F0166 - James Laxer fonds


Call Number: 1998-028/001

Early Public Speaking, Debates, Writings

(1)Public Speaking Championship, North Toronto Collegiate Institute1959
(2)Debate: Resolved that women are weaker than men, North Toronto Collegiate Institute1959
(3)Debate: Resolved that Canada should join the United States, North Toronto Collegiate Institute1959
(4)Debate: Resolved that Quemoy and Matsu should be neutralized, North Toronto Collegiate Institute1959
(5)Public Speaking, Speech on University Settlement Recreation Centre, Granite Club, Toronto1959
(6)Canadian University Press Newsletter1965-1966

Correspondence About

(7)Letter from Harry Boyle & Associates to Jim Parr, Chairman of Ontario Educational Communication Authority re referendum and election analysisMay 30, 1980

Reports, Addresses, Submissions

(8)Taking stock : Report to the NDP federal caucus on NDP economic policyJanuary 1984
(9)The trade deal and Canadian employment policy. Address to the Canada Conference Series : Building the Canadian economyOctober 24, 1987
(10)Submission to Hon. Lloyd Axworthy: An alternative to the Mulroney trade dealFebruary 5, 1988


(11)Note of Conservatism[198-]
(12)American continentalists : Pitching woo[1986?]

Newspaper, Magazine Columns

(13)3 piece series [Toronto Star]June 1984
(14)What a difference a year makes [Toronto Star]Sept. 1985
(15)Feudal fantasies in the Dordogne [The Idler, winter 1991]
(16)The march of folly [Toronto Star]1987
(17)What mandate for free trade? [Toronto Star], 2 draftsSep.(?), 1987
(18)The case for tactical voting [Globe and Mail]Oct. 1988
(19)Brian Mulroney's "Presidential" Campaign [Toronto Star]Oct. 1988
(20)Is the Mulroney revolution reversible? [Toronto Star]Dec. 1988
(21)The trials of Europe's leading nationalist : Margaret Thatcher [Toronto Star]June 1989
(22)Miscellaneous notes for Toronto Star columns and interviews with John Smart and Joseph Levitt for In Search of the New Left1992-1995
(23)France's mood, unpublished column [Toronto Star]Feb. 1997

Audio-visual Drafts, Correspondence

(24)Script: The CCF-NDP Building Jerusalem [draft script for TV Ontario series of three films called Left, Right, Centre of which this draft was for the Left segment]1988?
(25)Internal memo to John Taylor, Executive Producer of NFB film series
(26)Reckoning [outline for 6-part NFB film series]June 1984


(27)[Leap of faith] Introduction : The new continentalism, draft[198-?]
(28)Leap of faith : Free trade and the future of Canada [pre-copy edit draft]1986
(29)[Decline of the superpowers] introduction and chapter 1 draftsJune 1987
(30)Decline of the superpowers : Winners and losers in today's global economy [outline for literary agent to market to American publishers, Autumn, 1987
(31)"1992" : How the new Europe is changing the world, March 17, 1989
(32)Notes for 'The undeclared war' [early 1997

Call Number: 1998-028/002
(1)The undeclared war [first draft]June 1997
(2)The undeclared war : Class conflict in the age of cyber capitalism, [pre-copy edit draft, Autumn 1997
(3)The secret of skull island [unpublished children's mystery novel, volume 1]1981-1998

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