F0097 - V.A. (Tommy) Thompson fonds


Call Number: 1995-006/001
(1)POP Press Clippings [Peter & Helen Worthington]March 1972
(2)POP Press Clippings [Anthony Roman, Jim Robertson]April 1972
(3)POP Press ClippingsMay 1972
(4)POP Press ClippingsJune 1972
(5)POP Press Clippings [Desmond Morton]July 1972
(6)POP Press Clippings [Peter Mosher]August 1972
(7)POP Press Clippings [Anthony Westell, Anne Wanstall, Peter Whelan, Bruce Whitestone]September 1972
(8)POP Press ClippingsOctober 1972
(9)POP Press ClippingsNovember 1972
(10)POP Press Clippings [VOSS]December 1972
(11)POP Press Clippings, [Stiver, Alan W.]January 1973
(12)POP Press Clippings, [Stone]February 1973
(13)POP Press Clippings [White, John]March 1973

Call Number: 1995-006/002
(1)POP Press Clippings [Cedarwood]April 1973
(2)POP Press Clippings [area papers]May 1973
(3)POP Press Clippings [area papers]June 1973
(4)POP Press Clippings [area papers]July 1973
(5)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]August 1973
(6)POP Press Clippings [local papers]September 1973
(7)POP Press Clippings [local papers]October 1973
(8)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]November 1973
(9)POP Press Clippings [Toronto papers]December 1973
(10)POP Press Clippings [Toronto papers]January 1974

Call Number: 1995-006/003
(1)POP Press Clippings [Toronto papers]February 1974
(2)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]March 1974
(3)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]April 1974
(4)POP Press Clippings [local papers]May 1974
(5)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]June 1974
(6)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]July 1974
(7)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]August 1974
(8)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]September 1974
(9)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]October 1974
(10)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]November 1974
(11)POP Press Clippings [Toronto papers]December 1974
(12)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]January 1975
(13)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]February 1975
(14)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]March 1975
(15)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]April 1975
(16)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]May 1975
(17)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]June 1975
(18)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]July 1975
(19)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]August 1975
(20)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]September 1-24, 1975
(21)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]September 25-30, 1975

Call Number: 1995-006/004
(1)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]October 1975
(2)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]November 1975
(3)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]December 1975
(4)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]January-May 1976
(5)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]June-December 1976
(6)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]1977
(7)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]1978
(8)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]1979
(9)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]1980
(10)POP Press Clippings [Canadian papers]1981

Call Number: 1995-006/005
(1)POP CorrespondenceFebruary 25-March 20, 1972
(2)POP CorrespondenceMarch 21-March 31, 1972
(3)POP CorrespondenceApril 1-April 14, 1972
(4)POP CorrespondenceApril 15-April 30, 1972
(5)POP CorrespondenceMay 1- May 15, 1972
(6)POP CorrespondenceMay 16- May 31, 1972
(7)POP CorrespondenceJune 1972
(8)POP CorrespondenceJuly 1972
(9)POP CorrespondenceAugust 1972
(10)POP CorrespondenceOctober 1972
(11)POP CorrespondenceNovember 1972

Call Number: 1995-006/006
(1)POP CorrespondenceDecember 1972
(2)POP CorrespondenceJanuary 1973
(3)POP CorrespondenceFebruary 1973
(4)POP CorrespondenceMarch 1973
(5)POP CorrespondenceApril 1973
(6)POP CorrespondenceMay 1973
(7)POP CorrespondenceJune 1973
(8)POP CorrespondenceJuly 1973
(9)POP CorrespondenceAugust 1973
(10)POP CorrespondenceSeptember 1973
(11)POP CorrespondenceOctober 1973
(12)POP CorrespondenceNovember 1973
(13)POP CorrespondenceDecember 1973
(14)POP CorrespondenceJanuary 1974
(15)POP CorrespondenceFebruary 1974
(16)POP CorrespondenceMarch 1974
(17)POP CorrespondenceApril 1974
(18)POP CorrespondenceMay 1974
(19)POP CorrespondenceJune 1974
(20)POP CorrespondenceJuly 1974
(21)POP CorrespondenceAugust 1974
(22)POP CorrespondenceSeptember 1974
(23)POP CorrespondenceOctober 1974
(24)POP CorrespondenceNovember 1974
(25)POP CorrespondenceDecember 1974
(26)POP CorrespondenceJanuary 1975
(27)POP CorrespondenceFebruary 1975
(28)POP CorrespondenceMarch 1975
(29)POP CorrespondenceApril 1975

