F0167 - Ray Stevenson Fonds


Call Number: 1998-032/001
(1)Correspondence and Leaflets Regarding the Arms Race and New Zealand Unemployment. Materials Regarding the Peace Movement in Russia, China, Bolivia and Latin America
(2)Peace Materials. Documents from the Danish World Congress1986-1987
(3)Leaflets, Documents and Information on the World Conference on Multinational Corporations1975
(4)Speeches, Presentations and Reports by Ray Stevenson, in English and French, to the Conference on Detente of Peace Forces from Participation States of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe. Letter from Brian Mulroney Regarding NORAD
(5)"Peace and War" Veterans Against Nuclear Arms Information1982
(6)Documents Regarding Peace
(7)Veterans Against Nuclear Arms Information1982
(8)Progressive Magazine "Power of the Pentagon"1969
(9)Peace Booklets: "Peace Magazine", " The Plough Shares Monitor", and "Information Bulletin".
(10)Preparatory Committee Incoming Mail as Well as Original Outgoing Documents
(11)World Dialogue on the Prevention of Nuclear War Documents.
(12)Hiroshima Day, Speech, Notes for Speech, and Notes from the ConferenceAugust 6, 1996
(13)Peace Mailing Re: Berlin Invitation
(14)Pamphlets Re: Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
(15)Peace Committee Materials and Return Labels
(16)Dubious Sentinel: Canada and World Military Order Ploughshare Monitor News Reports
(17)Peace Congress Materials
(18)Material Regarding USA Peace Council, World Peace Council Canada and Canadian Peace Congress

Call Number: 1998-032/002
(1)International Trade Union Conference in Solidarity with Cuba, Worker to Worker Canada Material Regarding Mexico
(3)March of Labour1951-1953
(4)Pamphlet Sized Journals; March of Labour United Steelworkers of America Information Steel Labour Labour Gazette Nothing Comes Easy Metro Toronto Labour Labour Today Vol. 9 No. 1 March of Labour (38 Copies) The Searcher The "Koeing Memo" The Secret Document on Handling the Arabs of Israel Information: United Steelworkers of America Flashes from the Trade Unions The AFLC American Federationalists1951-1955, 1960,1967, 1971,1981

Call Number: 1998-032/003
(1)Notes from an Material Covering International Trade Union Committee for Peace and Disarmament1984 Removed for Conservation
(2)International Trade Union Amistad, Chart R: INCO Dallas 16 Farber and Nazi Connection Vow Ontario Newsletter Policy Paper # 1 Alberta Federation of Labour Declaration of W.T.U.C on Social and Economic Aspects of Disarmament, Writings on Free Trade and Disarmament1996,1987 Removed for Conservation
(3)Ten Reasons - Free Trade - Watkins Caiman Review - CCU Vol 1. 16 No. 4 Raid Dismissed L.R.A Multinationals U.S.W.A. Infomation Mag (Stevenson Editor) Patterson Program "Canadian Labour" T.U.P.C Leaflet "Woodsmen" Charter W.P.L.G. Gen Strike and Plaque L.R.A. Economic Notes (84) Patterson Program1946-1969,1981,1983,1986 Removed for Conservation
(4)Trade Union Material Including Solshi Testernt Removed for Conservation
(5)Pictures Removed for Conservation
(6)Newspaper Excerpts and Notices Removed for Conservation
(7)Newspaper Excerpts and Bulletins Re: Union Removed for Conservation
(8)Various Photographs Re: Strikes, Unions, and Labour Movements Removed for Conservation
(9)Newspaper Articles June Correspondence1947-1973,July 27 1960-sept 11 1973 Removed for Conservation
(10)Voters List Re: Ontario Labour Relations Board, Newspaper Clippings Removed for Conservation
(11)Letters and ReportsApril 1956-April 1957 Removed for Conservation
(12)Various Newspaper ExcerptsNov.1956- Nov.1963 Removed for Conservation
(13)Submission of the International union of Mine Mill Smelter Works to the Workers Compensation Act Review Board, Clippings Posters and Cartoons Re: Mine Mill Steel Union1966 Removed for Conservation
(14)Ballot Collection Bag, International Union of Mine Mill and Smelter Workers, Clippings, Correspondence Re: Mine Mill Election of Union Communists Removed for Conservation
(15)Farrel Papers, Materials, Uranium Presentations Re: Safety to Ontario Government Elliot Lake and Bancroft, Letter to Health Minister, Dennison (66), Dennison Mines StrikeNov. 1957 Removed for Conservation
(16)Pension Vesting, New Dickenson Mines Limited Removed for Conservation
(17)Newsletters, Newspaper Clippings, Notices Re: Bancroft Mine Mill Union Removed for Conservation
(18)Principal Mineral Areas of Canada Map, Collected Agreement Between Nickel Offsets Ltd. and Sudbury with Basin Mines Ltd. Removed for Conservation
(19)Copies of Union Agreements, Correspondence Newspaper Removed for Conservation
(20)Union Notices, Union Bulletins, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence Re: Bathurst New Brunswick Mineworkers UnionApril 31 1961-Sept. 21 1963 Removed for Conservation
(21)Newspaper Excerpts and Notices, Re: Local 598 Union Removed for Conservation

