F0167 - Ray Stevenson fonds


Call Number: 1999-001/001

Newspaper Collection Kept by Mine Mill National Office April 1957 to April 1960

(1)Canadian Labour Congress Convention and pre-convention conferences April, 1960April 1960
(2)Eleventh Annual Mine Mill National Convention, Toronto, September 14th-20th 1959September 14-20, 1959
(3)Mine Mill Eleventh Annual National ConventionSeptember 1959
(4)Labour clippingsMarch 1959
(5)Labour clippingsFebruary 1959
(6)Labour clippingsJanuary 1959
(7)Labour clippings December 1958 no. 2 of 2 booksDecember 1958
(8)Labour clippings December 1958 pt. 2December 1958
(9)Labour clippingsNovember 1958
(10)INCO strike clippingsNovember 1958
(11)INCO strike clippings December 1958 no. 1 of 2 booksDecember 1958
(12)Labour clippingsOctober 1958
(13)INCO strike clippingsOctober 1958
(14)Labour clippingsSeptember 1958
(15)INCO strike clippings August, September, 1958August-September 1958
(16)Labour clippingsAugust 1958
(17)Labour clippingsJune 1958
(18)Labour clippingsDecember 1957
(19)Labour clippingsOctober 1957
(20)Labour clippingsSeptember 1957
(21)Labour clippingsAugust 1957
(22)Labour clippingsJuly 1957
(23)Labour clippingsJune 1957
(24)Labour clippingsJuly 1958
(25)Labour clippingsMay 1958
(26)Labour clippingsApril 1958
(27)Labour clippingsMay 1958
(28)Labour clippingsFebruary 1958
(29)Labour clippingsJanuary 1958
(30)Labour clippingsNovember 1957
(31)Labour clippingsMay 1957
(32)Labour clippingsApril 1957
(33)Legislative submission to Premier Schreyer and cabinet December 6th 1976December 6, 1976
(34)Brief of arguments submitted by Sudbury Mine Mill and Port Colborne
(35)Official proceedings of the Special Merger Convention Winnipeg, Manitoba June 23-24th 1967June 23-24, 1967

Call Number: 1999-001/002
(1)Material re: 1970 Edmonton Canadian Labour Congress Convention1970
(2)N.D.P. minutes and materials1970-1976
(3)Northstar Compass, editor R. StevensonFebruary 1994-January 1995
(4)Northstar CompassAugust 1992- January 1994
(5)Canada-USSR friendship and Fidel Castro Speech 1994, Defend the Revolution1994
(6)Yukon Indian Development Study 1975, Industries North West Territories 1953, Department of Resources and Development
(7)Material re: war veterans and the arms race1987-1988
(8)Peace Material regarding military junta, human rights in Chile 1976, letter to Soviet Peace Committee re: neutron bomb April 1978, material re: concern with Southern Africa and Guyana1976, April 1978
(9)Veterans Against Nuclear Arms materials
(10)Material re: Labour Progressive Party1949-1953
(11)World Peace Council and U.S. Peace Council correspondence 1980, materials re: Sophia World Part Peoples for Peace 19801980
(12)Notes to secretariat 1979-1980, Speech April 1980, letter to Canada Peace Magazine September 1992
(13)Timmins and Sudbury Materials 1948-1953, material re: labour party and various organizations1948-1953
(14)Minutes, letters, and materials re: Canadian Peace Council 1993 and World Peace Council 1993 and Kiev visit November 1983
(15)Material and newspaper clippings re: North Sovereignty and War and Peace
(16)Peace material, correspondence material re: Gifford and Dresdan bombing
(17)Material re: Canadian Peace Congress and Lisbon Press Committee World Peace Congress 1983, Canadian Labour Congress and Canadian Peace Congress
(18)Material and newsletters re: Veterans Against Nuclear War
(19)Peace Materials and clippings1987-1989
(20)Peace activity South East Asia Vietnam and Laos 1980, speeches and reports
(21)Notebook Ray Stevenson

Call Number: 1999-001/003
(1)General song sheets
(2)Clippings re: United Steel Workers Association anti-mine mill materials, Batte, Bancroft raids
(3)Clippings re: peace, war and economics1985-1986
(4)Draft material re: United Steel Workers Association Steel commission and "Action Caucus" sidelined by “Burreal racy”
(5)Mine Mill Material 1946 including pictures, tribune, May Day pictures 1949, Betty Collins "Cooper Crucible" N.S. Wales
(6)Mine Mill Adverts and news stories United Steel Workers Association anti-mine mill material, Thompson1961
(7)Anti-mine mill materials, Falconbridge raids, Deloro, Marmora, Jas Kidd also United Steel Workers Association anti-caiman materials, Trail B.C. cominco
(8)World Federation of Trade Unions journals and newsletters
(9)Material re: United Steel Workers Association 1976-1977, election materials and charges laid against support donors, Wampler letter 1977, fact sheet Canadian Labour congress 1978, Nyden (nation) correspondence
(10)Clippings re: Worthington and F.B.I.
(11)Veterans Against Nuclear Arms materials
(12)Peace materials, Canadian Peace Congress minutes and documents, 1976 World Peace Conference1976
(13)Peace materials continued
(14)Peace Materials World Peace council December 1979, Canadian Peace Congress 1981
(15)Canada, USSR friendship and Trade Union Committee1984-1985