Call Number: 1995-006/007
(1)POP CorrespondenceMay 1975
(2)POP CorrespondenceJune 1975
(3)POP CorrespondenceJuly 1975
(4)POP CorrespondenceAugust 1975
(5)POP CorrespondenceSeptember 1975
(6)POP CorrespondenceOctober 1975-December 1975
(7)POP Correspondence, Money and Congratulations1975
(8)POP Correspondence1976-1979
(9)POP Correspondence1980
(10)POP Members Biographical Sketches
(11)St. Scholastique [Mirabel]
(12)Hansard Extracts, [House of Commons Debates]
(13)Legislature of Ontario DebatesApril 14, 1972-June 14, 1973
(14)Legislature of Ontario DebatesJune 5, 1973-April 4, 1974
(15)Legislature of Ontario DebatesJune 7, 1974-February 4, 1975
(16)Legislature of Ontario DebatesFebruary 7, 1975-June 19, 1975

Call Number: 1995-006/008
(1)Legislature of Ontario DebatesJune 23, 1975-November 15, 1976
(2)Notes on Books Consulted
(3)Airport Inquiry Commision, 1974
(4)Government of Ontario Reports on Malton and Pickering, Documents 1 - 6. Document 01: Minutes of Meeting Dated November 19, 1968. Document 02: Internal Memo dated December 10, 1968. Document 03: Public Statement by W. Darcy McKeough re: Airport Noise at Malton, October 9, 1968. Document 04: Regional Impact of the New Toronto International Airport, Gerald Hodge, Consultant, March 1970. Document 05: Submission to the Government of Canada in Respect of the Location of the Second International Airport for the Toronto Region, April, 1970. Document 06: Population and Dwelling Estimates - Malton Airport, June ,1970.
(5)Government of Ontario Reports on Malton and Pickering, Documents 7 - 10. Document 07:???? Document 08: A Brief Study Outlining the Road Network and Rapid Transit System to Serve Malton Airport in the Year 2000. Assuming no other Airport, July 1970. Document 09: Summary Report on Status of Airport Planning - Toronto 2, undated. Document 10: Review of Proposed Airport Sites E and F - Regional Development Plan, October 1971.
(6)Government of Ontario Documents on Malton and Pickering, Documents 11 - 12. Document 11: Ground Transportation Review of Sites E and F, undated. Document 12: Proposed Toronto 2 - Environmental Impact Study. February, 1972.
(7)POP and Allied BriefsJanuary 1972-August 1972
(8)POP and Allied BriefsSeptember 1972
(9)POP and Allied BriefsNovember 1972

Call Number: 1995-006/009
(1)POP and Allied BriefsDecember 1972
(2)POP and Allied Briefs1973
(3)POP and Allied Briefs1974
(4)POP and Allied Briefs1975-1976
(5)POP and Allied Briefs1977 on
(6)Meeting -- DOT and POPApril 26, 1972
(7)POP Meetings with Ministers, re: Airport and Seaton
(8)POP Notices
(9)POP Bulletins and Publications1972
(10)POP Bulletins and Publications, 1972

Call Number: 1995-006/010
(1)POP Bulletins and Publications1973
(2)POP Bulletins and Publications1974
(3)POP Bulletins and PublicationsJanuary 1975-June 1975
(4)POP Bulletins and PublicationsJuly 1975-August 1975
(5)POP Bulletins and PublicationsSeptember 1975-December 1975
(6)POP Bulletins and Publications1976
(7)POP Newspapers
(8)North Pickering Newsletters and Reports1972-1973
(9)North Pickering Newsletters and Reports1974
(10)North Pickering Newsletters and Reports, undated papers included1975-1977
(11)North Pickering Project: A New Community; Summary of Recommended Plan; Evaluation of Phase 3 Modified Concept PlansOctober 1975