Call Number: 1998-032/004
(1)Lemoy Carter Royal Commission on Taxation, Mine Mill Presentation Whitehorse Yukon (63)
(2)Mine Mill1954-66
(3)USWA Elections Sadlowski, Taylor Decquier Canada1976-77
(4)P.R. Materials (74)
(5)United Steel Workers Association Public Relations Materials Canadian Labour Council and Others
(6)United Steel Workers Association Steel Labour Research South Africa and Union Mahoney etc.1973
(7)Coke Ovens and Hazard
(8)Trenton Illegal Walkouts Fines Hawker Siddely1978
(9)U.S.W.A.P.R Material, CASAW and Caimawre: Raids Kitmat B.C. Mansbridge Man and Granisle B.C.1971-72
(10)Clippings C.B.C. Union Debate (72)
(11)Bail Rate: Asbestos Strike
(12)CLC Advisory P.R. Committee1973
(13)Material Re: Radiation Hazards and H.A.M. Commission
(14)Winnipeg CLL Convention W.P.G.F Press and Tribune, Newspaper ClippingsApril 1958
(15)T. Press, Mosher, Steal Strike, Business Week, UMWA Statement Picket Line, D'Archer on Strikes, T. Press Behie, Trail Times, Sunday Star1949, 1959, 1961, 1963
(16)Arthur Evans Regina to Ottawa 2 Folders
(17)USWA Raiding Materials Re: Mine Mill Tother1959

