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Call Number: 1996-008/001

Accounting Office. General Accountant

(1)General Accountant announcements1976-1977 Announcements
(2)FAS [Financial Accounting System] bulletin1983 Newsletters #7 & #10

Faculty of Administrative Studies

(3)10th anniversary / Honourable John B. AirdApril 22, 1975 Adresseses
(4)Inflation and beyond!1976 Announcements of conferences
(5)Distinguished lectures in marketing1972 Announcements of lectures
(6)Administrative studies at York[197-] Announcements of programmes
(7)Arts administration1977 Announcements of programmes
(8)Associates programmes[197-] Announcements of programmes
(9)B.B.A.[197-] Announcements of programmes
(10)Masters of Public Administration1970-1972 Announcements of programmes
(11)Programmes in Arts administration1976-1977 Announcements of seminars; Announcements of workshops
(12)B.B.A. & M.B.A. placements services1983-1984 Guides; Manuals
(13)Faculty members handbooks1985-1987 Handbooks
(14)Student handbooks1973-1976 Handbooks
(15)Administrative studies newsletter1972-1973 Newsletter
(16)Five percenter newsletter1972 Newsletter
(17)MBA student newsletter1972 Newsletter
(18)Pecunia newsletters1970-1971 Newsletter
(19)Voluntary sector program newsletter1983 Newsletter
(20)Reports1969-1970 Reports
(21)Fact sheet report1979 Report
(22)Long range plan report1970 Report
(23)York small business programme report / C. Creed1979 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/002

Faculty of Administrative Studies, Academic Planning Committee

(24)New course proposals1972 Announcements
(25)Graduate letter1984 Announcements
(26)The enterprise forum1993-1994 Announcements of events

Faculty of Administrative Studies, Executive Development Division

(27)Management and motivation1966-1967 Announcements of seminars
(28)Management objectives1967-1968 Announcements of seminars
(29)Management by objectives1968-1969 Announcements of seminars
(30)Project management1980 Announcements of seminar
(31)York professional management institute two week residential seminar1971-1972 Announcements of seminars
(32)The executive programs for practising managers1972-1973 Announcements of seminars
(33)The executive programs for practising managers1973-1974 Announcements of seminars
(34)Contemporary concepts of management1974-1975 Announcements of seminars; Proceedings of seminars
(35)The executive programs for practising managers1975-1976 Announcements of seminars; Proceedings of seminars

Faculty of Administrative Studies, Faculty of McCaskill Centre

(36)Donald B. McCaskill Centre1974 Announcements

Faculty of Administrative Studies, Division of Research

(37)Small business assistance programme1974 Announcements of programmes
(38)Small business assistance programme1973 Handbooks
(39)Ford Foundation1974 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/003

Faculty of Administrative Studies, Student Affairs Committee

(40)Procedures to appeal[197-] Guides; Manuals
(41)Resolution proposal1970 Reports

Admissions Office, Liason Section

(42)A review of York's recruitment plan1980 Announcements
(43)March break open house1987 Announcements
(44)Everything you need to know about1986 Announcements
(45)Summer at York University1983-1985 Announcements; Posters
(46)Careers in the future1985 Announcements of events
(47)First year BA program in Simcoe County1983-1984 Announcements of programmes
(48)Discovery summer1984-1987 Announcements of programmes
(49)Get an early start1980-1983 Announcements of programmes
(50)Opportunities for mature students[198-] Announcements of programmes
(51)Questions & answers1982 Announcements of programmes
(52)Summer programmes1982-1984 Announcements of events; Announcements of programmes
(53)Winter/summer session1984-1986 Announcements of programmes
(54)Winter/summer session1987-1989 Announcements of programmes
(55)Healthy, wealthy, and wise1985 Announcements of seminars
(56)Symposium for senior secondary school students1982 Announcements of symposia
(57)Your next step1981-1984 Guides; Manuals
(58)Check it out!1982 Guides
(59)Counsellor's handbooks1971-1972 Handbooks
(60)Admissions handbooks1972-1974 Handbooks
(61)Admissions handbooks1975-1977 Handbooks
(62)Admissions handbooks1977-1979 Handbooks
(63)Admissions handbook1979-1980 Handbooks
(64)Admissions handbook1981 Handbook
(65)Admissions handbook1982 Handbook
(66)Admissions handbook1983 Handbook

Call Number: 1996-008/004

Admissions Office, Liaison Section

(67)Admissions handbook1984-1985 Handbook
(68)Admissions handbooks1986-1988 Handbook
(69)Admissions handbook1990-1991 Handbook
(70)Faculty of arts at York University / faces and places1984 Handbooks
(71)Undergraduate admissions bulletin1968-1974 Handbooks
(72)Undergraduate admissions bulletin1974-1980 Handbooks
(73)Things you need to know, admissions liason newsletter1983-1986 [1985] Newsletters
(74)Admissions, liason newsletter1980 Newsletter
(75)The York Book1979 Posters
(76)About the University1964-1968 Programmes

Advising Centre

(77)Take a closer look1979 Announcements
(78)Faculty of Arts Advising Centre1978 Report

Office of Advisor on the Status of Women

(79)Taking the initiative1986;1988 Announcements of conferences

Alumni Affairs

(80)Homecoming memorandum1979-1987 Announcements
(81)Homecoming1979-1989 Announcements of events
(82)York University Alumni Association1964-1966 Newsletters
(83)York alumni campaign update1979 Newsletters
(84)York Alumni Directory1981 Newsletter
(85)Alumni Association newsletter1964-1966 Newsletter
(86)York Alumni campaign update1981 Newsletter

Art Gallery of York University

(87)The vanishing city: an exhibition of paintings by Albert Jacques Franck, exhibition dates: March 9-10, 1963. Works on display, exhibition dates: October, 1963. Hart House group of seven collection, exhibition dates: November 11-December, 1963. Teitelbaum paintings, exhibition dates: November 15-December 20, 1963.March 1963, October 1963, November 1963, November 15-December 20, 1963 Announcements of exhibitions
(88)Varley, Fitzgerald, Lismer drawings, exhibition dates: February 8-March 15, 1965. from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Band.February-March 1965 Announcement of exhibitions
(89)A Cathy Sennit Harbison environment, exhibition dates: November 12-30, 1968.November 1968 Announcements of exhibitions
(90)Eskimo carvings and prints from the collection of York University. El Greco (Domenikos Theotocopoulos, 1541-1614): Saint Frances and Brother Leo meditating on death, exhibition dates: November 11-23, 1971. The graphic work of Richard Hamilton, Exhibition dates: November 26-December 15 1971.September-October 1971, November 1971, November-December 1971 Announcements of exhibitions
(91)Claude Breeze: a selection of paintings and sculpture from the retrospective exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery, exhibition dates: January 4-25, 1972. Victor Vasarely: graphic and other works, Exhibition dates: February 4-17, 1972. Douglas Morton:paintings 1949-1971, exhibition dates: 22 February-10 March, 1972. Michael Semak: Italy 1971, exhibition dates: March 20-April 9, 1972. Time Whiten: sculpture and drawings, exhibition dates: September 11-29, 1927. Marcel Duchamp: readymades, etc., exhibition dates, October 6-23, 1972. David Gilhooly:gifts from the frog world, exhibition dates: November 20-December 8, 1972. Various artists represented by the electric gallery of Toronto Signals Electric.February 1972,February-March 1972, March-April 1972, September 1972, October 1972, November-December 1972, October- November, 1972 Announcements of exhibitions
(92)Hidden Treasures from Central Africa, Photographs by Charles Gagnon, exhibition dates: September 10-30, 1973. Francisco Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828):The disaster of war, exhibition dates: October 1-23, 1973, an exhibition of sixty etching-aquatints from the set of eighty entitled, Homage to Josef Albers, exhibitions dates: October 27, 1973. A selection of graphic art from the Rapp collection, Toronto, exhibition dates: November 22-December 16 1973, Ron Kostyniuk: relief structures, Cozic Delavalle,January 1973, September 10-30, 1973, October 1-23, 1973, October-November 1973, November-December 1973, February 5-23, 1973, February 28- March 16, 1973 Announcements of exhibitions
(93)Nanga and Zenga Japanese paintings in the Finlaayson, exhibition dates: 8-31 January, 1974. The Charles S. Band memorial exhibition of Canadian painting and sculpture, exhibition dates: 8-29 March, 1974. Ontario master craftsmen, exhibition dates: 8-30 June, 1974. Eighteenth century stage Britain, exhibition dates: 9-25 September, 1974. Ann James: Juxtapositions, exhibition dates: 2-20 October, 1974. German expressionist graphic art, exhibition dates: 28 October-17 November, from the collections of McMaster University Ontario, Bill Vazan: activities, exhibitions dates: 25, November-15 December, 1974. Henry Moore, drawings, bronzes and prints from the Feheley Collection, Toronto, exhibition dates: 7 February-3 March, 1974.January 8-31, 1974, March 8-29, 1974, June 8-30, 1974, September 9-25, 1974, October 2-20, 1974, October 28-November 17, 1974, November 25-December 15, 1974, February 7 - March 3, 1974 Announcements of exhibitions
(94)Dialogues: African sculpture from Toronto collections, exhibition dates: 17 February-16, 1975. Recent acquisitions of European and American prints by the National Gallery of Canada: an exhibition of graphic works execute between 1542 and 1975. Fernand Leduc:les sept hours: tapestries and screen prints, exhibition dates: 10-26 September, 1975. Inuit Women in Transition, exhibition dates: 3-19 October, 1975. Toronto collectors: Dr. Henry Levinson, exhibitions dates: 30 October-19 November, 1975.February 17-March 16, 1975, March 24-April 13, 1975 September 10-26, 1975, October 3-19, 1975, October 30-November 19, 1975 Announcements of exhibitis
(95)Another world: salon and academy paintings c.1805-1925, exhibition dates: 12 January-1 February, 1976. Human images through the ages from the Finlayson collection, exhibition dates: 10 February-3 March, 1976. John Howlin: recent paintings and graphics, exhibition dates: 10-28 March, 1976. Douglas Bentham: enclosures and opens 1975-1976, exhibition dates: 13 September-3 October, 1976, first Toronto exhibition: an exhibition of twelve sculptures. Western ceramic sculpture 1963-1976 from the collection of David Gilhooly, exhibition dates: 12-31 October, 1976. Three centuries of French posters: from the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, exhibition dates: 8-26, 1976. Dutch poster 1956-1970, exhibition dates 2-17 December, 1976.January 12-February 1, 1976, March 10-28, 1976, September 13-October 3, 1976, October 12-31, 1976, November 8-26, 1976, December 2-17, 1976, Announcements of exhibitions
(96)Romanesque sculptures: an exhibition of romanesque architectural fragments from the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, exhibition dates:3-23 January, 1977. Art deco tendencies in Canadian painting, exhibition dates: 31 January-18 February, The camera and Dr. Barnardo: an ehxibition organized by the National Portrait Gallery, London, exhibition dates: 22 February-11 March, 1977. Ernest Linder drawings 1971-1977, exhibition dates: 17 March-8 April 1977. Esther Warkov drawings (1973-1976), exhibition dates: 17 October-11 November, 1977. Master Photographers from Toronto Collections 1845-1974, exhibition dates: 21 November-16 December, 1977. Bloomsbury painters and their circle, exhibition dates: 15 September-9 October 1977, an exhibition organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredriction.January 3-23, 1977, January 31-February 18, 1977, February 22-March 11, 1977, March 17-April 8, 1977, October 17-November 11, 1977, November 21-December 16, 1977, September 15-October 9, 1977 Announcements of exhibitions
(97)The automatic: drawings of Alma Rumball, exhibition dates: 5-9 January, 1978. The Rayfield collection of Ethiopian art, exhibition dates: 20 February-12 March, 1978. The Howarth collection of art from New Guinea, exhibition dates: 20 March-9 April, 1978. Historic Canadian silver from the Henry Birks collection, exhibition dates: 19 September-10 October, 1978. Ukiyo-e: glimpses of a floating world: Japanese woodblock prints from the collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, exhibition dates: 18 October-10 November, 1978. Hungarian folk art: an exhibition of historic and modern folk art loaned by the Heves Country Museum, Eger, Hungary, exhibition dates: 21 November-15 DecemberJanuary 5-29, 1978, February 20-March 12, 1978, March 20-April 9, 1978, October 18-November 10, 1978, November 21-December 15, 1978 Announcements of exhibitions
(98)George Grosz (1893-1959):drawings, watercolours, photos, books, exhibition dates: 9-13 January, 1979. Exhibition of graphic design by Rolf Harder and Ernst Roch, exhibition dates: 9-28 February, 1979. Armando Brasini: Roma Imperiale, exhibition dates: 12 March-6 April, 1979. George Rouault (1871-1958):Miserere: the suite of 58 etchings printed in 1929:from thte coleection of McMaster University, exhibition dates: 23 April-11 May, 1979. Karen Appel:a survey of works from 1957 to the present selected from the complete graphic collection of the Art Gallery of Hamilton, exhibition dates: 4-29 June, 1979. The art of puppetry:a display of puppets designed and executed by Kathy Taryan for the Pepi Puppet Theatre, exhibition dates: 9-29 July, 1979. Takeyoshi Tanuma: children of Japan at play: 100 photographs in color, exhibition dates: 26 November-14 December 1979.January 9-13, 1979, February 9-28, 1979, March 12-April 6, 1979, April 23-May 11, 1979, July 9-28, 1979, November 26-December 14, 1979 Announcements of exhibitions
(99)Bill Featherston: 18 recent paintings, exhibition dates: 10 January-1 February, 1980. Alan Reynolds:sculpture 1979, 11 February-7 March, 1980. Don Haluska: composition no.31 paradise lost/found, an electronic composition for light and sound, exhibition dates:17 March-4 April, 1980. Equipment for eternity: Egyptian arts and crafts of the new kingdom 1570 to 1085 B.C., exhibition dates: 14 April-9 May, 1980. Robert Bourdeau:landscapes:an exhibition of 45 photographic images from 1969-1978, exhibition dates: 20 May-6 June, 1980. Kenyan art: a display of arts and crafts from East Africa, exhibition dates:10-12 June, 1980. Edward Curtis, Kwakult Indian photographs, 1910-1914, exhibition dates: 15 September-10 October, 1980. Joseph Beuys: original graphic works: lithographs, photoseries, silkscreens, woodcuts, postcards, video screenings of the "action" work Eurasia Staff (1968), Ernst Barlach 1870-1938: woodcuts and lithographs, exhibition dates: 24 November-19 December 1980.January 10-February 1, 1980, February 11-March 7, 1980, March 17-April 4, 1980, April 14-May 9, 1980, May 20-June 6, 1980, June 10-12, 1980, September 15-October 10, 1980, October 20-November 14, 1980, November 24-December 19, 1980, Announcements of exhibitions
(100)The drawings of Christine Pflug, exhibition dates:8-30 January, 1981, arranged and circulated by the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Emil Orlik 1870-1932:drawings and prints from the collection of the Adalbert Stifter Verein, Munich, exhibition dates:12 February-6 March, 1981. Connections: Krizan, McAulay and Wright: constructions and paintings which explore three artists' reactions to the dynamics of space. Professional photographers of Canada:national print show '80:including three steroscopic views of Ontario by James Esson (1854-1933). Nineteenth century German drawings and prints, exhibition dates: 21 September-16 October, 1981. Slowly I turned...Brian Condron:a suite of 35 photographic images on the theme of Niagra Falls, exhibition dates: 26 October-13 November, 1981.January 8-30, 1981, February 12-March 6, 1981, April 8-24, 1981, September 21-October 16, 1981, October 26-November 13, 1981, Announcements of exhibitions