Call Number: 1999-001/004
(1)Trade Union debate Winnipeg 1967, Merger Convention, documents from the 10th World Trade Union congress 1982
(2)Various materials re: Northern Isolation Locals Conference, Cominco Caain Conference
(3)Steel Labour, correspondence with government figures 1993 re: Westray, Financial Post research materials, Emil D. Jarnson paper1993
(4)Mine Mill presentations to government and others
(5)Material re: Canadian Peace Congress Biennial Conference 1978, "Retort" official organ UNESTD conference Vienna 1979
(6)Labour and Trade Union files of Canadian Tribunes 1977-1978, United Steel Workers Association worker education 1978, local 598 news Sudbury 1970-1971
(7)Trade Union material, Soviet delegates to Canada 1972, Solszesnitsyn speech, memo steel leadership re: Sudbury INCO bargaining 1974, Geo Myers "Social Democracy- USA" 1976, draft statement, United Steel Workers Association “Officers Report” to International Convention 1973
(8)Trade Union press release materials United Steel Workers Association
(9)Trade Union materials including World Federation of Trade Unions meeting October 1-5th 1980, material re: INCO and strike of 1978
(10)Trade Union material re: Sadlowski and McBride
(11)Material re: Canadian Friends of Soviet People1990-1992
(12)United Steel Workers Association elections 1977, Sadlowski, McBride, Williams, Cooke etc.1977
(13)Trade Union material
(14)Clippings re: Port Colborne raids
(15)Thompson papers re: steel raid and Mine Mill1961-1962

Call Number: 1999-001/005
(1)Canadian Labour Defender 1932, Journey for peace, clippings re: Clara Simpson, introduction and remarks Kirkland Lake, Silby Barrett and Dorise Nielson MP, May Day 1975 agenda Winnipeg
(2)United Steel Workers Association, photographs re: strikes, published and unpublished, Steel Labour-Canadian edition
(3)Correspondence and memos[197-]
(4)United Steel Workers Association, research materials re: preparation of submission, economic notes, lab research association, Fortunes magazine article on INCO1975
(5)Canadian Labour Convention documents Winnipeg1982
(6)United Steel Workers Association election 1972, Canadian contest and United States, steel election1972
(7)Materials re: day of concern, against layoffs, unemployment on the north shore, Bathurst New Brunswick January , Ray Stevenson on loan to New Brunswick Federation to prepare1972
(8)Local 598 Mine Mill attack and rebuttal re: Harvey Murphy and Merger 1967, correspondence, 1943 Mine Mill circular from Reid Robinson, Walter Burke re: legal requirements aliens in the U.S. 1969, Canadian Government wartime documents, Liberal Election 1935 re: attack on Canadian Communist Federation, INCO Port Colborne 1942, May 1943 Crisis in Steel, United Steel Workers Association outlines and contract analyses 1961, Economics of Days labour Mine Mill
(9)Steelworkers and Mine Mill Union materials, INCO submission re: 1996 workers compensation, convention minutes of Canadian Confederation of Labour 1975, assorted correspondence
(10)Mine Mill and steel merger Sudbury1967
(11)Assorted publications Mine Mill Local 598, United Steel Workers Association clippings
(12)United Steel Workers Association Steel Elections1976-1977
(13)Assorted Trade Union peace and health industrial materials
(14)United Steel Workers Association North Shore, Quebec, Labrador, Baie Verte Newfoundland, press release materials1978

