F0266 - bill bissett fonds


Call Number: 1989-024/001

Series I : Personal Papers : A. Papers and Correspondence

(1)Written by b.b. includes poetry
(2)Arranged alphabetically by first name
(3)Arranged alphabetically by surname
(4)No identification
(5)Greeting cards
(6)Arranged chronologically by month
(7)Incomplete letters
(8)September - December1979-1985
(9)January - October1986

Call Number: 1989-024/002
(1)Includes 3 letters from b.b.April 1987
(3)Includes 1 letters from b.b.June 1987
(11)Includes art enclosed letter1988

Call Number: 1989-024/003

Call Number: 1989-024/004
(1)May - June1989
(3)Messages between 103 [Diane] and 118 [bill]

B. Calendars

(4)2 for 1988, one of which is incomplete1986-1988

Series II : Professional papers : A. Manuscripts, typescripts and photocopies

(5)Concrete poems soul arrow. 1980
(6)"anacortes" p74. soul arrow. 1980
(7)Graphics soul arrow. 1980
(8)"beach tide" Seagull on Yonge Street. 1983
(9)"sum...daze" Seagull on Yonge Street. 1983
(10)Drawings Seagull on Yonge Street. 1983
(11)General Seagull on Yonge Street. 1983
(12)"air canada...whats th storee" p48. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(13)"canada gees mate for life" p13. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(14)"deep image in winnipeg" p41. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(15)"th fool n his invisibul wings" p44. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(16)"th goddess uv mersee n worree" p47. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(17)"if we can see the magic animals" p57. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(18)"invisibul wings" p127. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(19)"it sz in th london free press..." p110. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(20)"linda" p58. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(21)"seeeeaaaaatullllllll" p118. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985. On original File : Animal Uproar
(22)"sky eye" p84. Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(23)"th wizard" p117 Canada Gees Mate for Life. 1985
(24)Black binder : many typescript poems; handwritten notes Animal Uproar. 1987
(25)Blue binder : typescript poems; handwritten notes Animal Uproar. 1987

Call Number: 1989-024/005
(1)Blue binder note attached : "2nd last compleet mss ANIMAL UPROAR"
(2)Photocopy, probably of galleys, and notations
(3)Galleys, with attached note from publisher
(5)Notation : "back covr copee"
(6)Original drawings for Animal Uproar
(8)"ar thees patreearks" p16.
(9)"bc premier vandr zalm sz hes lookd at the proposals" p42.
(10)"bird...colors...in...th...dark...forest" p69.
(11)"call me aneething yu want..." p37.
(12)"cirka 87..." p102.
(13)"th cowboy n th townspeopul" p98.
(14)"dew what yu want" p32.
(15)"disapointid by evn my own love" p25.
(16)"dog meet symphonee bluez" p58.
(17)"dont worree ok i sd to mark..." p119.
(18)"empires cum n go" p92.
(19)"erth quake" p38.
(20)"fraysr canyun song" p44.
(21)"fraysr canyun song", another version
(22)"geographee" p115.
(23)"gypsee" p10.

Call Number: 1989-024/006
(1)"heart" p90.
(2)"th hermit" p20.
(3)"i give yu me" p36.
(4)"i wake up wanting..." p121
(5)"i was getting into th taxi" p72.
(6)"i was going to sleep" p50.
(7)"i was printing billy th kid" p106.
(8)"i was walking long th bear run" p68.
(9)"in nufoundland i longd for yu" p.8
(10)"i um listning to th phesants sleeping with me undr th cedar branch" p107.
(11)"jack kerouac" p59.
(12)"januaree songs" p54.
(13)"journees...we travel thru..." p110.
(14)"kiyot eyez...say" p31.
(16)"me n arleen usd to drive evree wher" p112.
(17)"th monstr in th wall makes me type" p120.
(18)"moon song" p29.
(19)I'moovees can be veree edukaysyunal...p43.
(20)I'mothr teresall p22.
(21)I'mulroonee sells de haviland aircraft" p17.
(22)"nukleer addicksyun" p88.
(23)"ocean spell...animal uproar" p94.
(24)"onyx song" p51.
(25)"outside uv port stanlee ontario mirage erlee summer..." p113.
(26)"partikuls uv faith" p71.
(27)"th quiet releef uv bones" p26.
(28)"redeeness" p86.
(29)"th ring...its off" p60.
(30)"th seekaydas in london ontario" p74.
(31)"shes on the phone" p46.
(32)"shining spirit we sing to yu" p85.
(33)"th silvr hors" p45.
(34)"a silver sword..." p124.