Call Number: 1996-008/005

Art Gallery of York University

(101)Dutch design for the public sector, exhibition dates: 23 September-15 October, 1982. Brian McNeil:portrais, exhibition dates:22 November-17 December, 1982, selection from the permanent collection of York UniversitySeptember 23-October 15, 1982, November 22-December 17, 1982 Announcements of exhibitions
(102)Eugene Atget (1857-1927):60 photographs, exhibition dates: 10 January-10 February, 1983. Eli Bornstein:selected works 1957-1982, exhibition dates: 28 February-25 March 1983. AGI: Alliance Graphique Internationale, exhibition dates:11-28 April 1983. John MacGregor: a survey, 1975-1982, exhibition dates: 19 September-14 October, 1983. Richard Smith: a retrospective exhibition of graphics and multiples, exhibition dates: 24 October-11 November, 1983. Correspondences:Tony Borwn, George LeGrady, John McEwen, Christopher Pratt, Tim Zuck, exhibition dates: 23 November-16 December, 1983.January 10-February 10, 1983, February 28-March 25, 1983, April 11-28, 1983, September 19-October 14, 1983, November 23-December 16, 1983 Announcements of exhibitions
(103)Turbulence: a multimedia presentation by Sam Krizan and Tony McAuley, exhibition dates: 16 January-10 February, 1984. Drawing-a Canadian survey, 1977-1982, exhibition dates: 27 February-21 March, 1984. Max Ernst (1891-1976) books and graphic work, exhibition dates: 5-27, April 1984. British artists' prints 1972-1977:an exhibition of 56 graphic works by 30 well known British, exhibition dates:17 September-5 October, 1984. Gerd Winner:screenprints, ehxibition dates: 15 October-9 November, 1984. The compelling image: contemporary Japanes poster, exhibition dates: 22 November-14 December, 1984.January 16-February 10, 1984, February 27-March 21, 1984, April 5-27, 1984, September 17-October 5, 1984, October 15-November 9, 1984, November 22-December 14, 1984, Announcements of exhibitions
(104)Art/science tables:KJ Butler, exhibition dates: 13 February-8 March, 1985. Adolphe Appia (1862-1928), actor-space-light, exhibition dates: 18 March-12 April, 1985. Michael Torosian:photographs 1974-1984, exhibition dates:18 April-31 May, 1985. Open all summer, exhibition dates:June-August, 1985. Altered egos:the multmedia work of Carl Beam, exhibition dates:3 September-4 October, 1985. Re:Union/selected York MFA alumni 1976-1985, exhibition dates: 15 October-15 November, 1985. Clouds as wave petals as rain, contemporary Chinese calligraph, painting and prints, exhibition dates: 27 November-20 December, 1985. Art on public displayFebruary 13-March 8, 1985, March 18-April 12, 1985, April 18-May 31, 1985, June-August 1985, October 15-November 15, 1985, November 27-December 20, 1985, March 15, 1985 Announcements of exhibitions
(105)Ron Shuebrook:recent reliefs and drawings, exhibition dates:7-31 January, 1986. Divisions, crossroads, turns of mind: some new Irish art, exhibition dates:10 February-23 March, 1986. not really trees:an outdoor exhibition of sculptures by Louis Stokes, exhibition dates: 25 September, 1986. Symbols of aspiration: Victorian architecture in London and S.W. Ontario, exhibition dates: 3 October, 1986. York work 1: works by Ted Bieler, Michael Davey, Hugh LeRoy, Toby MacLennan, George Manupelli, Bruce Parsons, Judith Schwarz, Cynthia Short, Renne Van Halm, Tim Whiten, Ancient cultures of Peru:Indian ceramics from 1300B.C.-1400A.D., exhibition dates: 19 November-19 December, 1986.January 7-31, 1986, Febraury 10-March 23, 1986, September 25, 1986, October 3, 1986, October 16, 1986-November 14, 1986, November 19-December 19, 1986 Announcements of exhibitions
(106)16 Contemporary Canadian Artists:the diary exhibition/journaux intimes. Kathleen Munn and Edna Tacon:new perspectives on Canadian modernismFebruary 4-March 18, 1988, October13-November 13, 1988 Announcements of Exhibitions
(107)Diagnosis, Marc de Guerre, March Lewis, Kiki Smith, Jana Sterbak diagnosis, exhibition dates:17 January-18 Febraury, 1990. Box (Ahhareturnabout) James Coleman, The wedding: a ceremony, or, thoughts about an indecisive reunion revisited. Judith Schwarz. Meeting place:Robert Gober, Liz Magor, Juan Munoz.January 17-February 18, 1990, February 28-March 30, 1990, November 14-December 14, 1990, April 25-June 3, 1990, September 26-October 28, 1990, Announcements of exhibitions
(108)Tony Brown: living in the hot house, exhibition dates: 4-31 March, 1991. Michael Davey, Michael Fernandes, Vera Frenkel, Fred Gaysek, Janet Jones, Lee Paquette, Judith Schwartz, Bruce Parsons, Renee Van Halm: nine from Toronto. Greg Curnoe, Robert Fones, Joseph Kosuth, Goren Lebredt, Becky Singleton, Michael Snow, Vincent Tangredi: Reading, public signs, private acts. Get real:photographs by P/L Dicorsia, Nan Goldin, Jack Pierson. An Exhibition of site-sensitive projects across the York University Campus, crossroadsMarch 4-31, 1991, April 10-May 10, 1991, November 13-December 20, 1991, January 16-February 17, 1991, September 22-November 29,1991 Announcements of exhibitions
(109)Jocelyne Alloucherie, exhibition dates: 15 January-23 February, 1992. Cristina Iglesias, exhibition. Zvi Goldstein: exhibition. Shirazeh Houshiary:turning around the center, Shirley Wiitasalo: exhibition tours Europe, German dates Feb. 6 - April 10, 1994; Switzerland:July 2 -August 15, 1993. Rodney Graham, Two Generators.January 15-February 23, 1992, September 23-November 1, 1992, March 3-April 18, 1993, January 12-February 13, 1994, September 21-October 30, 1994 Announcements of exhibitions
(110)Vincent TangrediNovember 15-December 20, 1995 Announcements of exhibitions
(111)Contemporary Greek Art, greek painting since 1940 from the Vorres MuseumNovember 5-22, Announcements of exhibitions
(112)A symposium on the writers of Bloomsbury with Speakers from the Department of EnglishSeptember 29, 1977 Announcements of symposia
(113)Memberships* Announcements
(114)Art gallery newsletter1991-1992 Newsletters
(115)Art gallery newsletter1994-1996 Newsletters
(116)Shirley Wiitasalo/Rene Daniels Exhibition1993 Press releases

Artistic Defence Fund

(117)Artistic woodwork strike 19731974 Announcements

Arts, Faculty of

(118)General Announcements1980 Announcements
(119)Woman:an introduction, apublic lecture series for international women's year, lecture series dates: 17 September-7 April 1976.1975-1976 Announcements of lectures
(120)Faculty of Arts winter/summer session1971-1979 Posters; Announcements of programmes
(121)Off campus and weekend university1980-1983 Announcements of programmes
(122)Professional development seminars1980 Announcements of seminars
(123)Faculty of Arts Handbook1974-1975 Handbooks; Announcements; Reports
(124)York Univeristy, Faculty of Arts handbooks, faces and places1980-1983 Handbooks
(125)York Univeristy, Faculty of Arts handbooks, faces and places1983-1986 Handbooks
(126)York Univeristy, Faculty of Arts handbooks, faces and places1987-1989 Handbooks

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Arts, Faculty of

(127)Faculty of arts college handbook1971-1972 Handbooks
(128)General regulations of the faculty of arts1975-1976 Handbooks
(129)York University parents newsletter1989 Newsletters
(130)Programmes of study1980-1981 Programmes
(131)Off-campus and weekend university1981-1982 Programmes
(132)Research officer1985 Reports
(133)Arts, faculty of classical studies1977-1978, no dates Announcements of programmes

Arts, Faculty of, Department of Computer Science Pure and Applied Science,

(134)Computer science at York[198-] Announcements of programmes
(135)Fortran newsletter #15January 6, 1967 Newsletters

Arts, Faculty of. Office of the Dean

(136)General reports1974-1979 Announcements
(137)General reports1980 Announcements
(138)General reports1981-1982 Announcements
(139)General reports1983-1987 Announcements
(140)General reports1994 Announcements of conferences
(141)General reports1984-1986 Annual reports
(142)General report1980-1981 Reports

Arts, Faculty of. East Asian Studies Programme

(143)East Asian studies program at York1986-1987 Announcements of programmes

Arts, Faculty of. Department of Economics

(144)Course desciptionsApprox. 1974-1976 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(145)Reprints, reflections on the importance of Leon Walras, reprinted from schaarste en welvaart (scarcity in abundance) by William Jaffe. Reprints, alternative welfare gain and loss measures, reprinted from western economic journal v.9 no.4 by Herbert Mohring. Analysing externalities:direct interaction vs. asset utilization frameworks, repreinted from economica, v.38 no.152 by Herbert Mohring and J. Hayden Boyd.1971 Reprints

Arts, Faculty of. Department of English

(146)York poetry series1974 Announcements
(147)Monthly bulletin1974-1977 Newsletter
(148)Monthly bulletin1982-1986 Newsletter

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Arts, Faculty of. Department of English

(149)Monthly bulletin1989-1993 Newsletter
(150)Monthly bulletin1994-1996 Newsletter
(151)Encounter: Canadian literature1974 Programmes
(152)York computer inventory of prose style1973 Reports

Arts, Faculty of. Faculty Council

(153)Guides to rules and procedures1973-1974, 1982 Guides; Manuals
(154)Faculty Arts membership on the Senate of York University1978 Reports

Arts,Faculty of. Department of French Literature

(155)French at York University[197-] Announcements of programmes

Arts,Faculty of, Department of Geography

(156)Historical urbanization in North America, conference dates: 24-26 January, 19731973 Announcements of conferences; programmes of conferences
(157)Geography at York[197-] Announcements of programmes
(158)Curriculum handbook1974-1975 Handbooks
(159)Proposal for an applied option in urban and regional development1981 Reports

Arts, Faculty of. Department of History

(160)Philosophy of history and the social sciences1969 Announcements of conferences
(161)Departmental newsletters1979-1987 Newsletters

Arts,Faculty of. Division of Humanities

(162)Division of humanities remembers Elsie Hanna1992 Announcements
(163)Jewish marriage and family life in talmudic and medieval times by Mordechai FriedmanFebruary 7, 1985 Announcements of lectures
(164)Course descriptions1971-1972 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(165)Course descriptions1977-1978 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Arts, Faculty of. Language Laboratories

(166)A guide to York University language laboratory1975 Guides; manuals

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Language Studies

(167)Languages and linguistics at York1974-1975, [198-] Announcements of programmes
(168)Translating your language skills into $35,000 a year by Linda Richardson[197-] Reports, reprints

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Language Studies: Chinese and Japanese Training

(169)Courses in Chinese and Japanese training1974-1975 Announcements of lectures

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Language Studies:German

(170)German at York University[198-] Announcements

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Language Studies: Greek and Latin Language Training

(171)Course descriptions in Greek and Latin language training1974-1975 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Language Studies: Italian

(172)Italian studies at York University1982 Announcements

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Language Studies: Spanish

(173)Spanish at York University[198-] Announcements

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Language Studies: Ukranian Studies

(174)Course descriptions1974-75 Report
(175)UpdateJuly 1985 Newsletters
(176)Ukranian studies at York University1983-1984 Programmes

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Natural Science

(177)A natural science laboratory manual1983-1984 Manuals

Arts, Faculty of. Department of Philosophy

(178)Philosophy at York Univeristy1975 Announcements of programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/008

Arts, Faculty of, Department of Political Science

(179)Tentative schedule for visiting scholar, Professor Norma GerasJanuary 11-24, 1993 Announcements of events
(180)Political Science student association, Canada's changing foreign policy1986 Announcements
(181)Policial thought in English Canada1978 Announcements of conferences
(182)Political Science at York[197-] Announcements of programmes
(183)Schedule of departmental meetings1993 Announcements of seminars
(184)Political Science undergraduate students' council course evaluation handbooks1978-1980 Handbooks
(185)Departmental bulletin, politics: the bulletin1980-1984 Newsletter
(186)Departmental bulletin, politics: the bulletin1986-1989 Newsletters
(187)Departmental bulletin, politics: the bulletin1990-1992 Newsletters
(188)Departmental bulletin, politics: the bulletin1993-1994 Newsletters
(189)Departmental bulletin, politics: the bulletin1995 Newsletters
(190)Departmental bulletin, politics: the bulletin1996 Newsletters
(191)PSSA [political science student association] newsletters1980 Newsletters
(192)Student Union Newsletters1969 Newsletters

Call Number: 1996-008/009

Arts, Faculty of. Department of Psychology

(193)Psychology course outlines1969-1970 Announcements of lectures; announcements of seminars
(194)Department of psychology handbook1971-1972 Handbooks
(195)Department of psychology handbook1975-1977 Handbook
(196)Student course evaluation handbook1978-1979 Handbooks

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Social science

(197)Interfaculty colliquim1975 Announcements of colloquia
(198)The Lowther Lecture / Dr. Wulf Schiefenhovel1990 Announcements
(199)A degree in social science?1974-1975 Announcements of programmes
(200)Seminars1974-1985 Announcements of seminars
(201)Division of social science handbooks1982-1989 Handbooks
(202)Division of social science handbooks1975-1982 Handbooks
(203)Weekly newsletters1971-1974 Newsletters
(204)Weekly newsletters1974-1975 Newsletters

Call Number: 1996-008/010

Arts, Faculty of, Department of Social Science

(205)Weekly newsletters1975-1976 Newsletters
(206)Weekly newsletters1976-1977 Newsletters
(207)Weekly newsletters1978-1979 Newsletters
(208)Weekly newsletters1979-1980 Newsletters
(209)Weekly newsletters1980-1981 Newsletters
(210)Weekly newsletters1981-1982 Newsletters
(211)Weekly newsletters1982-1983 Newsletters
(212)Weekly newsletters1983-1984 Newsletters
(213)Weekly newsletters1984-1985 Newsletters
(214)Weekly newsletters1985-1986 Newsletters