Call Number: 1995-006/011
(1)Seaton in the Town of Pickering: Supporting Documentation for Official Plan Amendment Regional Municipality of Durham
(2)Design for Development, A Status Report on the Toronto-Centred Region, [The Government of Ontario]May 5, 1970-August 1971
(3)Design for Development, Ontario's Future: Trends and OptionsMarch 1976
(4)Ontario's Changing Population. Volume 1: Patterns and Factors of Change/1941-1971, and a Backround Report/March 1976. Volume 2: Directions and Impact of Future Change/1971-2001, and a Background Report/March 1976
(5)A Statement by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food: A Stragedy for Ontario Farmland, March 1976. Report by the Ontario Task Force on the Human Environment Toward an Environmental Action Plan, June 1974. Two Copies.
(6)Insert for Oversize Books. The North Pickering Project: Towards A Basis For the Plan, Interim 1 and 2.
(7)Miscellaneous Government Reports, re: Ontario, [Initiatives to Date and Propositions on the Future Management of the Canada-Ontario Rideau-Trent-Severn Corridor, April 1978] and [The Ontario Task Force on Provincial Rail Policy: The Future Role of Rail, Final Report, January 1981.]
(8)Regional Municipality of Durham, Department of Planning and Development, [Official Plan Discussion Paper #3, Stage 3: Choices for the Future]August 1975
(9)Regional Municipality of Durham, Department of Planning and Development, [Official Plan Discussion Paper #4, Stage 4: Draft Propasal for Durham]December 1975
(10)Miscellaneous Government Reports, re: The Region of Durham, Including POP Submissions1976-1981

Call Number: 1995-006/012
(1)Government Documents, re: Draft Official Plan of the Town of Markham, April 1976
(2)Government Documents, re: Draft Official Plan of the Town of Markham, September 1976
(3)The Town of Markham, [Public Meetings, Reviews and Responses]1982
(4)The Municipality of Pickering, [Recommended Community Plan for Hamlet or Claremont; Long Range Plan for Recreation]April 1974
(5)Metropolitan Toronto, [Timeline 1943-1971; Transportation Study, 1967; Jobs and the Economy: A Summary, 1971; Population and Housing Characteristics by Census Tracts, 1971]
(6)Regional Planning and Government: A Policy to Implement the Toronto-Centred Region Development Concept, [The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto]November 1971
(7)Miscellaneous Government Reports, re: Toronto, [Local Government Reform Proposal, 1973; Plans for Urban Structure, 1975; Financial Structure, 1975; Demographic Trends, 1975]
(8)Miscellaneous Government Reports, re: Toronto, [Social Structure, 1976; Headwaiters management seminar, 1976; Urban Structure, 1976; Networks and Rights-of-way, 1977] and Scarborough, [Land Use Study, 1985]
(9)Travel Agents, [Polls on Clients' Experiences at Malton and Mirabel]

Call Number: 1995-006/013
(1)POP File One: "Letters From The Innocents"; POP File Two: "In The Beginning..."; and POP File Three: "Mrs. Brenda Davies' Two Years' Frustration"
(2)POP File Four A: "Social Impact"; POP File Four B: "It Is The Attempt, And Not The Deed, Confounds Us"; POP File Five: "With Ruin Upon Ruin, Rout on Rout, Confusion Worse Founded," [...Paradise Lost.]November 1973-February 1974
(3)POP File Six: "Enter: The Hon. Robert Welch and Exploration"
(4)POP File Seven A: "Pot Pourri"; POP File Seven B: "From Partisans To Partners"; POP File Eight: "When Opportunity Knocks..."; POP File Nine: "Conclusion."
(5)Ontario Government Statements, etc.1969-1972
(6)Ontario Government Statements, etc.1973-1982
(7)Federal Government Statements, etc.1972
(8)Federal Government Statements, etc.1973
(9)Federal Government Statements, etc.1974-1976
(10)Research on Noise and the Medical Effects
(11)Medical Research, [General]

Call Number: 1995-006/014
(1)Research on Airports, Airplanes, etc.
(2)POP Annual Meetings
(3)Spring Festival, [List of Art For Sale] 1972; and POP Auction, [List of Contents]October 1974
(4)POP Woburn School MeetingFebruary 1973
(5)Rally at St. Lawrence Hall Lobby, [POP and Other Groups]April 23, 1973
(6)Sportsman's ShowMarch 1973, March 1974
(7)POP Catering ServiceMay 1974
(8)Cedar Grove School Meeting with LawyersOctober 22, 1974
(9)Bulldozer Seminar and TeaApril 30, 1975
(10)Interview with Frances Moore, September 1975
(11)Toronto City Hall Display1975
(12)POP and GAG MeetingSepteber 26, 1976
(13)Harvest Festival [Cedar Grove]October 23, 1976
(14)North Pickering Project: Farm Leases; Barn Tours and DemolitionsSeptember 1977
(15)POP LUCK Lucheon, [Guest List]December 4, 1977
(16)Pickering Council Meeting, re: Expropriation of Properties and LandSeptember 1977
(17)Bus Trip to Ottawa
(18)Students' Letters, Notes, Requests, etc. to POP
(19)Students' Research Papers [Ron Clancy, Edwin Gailits, Richard MacFarlane, Arnie Rose]
(20)Hillside Community
(21)Hamlet of Cedar Grove
(22)University of Toronto/York University Joint Transportation Program, re: Airport