Call Number: 1989-024/007
(1)"splintrs..." p14.
(2)"stallyun run" p52.
(3)"a star in th hand" p126.
(4)"star...minrs...vancouvr" p63.
(5)"thees words ar not a prson" p24.
(6)"ther ar secrets inside th castul" p100.
(7)"thik air in may" p30.
(8)"thik air in may" p128.
(9)"tol mel didint sleep" p70
(10)"toxik blobs calld potenshul disastr..." p12.
(11)"travelling hand" p7.
(12)"vancouvr" p62.
(13)"th velvet mountains" p97
(14)"what am i dewing waintin fot yu" p28.
(15)"wher was i this morning" p35.
(16)"whisper talk" p18.
(17)"th willow treez in boston bar" p39.
(18)"windigo" p15.
(19)Blue binder : typewritten poems, with notes what we have. 1988
(20)Blue binder :typewritten and photocopied poems and drawings, with notes.

Call Number: 1989-024/008
(1)Photocopy with notes
(2)Photocopy with notes
(4)Photocopy of a few poems, with notes.
(5)Photocopy of a few poems, with notes.
(6)Black sketchbook of original drawings.
(7)Original drawings
(10)On file: "zerox uv vizuals for what we have and back covr copee".
(12)"all we need is".p61
(13)"ambr eyez". p98
(14)"anava t all". p126
(15)"babe its hard". p24
(16)"cessnamobiles on parade". p8
(17)"cooking carrot soup". p47.
(18)"dont worree". p28
(19)"dreem on". p30
(20)"evree time uv day n nite... p91
(21)"fethrs". p138
(22)"fireworks". p40
(23)"from jims journal". p59.
(24)"th glass looking at us... mirrors". p127
(25)"gypsee... dreemers". p136

Call Number: 1989-024/009
(1)"has god less n less powr". p44
(2)"th heart in british Columbia". p11.
(3)"i cant remember a corvet". p92
(4)"i first met doktor shock". p82
(5)"i got off on being a gift to yu". p121
(6)"i had just cum back". p66
(7)" i know a woman". p68
(8)"i walk by yr door". p31
(9)" i wish i wer th wun". p62
(10)"in summer our lagoon is". p103
(11)"in th magik forest". p12
(12)"in th palace uv th dreemr". p46
(13)"its invisibul". p17
(14)"its not my fault". p9
(15)"jane n maureen". p58
(16)"karibu road". p116
(17)"th line". p35.
(18)"thlion in me". p41
(19)"living eyez". p118
(20)"lost love". p16
(21)"mda... daze". p96
(22)"memoree". p55
(23)a mind... its staircases..p122.
(24)"mistr ted beer". p60
(25)"my first job". p22.
(26)my standards usd to b too hi... p32.
(27)"nanaimo". p110
(28)"penny n john wer opning up theyr". p56
(29)"peruvian dreems". p124
(30)"reflex blu". p51
(31)"running with th liquid dansrs in th sky". p130
(32)"shouldrs ar not howevr numb...". p90.
(33)"spirit breething tongue". p79.
(34)"stars in th cabin". p125.
(35)"th slitelee swaying ivoree towr". p36
(36)"th spiralling mask". p104.
(37)"supr.. electrik". p10
(38)"th sylabul". p10
(39)"thees jets wer flying". p42
(40)"ther ar shadows mooving thru th treez". p69
(41)"thers a wind". p72
(42)"timelessness". p34
(43)"a two part moovee on sum canadian writing". p54
(44)"two trains were". p132
(45)"watr". p112
(46)"watr wheels". p7
(47)"we can trip ovr words n content". p33.
(48)"we usd to play on th narrows". p50.
(49)"what can we dew with our hearts". p43.
(50)"what is a word". p80
(51)"what is meening". p48
(52)"what is takn from me i will not keep". p23
(53)"what to dew abt memoree". p26.
(54)"what we ar so ardentlee looking for". p89.
(55)"why iwrite like ths...". p84.
(56)"writing home...". p93.
(57)"wun nite". p37.
(58)"wun uv th first times iud evr got publishd". p21.