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Arts, Faculty of. Department of Social Science

(215)Weekly newsletters1986-1987 Newsletters
(216)Weekly newsletters1987-1988 Newsletters
(217)Weekly newsletters1988-1989 Newsletters
(218)Weekly newsletters1989-1990 Newsletters
(219)Weekly newsletters1990-1991 Newsletters
(220)Upper year committee reports1976 Reports
(221)An ombudsman for York by Neil Gross1976 Reports
(222)My case against the malicious political, social, and academic persecution / Jeffrey Goodman Forest1978 Reports

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Social Science, African Studies Programme

(223)The final days of apartheid1986 Announcements
(224)African studies programme announcement[198-] Announcements of programmes

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Social Science, Canadian Studies Programme

(225)Canadian Studies Programme Announcement1976-1977 Announcements

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Social Science, Law and Society Programmer

(226)Law and society colloquim1987 Announcements of colloquia
(227)A proposal for an undergraduate general honours, programme in law and society in the faculty of arts1973 Reports

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Social Science, Mass Communications Studies

(228)Mass communications programme announcement[198-] Announcements of programmes

Arts, Faculty of. Division of Social Science, Urban Science Programme

(229)Urban studies at York1973-1974 Announcements of programmes
(230)Urban growth and community needs; the city and the camera1973-1987 Announcements of symposia
(231)Historic preservation in the city of Toronto1973-1974 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/012

Arts, Faculty of. Department of Sociology

(232)Course descriptions1974; 1982 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(233)Untitled Flemingdon Park Study / J. Gottfried Paasche1966-1967 Reports
(234)The adjustment of freshmen to York University class project in Sociology 301A (research methods) / Clifford J. JansenJuly 1969 Reports
(235)York student survey: a study of options and attitudes of freshmen 1969-1970, part of a class project in Sociology 301AAugust 1970 Reports
(236)The York dropout: an exploratory study (of dropouts from the Faculty of Arts) / Clifford J. JansenJuly 1971 Reports
(237)Extract from survey of grade 12 students in Ontario / Paul D. AnisefSeptember 1973 Reports
(238)A report on winter/summer 1980 session students at York University, study done in conjunction with Sociology 301.6B (research methods) / Clifford J. JansenMarch 1980 Reports

Arts, Faculty of Student Councillors

(239)Have a voice in the faculty of arts, become a student councillor1974-1976 Announcements

Arts, Faculty of. Office of Student Programmes

(240)Detailed descriptions of courses open to first year students in the faculty of arts1972-1973 Announcements of programmes
(241)Advising and enrolment handbook1989-1990 Handbooks
(242)Programmes of lectures1968-1972 Programmes of lectures
(243)Programmes of lectures1972-1976 Programmes of lectures
(244)Programmes of lectures1976-1980 Programmes of lectures
(245)Programmes of lectures1980-1983 Programmes of lectures

Call Number: 1996-008/013

Arts, Faculty of, Women's Studies Programme

(246)Women's studies at York University1976; 1984 Announcements
(247)Women's studies in Canada: researching, publishing, and teaching1985 Announcements of conferences
(248)Founders College women's studies lectures1983-1987 Announcements of lectures
(249)Announcements of women's studies at York University1975-1985 Announcements of programmes
(250)Dean's seminar on women's studies1985 Announcements of seminars
(251)Women's worlds lunchtime seminars1983-1987 Announcements of seminars
(252)Annual reportAugust 1984 Report
(253)Women's studies programme1990-1992 Programmes
(254)First draft of Rapporteur's summary1984-1985 Reports

Arts, Faculty of, Writing Workshop

(255)Announcements of the writing workshop1971-1980 Announcements

Association of African Students at York University (AASYU)

(256)A day of solidarity with the peoples of South Africa1985 Announcements

Association for Bahai Studies Students

(257)United Nations at 401985 Announcements

Atkinson College

(258)Atkinson College conferences1970-1992 Announcements of conferences
(259)Course offerings1967-1968 Announcements of lectures
(260)Course offerings1989-1990 Announcements of lectures
(261)Course offerings1964-1980 Announcements of programmes
(262)Telephone directories1972-1973 Directories
(263)A new college - a new century1961-1965 Handbooks
(264)An administrative handbook1977 Handbooks
(265)Atkinson College manual1970 Manuals
(266)Atkinson College manual1974-1975 Manuals
(267)Academic standards and grading practices at Atkinson College1975 Manuals
(268)Atkinson College enquiries manual1970 Manuals
(269)ACA newsletter, ACSA newsletter1970-1972 Newsletters
(270)Information for enrolement in Atkinson courses1984-1985 Newsletters

Call Number: 1996-008/014

Atkinson College, Department of. Administrative Studies

(271)Course descriptions1976-1977 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(272)Course descriptions1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(273)Course descriptions1989 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(274)Degree programmes[198-] Programmes

Atkinson College, Alumni Association

(275)Announcements of events1975-1985 Announcements
(276)Microcomputer conference; microcomputer encounters, conference dates: 24-25 September, 19821982 Announcements of conferences
(277)Atkinson college alumni newsletter1983 Newsletters

Atkinson College, Anniversary Committee

(278)25th anniversary1988 Announcements

Atkinson College, Department of Biology

(279)Course descriptions1975-1977 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Canadian Studies Programme

(280)Course descriptions1975-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(281)Degree programmes1975;1987 Programmes

Atkinson College, Atkinson Charitable Foundations

(282)The Atkinson Charitable Foundation annual report1992 Annual reports

Atkinson College, Department of Chemistry

(283)Course description1976-1977 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(284)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1980-1981; 1987 Announcements of lectures

Atkinson College, Department of Computer Science

(285)Degree programmes[197-] Programmes

Atkinson College, Division of Continuing Education

(286)Continuing education for women in Metropolitan Toronto by Sylvia Cambell1965 reports

Atkinson College Council

(287)Memoranda regarding Atkinson College Council1973-1991 Announcements
(288)Statement concerning the Gerstein reportDecember, 1968 Reports

Atkinson College, Counselling Services

(289)Counselling services for students1968 Announcements
(290)Suggestions for effective study; thinking through your essay; books for self-help1968-1974 Handbooks

Atkinson College, Department of Economics

(291)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of English

(292)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1980-1981; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Fine Arts

(293)Announcements of exhibitions1990-1993 Announcements of exhibitions
(294)Fine Arts at Atkinson College[197-] Announcements of programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Fine Arts: Dance

(295)Course descriptions1987 Announcements of lectures

Atkinson College, Department of Fine Arts: Film

(296)Course descriptions1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Fine Arts: Music

(297)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 announcements of lectures

Atkinson College, Department of Fine Arts: Theatre

(298)Course descriptions1987 announcements of lectures

Atkinson College, Department of Fine Arts: Visual Arts

(299)Course descriptions1976-1977 announcements of lectures

Call Number: 1996-008/015

Atkinson College, Department of French Studies

(300)Course descriptions1987 Announcements

Atkinson College, Department of Geography

(301)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1982-1984; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(302)Geograpy department newsletters1970-1983 Newsletters
(303)Quaternary environments symposium by W.C. MahaneyMay 25, 1974 Reports

Atkinson College, Department of History

(304)New course: Canada in the French empire1981-1982 Announcements of programmes

Atkinson College, Division of Humanities

(305)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Programmes; announcements of lectures

Atkinson College, Division of Language Studies: Greek

(306)Course descriptions1987 Announcements

Atkinson College, Division of Language Studies: Italian

(307)Course description1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Division of Language Studies: Latin

(308)Course descriptions1987 Announcements

Atkinson College, Division of Language Studies: Spanish

(309)Course descriptions1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Liberal Studies programme

(310)Science, technology, and society: a liberal studies option1983 Announcements of programmes

Atkinson College, Liberal Studies Programme, Health Studies

(311)Health studies option[198-] Announcements of programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Mathematics

(312)Course descriptions1976-1977;1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Modes of Reasoning

(313)Modes of reasoning1976-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Philosophy

(314)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987; 1989-1990 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Physics

(315)Course descriptions1976-1977 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Political Science

(316)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Psychology

(317)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Science Studies, Division of Natural Science

(318)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(319)Teaching natural science by Richard JarrellSeptember 1993 Reports

Atkinson College, Division of Social Science

(320)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Announcements

Atkinson College, Department of Social Work

(321)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes
(322)Social work at YorkDecember 1985 Announcements of programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/016

Atkinson College, Department of Sociology

(323)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Department of Urban Studies

(324)Course descriptions1976-1977; 1982-1983 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Women's Studies Programme

(325)Course descriptions1987 Announcements of lectures; programmes

Atkinson College, Registration

(326)Registration guides1969-1970 Guides; Manuals

Atkinson College, Residence

(327)Atkinson College residence[197-] Announcements

Atkinson College, Secretary's Office

(328)Atkinson College announcement newslettersMay 1967 Newsletters; announcements

Atkinson College, Space Committee

(329)Report of the Atkinson College space committee: a review of the current and future space requirements of Atkinson College1973-1974 Reports

Atkinson College, Student Association

(330)Have you heard? Atkinson day1978 Announcements
(331)Part-time student's guide1975-1984 Handbooks
(332)Part-time student's guide1984-1987 Handbooks
(333)Part-time student's guide1993-1994 Handbooks
(334)All about Atkinson at Glendon1976-1978 Handbooks
(335)Atkinson College, student association newsletters1972 Newsletters

Baker, Janette

(336)York University Archives: a proposed conservation, preservation and restoration programme1977 Reports

Bartenders Unlimited

(337)Run by York students[197-] Announcements

Bethune College

(338)Bethune College event announcements1970-1980 Announcements
(339)Bethune college and the York black people's movement symposium on black perspectives: Canada and the Third WorldFebruary 24-March 1, 1975 Announcements of symposia
(340)Porters handbooks1976-1977 Handbooks
(341)Residence handbooks1973-1974 Handbooks
(342)Bethune College newsletters1976-1977 Newsletters
(343)The scalpel newsletter1977 Newsletters
(344)Spain 36/76: the social and cultural aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, conference dates: 10-14 March, 19761976 Announcements of conferences; pamplets; posters
(345)Official opening of Bethune College, event dates: 28 January, 19741974 Announcements of events; press releases; programmes of events
(346)China week, event dates: 28 January-1 February, 19741974 Announcements of events; posters; programmes
(347)Orientation schedules1971-1984 Announcements; handbooks; programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/017

Bethune College

(348)Bethune College film programme1972-1973 Announcements of programmes; programmes

Bethune College, Master's Office

(349)Bethune College memorandum1978-1989 Announcements
(350)Master's Office, committee for an African studies programme1971 Announcements

Bethune College, Norman Bethune Gallery

(351)Photographs by Victor Flores Olea, exhibition dates: 3 April-2 May, 19861986 Announcements

Black Creek Food Co-Operative

(352)Food co-operative to open at York University1979-1982 Announcements

Board of Governors

(353)Search committee for a new president1991 Announcements
(354)Tentative schedule for 1992-931992-1993 Announcements of conferences
(355)General by-laws of the Board of Governors of York UniversityApril, 1967 Reports
(356)Master plan reports1966; 1969 Reports

Board of Governors, Student Relations Committee

(357)Presentation to the Board of Governors' student relations committee meeting of July 15th, 1987, giving on behalf of the council of masters, presentation dates: 20 July, 19871987 Proceedings

Brickwood, Peter

(358)Multi-dimensional internal-external locus of central and political activity of Ontario university students by Peter Brickwood1981 Reports

Denys Brown Fund

(359)Memo regarding the Denys Brown Fund1982 Announcements

Calumet College

(360)Calumet College announcements1980-1987 Announcements
(361)Orientation schedules1974-1975 Announcements of events
(362)Calumet college handbooks1970-1972 Handbooks
(363)The Calumet canbook1973-1974 Handbooks

Call Number: 1996-008/018

Calumet College

(364)Calumet College newsletters1973-1974 Newsletters
(365)Summer newsletter1974 Newsletters
(366)Programme requirements[197-] Programmes

Calumet College, Fellows and Associate Fellows

(367)Lists1972 Reports; directories

Canadian Association of African Studies

(368)Conference dates: May 16-18, 1991, 20th annual meeting of the Canadian Association of African studies1991 Programmes of conferences

Canadian Association of Physicists

(369)Congress dates: 9-12 June, 19751975 Programmes of congresses

Canadian Institue for Research in Atmospheric Chemistry

(370)Global change, prospectus1987-1988 Reports

Canadian Professors for Peace in the Middle East

(371)York University chapter1974 Announcements

Canadian Union of Educational Workers (CUEW)

(372)Announcements regarding the Canadian Union of Educational Workers1980-1985 Announcements

Canadian Union of Educational Workers (CUEW), Joint Committee on Class Size

(373)Report of the joint committee on class sizeJuly 1983 Reports

Canadian Union of Public Employees (Local 1356)

(374)Collective agreements1971-1975 Handbooks

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

(375)Nothing personal...March 1990 Newsletters

Career and Placement Centre

(376)Handbook for graduating students1993-1994 Handbooks
(377)Jobs in the 19801985-1987 Announcements of seminars
(378)Handbook for graduating students1993-1994 Handbook

Centre for Continuing Education

(379)Announcements for upcoming courses1970-1991 Announcements
(380)Special education 19921992 Announcements of conferences
(381)Mathematics1989 Announcements of conferences
(382)New strengths in the family: from radical to re-emergent1979 Announcements of lectures
(383)Education and growth opportunities (E.G.O)1971-1975 Announcements of lectures
(384)Special series1987 Announcements of lectures
(385)Studies in the arts and communications1967-1969 Announcements of programmes
(386)Driver education instructors1984-1987 Announcements of programmes
(387)Studies in education1968-1977 Announcement of programmes
(388)Special studies in gambling1973 Announcements of programmes
(389)Effective reading[197-] Announcements of programmes
(390)English as a second language1988-1989 Announcements of programmes
(391)Family life programme1973-1976 Announcements of programmes
(392)Language summer course1972-1978 Announcements of programmes
(393)Conversational Italian1973 Announcements of programmes
(394)Conversational French1972-1973 Announcements of programmes

Centre for Continuing Education, Law

(395)Business law for engineers, architects, and contractors1972-1976 Announcements of programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/019