Call Number: 1995-006/015
(1)POP Meetings at Malton [With Shirley Martin, Ministry of State for Transport]1989
(2)North Pickering, Offers to Purchase [Pete McCowan]
(3)COPE File [United Churches of North Pickering]
(4)North Pickering Development Corporation Act [Bill 159, Explanatory Notes]
(5)Expropriations Act [Ontario Government and Bill 6 -- Amendment]
(6)Extracts From Various Government Acts
(7)Toronto Area Airports Project, [Toronto International Airport -- Malton, Toronto 2 -- Site Evaluation]March 1972
(8)Toronto Area Airports Project [Economic Impact, Historical Sites, Cemeteries, Nuclear Power Plant, Farming, Off Shore Airport Concepts, Passenger and Cargo Forecasts, Ecology, New Metropolitan Zoo, Expropriation, (All in Reference to the New Toronto Airport)]April 1972
(9)Toronto Area Airports Project [Birds, Noise, Air Quality, New Ground Transportation Technology, Ground Transportation, Financial Implications, Aircraft Movement Forecast, (All in Reference to the New Toronto Airport)]May 1972
(10)Toronto Area Airports Project [People, Malton, Forecasts, Advanced Ground Transportation Technology, Impact of STOL, (All in Reference to the New Toronto Airport)]June-July 1972
(11)Report on J. W. Swackhamer, Q. C. Hearing Officer [Toronto 2 Objectives]December 1972 Two Copies

Call Number: 1995-006/016
(1)Response to Synopsis, Report of the Hearing Officer [New Toronto Airport] Two Copies
(2)Miscellaneous Airport Files [Second Toronto Airport Site Evaluation, Financial Times Report on Mirabel, Aircraft Noise Ratings in Residential Areas]
(3)Ontario Government Notices, etc., re: North Pickering/Seaton
(4)Report on the Pickering Lands Revitalization [PARC] CommitteeMay 1, 1986 Two Copies
(5)Supporting and Opposing Airport Locations [Beeton, Niagara]
(6)Agricultural File 1: Ministry of Agriculture Publications [Southam Publications]
(7)Agricultural File 1a: Stragedy for Ontario Farmland
(8)Agricultural File 2: The Agrologist
(9)Agricultural File 3: The Ark
(10)Agricultural File 4: Additives, Antibiotics, Preservatives [Newspaper clippings and reports]
(11)Agricultural File 5: Beef [Newspaper clippings]
(12)Agricultural File 6: Corn [Newspaper clippings]
(13)Agricultural File 7: Drainage and Energy
(14)Agricultural File 8: Eggs and Chickens
(15)Agricultural File 9: Expropriation
(16)Agricultural File 10: Farmland [Newspaper clippings]
(17)Agricultural File 10: Farmland Continued [Magazine clippings, Photocopies, Notes, etc.]

Call Number: 1995-006/017
(1)Agricultural File 11: Federation of Agriculture Clippings and Policies
(2)Agricultural File 12: Fertilizers
(3)Agricultural File 13: Fish
(4)Agricultural File 14: Forest
(5)Agricultural File 15: Fruit
(6)Agricultural File 16: Green Belt
(7)Agricultural File 17: Green Paper [Government of Ontario]
(8)Agricultural File 18: The Grower [Ontario Newspaper]
(9)Agricultural File 19: Hunger
(10)Agricultural File 20: Imports
(11)Agricultural File 21: Income
(12)Agricultural File 22: Land Policy and Legislation
(13)Agricultural File 23: Markets [Marketing Boards]
(14)Agricultural File 24: Milk and Dairy Products
(15)Agricultural File 25: William Newman [Ministry of Agriculture]
(16)Agricultural File 26: Ontario Inststute of Agrology etc.
(17)Agricultural File 27: Organic
(18)Agricultural File 28: Pesticides, Herbicides and Alternatives
(19)Agricultural Files 29 and 30: Policy and Politics