Call Number: 1989-024/010
(1)"yello beeming hed... p133.
(2)"yuunyun staysun". p52.
(3)b is a foot : On cover: "pomes for considraysyun uv canada council arts award A". (work in progress)
(4)"first issew. oct 1963".
(5)"canyun uv th flying mattresses".
(6)"fathrs n sons" or "eventually fathrs".
(7)On file: seagull on yonge street : "th fifth sun".
(8)"full moon in a veree warm februaree"
(9)"full moon in a veree warm februaree". another version.
(10)"th heart at th crossroads:.
(11)i dont remembr why i was skard..
(12)"jumping cloud".
(14)"silvr bracelet: on canada gees.
(15)"theems on th wishes uv bonests.
(16)"Tempo=ESpaco XIV".Summer 1978 texto:bill bissett: musica: l.c. vinholes.
(17)"Title Page without a Frontispiece or Wars made Simple : a Poem".June 17, 1963.
(18)"whn diefenbakr went:. another version in canada gees..., p80.
(19)"whn i loos faith i loos evereething".
(20)"whn i loos faith i loos evereething". another version
(21)"th wizard" and "reflex blu".
(22)Miscellaneous poems.

ART WORK. Oversize work in Map Drawer 22, including 22 drawings with pen on foil.

(23)Black sketchbook of drawings.
(24)Black and white drawings. Includes oversize material.
(25)drawings in colour, using crayon or felt tip pen.
(26)Photocopies of drawings

Call Number: 1989-024/011
(1)Mock-ups for public relations items.

Printed material

(2)Graphics and concrete poems.
(3)Public relations material related to his published
(4)Public relations matereial related to his art exhibitions. alphabetical by name of gallery.
(5)Public relations material related to his readings.
(6)Public relations material related to his musical performances and recordings.
(7)Clippings. About bill bissett.1979, 1984-1989
(8)Clippings. Book reviews.1985-1988
(9)Drawings. Vancouver : Blewointment Press, Limited edition.1974
(10)Beyond even faithful legends : selected poems. Vancouver Talonbooks.1980 Tabbed copy
(11)Northern birds in color. Vancouver : Talonbooks.1981
(12)Write me na adventure1983. Limited edition.
(13)Canada gees mate for life. Vancouver: Talonbook. tabbed copy. with handwritten notes on flyleaf1985.
(14)Periodicals with material by or about bill bissett1988-1989

Correspondence and papers. (arranged alphabetically accroding to subject)

(15)Acorn, Milton1978-1988
(16)Addresses, phone numbers, etc. Includes an address book.
(18)Autobiography and notes for curriculum vitae.