Centre for Continuing Education

(396)The law and you1973; 1977; 1979 Announcements of programmes
(397)The living theatre1973 Announcements of programmes
(398)GMAT, mathematics prep course1983-1984 Announcements of programmes
(399)Marketing1988-1989 Announcements of programmes
(400)Society and the environment, the energy-environment dilemma1973 Annoucnements of programmes
(401)Special courses, the great art centres of Italy1967 Announcements of programmes
(402)A summer of theatre appreciation1972 Announcements of programmes
(403)Urban studies1968-1969 Announcements of programmes
(404)Balancing professional and private lives1981 Announcements of seminars
(405)Ballet seminars1972 Announcements of seminars
(406)Business ethics1981 Announcements of seminars
(407)Environmental psychology for architects and city planners1981 Announcements of seminars
(408)Import and export seminars1980 Announcements of seminars
(409)Intercultural conflicts at work1982 Announcements of seminars
(410)Legal seminar for managers of financial institutions1981 Announcements of seminars
(411)The managements of crisis1981 Announcements of seminars
(412)Management development seminars1980 Announcements of seminars
(413)Opera seminars1972 Announcements of seminars
(414)Pathways to public understanding and favour1972 Announcements of seminars
(415)Perspectives on retirementMay 1976 Announcements of seminars
(416)Professional ethics and the tradition of the humanities1981 Announcements of seminars
(417)Public relations for Canadian business1981 Announcements of seminars
(418)Seminars on taxation1973 Announcements of seminars
(419)Approaches to creative writing1973 Announcements of seminars
(420)Shaw Festivals1978-1987 Announcements of seminars
(421)Word power1975-1976 Announcements of seminars
(422)The York seminars on religious toleration[197-] Announcements of seminars

Centre for Continuing Education; Human Relations

(423)Symposium on "Freedom and Growth"1972-1975 Announcements of symposia

Centre for Continuing Education, Special Education

(424)EDEXS symposia series1974-1975 Announcements of symposia

Centre for Continuing Education

(425)Symposia series1980-1989 Announcements of symposia
(426)Management workshops1971-1979 Announcements of workshops
(427)The old masters1973 Announcements of workshops
(428)Organizational development1972-1979 Announcements of workshops
(429)Centre for continuing education brochures1981 Announcements of workshops
(430)E.G.O. newsletter1971-1974 Newsletter
(431)The enosis news1973-1975 Newsletters
(432)Word power quarterly1975 Newsletter
(433)Resolving family conflict1988 Proceedings of seminars
(434)Arts education counil of Ontario1992 Proceedings of conferences; seminars
(435)Data processing and computers1971-1985 Announcements of Programmes
(436)Drama1990-1991 Announcements of Programmes
(437)EDEXS diploma programmes, education of exceptional students1977-1978 Announcements of Programmes
(438)Encounter and growth opportunities E.G.O.1970-1977 Announcements of Programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/020

Centre for Continuing Education

(439)Studies in human relations1967-1974 Announcements of programmes
(440)In house programmes, french and spanish1983-1984 Announcements of programmes
(441)Language programme1973-1979 Announcements of programmes
(442)Studies in management and administration1973-1976 Announcements of programmes
(443)Studies in management1976-1981 Announcements of programmes
(444)Management development certificates programme1984-1986 Announcements of programmes
(445)Director's office1969 Programmes of activities
(446)Annual reading conference1980; 1982; 1984 Programmes of conferences
(447)Special education '84, family life '84, mathematics '841984 Programmes of conferences
(448)Family violence conference1989 Programmes of conferences
(449)Monthly report1971-1974 Report

Centre for Feminist Research

(450)Women and the welfare state; ethics of misrepresentation1990-1994 Announcements
(451)The black aesthetic; Shane Phelan lectures; women and the welfare state1993 Announcements of lectures
(452)Newsletter bulletinSeptember 91-Spring 93 Newsletters

Centre for Handicapped students

(453)Announcements of center1987 Announcements
(454)Annual reports by Gail Kenyon and Jennifer Straw; in house report #103 March 1982August 1980-July 1981 Reports
(455)Newsletters1985-1986 Handnotes

Centre for Health Studies

(456)Saints Cosmas and Damien of Toronto: origin and meaning of the medical cult of divine twins / Jaclyn Duffin1993 Announcements of seminars

Centre for International and Strategic Studies

(457)Annual reports1986-1989 Reports

Centre for Race and Ethnic Relations

(458)Public education programme1989 Announcements

York University Centre for Refugee Studies

(459)Africa in the 1990s: development with democracy; summer course on refugee issues1993 Announcements
(460)Christopher Taylor1994 Announcements of lectures
(461)CRS newsletter1992-1993 Newsletter
(462)Report by Professor Howard Adelman, director of center1992-1993 Report

Centre for Research in Experimental Space Science

(463)Announcement of symposia1974 Announcement
(464)CRESS annual reports1970-1971 Report
(465)CRESS newsletters/bulletin1978-1982 Newsletter
(466)CRESS news1972 Newsletter

Call Number: 1996-008/021
(467)CRESS news1973-1975 Newsletters
(468)Atmospheric observatory report[197-] Report
(469)Graduate studies and post-doctoral opportunities1969-1974 Report

Centre for Research on Environmental Quality

(470)Announcements of seminars;some aspects of energy problems in Ontario;threat of stratospheric ozone1975 Announcements
(471)Prospects for man1975 Announcements of symposia
(472)Prospects for man symposium1978 Announcements of symposia
(473)Prospects for man, quality of life1979 Announcements of symposia
(474)Prospects for man, biotechnology1981 Announcements of symposia
(475)Prospects for man, science, technology, and the economy1983 Announcements of symposia
(476)Prospects for mankind1987 Announcements of symposia
(477)Prospects for man, communication and society report1976 Report
(478)Prospects for man, communication and technology report[197-] Report
(479)Prospects for man, communications, Dr. John C. Tilly1976 Report
(480)Prospects of man, communication, limit of the human mind1976 Report
(481)Prospects of man, communication, the possible existence of languages alternative to the human ones, a proposal by Dr. John C. Lilly1976 Report
(482)Prospects of man, science symposium opening remarks1976 Speech

York University Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean

(483)Announcements of lectures1983-1990 Announcements
(484)Latin America and Carribean studies1986 Announcements of events
(485)York University centre for research on Latin America and the Caribbean handbooks1981 and 1987 Handbooks
(486)Centre for research on Latin America and the Caribbean news1985-1996 Newsletters

Centre for the Support of Teaching

(487)Teaching development fund guidelines1990-1993 Announcements
(488)Announcements of events1991-1992 Announcements
(489)Announcements of lectures1991 Announcements
(490)Announcements of seminars1990 Announcements

Chalmers Archive

(491)Report on the Chalmers archives, dance in Canada association1987 Report


(492)Autograph of first chancellor[196-] Autograph
(493)Chancellor's dinner speech1965 Speech
(494)Various Chancellor speeches1968 Speeches

Coalition for Equity

(495)CFE views1992 Newsletters

College Conferennce Steering Committee

(496)"Is there a future for economic growth" by H. Ian Macdonald1981 Press of York

Communications department

(497)York University listings[198-] Announcements
(498)Announcements of lecture series1988 Announcements
(499)1960-1985 retrospective1985 Handbook

Call Number: 1996-008/022

Communications Department

(500)International standard book numbers assigned to publications at York1985 Directory
(501)Research York[199-] Report
(502)Year in review1985 Report

Community Chamber Orchestra at York University

(503)Franz Schubert, mass in a flat1979-1981 Announcements

Department of Computer Services

(504)Announcements by the department of computer services1974-1989 Announcements
(505)Third Ontario universities computing conference1972 Announcements of conferences
(506)Micros and mainframes1988 Announcement of programmes

Department of Computer Services, Academic Computing

(507)Microcomputing seminars1985 Announcements of seminars
(508)Academic computing guide1984-1985 Manuals
(509)ALGOL-W guides1976 Manuals
(510)APL guides1973-1976 Manuals
(511)APL guides[197-] Manuals
(512)ATS guides1971-1977 Manuals
(513)Basic guides, basic users guide1975 Guides
(514)Crosstabs/guides1975 Guides
(515)DEC system-10 guides1977-1980 Guides
(516)HSJS/instructor's guide1975-1976 Guides
(517)HSJS/User's guide1975 Guides
(518)HSJS/User's guide1977-1978 Guides

Call Number: 1996-008/023

Department of Computer Services

(519)HSJS User's Guide1979-1980 Guides
(520)Information1973-1974 Guides
(521)JCL and utilities primer1975 Guides
(522)General mini-manuals1970-1973 Manuals
(523)MVS batch, user's guide1979-1980 Guides
(524)MVS batch, user's guide1981-1982 Guides
(525)OS batch1975-1976 Guides
(526)OS odds and ends, user's reference manual[197-] Guides
(527)Plotter1975-1977 Guides
(528)SPASM, user's guide1976 Guide
(529)SPITBOL, user's guide1976 Guide
(530)User's reference manual, student terminal1972-1973 Guides
(531)Guide to user services1978-1981 Guide
(532)VAX primer guides1980 Guides
(533)WATBOL, user's guide1976 Guide
(534)WATFIV, user's guide1976 Guides

Call Number: 1996-008/024

Department for Computer Services

(535)York users' manuals1967-1970 Manuals
(536)Users reference manual1972-1975 Guides
(537)Intro to the York 360 computer1966 Guides
(538)Computing news/bulletins1991-1994 Newsletters
(539)DCS operations notice1977 Newsletters
(540)DCS operations notice1978 Newsletters
(541)DCS operations notice1979 Newsletters
(542)DCS operations notice1980 Newsletters
(543)DCS operations notice1981 Newsletters
(544)DCS operations notice1982 Newsletters
(545)DCS operations notice1983 Newsletters
(546)DCS operations notice1984 Newsletters
(547)Technote1976 Newsletters
(548)Technote1979 Newsletters
(549)Technote1980 Newsletters
(550)Technote1981 Newsletters
(551)Technote1982 Newsletters
(552)Technote1983 Newsletters
(553)APL conferenceJanuary 1972 Proceedings of conferences

Call Number: 1996-008/025

Department of Computer Systems Development

(554)Annual reports1976-1977 Reports

York Computer Training

(555)Internet world tour1995 Seminar

Computing Help Services

(556)Computing help services[199-] Announcements

Conference Centre

(557)Forthcoming events1980 Announcement of events
(558)The ideal environment for your conference in the 1970's[197-] Handbooks

Convocation Office

(559)Announcements from the convocation office1971-1984 Announcements
(560)The convocation handbook1976 Handbook
(561)The convocation handbook1977 Handbook
(562)Honorary degrees1966-1976 Announcements

The Council of College Masters (Colleges of York University)

(563)Various reports by the council of college masters1974-1976 Reports

Council of the York Student Federation

(564)Announcements regarding the council of the York Student Federation1965-1996 Announcements
(565)Canadian association for repeal of the abortion law (York University chapter)February 1976 Announcement
(566)Guide to academic petitions and appeals1985-1985 Guide
(567)Student handbook1963-1964? Handbook
(568)Aardvark1962-1966 Handbooks
(569)Club handbook1985-1986 Handbook
(570)Counter-calendar1972 Handbook
(571)MANUS student handbooks1968-1974 Handbook

Call Number: 1996-008/026

Council of the York Student Federation

(572)MANUS student handbooks1974-1978 Handbook
(573)MANUS student handbooks1978-1983 Handbook
(574)MANUS student handbooks1983-1988 Handbook
(575)CYSF news1986 Newsletters, issue one, number one
(576)CYSF newsletter and the new CYSF newsletter1987 Newsletter
(577)The NYU times, Volume 1, issue 21988 Newsletter, volume 1, issue 2
(578)Summer news brief1978 Newsletter
(579)Vanier newsletter[197-] Newsletter
(580)Winter carnival programmes1969 and 1972 Announcement of programmes
(581)Course evaluations1985-1987 Report
(582)Towards democracy in the university1970 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/027

Counselling and Development Center

(583)Announcements from the counselling and development center1987-1989 Announcements
(584)IF Conference information and feedback for evaluation1972-1975 Announcements of conferences
(585)Announcements of programmes for the counselling and development center1977-1980 Announcements of programmes
(586)The counselling and development handbooks1974-1976 Handbooks
(587)IF Conference information and feedback for evaluation1975 Report
(588)Services and facilities for physical handicapped students at York University / Judy Snow1975 Reports
(589)Development of teaching skills programme1974-1979 Announcements of programmes
(590)Development of teaching skills programme1976 Announcements of seminars
(591)Teaching skills programme1974-1977 Annual reports
(592)Teaching skills programme1977-1979 Annual reports
(593)Teaching skills programme, OUIPD grant1976-1977 Reports
(594)Teaching skills programme, OUIPD grant1977-1978 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/028

York University

(595)Harry Crowe memorial series1982-1991 Announcements of lecture series

Angela David Defence Committee

(596)Angela David Defence Committee funds form1971 Announcements

De Pencier, Marni

(597)Murray Ross's idea of the university1974 Report

Destiny Canada Destinee Conference

(598)Destiny Canada program1977 Posters
(599)Destiny Canada destinee conference programmes[197-] Programes
(600)A forum on Canada for Canadians1977 Report
(601)Expansion of library memo1986 Announcements

Department of Development

(602)Casino York announcementsOctober 1983 Posters
(603)York University: your university1980 Handbooks
(604)York University fund "in pursuit of tomorrow", newsletter for staff and faculty1982-1984 Newsletter
(605)York University fund "in pursuit of tomorrow", York campaign update newsletter1985-1986 Newsletter
(606)Investment of promotional publication excellence1974 Announcements
(607)Drop in days1980 Announcements of events

Economic Research and Systems Planning Group Workshops

(608)Inter-university technical workshop1978 Programms of workshops
(609)The theory of games and hierarchical system economics / N.N. MoiseevJanuary 1973 Report
(610)Research memorandum, "Transational energy infrastructures and the neutralization of counter-productive innovation; inducing monetary mechanisms, elements of a simulation model"November 1973 Report
(611)"The unity of natural scienceific knowledge" / N.N. Moisev1977 Report

Education, Faculty of.

(612)Announcements of programmes1970-1984 Announcements
(613)Advisor's handbook1973 Handbook
(614)Handbook of student and faculty photographs1974 Handbook

Call Number: 1996-008/029

Education Development Office

(615)Resources for teaching assistants1983-1984 Handbook

Education, Faculty of. Dean's Office

(616)Resource book for teacher, a video1974 Handbooks
(617)Preservice handbook1986-1987 Handbook
(618)Annual reports1985-1986 Reports
(619)Five year planJune 1980 Report
(620)Five year plans, general comments1980 Report
(621)Five year plans1986 Reports

Education, Faculty of. Education of Exceptional Students

(622)Announcement of programmes1976-1980 Announcements

Education, Faculty of. Education Resource Centre

(623)Memoranda regarding the education centre1974-1975 Announcements
(624)Handbook for users of the resource centre1973-1978 Handbooks

Education, Faculty of. Faculty Council

(625)Minutes1992 Minutes
(626)Minutes1993 Minutes

Education, Faculty of.

