after th parking lot
(23)albino lynx
(24)all th rivrs uv our lives
(25)assembled 4 more thn a postage stamp...
(26)challenging th keys
(27)creem style garnish
(28)cruising song
(29)dorothee livesay
(30)th enchanted tree
(31)eye left my brain n it is part uv poetree
(32)fires in toronto
(33)th futur uv salmon is us
(34)th ground is a perspecktiv
(35)he was sipping on a mocha...

Call Number: 1999-041/005
(1)how i feel abt my nu mind or brain
(2)i hope ium bettr
(3)i need a nu brain
(4)eye was in th whirlwind
(5)ice storm 98
(6)imkompleet mewsings on such a slender thredings
(7)inside th brain
(8)it used 2 b
(9)it like unrequitid love isint it jimmee sd
(10)itself th words dew
(11)life may b apokriful
(12)th magik shirt
(13)marvaara (short versyn)
(14)marvaara (long versyn)
(15)th momorabul gala at orangeville a neepor landing
(16)mistr n ms wintr
(17)molekular fabreek...
(18)mor n mor they wer lowering
(19)my father in his bed room th morning i left
(20)nite on th treed mountain
(21)nothing is th whole storee
(22)on a sunnier note
(23)pavlovs dog 1
(24)ths prfume uv th fog
(26)raising th munnee 4 th tennis...
(27)scars on th seehors, (titul page)
(28)scars on th seehors, deskriptiv copee
(29)scars on th seehors, pome
(30)see birds
(31)summr starts in july ths yeer
(32)swallow me
(33)ther is sumwun outside
(34)ths is an in 2 print pome
(35)top scientists ar saying
(36)tracks uv moistyur
(37)tracks uv moistur on th barrington
(38)a trip 2 th moon
(39)troubul in tresbul town
(40)using th narcosis uv linguisteek
(41)th vista uv th memoreez
(42)was th ballereena reluktant aneemor
(43)watching broadcast nus
(44)whats th matter
(45)why isint ther more time
(46)th wintr peopul
(50)Miscellaneous notes and drafts1998-1999
(51)Galley proofs, corrected,September 1998
(52)GalleysOctober 1998
(53)Galley proofs, tripul chekd 2 p50November 1998
(54)Galley proofsNovember 1998
(55)Complete draft1999

Call Number: 1999-041/006

b leev abul char ak trs

(1)a sereen hous in th allee th danse is
(2)a wundrful xcees uv michaelness
(3)anothr neer life xperiens
(4)th azure see
(5)th beginning uv summr
(6)b leev abul charaktrs
(7)b leev ablu charaktrs 2
(8)cargo was slow
(9)creeshurs uv unreliabyl
(10)dark kitchn visiting
(11)david at th bluma appel
(12)dere angus
(13)don't grab it
(14)each day is sew diffrent
(15)ekstaseez uv aprikots
(16)emerald dreems uv port colborne ontario
(17)eye felt my brain n it is part uv poetree
(18)faxes 2 adeena
(19)feer uv farming
(20)frendship uv planets
(22)holes in th sky
(23)i don't undrstand rushing
(24)i kleend
(25)i turnd on th teevee
(26)i was on th bus not thstreetcar
(27)if evree day wer 2 write abt th sources
(28)immortalitee in th moment
(29)insident at salmon arm
(30)iud love 2 listen 2 yr ko dependent storee
(31)iul sleep in th long blu canoe ce soir
(32)jaw uv matthew ridghammr fell open
(33)life is sew interesting n yet alwayze unattainabul
(34)magik hous
(35)majeek uv lettrs
(36)manicured nus
(37)meeting at th transmittrs centr
(38)montreal kaverna
(39)morning ablushyuns
(40)my lovr cums from an island uv lost birds
(41)ny name is indigo montoyez
(42)notes in august
(43)novembr moon
(44)obsessyun is a replacement
(45)octobr 4th was eye psychik
(46)parshul n inkompleet n entire
(47)presens uv hibiscus
(48)prins uv suspisyun n wareeness
(50)red lava ovr bord
(51)standing heer
(52)strangr space
(53)ther is sew much plentee
(54)they cut back sew much on th backs uv th poor
(55)tresyurs n creeashurs uv unreliabul n unpredickabul...
(56)undrground dwellrs uv mars
(58)watr is pouring from my eyez
(59)whats in a name
(60)Galley proofs1998

Call Number: 1999-041/007

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