Call Number: 1999-001/006
(1)Various copies of Steel Labour dating October 1967 to November 1978October 1967-1978
(2)Mine Mill William Simpson Papers, Pt. Colborne, Kirkland Lake correspondence, strike 1941, Petagorski wartime information, 1943 orders in council 1941-1943
(3)Labor Progressive Party Constituent convention documents1943
(4)Mine Mill president Solski Local 598 report on European trip1954
(5)Clippings re: United Steel Workers Association anti-mine mill material advertising Sudbury raid1961-1962
(6)Mine Mill material Canada, policy conference Sudbury February 1951, Canadian Forum 1942, historical mine and mill pamphlet trail
(7)United Steel Workers Association file material kept re: Sudbury and other anti-mine mill by national director
(8)Trade Union educational materials, officers report Winnipeg merger convention 1967, "Disarm or Die" 1981, Mitchel speech 1962 re: mining economics
(9)Trade union 1974 research department, United Steel Workers Association Noranda 1974, International Metalworkers Federation Conference 1976, health and safety, flow charts steel 1973, Caiman Clips, Trail B.C.
(10)Communist Party documents national and international
(11)Clippings re: Collective U.S. individual bargaining, article re: Noranda strike, Sudbury Star re: Mine Mill Convention1956
(12)Letter to Mahoney re: Stevenson appointment rejected by Pittsburgh executive, various material re: Elliot Lake, Dan Benedict re: multinationals
(13)Trade Union translation of Boudreau, Mine Mill presentation to Carter Royal Company taxation and copy of submission discussion Whitehorse, Yukon July 1963, materials re: raid on Mine Mill, copy charter local 598 Sudbury 1942, Toronto Star November 1970, Twilley and Sillanpaa papers on Sudbury Union
(14)Darling report on Coastal shipping, New Times 1983 Pershing missiles, average weekly wages Nov. 1969, address Canadian club, R.H. Parker Jan. 1970, computers
(15)Communist Party of Canada and Labour Progressive Party documents

Call Number: 1999-001/007
(1)C.I.O. committee 1950 and Rud Holmgren unpublished History 1950, Mine Mill historical documents (02) (03) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09) (10)1950
(2)Papers of William Simpson President of Local 240, Kirkland Lake during gold strike agianst Kirkland Lake Mines Nov. 18th 1941- February 18th 1942 on issue of compulsory collective bargaining
(3)William Simpson papers continued
(4)Clippings re: Timmins Porcupine 1949, opening attacks of Mine Mill jurisdiction
(5)Material re: Mine Mill W.F.M. 100th Anniversary Celebration Sudbury1993
(6)Letter to William Mahoney March 28th 1969 re: Policy Conference, International Union of Mine Mill and Smelter Workers 14th Annual Convention handbook, preambleMarch 28, 1969
(7)Letter to Ray Stevenson from Isabel Michel July 1976, material re: ArgentinaJuly 1976
(8)Various materials United Steelworkers Association
(9)Canadian Labour Congress Convention 1978, Quebec documents and other material1978
(10)Trade Union and peace materials Vol. 1 #1 "The Beacon" Manitoba Federation
(11)Peace materials, Chile Inquiry 1974, May Day column Canadian Tribune 1987, materials from International Conference of Trade Unions Paris 1981, bulletins Dublin committee
(12)United Steel Workers Association election, Sadlowski complaints, press release material re: Sudbury broadcast, Selton1970

Call Number: 1999-001/008
(1)Canadian Electrical Workers Union File, 1960's re: raiding, Caiman, Casaw[196-]
(2)Material re: United Steel Workers Association and wage hikes
(3)Peace materials and material re: Vietnam
(4)Various materials re: mining and trade unions
(5)Material re: nuclear weapons and disarmament
(6)Canadian Peace Alliance 1996 and assorted peace materials1996
(7)Various reports and articles re: Communist Party
(8)Assorted trade union materials and documents
(9)Documents re: anti-Vietnam War 1972, file of Campenero 1977
(10)Canadian Peace Congress materials and related documents 1975-1979, pamphlet on Vietnam based on interviews in USSR1975-1979
(11)Supreme Court Rulings 1970 re: strike at Noranda Gaspe Copper Mines, account of Murdocville strike1970

Call Number: 1999-001/009
(1)United Steelworkers Association Raidim materials used against Mine Mill and believed to be compiled by Ray Poirier
(2)Draft article, Communist Viewpoint April 1988, assorted communist party materials
(3)International correspondence re: Lisbon meeting of World Federation of Trade Unions, copies of accounts on fascist attacks Dec. 1949, special historical documents
(4)International Trade Union exchange visits Canada-USSR return visit, Mahoney 1973, material re: 1975 trip Kostyakov, Sheehan and AFL-CIO anti-materials
(5)Assorted Trade Union materials re: United Steel Workers Association and Mine Mill1964-1970
(6)Peace materials, 1970-1978, Emdicott resignation and materials re: dispute, Ray Stevenson speeches Prague 1979-1980, article from New Perspectives carried in 3 parts in Tribune, 1980
(7)Commemorative file of Harvey Murphy1906-1977
(8)File on Communist Party materials 1976, program re: steel, British road to socialism1976
(9)Canadian Peace Congress materials, World Peace Council and related materials[197-]
(10)Historical union materials, correspondence USSR and Ray Stevenson
(11)Committee for a bi-national constitution convened at Lake Simcoe hotel, Chile Jaunta inquiry, posties counterattack