(627)Glendon programme1976 Newsletters
(628)Jewish life and education, Judiac studies option1979-1986 Announcements of conferences/ lectures
(629)Professional development for teachers1980-1985 Programmes

Education, Faculty of. Students' Association

(630)Constitution of the faculty of education students' association1974 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/030

Education, Faculty of, Students' Association

(631)Edcetera newsletter1987-1989 Newsletters, vol. 1 #1-vol. 2 #4
(632)Edcetera newsletter1994 Newsletter
(633)Education one news1973-1974 Newsletter
(634)FESA newsletters1974-1975 Newsletter
(635)FESA newsletters1976-1977 Newsletter
(636)FESA newsletters1977-1978 Newsletter
(637)FESA newsletters1978-1979 Newsletter
(638)The report card1981-1982 Newsletters
(639)The report card1982-1983 Newsletters
(640)The report card1984-1985 Newsletters
(641)The report card1985-1986 Newsletters
(642)The report card1986-1987 Newsletters
(643)Education weekNovember 2, 1960 Press release

Educational Development Office

(644)Announcements from the educational development office1980-1984 Announcements
(645)Conference on microcomputers in the humanities and social science1985 Announcements of conferences
(646)Resource for teaching assistants1985-1986 Handbooks

Edwards, George

(647)Memorial service1974 Announcement

Elia, Murray A., Chair in Italian-Canadian Studies

(648)The Italian contribution to North American culture1987 Announcements of lecture series

Employment Equity Office

(649)Equality counts1990 Announcements
(650)Equality counts1990-1991 Newsletter
(651)Employment equality update1993 Newsletter

Employment Equity Office (cont'd)

(652)Predictors of academic success, prediction of academic achievement at the university level by Norman S. Endler and Danny Steinberg1962 Report #1
(653)Predictors of academic success, an examination of some intellectual and non-intellectual factors in the prediction of academic achievement at the university level, by Norman Endler and Larry Synder1963 Report #2
(654)Predictions of academic success, predicting achievement for college sophmores1963 Report #3

English Language Institute

(655)Announcement of programmes1985-1992 Announcements
(656)York University English language institute programs1993-1996 Programmes

Environmental Studies, Faculty of.

(657)Debate series, opening of the new Leonard G. Lumbers Building, tropical forests: conversations and management on the Yucatan Peninsula1977, 1985, 1990 Announcements
(658)Politics and ecology in Canada1976 Announcements
(659)Announcements of programmes1970-1991 Posters; announcements programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/031

Environmental Studies, Faculty of.

(660)Graduate programme in environmental studies[198-] Poster
(661)"Livable place and urban space design: a critique of the plan for reubranizing York University suburban campus" by Jon Mann1991 Report
(662)The city1969-1970 Report, Vol.1 #1-3
(663)FES newsletter1976-1977 Newsletter
(664)FES newsletter1977-1978 Newsletter
(665)FES newsletter1985 Newsletter
(666)FES newsletter1986-1987 Newsletter
(667)FES newsletter1988-1989 Newsletter
(668)Alumni newsletter1985-1987 Newsletter

Environmental Studies, Faculty of. Dean's Office

(669)Biennial review1985 Report
(670)Five year planJune 1980 Report

Environmental Studies, Faculty of. External Relations and Professional liason office

(671)Faculty of environmental studies newsletter1976 Newsletter

Call Number: 1996-008/032

Environmental Studies, Faculty of.

(672)Micro electronics research group (MERG)1983 Announcements
(673)Native/Canadian relations theme area1988 Announcements
(674)Native/Canadian relations resource centre1984; 1987; 1989 Announcements of symposia
(675)Native/Canadian relations resource centre, Native/Canadian relations newsletter1986-1993 Newsletters

Environmental Studies, Student Association

(676)The screw newsletter1972 Newsletters
(677)Son of screw newsletter1973 Newsletters
(678)The screw newsletter1973-1974 Newsletters
(679)The screw newsletter1974-1975 Newsletters
(680)The screw newsletter1975-1976 Newsletter
(681)The screw newsletter1977-1978 Newsletters
(682)The screw newsletter1980-1981 Newsletters
(683)The screw newsletter1981-1982 Newsletters
(684)The screw newsletter1982-1983 Newsletters
(685)The squirrel newsletter1983 Newsletters

Excalibur Publications

(686)Announcements regarding Excalibur publications1973-1980 Announcements
(687)Excalibur house organ1969-1970 Newsletters

Facilities Planning and Management

(688)Director addresses1984 Adresses

Faculty Club

(689)Faculty Club announcements1985-1992 Announcements

Faculty Council

(690)Campaign strategy committee report1993 Report

Financial Division

(691)Financial accounting system, chart of accounts1983 Charts

Call Number: 1996-008/033

Financial Aid

(692)Office of guides1984-1990 Guides
(693)Office of reports1982-1986 Workstudy

Fine Art, Faculty of.

(694)Announcements regarding the faculty of fine arts1974 Announcements
(695)Samuel Sarick purchase awards1989 Announcements
(696)For information on fine arts events, call 3330[198-] Announcements of events
(697)Announcements of events within the fine arts department1975-1980 Announcements of events
(698)Japan week1974 Announcements of events
(699)Visual arts MFA first graduating exhibitions1976 Announcements of exhibitions
(700)India week[197-] Announcements of exhibitions
(701)Announcements of festivals regarding the fine arts department1979-1988 Announcements of festivals
(702)The ties that bind1980 Announcements of performnances
(703)Balasaraswati in a dance perforamnce of Bharata Natyam1978 Announcements of performances
(704)Canadian playwright series[197-] Announcements of performances
(705)General announcements of programmes1975-1995 Announcement
(706)Announcements of summer programmes1987-1989 Announcements
(707)ArtStart programmes1991-1995 Announcements of programmes
(708)Summer studies in Italy1983-1986 Announcements of programmes
(709)Opening, Fine Arts Centre phase two1987-1989 Inivitations,documents in this file destroyed, Jan. 1998
(710)Faculty of Fine Arts newsletterSpring 1974 Newsletter
(711)Faculty of Fine Arts newsletters1983-1984 Newsletter, issues #2-7
(712)The muse newsletters1973 Newsletters
(713)Portfolio newsletters1992 Newsletters
(714)Announcements of fine arts programmes1970-1985 Announcements
(715)Summer programmes1972-1985 Announcements

Call Number: 1996-008/034

Fine Arts, Faculty of,

(716)Audits and evaluations1979 Programmes and schedules
(717)Testimonial dinner1984 Programme
(718)National conference on the performing arts on campus1977 Programmes of conferences
(719)Wendy Michener Symposium1986-1993 Programmes of symposia
(720)Arts portfolio for York University1989 Report
(721)Alumni forum1986 Newsletters
(722)Creative writing programme1978 Announcements

Fine Arts, Faculty of, Dance Department

(723)An evening of Renaissance music and dance1974 Announcements
(724)Announcements of conferences1977 Announcements
(725)Announcements of performances1970-1983 Announcements
(726)Special events1973-1977 Announcements of performances
(727)Announcements of programmes1973 Announcements
(728)Announcements of programmessummer 1971-1982 Announcements
(729)Children's dance class1976-1981 Announcements of programmes
(730)Choreographic seminar1978 Announcements of seminars
(731)Dance symposium1990 Announcements of symposia
(732)Student course evaluation handbook1978-1979 Handbook
(733)Dance for students1975-1977 Handbook
(734)Dance at York University1974 Handbook
(735)Dance Canada Danse1973-1974 Newsletters

Fine Arts, Faculty of, Dean's Office

(736)Announcements from the dean's office1971; 1989; 1978 Announcements
(737)Annual reports1982-1983, 1987-1988 Report
(738)Preview newsletter1976-1978 Newsletter

Call Number: 1996-008/035

Fine Arts, Faculty of. Dean's Office

(739)A feasibility study for the phase three fine arts complex, Brian Arnott Associates1978 Reports
(740)Three to five year planApril 1980 Report
(741)Five year planFebruary 1988 Report, revision and update
(742)Faculty plan1989-1990 Report, update
(743)Five year plan, 1991-1996September 1991 Report

Fine Arts, Faculty of. Film Department

(744)Announcements regarding the film department[197-] Announcements
(745)Course descriptions[197-] Course descriptions
(746)York films '821982 Programme
(747)IDA gallery1975 Announcements of exhibitions
(748)McLaughlin Hall gallery1977 Announcements of exhibitions

Fine Arts, Faculty of. Music Department

(749)Announcements regarding the programmes of the music department1973-1984 Announcements of programmes
(750)Announcements regarding the music department1983-1987 Announcements
(751)York University music department handbook1974-1977 Handbooks
(752)Musical notes newsletters1975-1976 Newsletters
(753)Organ newsletters1979-1980 Newsletters
(754)Festival programmes1975 Programmes

Fine Arts, Faculty of. Performing Arts

(755)Performing arts series1969-1977 Performances

Fine Arts, Faculty of. Theatre Department

(756)A season of three comedies[197-] Announcements
(757)Canadian theatre review publications1974-1982 Announcements
(758)Sunday evening, fine arts series1966-1969 Announcements
(759)Announcements of performances[197-] Announcements
(760)Announcements of programmes[197-] Announcements

Call Number: 1996-008/036

Fine Arts, Faculty of. Theatre Programmes

(761)Opening of theatre programmes1965 programmes

Fine Arts, Faculty of. Visual Arts Department

(762)Paintings, serigraphs, lithographs1974 Announcements
(763)Aid to the arts of Nicaragua Committee1982 Announcements
(764)Student council announcements[197-] Announcements
(765)Canadian conference of medieval art historiansNovember 1981 Announcement of conferences
(766)The axis of eros1974 Announcement of conferences
(767)Food services1976-1992 Announcements

Foreign Student Advising

(768)Information for foreign students[197-] Announcements
(769)Tramontana newsletters1982-1989 Newsletters

Founders College

(770)Announcements regarding Founders College1969-1988 Announcements
(771)Student publications1976 Announcements
(772)A festival of Chinese films1995 Announcement of festival
(773)Announcements of lectures1967;1980-1989 Announcements
(774)The French association of Canadian studies and Founders College present 'ideology and political life'1977 Announcements and agenda
(775)Haitian writers in exhile1994 Announcement of conference
(776)Residence brochure handbook1971-1975 Handbook
(777)'Calendar of events' newsletter1977-1978 Newsletters
(778)Crow newsletters1975 Newsletter
(779)Convocation programmes1965 and 1970 Programmes
(780)Bacchus York report1993 Report

Founders College, Art Gallery

(781)Sense of place; an exhibition of photographs by Andrew Tomcik1988 Announcements
(782)The open eye1991-1993 Announcements
(783)A group show of founders visual arts majors1975 Announcements of exhibitions

Founders College, Student Council

(784)Elect Jayson Scwarz President[197-] Announcements
(785)Student court constitution1967-1968 Report
(786)Founders College student council constitution1971 Report
(787)Student council newsletter1965-1966 Newsletter/ bulletin

Call Number: 1996-008/037

Gardiner, George R.

(788)Acceptance speech for honorary degreeNovember 1982 Speech

Gerstein Lecture Series

(789)Energy sources for the future; mass communication and Canadian nationhood1981 Announcements of conferences
(790)Gerstein lecture series announcements1967-1977 Announcements
(791)Two speeches:The learning environment; Martin W. Goodman, Editor-in-Chief, the Toronto Star1977 Addresses

Gillies Alumni Lecture Series

(792)"Text of remarks" by James Gillies and "the education of our future managers for business and for government"1976-1977 Addresses

Glendon College

(793)Announcements regarding Glendon College1988-1992 Announcements
(794)Convocations1985 Announcements
(795)Placement tests1972-1974 Announcements
(796)Announcements of colloquia1992 Announcements of colloquia
(797)The conference for the study of political thought1974 Announcements of conferences
(798)Announcement of festival migoshawin1992 Announcement
(799)Announcement of lectures; the last lecture of my life!1973 Announcement
(800)Part time day studies1977-1981 Announcements of programmes
(801)Teacher training1973-1974 Announcements of programmes
(802)Bus service1992 Announcement of schedules
(803)Principal's research seminar1992 Certificate
(804)Glendon College handbooks1966-1981 Handbooks
(805)Glendon College handbook1990-1991 Handbooks
(806)Glendon College handbook[198-] Handbook
(807)The next step handbook1983-1990 Handbook
(808)Glendon College opening1966 Handbook
(809)Glendon College orientation schedules1966 Handbook
(810)Glendon programmes1985 Handbook
(811)Glendon College newsletter1989 Newsletter
(812)The raven's nest newsletters1971-1972 Newsletters
(813)Events at Glendon College1973-1974 Posters, mostly French
(814)"Baudelaire and the revolution of modernity"1989 Press release
(815)Convocations1981 Programmes
(816)Programmes of events1979 Programmes
(817)A dinner in honour of Clara Thomas1984 Programme of events
(818)Glendon College forum, Quebec: year eight / David P. Cole1967-1968 Programmes of forums
(819)Glendon College forum, Quebec: year 8 / David P. Cole1968 Programmes of forums/ report

Call Number: 1996-008/038

Glendon College

(820)Glendon forum, the Canadians[197-] Programmes of forums
(821)Day courses scheduled on one day/week only1979-1980 Programmes of schedules
(822)Commentary on the plans of Glendon College and the faculty of graduate studies1980 Report
(823)"The conscience of the writer" by Roberston DaviesFebruary 1968 Address
(824)The future of bilingualism at Glendon College1981 Report
(825)Planning priorities for Glendon College1985 Report
(826)Report on the attendance of selected grade 13 students at Glendon College1968-1969 Report
(827)Report to the presidential committee on Glendon College1969 Report
(828)A manifesto1977 Manifesto
(829)Advisory bilingualism cost study committee1973 Reports
(830)Applied linguistics research working group1985-1991 Announcements
(831)Applied linguistics research working groupAugust 1982 Programmes of workshops
(832)Athlete association banquests1965-1966 Programmes
(833)Canadian studies programme1966 Announcements of Programmes

Glendon College, Counselling and Career Centre

(834)Announcements regarding the counselling and career centre1988 Announcements

Glendon College, Dean's office

(835)Annual report1986-1987 Report
(836)Annual report1987-1989 Report
(837)Rapport annuel1990-1993 Report
(838)Etudes plur, disciplinaries1991-1992 Announcents, see: group de reserche en etudes Francophones

Glendon College, Frost Library

(839)Yorkline newsletter1987 Newsletter
(840)Pardon? newsletter1995 Newsletter

Glendon Gallery, Glendon gallery

(841)Annual general meeting1992 Announcements
(842)Announcements of exhibitions1980-1989 Announcements
(843)Announcements of exhibitions1990-1995 Announcements
(844)Announcement of meeting1993 Announcement

Call Number: 1996-008/039

Glendon College

(845)Groupe de recherche en etudes Francophones1990 Announcements
(846)International studies programme, John W. Holmes memorial lecture, "the future of east/west relations" / Geoffrey Pearson1990-1991 Report

Glendon College, Liason office

(847)Announcements of eventsOctober/ November 1989 Announcements
(848)Communique de fresse* Newsletter
(849)Press releases1980-1985 Press releases

Glendon College, Department of Multidisciplinary Studies

(850)Women's health issues for the 1980's1980-1983 Announcements

Glendon College

(851)Piperoom newsletter1973-1975 Announcement of programmes
(852)The idea of Glendon College / Escott Reid,1966-1968 Address
(853)Psychological services, annual reports1966-1967 Reports
(854)Radio Glendon1977-1978 Handbooks
(855)Recreation Glendon1984-1985 Handbooks
(856)Glendon College residence councilFebruary 1970 Report

Glendon College, Student Council

(857)Aardvark handbook1967-1968 Handbook
(858)Liber-action handbook1968 Handbook
(859)A university is for people report[196-] Report

Glendon College, Student Programmes Office

(860)Careers day1980 Announcement

Glendon College, Student Union

(861)The whole Mandarin1969 Handbook
(862)Glendon College student union handbook1973-1974 Handbook
(863)Glendon College student union handbook1976-1977 Handbook
(864)Glendon College student union handbook1978-1979 Handbook

Glendon College, Theatre Glendon

(865)Announcements regarding theatre Glendon1988 Announcements
(866)Announcements of performance, the three sisters[198-] Announcements
(867)Renga, an international collaboration between poets, dancers and other artists from Japan, Korea, and Canada[199-] Press release

Glendon College, Third age learning associates

(868)Third age learning associates memo[199-] Announcements
(869)Third age learning associates news1981-1985 Newsletters
(870)Third age learning associates news1986-1991 Newsletters

Glendon College, Women's Studies Programmes

(871)York University Course Brochure1979-1980 Announcements

Glendon College

(872)Work and study programmes1993 Programme

Call Number: 1996-008/040

Gordon Lecture Series

(873)How to enjoy regional diversities1987 Addresses

Graduate Assistants' Association

(874)Announcements regarding the Graduate Assitants' Association1977-1980 Announcements
(875)York University graduate students' association constitution1968-1969 Constitution
(876)Infomation booklet1979-1988 Guides

Graduate Studies, Faculty of.