Call Number: 1989-024/012
(1)Canada Council1986-1989
(2)Canada Council. Grant applications.1987-1988
(3)Canada Council. Public readings1984-1989
(4)Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada, Limited (CAPAC). Includes membership lists for 1986, 1988 and 1989.1986-1989
(5)Council of Canadians1987-1989
(6)Date and visitors books,n.d., 1988 Includes green binder.
(7)Financial papersn.d., 1976,1983-1986
(8)Financial papers1987
(9)Financial papers1988-1989
(10)Firehall Theatre Gallery1988
(11)Forest City Galleryn.d., 1987-1989
(12)League of Canadian Poetsn.d., 1986-1987

Call Number: 1989-024/013
(1)League of Canadian Poets1988-1989
(2)League of Canadian Poets. Annual general meeting1987-1989
(3)League of Canadian Poets. Membership lists.
(4)League of Canadian PoetsSchool visits1986-1989
(6)Performing rights, copyright, etc.
(7)Sound symposium1986-1988
(9)Talonbooks. Royalty statements1978-1987
(11)Woodstock Public Art Gallery1986-1988
(12)Woodstock Public Library and Art Gallery1987-1988

Call Number: 1989-024/014

Materials by and about others : Original material

(2)Poetry on Tom Konyves
(3)Student work
(4)Articles. Authors unknown.
(5)Articles. Arranged alphabetically by author.
(6)Artwork, original.
(7)Artwork, photocopies.

Materials by and about others : Printed material

(8)Printed materials and clippings1973, 1983,1986-1989
(9)Photocopies, programs1986-1989

Materials by and about others : Public relations, advertisements, etc. (Includes oversize material)

(11)Art exhibitions
(13)Courses, etc.
(14)Forest City Gallery

Publications : Books and pamphlets

(19)The Berkely horse. nos. 9,10,11,12,17,18
(20)Claire, Paula. Branded. Oxford : International Concrete Poetry Association.November 1986 (ICPA, n.10)
(21)Claire, Paula. It s their f f feather you know. Oxford : International Concrete Poetry Association.1987 (ICPA, no.17). Autographed by author.
(22)Claire, Paula. Phos phor : spacetext. Houston, TX.April 1986 Limited ed. 19/100
(23)Fairbrother, Roberta. Voyage to the new world. n.p. : Letters1987 Limited ed. 94/99
(24)Finch, Peter and Claire, Paula. Peter's leeks/cennin pedr. Oxford : International Concrete Poetry Association.February 1988 (ICPA, no.19). Autographed.
(25)Kamin, PHilip. Bryan Adams. Wauwatosa, WI : Robus Books.1985
(26)Nichol, bp. CCMC with STeve McCaffery(Sketching 2). Toronto : Letters. (twobitter, no.28).1988 Limited ed. 32/200.
(27)open space : a yearbook, September 1986- September 1987. Compiled and edited by Geoffry Gerwing, Gail Harris nad Philip Willey. Victoria, B.C. : artdog press.1987

Call Number: 1989-024/015
(1)sat'day;Sunday; weakday : an eclectic anthology of bright new minds. Edited by Ingrid GArcia Eidens and Larissa Petrillo. n.p. : Myrtle Turtle Publishing.1987
(2)Shea, Michael. untitled. n.p. : Tiny Press Publications1988
(3)Words : a collection of writing by Burnaby students. Burnaby school board,n.d. Added title : In constant motion

Publications : Serials

(4)Anerca. v.1,no.1,5 and 6. No.1 and 5 contain material by Bill Bissett.
(5)Anerca / compost. n.d. DiscotextOctober 1988
(6)(f) Lip : a newsletter of feminist innovative writing.1987-1988 V.1, no.1 and 4.
(7)Humanity. no.3 League of Canadian Poets. Newsletter. no. 65, 68.Winter 1987. 1988-1989

Call Number: 1989-024/016
(1)League of Canadian Poets.1986-1989 Newsletter. no. 54,55,58,67 and two without numbering
(2)Newmuse of contempt. v.2, no.1 and 2, Nexus. v.2, no.31988 [?], October 1987
(3)Poetry Halifax Dartmouth. no. 23, 261988
(4)Scribble South writers; a literary magazine.1987-1988
(5)Vancouver Poetry Centre newsletter. Contains "letter from Bill Bissett to Naim Kattan".March 29, 1979. V.1, no.6.

Publications : Photographs


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