F0316 - J.L. Granatstein fonds


Call Number: 1988-018/001

Minutes, memoranda and agendas

(1)ARTS AND LETTERS CLUB OF TORONTO (includes Membership telephone lists)1984 -1985
(2)CIIA (Canadian Institute of International Affairs): Mailing List and Welcome Letter
(3)CIIA (Canadian Institute of International Affairs): Nov. 1983 - Dec. 1986.
(4)Ottawa and the World : Canada's Foreign Policy, May 6,7,8, 1983
(5)Canadian Business Representation in the United States, March 20, 1984 (Cancelled).
(6)The World According to Washington : Ottawa's Options, May 3,4,5, 1985
(7)The Gorbachev Era : Canada, the USSR and Eastern Europe, May 2,3,4, 1986

Canada Council Killam Committee, (1985-1988) NOTE: Each file also contains Curricula Vitarum of Members

(9)The Killam Selection Committee, 1985. Includes, The Killam Program of the Canada Council, 1967-1982, written by M.G. MacLeod
(10)Research Fellowships, 1985/86
(11)Social Sciences Fellowships, 1985/86
(12)Research Fellowships, 1986/87
(13)Social Sciences Fellowships, 1986/87
(14)Research Fellowships, 1987/88
(15)Killam Research Fellowship Application


(16)Newsletters and Newssheets, 1983. (Primarily regarding tenure)

Notes & lectures

(17)Lecture given on Oct. 17, 1986, Canadian History Educators Association/Association Canadienne D'Histoire de L'Education; Paper written & read by Michiel Horn at CAUT Conference, 24 Nov. 1984; Lectures: Excellence and Democracy [1986?]; What's Wrong With Canadian Universities? 27 Feb 1986; What's Wrong With Canadian Universities? (n.d.); Untitled (n.d.)

Correspondence and financial papers

(23)Dec. 2, 1985, signed P.M. Brian Mulroney


(25)Includes printed material related to correspondence: Academic Pursuits; Action For Quality Education; The Acute Newsletter; Higher Education: The Next 20 Years; Welcome to Post Tenure Review; Why Our Teachers Can't Teach

Canada 1957-67.

(26)Archival Research Material including finding aids from several Archives

Call Number: 1988-018/002
(34)Financial Reports & Applications1982
(35)Financial Reports & Applications1983
(36)Financial Reports & Applications1984
(37)Financial Reports & Applications1985
(38)Canadian Studies, addressed to J.L. Granatstein: David V.J. Bell, Acting Director of Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies; Serge Joyal, U. of T. Dept. of History, 1984; Prof. Alan F.J. Artibise, President of The Association for Canadian Studies, 1984; Harry W. Arthurs, President of York U. 1985

Diefenbaker, papers. NOTE: photocopies of Diefenbaker's personal correspondence. Nominal list.

(39)Introduction and letters
(40)Letters for Chapter 1, 1914-1940
(41)Letters for Chapter 2, 1940-1948
(42)Letters for Chapter 3, 1945-1947
(43)Letters for Chapter 4, 1948-1953
(44)Letters for Chapter 5, 1956-1958
(45)Letters for Chapter 6, 1958-1963
(46)Letters for Chapter 7, Apr. 1964-Aug. 1967
(47)Letters for Chapter 8, Sept. 1967-Apr. 1976

Front Yard Parking Subcommittee

(48)Letters concerning the use of park land for parking lot space1984
(49)Marlborough Avenue Park Area1987
(50)Conclusion to the battle between the residents of Marlborough Ave. and Budget1988
(51)Granatstein et al V. Palmer et al; Includes printed material
(52)The Great Brain Robbery: Written reactions to The Great Brain Robbery, 1977-1986.
(53)The Great Brain Robbery: McClelland & Stuart (includes financial papers)
(54)The Ivory Tower Is Falling: Correspondence between co-authors
(55)Permissions: Various subjects
(56)Royal Commission: The Issue That Won't Go Away: Free Trade Between Canada and the United States; Includes financial papers as well as portions of typescripts
(57)Sacred Trust: Includes contract and correspondence between co-authors, 1984-1986
(58)When Push Came To Shove: Canada and the United States. [chapter for Thomas Patersons' Kennedy's Quest For Victory]: Letters between contributors, author and publisher