(877)Announcements regarding the Graduate Studies1984-1983 Announcements
(878)Conference on the thought of John Locke1966 Announcements of conferences
(879)Commonwealth literature conference1974 Announcement of conferences
(880)Dickens festival1970 Announcement of festivals
(881)Guidelines for the preparation of thesis and dissertations1974-1978 Specifications
(882)Handbooks for new graduate students from outside Ontario1970-1977 Handbooks
(883)Faculty of Graduate Studies bulletin1991-1994 Newsletters
(884)Faculty of Graduate Studies bulletin1975-1988 Newsletters
(885)Recetption to honour outstanding graduate students[198-] Programme
(886)Report to the appraisal committee of OCGS1990-1991 Report

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Administrative Studies

(887)Report to the appraisals committee of OCGS1990-1991 Reports

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Art History

(888)Master of arts, York University1982-1983 Announcements of programmes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Biology

(889)Doctoral and master's degree programmes in biology1970-1974 Announcements of programmes

Graduate Studies in Chemistry

(890)Graduate research in chemistry1969-1974 Announcements of programmes
(891)Graduate programs and research in chemistry[199-] Programmes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Dance Department

(892)York University graduate programme in dance1977-1978 Announcement of programmes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Dean's Office

(893)Annual report1983-1986 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/041

Graduate Studies, Faculty of, Dean's Office

(894)Annual reports1985-1987 Reports
(895)Annual reports1987-1990 Reports
(896)Annual reports1991-1994 Reports
(897)Three to five year planJune 1980 Report
(898)Three to five year planOctober 1986 Report
(899)Five year planOctober 1987 Report
(900)Five year planNovember 1988 Report
(901)Five year plan1989-1990, 1994-1995 Report
(902)Five year plan1991-1992, 1996-1997 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/042

Graduate Studies, Faculty of, Economonics

(903)Announcements of programmes1972-1976 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Englsih Department

(904)Announcements of programmes1967-1977 Announcements
(905)Course descriptions for graduate English programmes1972 Announcements of programmes
(906)Minutes of the third General meeting of the graduate programme in English1979 Minutes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Experimental Space Science

(907)Announcement of programmes1967-1970 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Exercise and Sports Science

(908)Report to the appraisals committee of OCGS1990 Reports

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Faculty Council

(909)Rules and procedures of the council of the faculty of graduate studies1970 Rules and procedures

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Fine Arts

(910)Announcements of programmes1975-1978 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Geography of Department

(911)Announcements of programmes1967-1977 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. History Department

(912)Association of graduate history students1982 Announcements
(913)The political economy of english population history1986 Announcement of lecture
(914)Graduate studies in history at York University1973-1980 Announcements of programmes
(915)Part time M.A. option for teachers1976-1980 Announcements of programmes
(916)Student directory1990-1991 Directory
(917)Proposed graduate programme in history1968 Proposal
(918)Part time option for teachers1975-1976 Programmes
(919)25th anniversary reunion1993 Programme

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Interdisciplinary Studies

(920)Announcements of programmes1992 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Judiac Studies Option

(921)Judiac Studies at York University[197-] Announcements of programmes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Department of Mathematics

(922)Announcements of programmes1968-1974 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Department of Music

(923)Program in the musicology of contemporary cultures1978 Announcement of programme

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Department of Philosophy

(924)Graduate program in philosophy1967-1977 Announcement of programmes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Physical Education

(925)Graduate programme in physical education1976-1980 Announcements of programmes

Graduate Studies, faculty of. Department of Physics

(926)Announcements of programme1972-1980 Announcements
(927)Graduate study in physics1975 Handbook

Graduate Studies, faculty of. Political Science Departmnet

(928)Strategic studies research programme, annual reports1981-1986 Reports
(929)Pierre Fournier, author of the 'Quebec establishment' and editor of 'le capitalism au Quebec'1982 Announcements of colloquia
(930)Announcements of programmes1969-1980 Announcements
(931)Strategic studies research programme1981-1982 Announcements of programmes
(932)Research activities and interests1972-1975 Handbooks
(933)Strategic studies research programme newsletter update1981 newsletter update

Call Number: 1996-008/043

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Psychology

(934)Announcements of programmes1965-1966 Announcements
(935)Faculty research area listings1977 Handbook
(936)Graduate programme in psychology1967-1983 Programmes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of.

(937)"Politics, culture, and working class protest in early nineteenth century England" / Thomas LaqueurOctober 1979 Announcements of colloquim
(938)Announcements of programmes1973-1991 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Social Anthopology

(939)Graduate programme in social anthropology1976-1977 Announcements of programmes

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Master of Social Work

(940)Announcement of programme1984 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Department of Sociology

(941)Announcements of programmes1967-1970 Announcements
(942)Manual of information1985-1986 Manual

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Theatre Department

(943)York Theatre Company[198-] Announcements of performances
(944)MFA, theatre program at York University1984 Announcements of programmes

Graduate Studies

(945)Victorian studies option1979-1980 Announcements

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Visual Arts Department

(946)Announcements of programmes1978-1979 Announcements
(947)Portfolios of student's work1977-1979 Portfolios

Graduate Studies, Faculty of. Women's Studies

(948)Celebrating Mary Wollstonecraft in Women's Studies1992 Announcements

Grayson, J. Paul and Dennis William Magill

(949)One step forward, two steps sideways: sociology and anthropology in CanadaMay 1981 Report

Green Bush Inn Incorporated

(950)Flyer for the green bush inn[199-] Announcements

Harbinger Community Services

(951)Harbinger community services announcements1974 Announcements
(952)VD handbook and birth control handbook1972-1974 Handbooks
(953)Harbinger community services report1974 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/044

Harris Partners Lecture Series

(954)Regional disparities and national welfare / Benjamin Higgins1970 Lecture

Health and Wellness York

(955)Healthy walking program1993 Announcements

Health Services

(956)Health services announcement, blood donation memo1974 Announcements

Hellenic Students Association

(957)Hellenic students association newsletterJanuary-February 1991 Newsletter

Hill, Ruth Frances

(958)Hill, Ruth Frances obituary1973 Obituary

Housing Services

(959)York University housing and campus services announcements1978-1981 Announcements

Human Resources, Department of.

(960)Provincial government tax increases1989-1995 Announcements
(961)Benefits section1993 Announcements
(962)Finance and human resources system (FHRS)1994-1996 Newsletters
(963)Human resources news1989-1991 Newsletters

Independent Faculty Members of York University

(964)Independent faculty members of York University newsletters1970 Newsletters

Information and Development, Department of.

(965)Gazette - staff positions1994-1996 Newsletter
(966)President's reports1966-1967 Report

Information and Publications, Department of.

(967)Announcements regarding the department of information and publications1971-1981 Announcements
(968)Speaker's bureau[197-] Announcements
(969)York university tours1967 Announcements
(970)Staff news1975-1977 Newsletters
(971)York reports1977-1979 Newsletters
(972)Publications and printing order forms1975 Reports

Innovation York

(973)Announcements of programmes[198-] Announcements/programmes

Innovation York, The Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science

(974)Business plan for submission to the premier's council1988 Report

Insight 1980

(975)Announcements of programmes1980 Announcements

Institute for Behavorial Research

(976)Annual reports1971-1974 Reports
(977)Annual reports1979-1981 Reports
(978)Error messages common with IBR and BMD programs1970 Announcements
(979)Conference on social science data and information resources1973 Announcement of conference
(980)Summer courses in behavorial research1970-1974 Announcements of programmes
(981)Researcher's handbook1969 Handbook

Call Number: 1996-008/045

Institute for Behavioural Research

(982)Newsletters1967-1968 Newsletters; bulletins
(983)Newsletters1969-1970 Newsletters; bulletins
(984)Newsletters1971-1972 Newsletters; bulletins
(985)Newsletters1981-1985 Newsletters; bulletins
(986)Announcements of programmes1968-1986 Announcements

Institute for Behavioural Research, Databank

(987)Databank announcements1971-1982 Announcements
(988)Social science information systems1972 Announcements
(989)Databank newsletterMarch 1972 Newsletters
(990)Status reports1973 Reports

Institute for Behavioural Research, Ethnic Research Programme

(991)Report of activities1966-1978 Reports

Institute for Behavioural Research, Methods and Analysis Section

(992)Annual report1972-1973 Report
(993)Methods and analysis newsletters1971-1973 Newsletters
(994)Research programmes1971 Announcements of programmes

Institute for Behavioural Research, Quality of Life Projects

(995)Overview and bibliography1980 Announcements
(996)Report to respondents survey of Canadian decision makersMay 1979 Reports

Institute for Behavioural Research

(997)Statistical consulting service1984-1991 Announcements of programmes

Institute for Behavioural Research, Survey Research Centre

(998)Survey research centre announcements1981 Announcements
(999)Survey research centre newsletters1971 Newsletters
(1000)Application to the donor foundation on behalf of the survey research centre[196-] Reports

Institute for Social Research

(1001)Women's studies research group1988-1991 Announcements
(1002)The third annual Goldfarb lecutre, "Polls, pals, and political parties" / Senator Keith Davey1992 Announcements of lectures

Institute for Social Research, Statistical Consulting Service

(1003)Statistical consulting service1993-1994 Announcements of programmes, 1 of 2
(1004)Statistical consulting service1994-1996 Announcements of programmes, 2 of 2
(1005)ISP bulletin1996 Newsletter
(1006)Programme evaluation1995 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/046

Instructional Aid Resources, Department of.

(1007)Annual reports1969 Reports
(1008)Announcements regarding instructional aid resources1967-1981 Announcements
(1009)Handbook of services policies and procedures1987 Handbook
(1010)Report of television and audio/visual activities1967-1968 Manual
(1011)Services and procedures1969-1970 Manuals
(1012)Audio/visual services and procedures1971-1975 Manuals
(1013)Television procedures[197-] Manuals
(1014)Television services1971-1972 Manuals
(1015)On instructional technology in continuing education1971 Programmes of workshops

Instructional Technology Centre

(1016)ITC announcements[197-] Announcements

Interim Curriculum Committee

(1017)Report of the Interim Curriculum Committee1961 Reports

Internal Audit Department

(1018)Annual report1987-1988 Report

International Services, Office of Kenya Project

(1019)Towards an integrated project evaluation function in government1974 Report

Jewish Student Federation at York University

(1020)Announcements regarding the Jewish student federation1979-1983 Announcements
(1021)Jewish life at York University1975-1981 Announcements of programmes
(1022)Handbook1975-1976 Handbook
(1023)Jewish notes1979 Newsletters

Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies

(1024)Joint centre for Asia Pacific studies handbook1987 Handbook

Joint Center on Modern East Asia

(1025)Canadian perspectives on economic relations with Japan1979 Conferences

Jolliffe Scholarship in Mass Communications

(1026)Creation of Jolliffe scholarship1987 Announcements

Kent, Roland, memorial service

(1027)Announcement of Roland Kent memorial service1978 Announcement

Call Number: 1996-008/047

Lau, Julianna, Instructional Aid Resources

(1028)"The use of reinforcement procedures in dance therapy"[197-] Report

Learned Societies

(1029)Learned societies meetingsJune 1969 Announcements

Lee, H.S.