Call Number: 1995-006/018
(1)Agricultural File 31: Pork
(2)Agricultural File 32: Prices
(3)Agricultural File 33: Processed Food
(4)Agricultural File 34: William Stewart [Ministry of Agriculture]
(5)Agricultural Files 35 and 36: Sugar and Triage
(6)Agricultural File 37: Universities
(7)Agricultural File 38: Vegetables
(8)Agricultural File 39: Wheat and Grains
(9)Agricultural File 40: Eugene Whelan [Minister of Agriculture]
(10)Agricultural File 41: Workers [Canadian Farm, Bahai Policy]
(11)Agricultural File 42: World
(12)Agricultural File 43: Wells
(13)Agricultural File 44: Reference and Research
(14)Agricultural File 45: Farm Machinery
(15)Agricultural File 46: Loans
(16)Agricultural File 47: Soil
(17)Agricultural File 48: Information and Publications
(18)Agricultural File 49: Possible Techniques for Preservation of Agricultural Lands, [Master's Thesis]
(19)Agricultural File 50: Energy and Agriculture
(20)Agricultural File 51: The Big Pipe
(21)Agricultural Files 52 and 53: Coalition to Preserve Farmland [Letters, Appeals]
(22)Food for the Cities, Disappearing Farmland and Provincial Land Policy [Bureau of Municipal Research]1977 Two Copies

Call Number: 1995-006/019
(1)Food Prices Review Board [Food Price Comparisons, April 1975; Table Potatoes, May 1975; Fish and Fish Products, June 1975]
(2)Guide to Chemical Weed Control [Ministry of Agriculture and Food]1975 Two Copies
(3)Ontario Field Crop Recommendations [Ministry of Agriculture and Food]1975-1977
(4)Miscellaneous Agricultural Files [Statistics for Ontario, 1975; Insect and Weed Control, 1976; Farmer Al's Garden, 1977; Chemical Weed Control, 1983; Foodland Preservation, 1986]
(5)Miscellaneous Letters and Press Clippings [Land, Farming]
(6)POP Film Files [Rentals and Showings]1973-1975
(7)POP Film Files [Rentals and Showings]1976-1977
(8)POP Film Files [Rentals and Showings]1978-1981
(9)Free Loan Films [Association Films], 1973/74, 1975/76 and 1980
(10)Film File, Arthur Horne [A Place to Grow]
(11)Environmental File 1: Pipelines
(12)Environmental File 2: Parks and Parkway Belts

Call Number: 1995-006/020
(1)Environmental File 6: Law [Press Clippings, etc.]
(2)Environmental File 7: Noise
(3)Environmental File 8: Plastics
(4)Environmental File 9: Policy
(5)Environmental File 10: Air Pollution
(6)Environmental File 11: Probe Pollution
(7)Environmental File 12: Soil Pollution
(8)Environmental File 13: Water Pollution
(9)Environmental File 13: Water Pollution Continued
(10)Environmental File 14: Reed Timber
(11)Environmental File 15: Refuse
(12)Environmental File 16: Resources, Sand, Gravel
(13)Environmental File 17: Salt
(14)Environmental File 18: Conserver
(15)Environmental File 19: Hydro

Call Number: 1995-006/021
(1)Environmental File 20: Ecology
(2)Environmental File 21: Federation of Ontario Naturalists [F. O. N.]
(3)Environmental File 23: Focus
(4)Environmental File 24: Miscellaneous
(5)Environmental File 26: Nuclear Waste
(6)Environmental File 27: Microwaves
(7)Environmental File 28: Dumps
(8)Environmental File 29: Hazardous Waste
(9)Environmental File 31: Sewers
(10)Environmental File 32: Atomic Energy Control Board [A. E. C. B.]
(11)Tap Roots
(12)Canadian Environmental Law Association [C. E. L. A.]
(13)Save The Rouge Valley
(14)Enviromental Impact Assessment, The Port Granby Project [Phase1: Environmmental Hearings]
(15)Environment Canada [Questions and Answers About the Conservation Policy, 1980; Survival in a Threatened World, 1986; World Conservation Stragedy, 1986; Environmental; Resource Book, 1986]1980, 1986
(16)Miscellaneous Bulletins, Newletters and Various Organizations
(17)POP Meeting with Robert Welch [Transcripts, Questions, Preliminary Sessions]January 1974

