F0116 - Thomas A. Hockin fonds


Call Number: 1998-040/001
(1)Poster of the representatives of the House of Commons
(2)Plaque of the front page of The London Free Press, Tues. Nov. 22 1988
(3)Two framed colour photographs
(4)Framed character sketch of Hockin
(5)One framed "New Directions for the financial sector Canada" poster
(6)One framed black and white photograph of Brian Mulroney, signed with message to Tom Hockin
(7)One framed colour photograph of Hockin

Call Number: 1998-040/002
(1)Framed Photograph of Tom Hockin at meeting
(2)Framed Photograph of Tom Hockin and family
(3)Framed Photograph of tennis team with trophy
(4)Framed Photograph of Dr. Val Rici, Trinity College Dublin and Brian Mulroney
(5)Framed photograph of Tom Hockin and family with re-election posters
(6)Framed photograph of tennis tournament
(7)Framed photograph of Hockin, Mulroney and other, signed with personal message from Brian Mulroney
(8)Framed photograph of Mulroney and Hockin signed with personal message from Mulroney
(9)Framed photograph of Mulroney and Hockin signed with personal message from Mulroney

Call Number: 1998-040/003
(1)Speeches: Tom Hockin
(2)Speech ideas and humour
(3)Inter-parliamentary bulletin 1985, Third Quarter, no. 3; Writing and correspondence re: Government in Canada; Draft with personal notes re: permission
(4)Draft with personal notes continued, correspondence re: publication
(5)Hurrah for Politicians by Gary Wills, The Advance of Standing Committees in Canada's House of Commons: 1965 to 1970 by Thomas Hockin, Decision Making in the Federal Cabinet by Hon. Mitchell Sharp, Journal of Canadian Studies, letter Aug 16 from Tom Hockin, Introduction to International Relations 1978-79, The Social Responsibility of Business to Increase its Profits, Newspaper clippings re: Trudeau, The Cabinet, The Public Service and Parliament in Canada: A Bibliographic Guide by Tom Hockin, Copy of Executive August, 19641964-1979
(6)Rough draft and notes
(7)Note to Tom and Mary, sections of publication
(8)Rough draft in book format with personal corrections and notes The Roles of the Loyal Opposition in Britain's House of Commons: Three Historical Pardigms
(9)One Copy of The Dutton Advance Vol. 98, No. 40 Wednesday October 7th, 1987, One Canada Portal Inauguration Hockey Puck dated April 6th, 1986, personal notes, One copy of Harvard Magazine March-April 19841984-1987
(10)Documents from the National Conference on Canadian Goals Fredericton, 9-12th of Sept. 1964
(11)Press Clippings
(12)HTL Communications Mac Mcleod
(13)Naples Philharmonic, Mr. Byron Koste
(14)Material re: Barbados
(15)Automobile declarations
(16)Biographical Publications
(17)Various photographs and negatives re: Tom Hockin
(18)Centre for Entrepreneurship
(19)CorrespondenceJanuary 1991
(20)Papers re: Herman Smith International Inc. Thank you notes and Correspondence1992
(21)CorrespondenceApril 1992
(22)CorrespondenceMarch 1992
(23)CorrespondenceFebruary 1992
(24)CorrespondenceDecember 1992
(25)CorrespondenceNovember 1992
(26)CorrespondenceOctober 1992
(27)CorrespondenceSeptember 1992
(28)CorrespondenceJuly-August 1992
(29)CorrespondenceJune 1992
(30)CorrespondenceMay 1992

Call Number: 1998-040/004
(1)Briefing book for C-56
(2)Ministerial Briefing Book on Trust and Loan Companies Act -- exposure draft
(3)Documents re: Office of Superintendent for Financial Institutions Issues
(4)Documents re: The Canadian Banker's Association, Correspondence re: The Royal Bank of Canada, Office of the State Finance, Queen's University School of Business, Public views on Ownership Restrictions, Self dealing, personal notes
(5)Documents from Executive Committee MeetingSeptember 26, 1991
(6)Tom Hockin -- Notes, Photograph of Tom Hockin and Jean Charest
(7)Various reports and pamphlets including Today's Egg Producer, C.D. Howe Institute Commentary Nov. 1993
(8)Documents re: Free Trade
(9)Cross-border shopping
(11)Dental Claims
(12)GSMIP Claims
(13)John Omstead
(14)Material re: Insurance
(15)Via Rail passes
(16)St. Andrew's College
(17)Sedgewick and Tomilson Ins.
(18)Rideau Falls Investments
(20)Reference letters
(22)Order of Canada
(23)National Archives storage
(24)London West PC organization

Call Number: 1998-040/005
(1)TAH-Huron College current info, Huron College Executive Board Binder
(2)TAH -- Huron College Closed Binder
(3)Photos and slides and negatives of press conference re: Sarcee Nation treaty seven, photos and negatives re: North West Territories
(4)Photos from T.I.A.C. Conference, photos of Tom Hockin with map; Photos re: I.T.A.C. speech, Mt. Prov. ministers
(5)Various group photographs and contact sheets, birthday cards
(6)Photographs of conference re: Entrepreneurship Canada
(7)Letter and photo re: Canadian Chamber of Commerce May 19th 1989, Letter and photo re: Ontario Presidential Council, Letter and photo re: Tourism Association of Vancouver Island, various colour and black and white negatives
(8)One cassette tape, The house CBC/CBO Nov. 30th 1991 re: Hockin/Bullock debateNovember 30, 1991
(9)Photos re: press conference, 3 slides: 1 interior of house, 2 of pool, Gimli negatives
(10)1 unidentified audio tape


(11)Journal of Canadian Studies, Summer 1979
(12)Reprint from University of Toronto Law Journal, Vol. XVI, No. 2, 1966
(13)Hockin, Thomas A. et al. The Canadian Condominium: Domestic Issues and External Policy. McClelland and Stewart Limited, Toronto. 1972
(14)Hertzman, Lewis, Warnock, John and Thomas Hockin. Alliances and Illusions: Canada and the NATO-NORAD Question. M.G. Hurtig Ltd. Publishers. Edmonton. 1969
(15)Hockin, Thomas. Apex of Power: The Prime Minister and Political Leadership in Canada. Prentice Hall Canada, Scarborough. 1971
(16)Hockin, T.A. Government in Canada. McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Toronto. 1976.

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