(1030)A report on the survey research centre at York University1967 Report

Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery

(1031)Announcements of exhibitions1994-1995 Announcements

Liberal Club

(1032)Prime Minister P.E. Trudeau, Moot Court, Osgoode1979 Announcements

McInnis Lectures

(1033)Announcements of lectures1977 Announcements

McLaughlin College

(1034)President's remarks / H. Ian Macdonald1977 Address
(1035)Announcements for McLaughlin College1972-1989 Announcements
(1036)Master's honour1985 Announcement
(1037)Orientation passport1975 Announcements of events
(1038)Orientation schedules1972 Announcements of events

McLauglin College

(1039)Aquarian newsletter1970-1971 Newsletter
(1040)Mac'69, Mac'701968-1970 Newsletter
(1041)The MacLaughlin denim blues1971 Newsletter, issues #1-6
(1042)Convocation programmes1970 Programmes
(1043)Public policy programme1980;1986 Programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/048

McLaughlin College, Student Counil

(1044)Student council announcements1982 Announcements
(1045)McLaughlin College information bulletin1983 Newsletters; bulletins

McLaughlin College, Tatham Hall

(1046)Student leaders and residence dons1968-1985 Lists
(1047)Residence handbook1969-1974 Handbook
(1048)Residence organization1984 Reports
(1049)Council constitution1983-1989 Constitution
(1050)McLaughlin residence council1983-1984 Reports

National Conference on Mass Media

(1051)Media '75May 23-25, 1975 Announcements;Programmes

Metro Council Management Committee

(1052)"Help bring the subway to York"* Announcements

Micro-York University Campus Computer Store

(1053)Micro-York University campus computer store1985 Announcements

Ministry of Transportation and Communication

(1054)"Communications: public policy for the 1980s" and York University communications seminar1981 Programmes of seminars

MIT/York enterprise forum

(1055)The enterprise forum1995 Programme

Monty, Vivienne

(1056)"The librarian as faculty member"1980 Report

National Institute on Mental Retardation

(1057)Information needed on mental retardation?* Announcements

National Tennis Centre

(1058)Open house1985 Announcements

Off-campus Housing

(1059)Need a place to live?1986 Announcement


(1060)Volunteer organizationSeptember 1981 Announcements

Osgoode Hall Law School

(1061)Osgoode Hall Law school announcements1996 Announcements
(1062)Teaching fellowship1974 Announcements
(1063)A second chance: a conference for mature women students1980 Announcements of conferences
(1064)Osgoode law school announcements of lectures1971-1974 Announcements of lecture series
(1065)Graduate programme in law1969-1978 Announcements of programmes
(1066)Munchkin, student directory1986-1987 Student directory
(1067)Yellow brick road1978-1979 Directory
(1068)Guide to effective resume writing interview1983 Handbook
(1069)Munchkin, student directory1979-1982 Handbooks
(1070)Ozguide handbooks1976-1980 Handbooks
(1071)Past and present handbook[197-] Handbook
(1072)Convocation programme1927 Programme
(1073)Naming and preserving name of Osgoode1972 Report
(1074)Long range academic policy study group1974 Report
(1075)The Barbara Betcherman memorial fund1985 Lecture series

Call Number: 1996-008/049

Osgoode Hall Law School

(1076)Community and legal aid service programme1975-1976 Announcements
(1077)Student legal and manual, Community and legal aid service programme1970 Manual

Osgoode Hall Law School, Dean's Office

(1078)Annual reports1971-1976 Reports
(1079)Annual reports1982-1984 Reports
(1080)Annual reports1984-1987 Reports
(1081)Five year planMarch 1981 Report
(1082)Five year planMay 1981 Report
(1083)Five year planNovember 1986 Report
(1084)Excellence campaign1977 Report

Osgoode Hall Law School, Faculty Council

(1085)Academic rules amended1971-1972 Amendment

Osgoode Hall Law School, Law Society of Upper Canada

(1086)Report of the special committee on legal education1972 Report

Osgoode Hall Law School, Legal and Literary Society

(1087)Luncheon meeting, the initial thrust dance1969 Announcements

Osgoode Hall Law School

(1088)Literary and athletic society1925-1927 Student directory and handbook

Call Number: 1996-008/050

Osgoode Hall Law School

(1089)Master of law in business law1975 Announcements of programmes

Osgoode Hall Law School, Special Committee on the media

(1090)Response to commercials[197-] Report

Osgoode Society

(1091)Annual reports1981-1984 Reports

Personnel Services, Department of.

(1092)Announcements regarding the personnel services department1976-1981 Announcements
(1093)Group insurance plan, pension plan, long term salary continuance plan1968-1972 Handbooks
(1094)Organization and position evaluation1973 Manuals
(1095)Benefits bulletin1978-1986 Newsletters
(1096)Initiatives1985-1988 Newsletters
(1097)Initiatives1989-1991 Newsletters, see also: human resources
(1098)Loss control bulletin1981-1982 Newsletters
(1099)Pension plan information bulletin1975-1984 Newsletters
(1100)York University pension plan1991-1993 Information bulletin
(1101)York University pension planSeptember 1963 Reports

Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics Department

(1102)Announcements regarding the department of physical education, recreation and athletics1973-1989 Announcements
(1103)Fitness over forty1987 Announcements
(1104)Sports camp1981-1984 Announcements
(1105)Announcements of seminars1970-1976 Announcements
(1106)Summer sport seminars1973-1976 Announcements
(1107)Annual report1985-1986 Report
(1108)Athletics handbooks1965-1971 Handbooks

Call Number: 1996-008/051

Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics Department

(1109)Recreation at York1972-1980 Handbooks
(1110)Recreation at York1980-1985 Handbooks
(1111)Recreation at York1985-1989 Handbooks; programmes
(1112)Recreation at York1986-1987 Handbook
(1113)Yeowomen coaching staff, Women's inter-university athletics1976-1977 Handbook
(1114)Lifestyle and leisure news1991 Newsletter
(1115)Wellness in action1991 Newsletter
(1116)Physical education at York University1966-1976 Programmes
(1117)Recreation at York1986-1992 Programmes and Announcements
(1118)Aquatic sports1973-1974 Announcements
(1119)Basketball yeoman1975-1976 Schedules
(1120)Basketball classic yeowomen1983 Programmes
(1121)Football yeomen1981 and 1985 Programmes; schedules
(1122)Hockey yeomen1977-1978 Programmes; posters
(1123)Tennis centre, Canadian open1976, 1979 Programmes
(1124)York University staff and faculty championship/tournament1979-1982 Programmes
(1125)Track and field schedules, corporate challange track and field meet1983 Programmes
(1126)Volleyball schedules, CIAV volleyball championships1985 Announcements; programmes
(1127)Advanced artistic proceeding, gymnastic coaching seminars, women's programmsJuly 1973 Seminars
(1128)Basketball seminar1973 Seminar
(1129)Canada-Caribbean sports coaches exchange1965 Reports
(1130)Case for providing an athletic stadium at York1984 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/052

Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics, Deptartment of.

(1131)Involvement in the community1973-1974 Reports
(1132)Monographs1969-1970 Reports
(1133)A statement of purpose1966 Report

Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics, Department of. Sport Event Field

(1134)Football invitation opening1995 Announcement

Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics, Department of. Tait Mckenzie

(1135)Physical education recreation centre1965-1966 Report
(1136)Expansion report1984 Report

Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics, Department of. XY club

(1137)XY club announcements1979-1980 Announcement
(1138)Men's University athletics awards banquetMarch 1971 Programmes
(1139)Athletic hall of fame banquet programmes1980-1986 Programmes

Physical Plant, Department of.

(1140)Announcements for department of physical plant1982-1985 Announcements
(1141)Bus schedules1974 Programmes
(1142)Emergency services centre[197-] Announcements

Pierce, David

(1143)Study of York University's chapel and Board of Governors1975 Reports

President, Office of the.

(1144)President address1974 Address
(1145)Remarks to open forum for the York community1989 Address
(1146)Annual reports1984-1985 Reports

President, Office of the., Board of Governors

(1147)Annual reports1987-1988 Reports
(1148)Annual reports1991-1992 Reports

President, Office of the.

(1149)Conference on York University affairs1963 Proceedings
(1150)President's report on the first decade of York1970 Report
(1151)Reports to president1969-1970 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/053
(1152)Sportsplex Ontario, a proposal for location of a domed stadium at York1983 Proposal
(1153)Those five years report1960-1965 Report
(1154)Those ten years report1960-1970 Report
(1155)White paper, York's space problemSeptember 1987 Report
(1156)25th anniversary committee1985 Pocket guide

York University Office of the Advisor to the President on the Status of Women

(1157)AnnouncementsNovember 1991 Announcements
(1158)Equity for womenJuly 1985 Report

President, Office of the.

(1159)Advisory committee on HIV, infection, education subcommitteeNovember 1990 Announcement
(1160)Brief to the commission on the future development of the universities of Ontario1984 Report
(1161)Committee of review on the directorship of libraries (Lionel H. Lawrence, chairman)1982 Announcements
(1162)Committee on factors in the choice of York as a place for undergraduate study1972-1974 Reports
(1163)Committee on physical education and athletics1970 Reports
(1164)Response to the report of the commission on the future development of the universities of OntarioApril 1985 Report
(1165)Committee on student affairs, regulations for students1963-1964 Report
(1166)Committee education for mature and part-time students1987 Report
(1167)Committee to review salaries of full time faculty women1976 Reports
(1168)Hare comission on the non-faculty colleges1987-1988 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/054
(1169)Library study group1974 Report

President, Office of. Ontario Council on University Affairs

(1170)18th annual report1991-1992 Report
(1171)A brief to the Ontario council on university affairs1980 & 1983 Report
(1172)A brief to the Ontario council on university affairs, in response to council's discussion papersNovember 1994 Newsletter
(1173)A brief to the Ontario council on university affairs and draftMay 1980 Report
(1174)Submissions of York to the Ontario council on university affairs on the principles governing an operating grants formula1987-1988 Report

President, Office of the. Policy Committee

(1175)Re: 1983 submission to the Ontario council on university affairs1983 Reports
(1176)Non-academic functions review1978 Reports
(1177)Recruitment record1978 Newsletters

President, Office of the.

(1178)President's commission on goals and objectives1977 Report
(1179)Presidential committee on Glendon collegeJune 1969 Report
(1180)Presidential committee report on physical educationJune 1970 Report
(1181)Report of the presidential committee on professional librariansApril 1976 Report
(1182)Freedom and responsibility in the university, report of the presidential committee on right and responsibilities1969 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/055
(1183)Preliminary report of the presidential committee on sexual harrasement1980 Report
(1184)Presidential search committee1983-1984 Announcements
(1185)Presidential special review committee, charges of racial and sexist harassment of York University students1983 Report
(1186)Physical resources committee, report of library space committeeJanuary 1977 Report
(1187)Special committee appointed to study Atkinson CollegeSeptember 1967 Report
(1188)Task force on academic planning at YorkNovember 1985 Report
(1189)Task force on distributed computingMarch 1978 Reports
(1190)Task force on urban and regional studiesJune 1975 Reports
(1191)Women's studies1984 Reports

Professional and Managerial Group at York University

(1192)Professional and managerial news1978-1980 Newsletter
(1193)Professional and managerial news1986-1998 Newsletters
(1194)Announcements of events[198-] Announcements

Project Canada

(1195)Announcements of project canada1975 Announcements

Provost, Office of the.

(1196)Announcements regarding the office of the ProvostSeptember 1984 Announcements
(1197)Career information week1986 Guidebooks
(1198)Committee on race and ethnic relations1986 Reports
(1199)Stress survey1985 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/056

Psychological Services, Department of.

(1200)Announcements of the department of psychological services[196-] Announcements
(1201)Annual report1963-1965 Report
(1202)Internal report1970-1972 Report
(1203)Psychological department handbooks1972-1973 Handbooks
(1204)Survey of York commuter students1968 Reports

Pure and Applied Science, Faculty of.

(1205)Address at dinner in York HallJune 1964 Addresses
(1206)Announcements regarding the faculty of pure and applied sciences1976-1990 Announcements
(1207)Philosophy colloquium series1987 Announcements of colloquia
(1208)Design in nature1974 Announcements of lectures
(1209)Announcements of programmes1975-1976 Announcements
(1210)Academic plan and annual report1986-1988 Reports
(1211)Staff lists1967-1968 Directory
(1212)A community of scholars1964-1965 Handbooks
(1213)Student handbooks1986 Handbook
(1214)Student handbooks1983-1985 Handbooks
(1215)York University science newsletters1979-1985 Newsletters
(1216)York University science newsletters1984-1988 Newsletters
(1217)Pure and applied science at York1990 Poster
(1218)Announcement of programmes1969 Announcements
(1219)York University faculty of science timetables1978-1987 Programmes of lectures
(1220)Symposium on laboratory measurements of aeronomic interest1969 Programmes of symposium
(1221)Astronomical observatory announcements, an invitation to view the stars[196-] Announcements

Call Number: 1996-008/057

Pure and Applied Science, Faculty of. Biology Department

(1222)A retirement party for David FowleNovember 1985 Announcements
(1223)"Historical aspects of the York campus woodlots" / Way Glenn1971 Report

Pure and Applied Science, Faculty of. Chemistry Department

(1224)Chemistry department fall seminar series1973-1976 Announcements of seminars
(1225)Bill 79 and the workplace hazardous materialsApril 1988 Programmes of seminars

Pure and Applied Science, Faculty of. Earth and environmental science programme, Department of.,

(1226)Announcements of programme1973 Announcement

Pure and Applied Science, Faculty of. Faculty Council

(1227)Council membership list1995-1996 Directory
(1228)Council of the faculty of science1974-1977 Handbooks
(1229)Committees of council report1989-1990 Report
(1230)Rules and procedures1994 Report
(1231)Curriculum committee1980 Reports

Pure and Applied Science, Department of Mathematics

(1232)Mathematics of road-line design1976-1977 Announcements of colliquium
(1233)"Mathematics at York"1972-1973 Handbook
(1234)Bulletin of events1973-1976 Weekly newsletter

Pure and Applied Science, Science Olympus

(1235)Science Olympus rules1981 Handbook
(1236)Science Olympus programme1981 Programmes

Pure and Applied Science, Science Speakers Bureau

(1237)Announcements regarding the science speakers bureau1977 Announcements

Pure and Applied Science

(1238)Student Association newsletters, Black hole1976 Newsletters
(1239)York Humber science journalism program[197-] Announcement of programme

Radio York

(1240)The constitution of Radio York1972 Constitution
(1241)CKRY-FM, something completely differentMarch 1974 Poster
(1242)Effective immediately1974 Press release
(1243)Radio York programme guidesNovember-December 1971 Programme guides/ manuals

Red and White Society

(1244)Glendon college eighth annual formalFebruary 28, 1969 Announcements

Refugee Documentation Centre

(1245)Refugee weekNovember 1985 Announcements

Registrar, Office of the.

(1246)Announcements regarding the office of the registrar1960-1991 Announcements
(1247)Scholarship winners1970 Announcements
(1248)York registration, handbook for a daytime undergrad1976-1981 Handbooks
(1249)Fees and registration1986-1989 Handbooks

Call Number: 1996-008/058

Registrar, Office of the.

(1250)Voice enrollment lecture schedules1989-1991 Programmes of lectures
(1251)Degrees conferred by York UniversityJuly 18, 1969 Report

Registrar, Office of the. Statistics

(1252)Enrollment Uudergrad, fulltime report1965-1966 Report
(1253)Registration1974-1976 Report

Registrar, Office of the.

(1254)York data1975 Report
(1255)York data1976 Reports
(1256)York data1977 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/059

Registrar, Office of the.

(1257)York data1978 Reports
(1258)York data1979 Reports, 1 of 2
(1259)York data1979 Reports, 2 of 2

Reid, Timothy E.

(1260)Education: the key to freedom in an automated society1965 Proceedings of lectures

Research Administration, Office of.

(1261)Announcements regarding the office of research administration1972 and 1977 Announcements
(1262)Faculty research inventory at York University1979 Announcements
(1263)Annual reports1973-1975 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/060

Research Administration, Office of.

(1264)Annual reports1975-1978 Reports
(1265)Annual reports1978-1981 Reports
(1266)Annual reports1981-1983 Reports
(1267)Annual reports1983-1986 Reports
(1268)Annual reports1986-1988 Reports
(1269)Annual reports1989-1991 Reports
(1270)Annual reports1991-1994 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/061

Research Administration, Office of.