Call Number: 1998-032/005
(1)Newspaper Clippings Re: Mine Mill1964
(2)Leaflets and Newspaper Clippings Re: Raids1961-1962
(3)Newspaper Clippings Re: CPR's Fireman DisputeJan 3 1957-Nov 4 1959
(4)Newspaper Clippings Re: Mine Mill and General1952-1954
(5)Mine Mill Convention, Winnipeg1958
(6)Newspaper Clippings, Report by Art Kube on CIC Annual Business Meetings, Letter to Trail Times from Harvey MurphyFeb-Mar. 1972, March. 10 1973, Dec. 8 1972
(7)Newspaper Clippings Re: 598 Elections
(8)Frank Drea SeriesMarch 1959
(9)Newspaper Clippings Re: Labour1956
(10)Newspaper Clippings Re: Labour and Newfoundland LoggersMarch 1959
(11)Newspaper Clipping, Newsletters Bulletins Re: Northspan1959
(12)Various Articles, Landscape PhotographJan. 1972-Jan. 1973
(13)Newspaper Clippings Re: Banks, Doug Collins, Hoffa and Mine Mill, Steel Labour and Miner's 50th Anniversary, Hollinger1957, 1961
(14)Newspaper Clippings B.C's Labour Law, Bennet1959
(15)Newspaper Clippings Re: United Autoworkers, Red Purge, Siren etc.June 1960-Nov. 1961
(16)Newspaper Clippings Re: Labour Board DecisionAugust 1961
(17)Notices, Newsletters,and Newspaper Clippings Re: Bancroft United Steel Workers Association
(18)Copy of Canadian Unionists, Mine Mill Bulletin April, Justice Black Dissents Re: Borden, Wilkinson Cases Before HUACApril 1951, Feb 27 1961
(19)Press Economic Advisors, Song Sheets, Gdr Unity Party, Bulletins 1- 4, Rabbi Feinberg Clippings1947-1949
(20)Various Newspaper Clippings, Various Magazine Articles on Labour Movements and Trade UnionsJune 1972
(21)Articles Re: Strikes and UnionsMay-Aug 1972
(22)Union Brief: United Steel Workers of America #1005, the Right to Organize: a History of the Steelworkers and Industrial Unionism in CanadaJuly 3, 1972
(23)Day of Concern, Bathurst N.B.1972
(24)Mine and Mill Press Releases and Newspaper Clippings Re: Elliot Lake Inquiry1957-1958

Call Number: 1998-032/006
(1)USWA Articles and Materials Re: Bancroft, Kitimat, Dan Benedict, Comimco Chain1977
(2)LRANY 1900, AFL CLOR Chile 1975, NWT Terminal1956-1966
(3)Union Pamphlets
(4)Mine Mill Bulletins, Seneks Accusation Clippings
(5)Boljkova Compensation
(6)The General Strike Package
(7)Information from the Canadian Labour Congress about How to Run Public Relations Ex. How to Create a News Story, How to Leaflet
(8)Ontario Department of Mines, Report of the Special Committee on Mining Practices at Elliot Lake, Report: Lung Cancer among Uranium Billows in Hardrock Miners
(9)"Recession or Depression" , Social Unionism and Leadership, Reports and Speeches on Steel and Mine Job Loss and Profits, Newspaper Clippings Re: Workers Health and Safety1974
(10)Taxation Statistics1948
(11)Clippings Re: 598 Union, on the Job Action, Mine Mill News1959-1962
(13)Newsletters and Bulletins Re: Mine Mill,Letter to Mine Mill Union from Norman BoudreauAugust 7, 1958
(14)Newspaper Clippings, Pamphlet: The Conspiracy Against the Members of Local 5981958
(15)Pamphlet: Take More than Mines, Newspaper Clippings, Adresses Al Skinner , The Miners Voice, Discrimination and Censorship at the Labour College of Canada, Photograph, The Quarrier , Cominco Company Policy for Supervisors, Pipelines of Tension by Victor Riesel, Brief Union Summary of Copper Strike, Why C10 Expelled Mine Mill1967, June 23-24 1967, June 7th 1967
(16)Press ClipsJan 1963
(17)Capon, Chain of Events, Free Trade Union News
(18)Newspaper Cliippings, Letter from W. Longridge, Peace, Tempo1961, April 7 1959

Call Number: 1998-032/007
(1)Letters, Newspaper Clippings, Documents, Bulletins, Reports and Press Releases
(2)"People's Voice" "Flashes from the Trade Unions" "Peace Research in Finland"1995-1996
(3)Letters, Notices, Speeches, Photographes, Newspaper Clippings from Viet Nam Newspapers Regarding Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
(4)Peace Materials: Newspaper Clippings and Materials from Vancouver Peace AssemblyMay 1988
(5)Material on World Peace Council DelegationJune 14-25, 1982
(6)Materials Regarding International Peace Activity "Dublin Committee" Various Meetings and Trade Unionists Peace Committee Canada
(7)Clippings Regarding Cruise Missiles and Disarmament1983
(8)Peace Materials, Clippings and Pamphlets1967,1981
(9)World Peace Conference Budapest: Notes, Pamphlets, Leaflets, Speeches and Clippings1980
(10)Conference on Helsinki Accords- Helsinki Speeches by Ray Stevenson in English, French and Spanish1980
(11)Veterans Against Nuclear Arms Materials Articles Minutes Declaration1986-1988