Call Number: 1999-001/010
(1)Personal materials and correspondence[198-]
(2)Labour Gazette, October 1975, April 1971, biographical notes, a program of action for the labour movement, labour annual 1972, Last Post Vol. 2, No.8 December 1971
(3)Information bulletin, January 1988, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms peace activity, International meeting at U.S.-Canada boundary May 1987, hostages Vietnam 1971, Canadian Peace Congress "Peace News", World Trade Union Movement, New Times-special supplement 1982, Selling to military, Peace Courier 1993
(4)Mine Mill and United Steelworkers Association materials, Canadian Business re: Dave Patterson USWA director district 61981, Canadian Labour defender 1932, 8th Convention Canadian Mine Mill 1956, Robeson speech
(5)Dialog, April-May 1991 No.4., Dialog, Jan. 1991., Soviet News and Views June 1990, No. 11/12., The New York Times, June 17, 1990 section6 p.26., Canadian Tribune Feb.12th 1975.,Soviet News and Views July 1990, No. 13/14., Soviet News and Views May 1990, No. 10.
(6)Assorted briefs and presentations 1940's and 1969, Northern region United Steelworkers Association
(7)Trade Union papers (some historical)
(8)Educational materials used by Ray Stevenson
(9)Trade Union personal correspondence 1978-retirement
(10)Trade Union materials, Mahoney-Valentine statements
(11)Peace materials, Juba Winnipeg and Lviv friendship
(12)Endicot 1954 and 19801954, 1980
(13)Trade Union historical papers
(14)Political papers
(15)Clippings re: Mine Mill and United Steelworkers Association Raiding and counter[196-]

Call Number: 1999-001/011
(1)Newspaper excerpts "To Lie is Un-Christian" The Scottish Worker May 10th 1926, Bushmen Demand a New Deal, Law Solidarity December, 1977
(2)Comparative survey of major collective bargaining agreements, manufacturing and non-manufacturingOctober 1977
(3)Scott's Ontario Industrial Directory1960
(4)Copy of Ukraine Illustrated Monthly May 1984 re: Ray Stevenson and Peace Delegation Kiev-Luov Feb. 1983
(5)Materials used and developed for United Steel Workers Association, History of the Winnipeg General Strike 1919, Information magazine 1969 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike, Grown trial documents re: Russell Trial 1919, article by W. Pritchard 1969, correspondence
(6)Clippings 1958-1960 re: Elliot Lake closure, statement Mine Mill 1958 re: economic situation, Merger edition, Herald Canada final edition 1967, Frank Drea 1959
(7)Clippings 1957-1958 news clips and adverts re: Mine Mill and United Steel Workers Association Elliot Lake organizing1957-1958
(8)Mine Mill presentation, 1956 economic prospects, Canadian Labour Congress memo, United Steel Workers Association publication, Herald, Stew Cooke and commission re: local 1004 and breakaway effort United Steel Workers Association 1967
(9)Assorted anti-McCarthy clippings and speech by Donner to UE convention, John Birch society
(10)Clippings January 1961, memo Canadian Labour Congress to government 1942, Moshey and Conroy
(11)Assorted material re: Vietnam war and Apartheid
(12)Correspondence and submissions re: compensation, presentation to Ontario government 1956, Toronto Star 1973 re: racism, materials re: Columbia River
(13)Cobalt celebrates, Canadian constitution of Mine Mill 1955-1956, presentation to select committee Ontario Legislature 1964, short history of Mine Mill at Falconbridge
(14)Clippings March 1957 Mine Mill officeMarch 1957
(15)The Winnipeg General Strike written and compiled by Peter Kidd
(16)Assorted Trade Union materials, statistics 1967-estimates of labour income, Ray Poirier letter to R. Stevenson, INCO wage rates 1952, detailed account of United Steelworkers association Gaspe strike 1957
(17)United Electrical Research Bulletin1967
(18)United Steelworkers Association correspondence, minutes, material re: merger vote Sudbury August 1967, international metal federation, special edition of Steel Labour
(19)Press clips re: 1957 Kimberley convention Mine Mill Scottish Coal miner, guests1957
(20)United Steel Workers Association material re: elections 1968, Abel vs. MacDonald, Mine Mill press clips 1965 re: Sudbury
(21)Clippings re: Mine Mill, Sudbury convention 1956 developments, mine industry 1958, correspondence with Presidents Smith and immigration department head Marchland
(22)Assorted labour clippings re: 196
(23)Material from trade union training courses, Stewards "Union Joe, Why Work for Nothing?" film strip narratives for instructors prepared by Herman Schendal Educational Director Mine Mill and United Steelworkers Association
(24)United Electrical materials from Vancouver[196-]
(25)Special research material prepared by Beatrice Ferneyhough[195-]

Call Number: 1999-001/012
(1)Clipping file kept by Local 240 Mine Mill during Goldminers strike Nov. 1941-Feb. 1942November 1941-February 1942 Contents have been transferred onto microfilm : positive and negative copies are available for use by researchers in 1999-001/012

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