(1271)ORA information Booklet1971 Handbook
(1272)ORA information Booklet1974 Handbook
(1273)ORA information Booklet1977 Handbook
(1274)ORA information Booklet1981-1982 Handbook
(1275)Handbook of the office of research administration1988-1989 Handbook
(1276)Research at York1989 Handbook
(1277)Research at York1992 Handbook
(1278)Research at York1996 Handbook
(1279)Focus on research at York University1981-1985 Reports
(1280)ORA bulletin1981-1992 Newsletters

Call Number: 1996-008/062

Research Administration, Office of the.

(1281)CulTech centre projects1993 Reports
(1282)Extended research grants awarded1971-1973 Reports
(1283)Factors influening student enrollment, performance, and experience at York1977 Reports
(1284)York faculty research report1979-1985 Report

Research Programme in Strategic Studies

(1285)Annual report1983-1985 Report

Retirement Planning Concultation Centre

(1286)Announcements regarding the retirement planning centre consultation centre1986-1994 Announcements
(1287)Annual reports1986-1995 Reports

Revolutionary Workers League

(1288)Support the strike1978 Announcements

Ricmond, Anthony H.

(1289)International migration and adaptation in the modern world1976 Report

Richman, Barry M. and Richard N. Farmer

(1290)Mismanagement and crisis1974 Articles

Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies

(1291)Robarts centre bulletin1985-1989 Newsletters
(1292)Inventory research interrests in Canada studies1984-1986 Report

Rock, Virginia J.

(1293)"On the York college system"1986 Announcement

Safety and Security and Parking Services

(1294)Director's address, George Dunn1984 Address
(1295)Director announcementNovember 1990 Announcement
(1296)Parking registration1991-1992 Announcements
(1297)York security and you[199-] Announcements
(1298)Announcements of lectures for the department of occupational health and safety, physical resources group1987 Announcements
(1299)Heatlh and safety manual / W.G. Gilday[199-] Manual

Call Number: 1996-008/063

Safety, Security and Parking Services, Department of Occupational Health and Safety

(1300)Physical resources group1987-1992 Newsletters
(1301)York security newsletter1988-1991 Newsletter
(1302)On every street1990 Bulletin
(1303)Major daily security incidents1991 Reports

Schools Liaison Office

(1304)University...it's your decision1978-1978 Handbook

Scott Religious Centre

(1305)Announcements regarding the Scott religious centre1969 Announcements
(1306)Official opening, address / H. Ian MacDonald1977 Address

Secretarial Services, Department of. Faculty of Arts

(1307)Word processing1971-1974 Manuals

York University Senate, Chairman

(1308)Announcements regarding the chairman of the Senate1985 and 1991 Announcements

York University Senate, University Secretariat

(1309)A.C. Johnson, Senate of York university1968-1969 Report
(1310)The Senate handbook / D. McC. Smith1968-1969 Handbooks
(1311)The Senate handbook / D.M. Healy1969-1970 Handbooks
(1312)The Senate handbook1969-1970 Handbooks
(1313)The Senate handbook1970-1971 Handbooks
(1314)The Senate handbook1971-1972 Handbooks

Call Number: 1996-008/064

York University Senate, University Secretariat

(1315)The Senate handbook1972-1973 Handbook
(1316)The Senate handbook1973-1976 Handbook
(1317)The Senate handbook1977-1981 Handbook
(1318)The Senate handbook1983-1986 Handbook
(1319)The Senate handbook1987-1989 Handbook
(1320)The Senate handbook1992 and 1995 Handbook

Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee

(1321)Re-imaganing the curriculum1995 Announcements of events
(1322)Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee newsletter1995 Newsletter
(1323)University academic plan reportMay 1986 Report
(1324)University academic plan report1987-1988 Report
(1325)University academic plan report1990-1992 Report
(1326)Working group reports1990 Reports

Call Number: 1996-008/065

Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee, Subcommittee on Educational Innovations

(1327)Institutional aid resources, a report on present operations and recommends how for future uses1972-1973 Report

Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee, Subcommittee on Long Range Planning

(1328)Data for Senate long range planning committee1981 Reports

Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee, Subcommittee on Academic Computing

(1329)New voice and data networks at York1986 Announcements

Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee, Subcommittee on Educational Innovation

(1330)Resume of the seminar on media assisted teaching1972 Proceedings of seminars

Senate Research Committee

(1331)Policy handbook1972 Handbook
(1332)The institute for behavoiural research: a critical assessment1977 Reports

Senate Committee on Tenure and Promotions

(1333)Report of the senate committee on tenure and promotions as approved by senate December 10, 19711979 and 1989 Handbook

Senate Executive Committee

(1334)Nomainations to Senate committeesMarch 1992 Announcements

Senate Library Committee

(1335)Journals and the academic community: problems, solutions, and challenges1993 Announcements

Senate Task Force on the Status of Women at York

(1336)The report of the Senate task force on the status of women at York UniveristyFebruary 1975 Report

Sexual Harassment Education and Complaint Centre

(1337)York University, the sexual harassment education and complaint centre[197-] Announcements
(1338)Annual reports1986-1990 Reports
(1339)Sexual harrassment and you handbook[198-] Handbook
(1340)Final report1991-1992 Report

Smyth, D. McCormack

(1341)Cybernation and higher education Ontario report1965 Report

Speaker's Bureau

(1342)Speaker's Bureau handbook[197-] Handbook

Special Projects, Office of.

(1343)A demographic model of Simcoe County, Ontario for the purposes of projecting demand for post-secondary educationSeptember 1978 Report, revised and updated July 1979

Call Number: 1996-008/066

Special Projects, Office of.

(1344)Preliminary proposal for affiliation of Simcoe College, Orillia and York University, DownsviewJuly 1975 Proposal
(1345)A review of tiny and tay townships, Simcoe County, Ontario with special emphasis on Franco-Ontarians1977 Reports

Staff Development Office

(1346)The news initiatives programme schedule is hereJanuary 1993 Announcements

Status of Women, Office of.

(1347)Seizing the Initiative, an intensive three-part seminar[199-] Announcements of seminars

Steward, Joan

(1348)Report on the 1973 survey of York graduatesJanuary 1976 Report

Stong College

(1349)Dedication for naming of houses in Stong College residentSeptember 1980 Address
(1350)Announcements regarding Stong College1971-1983 Announcement
(1351)Cultural pluralism and the Canadian unityOctober 26-27, 1979 Announcements of conferences
(1352)Calendar of college eventsFebruary-April 1970 Announcements of events
(1353)Stong College handbooks1971-1975 Handbooks
(1354)A collection of data and procedures on fire and safety[197-] Handbook
(1355)Night porters' handbooks1975-1981 Handbooks
(1356)Dispensing manuals1981 Manuals
(1357)The water buffalo1972-1974 Newsletters
(1358)The water buffalo1974-1976 Newsletters
(1359)The water buffalo1976-1979 Newsletters
(1360)Eminen Irish writer honoured by York University, Samuel Beckett Theatre named at Stong College1980 Press releases
(1361)Tenth anniversary1979 Programmes and posters
(1362)Twentieth anniversary1969-1989 Programme
(1363)Orientation kits1978-1979 Programmes and announcements and handbooks

Call Number: 1996-008/067

Stong College

(1364)Chimo student conference on multiculturalismFebruary 1980 Announcements of conferences
(1365)Chimo student/teacher's conference on multiculturalismOctober 1980 Programmes of conferences
(1366)Chimo student conference on multiculturalismMay 26, 1981 Programmes of conferences
(1367)The family: interactive strategies in a multicultural contextNovember 1980 Programmes of conferences
(1368)The state of our schoolsFebruary 7 and 14, 1980 Programmes of conferences
(1369)DedicationNovember 1970 Programmes of events
(1370)Orientation schedules1969-1974 Programmes of events
(1371)Programmes of symposia1971-1983 Programmes
(1372)Constitution1973-1988 Reports
(1373)Alumni associationJune 1979 Announcements
(1374)Alumni newsletter1978 and 1984 Newsletter
(1375)College Aid Committee1970 Announcements
(1376)Master's office announcements1969-1988 Announcements
(1377)Residence handbooks1971-1987 Handbooks
(1378)The druid weekly, Stong Residence1977 Newsletters
(1379)Geegaws and Scrimshanks or messages from the residence tutor1976-1977 Announcements
(1380)Samuel Beckett theatre1980 Announcements
(1381)History of the Samuel Beckett theatre1982 Report
(1382)Samuel J. Zacks gallery1988-1991 Announcements of exhibitions
(1383)Gallery history of Samuel J. Zacks1982 Reports
(1384)Senior tutor1969 Announcements
(1385)Stong Titwillow ensemble1981-1983 Programmes

Call Number: 1996-008/068

Student Affairs, Office of.

(1386)Announcements regarding the office of student affairs1984-1987 Announcements
(1387)York orientation1989 Announcements
(1388)Cult awareness presentation1993 Announcements of seminars
(1389)Professional development servies1987 Announcements of workshops
(1390)Directory of funded student government, clubs, orgranization, media and college residence dons1989 Directory
(1391)Student clubs and organizations1986 Directories
(1392)Student governments1985-1987 Directories
(1393)Student services officers1984 Directories
(1394)Leadership networks1985-1987 Manuals
(1395)Manual for residential tenancies1984 Manual
(1396)York colleges guide1989 Manual
(1397)College events1985-1986 Newsletters
(1398)Foreign student employment1988 Press releases
(1399)Exchange programmes1988 Announcements of programmes
(1400)Orientation schedules1986 Programmes

Student Awards, Office of.

(1401)Ontario student awards programmes1972-1973 Announcements
(1402)Graduate awards bulletin1968-1969 Newsletter
(1403)Undergraduate awards bulletin1969-1979 Newsletter

Student Centre

(1404)Undergrad announcements1993 Announcements

Student Christian Movement at York

(1405)Announcements regarding the studnet Christian movement at York1972 Announcements

Student Programmes, Office of. Faculty of Arts

(1406)Part-time studies at York University1973-1974 Announcements
(1407)Faculty of arts and science:information on advisory system and pre-registering meeting with freshmen1968 Handbooks
(1408)Regulations governing examinations, academic standards, and degree programmes1972 Handbook

Student Service Community

(1409)Reconnaisance1974 Handbooks
(1410)Student services meeting1973 Minutes

Students for a Democratic Society

(1411)Is York University racist?1973 Announcements

Office Students with Disabilities

(1412)Awareness guide for York University staff and faculty1989 Handbook


(1413)The telecommunications newsletterMay 1992 Newsletter

Call Number: 1996-008/069

Telecommunications Task Force

(1414)Proposal for a new electronic integrated communications systemDecember 1984 Report
(1415)Toronto to university computing centre consolidation1977 Report

Thomas Lionel. The Whole Man

(1416)The piece of sculpture at Glendon HallJune 1962 Programme

Toronto Community Orchestra

(1417)Toronto Community Orchestra programme1984-1985 Announcements of programme

Ukranian Canadian Committee Council

(1418)Benefit dinner1982 Announcement

Union Station Committee York University Compaign

(1419)Announcement regarding the Union Station committee[198-] Announcements

University Centre Building Committee

(1420)Proposal to build a university centre building[198-] Announcements

University Committee on Handicapped and Learning Disabled

(1421)University teaching and special needs1987 Announcements of programmes

University facilities, Department of.

(1422)Memo regarding space allocation1974-1975 Announcements

University Information Programme

(1423)University information programme1975 Announcements

University Secretariat, Senate

(1424)Academic defence fund1981 Announcements
(1425)Re: Convocation1991-1992 Announcements of activities
(1426)Board of Governors handbook1980 Handbook
(1427)Headlines newsletters1990 Newsletters
(1428)Schedules of meetings1986-1987 Programmes

University Word Processing Center

(1429)Word processing, OCRJanuary 1981 Announcements
(1430)UWPC Bulletin1982 Newsletters

Vanier College

(1431)Announcements of lectures1977-1982 Announcements
(1432)York Univeristy convocationsJune 1988 Programmes of convocations, also: Founders College
(1433)Encounter Canada1982-1986 Programmes and announcements of symposia
(1434)Film symposium1979 Programmes of symposium
(1435)Science symposium, "In the beginning..." The Origions of the Earth and Life1978 Announcements and programmes of symposium
(1436)Memo regarding the banner for Founders College1965 Report
(1437)Constitution1970 Reports
(1438)Fellows of Vanier College1969-1976 Directories
(1439)Residence brochure1968-1973 Handbooks
(1440)Residence tutor1976 Announcements
(1441)Vanier College players1976 Announcements

Verney, Douglas V.

(1442)Education of a political scientist1970 Report, reprint from the Canadian journal of political science
(1443)The government and politics of a developing university: a Canadian experience1969 Report, reprint from the review of politics

Vice-president, Office of the.

(1444)The transpoetic of the future1993 Announcements of lectures series
(1445)Enrolment reporting exercise1986 Report
(1446)Course analysis reportMarch 1986 Report
(1447)Study reportJanuary 1985 Report

Call Number: 1996-008/070

Vice-President, Office of the.

(1448)Academic affairs1979-1980 Announcements

Vice-President, Office of the. Academic and Institutional Affairs

(1449)Assuming the cost of retirementMay 1995 Report
(1450)Budget and academic planning strategies for 1996 to 1999October 1995 Report
(1451)York computing planSeptember 1993 Report
(1452)The York-Seneca proposalDecember 1993 Reports
(1453)Announcement of Seneca campus at York UniversityApril 1994 Announcements/Memos
(1454)Task force on native studies1969 Reports
(1455)Women's studies working group1985 Announcements

Vice President, Office of the., Administration/Univeristy Services

(1456)Memo from the department of facilities planning and management1979 Announcements
(1457)University manual on administrative arrangementsFebruary 10, 1964 Handbooks
(1458)Manual on policies and procedures for academic and administrative staff1965 and 1967 Handbooks
(1459)York University administrative handbook1965-1967 Handbooks

Vice President, Office of the., Canadian Transportation Studies Committee

(1460)Progress reports1968 Reports

Vice President, Office of the., Employee and Student Relations

(1461)University statement concerning Mr. Jeffrey Forest1978 Announcements
(1462)Programme cost and analyst Reports by S. Levy1976 Reports
(1463)Administration negotiating committee1985 Reports
(1464)Joint committee on class size1982 Announcements

Whitla, William J.

(1465)The battle of the book or the rape of the York1977 Poem

Whole Earth Days

(1466)A York campus eventFebruary 3-5, 1976 programmes

Winters College

(1467)Intercom: words from the front1987-1989 Newsletter
(1468)The high lighterNovember 1989 Newsletter
(1469)York University spring convocation1989 programmes, also fine arts
(1470)Orientation schedules1970 Proramme of events
(1471)Sanity circus1969 Programme of events
(1472)Winter's college opening1968 Programmes
(1473)Alumni newsletters1984-1985 Alumni newsletters
(1474)Art gallery1979 Announcement of exhibitions
(1475)College council1989-1990 Announcements
(1476)College council meeting1992-1993 Minutes

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