Call Number: 1995-006/022
(1)Responses To The Questions From North Pickering Residents [Ministry of Housing]February 15, 1974
(2)Expropriation Compensation For Homeowners [ECHO]
(3)Expropriation, Court Judgements [Leach, Fisher]
(4)York University Policy Process Workshop, Fall 1971
(5)POP Financial Statements1972-1978
(6)Ian Hammer/Dr. Godfrey Correspondence
(7)POP Farewell to Anne WanstallOctober 25, 1981
(8)Maps [Markham, Pickering, etc.]
(9)Ammann and Whitney, New York/POP Correspondence1972
(10)International Airport Site Brief from Tri-County Committee, re: Orangeville SiteJune 1970
(11)POP Headquarters Cedar Grove School Daily JournalJanuary 1973-June 1974
(12)POP Headquarters Cedar Grove School Daily JournalJuly 8, 1974-December 1976
(13)POP and MTRAC, Minutes of Meetings1972
(14)POP and MTRAC, Minutes of Meetings1973
(15)POP and MTRAC, Minutes of Meetings1974-1975

Call Number: 1995-006/023
(1)Federal Government, Confidential Papers, re: AirportJuly 28, 1969-June 4, 1971
(2)Federal Government, Confidential Papers, re: AirportJuly 20, 1971-December 30, 1971
(3)Federal Government, Confidential Papers, re: AirportJanuary 26, 1972-January 15, 1973
(4)Federal Government, Confidential Papers, re: AirportJanuary 16, 1973-June 11, 1976
(5)Publications and Community Action [People and Planes, How to Organize Citizen Action, Citizen Involvement]
(6)Regional Planning, [The Tail of the Elephant], May 1974; Canadian Politics, [Pressure Group Behaviour in Canadian Politics], 1975May 1974, 1975
(7)Magazines and/or Articles on Airplanes and Airports [Aviation Week, 1971; Alternatives, 1972; Business Week, 1972; Environmental Impact, 1976; Vancouver International, 1976; Transpo, 1980]
(8)Ombudsman's Report 1-4 ["Letters From The Innocents"; "In The Beginning..."; "Mrs. Brenda Davies' Two Years' Frustration" and "Social Impact"]

Call Number: 1995-006/024
(1)Ombudsman's Reports 7-9 ["Pot Pourri", "When Opportunity Knocks", "Conclusion"]
(2)Report on the Opinion of Ombudsman, re: North Pickering Project
(3)Corrsepondence, re: Ombudsman
(4)Press Clippings, re: Ombudsman
(5)POP Synopsis for the Ombudsman
(6)POP Membership Lists [List of Cell Leaders]
(7)POP Membership Lists [Second List, Unreliable]
(8)Volunteers For POP Office
(9)Tenants of North Pickering [Mailing List]
(10)List of Airport Objectors
(11)Metro Toronto, Scarborough, East York, North York, Pickering and Markham [Elected Reps.]
(12)POP Talent Groups
(13)Receipts in 1200 Series1973
(14)Receipts in 1300 Series1974
(15)Letters and Notes of Support1975
(16)Lists Noting Memberships and Sales of Tickets on a Draw for a Car [Honda Civic]1975

Call Number: 1995-006/025
(1)POP Executive Committee [Cell Leaders, MTRAC Members]
(2)Regional Mayors and Citizen Protest Groups
(3)Telephone Key List [Cedar Grove]
(4)New POP Mailing List1988
(5)Mailing List and Contacts [Media, Supporting Groups, Specials]
(6)Membership Lists, Volunteers for Special Occasions
(7)Greenwood and Whitevale Cell Lists
(8)The Last Green Door [POP Proposals for the Federal and Provincial Lands]1979 Two Copies
(9)Green Door, Special Study on Brougham
(10)Green Door, Special Study on Cemeteries
(11)Green Door, Special Study on Pickering
(12)Green Door, Special Study on Recreation
(13)Green Door, Special Study on Agriculture
(14)Green Door, Special Study on Archaeology
(15)General Studies and Notes, re: Green Door
(16)Green Door Corespondence
(17)POP Press Release on "The Last Green Door"
(18)POP Newsletter on "The Last Green Door"
(19)POP Criteria for Land Use
(20)York region Scandals, Press Clippings
(21)Press Clippings, Re: Seaton1978-1982
(22)Submission to Durham Region Planning Committee, Re: Seaton
(23)Miscellaneous Environmental Research and Letters

Call Number: 1995-006/026
(1)Pickering Garbage Dump Fight [Garbage, Pollution]
(2)Pickering Garbage Dump Fight [Garbage, Pollution], continued
(3)Various Press Clippings1973
(4)Various Press Clippings1973
(5)Notes on POP Organization [Pat McClennan]
(6)POP Chronologies and Narratives
(7)Videocassette production1973

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