Call Number: 1998-032/008
(1)World Peace Council, Lisbon, notes and AdvertisementsOct 31-Nov 4, 1982
(2)Mine Mill Raiders Material
(4)Unity Regarding Mine Mill, Government Documents, Clippings Ladies Auxiliary at Mine Mill
(5)Peace Materials1976-1982
(6)Trade Associations Materials Regarding Peace, Trade Union Peace Committee Letters and Articles
(7)Educational Materials from Mine Mill
(8)Correspondence, Clippings, Personal Notes Regarding United Steelworkers of America
(9)Peace Material1980-1982
(10)Trade Union Peace Committee Patterson Campaign-united Steelworkers Association Policy Conference and Papers
(11)Correspondence Regarding World Peace Council LisbonOct 30-Nov 2 1982
(12)A Collection of Materials and Articles Written and Prepared by Ray Stevenson on the Trade Union Movement and Various Problems it Confronted Regading Mine Mill and United Steelworkers Union1959-1978
(13)Articles Written by Ray Stevenson
(14)Comments by Sam Gindin Correspondence and Transcript of Interview with Jack Spiese
(15)INCO Materials-Stelco Manitoba
(16)"Free Labour World"1981

Call Number: 1998-032/009
(1)Correspondence and Related Material Regarding Communist Party Central Executive Commmittee
(2)Communist Party Documents1972-1997
(3)Correspondence Regarding Committee of Canadian Communists
(4)Thirty-first Convention- Communist Part of Canada1995
(5)Notes Regarding Friendship MeetingNov. 11, 1992
(6)Document Prepared for Communist Party by Ray Stevenson-rejected by Cultural Commission1970's
(7)Communist Party Documents and Correspondence1992-1995
(8)Communist Party Materials-leaflet on National Committee for Democratic Rights1942
(9)Communist Party Minutes1987-1988
(10)Communist Party Documents Canada and the United States1990-1992
(11)Honucher-Nazi Resurgence1992
(12)Materials from Haresh Kirplani
(13)Sorbachow Materials and Communist Party Ontario Convention DocumentsOctober 30, 1987

Call Number: 1998-032/010
(1)Documents Regarding Second International Conference for Trade Unions1983
(2)World Peace Council Documents1979-1980
(3)Communist Party of Canada Materials1991
(4)Articles Regarding Post Socialist Unions and International; Centre for Trade Union Rights
(5)Documents about Local 598 and the 100th Anniversary of Western Foundation of Miners and Mine Mill
(6)Correspondence Personal and Political1980
(7)Transcript of Harvey Murphy and Memorial by Harvey Murphy for Canadian Labour History Bulletin No. 4 Autumn1976-1977
(8)Unites Steelworkers Association-frank Drea Sudbury Raid Gallagher Speech
(9)Documents and Correspondence Regarding the Gulf War Letter from Brian MulroneyAugust 29, 1990
(11)Ploughshares Monitor, Canadian Peace Association-peace Report
(12)Veterans Against Nuclear Arms Peace Materials
(13)Australia and Russia Affiliates of the Friendship Society, Numerous Publications Regarding Russia
(14)V.A.N.A and Other Peace Activity
(15)Publications- U.S.A., China and International
(16)Documents Regarding Canadian Labour Focus Committee of Canadian Communist, Letter John Sensin1992
(17)Documents and Correspondence Regarding United Steelworkers Association Elections
(18)Soviet Union Breaks U.N.1991