Call Number: 1988-018/003

Printed material and manuscripts: By J.L. Granatstein

(59)Canadian Universities Toward the End of the Century, Financial Post, Oct 1985
(60)The Great Brain Robbery : The Decline and Fall of Canada's Universities. Not final version although largely complete
(61)The Great Brain Robbery : Two Years Later
(62)The First 200 Years. Outline only
(63)Sacred Trust. Complete, 1986
(64)When Push Came To Shove. Single chapter for Thomas Petersons' Kennedy's Quest For Victory
(65)The Issue That Won't Go Away : Free Trade Between Canada and the United States. Includes 1st draft and revised pages of copy 2

Printed material and manuscripts: By other writers concerning higher education and the Great Brain Robbery.

(66)Bottoming Out. Council of Ontario Universities
(67)The Canadian Studies Foundation. John N. Grant, Robert L. Anderson, and Peter L. McGrath
(68)A Critique of The Great Brain Robbery Canada's Universities On the Road to Ruin. University of Ottawa working paper 84-60 by Max von Zur-Muehlen. Second copy includes a cover letter from the author as well as a thank-you letter to the author from R. Bothwell
(69)The Freeze Dried Brain. Tel-Aviv University and York University, by Joseph Agassi
(70)How To Have Life After Tenure, Policy Options, Vol.6 No.3, by David McQueen
(71)Keeping Canada Competitive:The Importance of Post-Secondary Education. The Canadian Manufacturers' Association. (Includes a letter from R.W. Saari to Mr. David Vice).
(72)On The Supression of Thought By Our Academics: A Presentation. Journal of Canadian Fiction, 35/36 (Fall 1986), Wilfred Cude
(73)Ontario Universities: Options and Futures, The Commission on the Future Development of the Universities of Ontario. December 1984
(74)Romancing the Past: Nostalgic Conservatism, The Great Brain Robbery, and the History of Education. Canadian History of Education Association Halifax, Paul Axelrod
(75)Report of the Nova Scotia Royal Commission On Post-Secondary Education, 1985
(76)Socialist Studies Bulletin, No.1(Winter 1985) photocopy only. No.2(Spring 1985).
(77)Submission th the Senate Finance Committee Nov. 28, 1985, David J. Bercuson and Robert Bothwell
(78)Supply Side Academics, CAUT Bulletin Dec 1984, Paul Axelrod
(79)University of Toronto - Renewal 1987. A discussion paper on the nature and role of the University of Toronto
(80)What Literary Criticism Needs to Learn From Scientific Methodology. MOSAIC XVII, Fall 1984, Wilfred Cude

Newspaper clippings:

(81)Regarding George Drew Biography which was never completed
(82)The Great Brain Robbery - reviews and announcements1984-1987
(83)The Great Brain Robbery - related material (not source)
(84)The Great Brain Robbery - source material

Publisher's catalogues:

(85)McClelland & Stuart Catalogues, 1984. Includes The Great Brain Robbery


(86)Interviews conducted by J. Granatstein for Sacred Trust: Peter White, PMO; Charles MacMillan, PCO; Alain Gourd, DM Communications; Jean Fournier, Assist. DM Fed/Prov Rel.; Gerry Shannon, Sr Assist. DM Trade Tax; Dr. David Kirkwood, DM Health & Welfare; Timothy Porteous; Fred Doucet, PMO; Senator Findley MacDonald; Geof Norquay, PMO; Blenkarn (conducted by D.J.Bercuson); Tom Hockin, MP; Paul Dunn, Policy Advisor PMO; Andre Brossard (conducted by D.J. Bercuson); Steve Probyn (conducted by D.J.Bercuson); Keith Thompson; Rob Wright & Barry Lipsett; Harry Near; John Osborne; Ian Shugart, Sr. Policy Advisor to J.Epp; Fred W. Corbet; Steve Probyn

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