F0368 - Edith Fowke collection


Call Number: 1990-026/001


(1)Arbess, Kalene - Camp Songs1976
(2)Beales, Bernie - The Jokes and Riddles of Grade Six1974
(3)Beber, Susan - The Folklore of Canadian Teenagers1978
(4)Bernard, Breen - The World of Spinning Around1977
(5)Bland, Vic - Cockney Rhyming Slang
(6)Bogumil, Marcia - A Collection of Polish Folktales1974
(7)Bond, Katherine - Uncovering the Fakelore: Native Canadian Tales for Children1978
(8)Bowman, Minda - Popular Israeli Folksongs
(9)Bratton, Genevieve - Folk Medicine - Plants Medicamentum Borealis1976
(10)Budd, Barbara - Out of the Mouths of Ontario Babes: a Collection and Commentary1974
(11)Cinanni, Joseph - Folklore collected in and about the Town of Feversham1974
(12)Connor, Jennie - Urban Folklore: A Thematic Study of "Xerox-Lore"1977
(13)Cowan, Joyce - Threats and Threatening Figures in Ontario1977
(14)Dalby, Tom - Folklore of Oshawa and Area1975
(15)Edmunds, Jeff - Student Folklore at York University1976
(16)Filewood, Alan - Hostility Towards Women in Obscene Jokes1976
(17)Fillman, Melanie - A Collection and Study of Children's Games1978
(18)Freer, Elene - Fences of Ontario1978
(19)Gallagher-Main, Joan - Sqaure Dancing in Canada1976
(20)Gawthroupe, Susan - Songs of the Toronto Scottish Regiment
(21)Hamilton, Mary - Folklore and History of Mining in the Sudbury District1976
(22)Hannan, Ken - Scottish Folk Songs and Customs collected in Canada1974
(23)Jackson, Martha A.G. - The "Black" Donnellys as Folk Figures1976
(24)Judt, Kathy - A Collection and Classification of Canadian Children's Jokes, Rhymes and Anecdotes1978
(25)Kerby, Katherine - The Stubborn Land: A Study of the Human History and Folklore of the Northern Saskatchewan Parkland1977
(26)Kickler, Richard J. - Old-Time Fiddling: Eight Fiddlers and Approximately One-Hundred Tunes Played by Them1975
(27)Kubish, Michael and Jane Hutchinson - Skip to the Loo My Darling: A Study of Graffiti in Toronto1975-1976
(28)Laba, Martin - Children's Songs of Impropriety1974
(29)Lee, Denis - A History of the Practice of Dowsing and the Accounts of a Few Who Dowse Today1974

Call Number: 1990-026/002
(1)Legare, Helene - French-Canadian Foodways1976
(2)Lewis, Olwyn - The Language and Lore of the Citizens Band Radio1978
(3)MacLean, Janet E. - Jokes that Women Tell: the reflective nature of sexual humour1977
(4)Mangarten, Heddie - Yiddish Folksongs: Classification and Analysis
(5)Matrundola, Petra - Ukrainian Easter-Eggs: A Canadian Folk ArtMarch 1, 1976
(6)Matrundola, Petra - Canadian Folk Sculpture and PaintingApril 1976
(7)Mokriy, Terry - Mike Sandelowich: A Ukrainian-Canadian Folklorist1975
(8)Nattel, Lilly - Swedish and Norwegian Folklore in the Northern Minnesota Northern Ontario Region, Particularly Fort Francis1978
(9)Pattison, Jeanne S. - On the Trail of Joe Mufferaw1974
(10)Pennington, Mary Anne - The Canadian Maritime Lighthouse
(11)Petelka, Kathy - Folklore Among Students on York Campus1977
(12)Poskanzer, Daphne - The Canadian Jewish Experience1975
(13)Roberts, Susan E. - A Collection of Irish, Italian and Polish Humour1978
(14)Rothwell, Maria P. - Elements of Folklore in the Modern Canadian Novel1974
(15)Shenfeld, Karen - Psssst, Wanna Heara Joke? A Collection of Children's Jokes1977
(16)Simpson, Robyn - Elements of Folklore Found in the Plays of Two Canadian Playwright: James Reaney and George Ryga
(17)Smith, Susan - Modern Migratory Belief Legends1972-1973
(18)Smith, David T. - Folklore in the Works of Margaret Laurence1976
(19)Terra, Esther - Family Lore (Italian Lore)1978
(20)Thurtell, Walt - Nineteenth Century Barns1975
(21)Tippet, J. - Survey of Textile Handicrafts in Canada1978
(22)Travers, Robin, A. - Reflections of the Folk1978
(23)Vipond, Alison - Folklore in the Literature of Margaret Laurence1975
(24)Waverman, George - Ghosts in Toronto1975
(25)Wilson, Nancy - A Survey of the Folklore of Dufferin County, Ontario1976
(26)York Tunnel Graffiti (on cue cards)

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