Call Number: 1998-032/011
(1)Canadian Communist Party Materials, Anti Apartheid Materials, Documents "Against Racism and Racial Discrimination" Commission, Trade Union Publications1972
(2)Union Publications
(3)Union Publications, Steel Labour, Sudbury "Searcher", 598 News Sudbury
(4)Economic Publications Regarding Transnational Corporations
(5)Canadian Peace Congress Minutes, Statements and Drafts1978
(6)World Peace Conference Hanoi Berlin Session1979,1980
(7)World Peace Congress Peace Materials

Call Number: 1998-032/012
(1)Documents from the Canadian Labour Congress Convention
(2)Correspondence as USWA Publick Relations Officer1967-1972
(3)Special Reports on Major Business Problems-the Economic Consequences of a Third World War
(4)Research and Educational Materials CLC USWA OFL Mine Mill
(5)New Brunswick Lay Offs1976
(6)Newspaper Clippings1941-1949
(7)Orders in Council,"Kirkland Mine Mill" Companies Dispute Report1941-1943
(8)USWA Strike Policy and Documents Including the Summary of Benefits1979
(9)Steel Union Elections Materials, Report of International Meeting of Socialists International1978
(10)News Clippings1955
(11)NEA Briain, History of Algoma Local USWA1941-1942
(12)Kitmat Trail, Pat Burns Radio Interview1972-1973
(13)Letters to Peace Magazine and Other Peace Materials1992
(14)Draft of Article for "Communist Viewpoint" Unpublished, Documents Regarding Veterans for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament - Predecessor to V.A.N.A.

Call Number: 1998-032/013
(1)Submission to the Royal Commission on Health and Safety of Workers in Mines in Ontario
(2)Jobs, Economic Policy and the Future: Can we afford to spend 10 or 15% of our Annual Wealth Production? By Ray Stevenson
(3)Newspaper Clippings Regarding Trade Unions, Memo on German Co-determination Law, "Partnership or Marriage of Convenience?" by Charles J. Connaghn, "Ontario Department of Mines Report of the Special Committee on the Mining Practices at Elliot Lake"
(4)International Perspectives Magazine, Playboy Interview with Phillip Agee, Latin American Waking Group Letters, The Myth of Zionist Racism Article1976
(5)Trade Union Materials
(6)United Steelworkers Association Research
(7)United Steelworkers Association Research
(8)United Steelworkers Association Experimental Negotiating Agreement
(9)Presentation to United Steelworkers Association1957
(10)International Trade Union Materials Including Sophia "W.P.P. for Peace", Lisbon Meeting, Leading to Formation of the Dublin Committee1981-1982
(11)Canadian Association of Industrial Mechanics and Allied Workers1977
(12)Materials Regarding Port Colbourne Mine Mill1941-1943
(13)Articles and Documents Regarding INCO and Unions

Call Number: 1998-032/014
(1)Canadian Peace Congress Conferences and Documents1972
(2)"How to Make a Killing" Unedited Copy Given to Ray Stevenson by Victor Lerant for Comment1972
(3)Veterans Against Nuclear Arms Campaigns
(4)Correspondence Regarding V.A.N.A.
(5)Campaign Against Tory White Paper
(6)V.A.N.A. Canadian Peace Conference

Call Number: 1998-032/015
(1)Peace Materials, Communist Party Programs and News Paper Clippings1971-1983
(2)World Peace Council Materials Including Paris1979
(3)Canadian Peace Council Documents and Minutes
(4)World Peace Council Documents for Sophia, Bulgaria "World Parliament of Peoples for Peace"
(5)Canadian Peace Congress Minutes and Materials1980
(6)Documents Regarding - Panama Conference, Peace Couriers , Canadian Peace Congress(peace News), Israeli Aggression1979-1983
(7)1983 Soviet Documents Regarding Peace and Disarmament, WFTU List of Invites to Sophia "Round Table Union"1980
(8)Peace Invitations
(9)Clippings Cruise Testing1983
(10)Second International Conference Trade Union's and Transnationals Toronto1983
(11)Trade Union Unity Conference Correspondence1983
(12)Correspondence File Ray Stevenson

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