F0266 - bill bissett fonds


Call Number: 1986-008/001


(2)duz crosbee get it
(3)the easy way
(4)fires in th tempul
(5)ium walking on th moon
(6)i wake up wanting
(8)lite in a teagarden
(9)ride with joy
(10)wher was i ths morning
(12)a as in whun
(13)a forest in th shell and water
(14)abandond and free rail line
(15)ace uv clubs
(16)afrikan meadow
(17)after full belly
(18)ai ya ya
(19)all i need is a blank sheet uv papr
(20)almost october
(22)am or
(23)and cud see her thra th trees
(24)an i am the wanting in me
(25)And in all things did even as Adam had done
(26)and th green wind is mooving
(27)and that light is in thee
(28)angel -uv vishyun
(29)anothr sip nd mor taste
(30)any town
(32)are we together
(33)arrows of flowers
(34)th art world
(35)asura king
(36)at weird times uv day
(38)ba ba
(39)beech tide
(40)belly load ball
(41)th berbrs ar
(42)beyond bordrs
(43)big as trees
(44)th bird in th cloud
(45)th birds
(46)bless all th stars
(47)blew horizon
(48)blew ointment
(49)block 2,000
(50)blue fever
(51)the body
(52)bright turning star
(53)bright yellow sky
(54)th buffalo nd th elk
(55)burning fastr times th moon
(56)burning up oblivion
(57)business gent mid
(58)but now since china
(59)butterflies from hunger
(61)th cards
(62)casual conversashun
(63)th centr is th belly button
(64)a chain of gold
(65)th change of th canadian government
(67)th climate
(68)close yr eyes
(69)closeness yu can
(70)cloudy cosmos
(71)th comet is
(72)compard to sum humans
(75)cum to th sleenk

Call Number: 1986-008/002
(76)dance dance
(78)demerol menu
(79)dew legends have their own life apart
(80)dew ya forget
(81)domus, a.um
(82)doors opning in th sky
(85)drink this
(87)Dryden, OntarioFeb 10, 1967
(88)dumb pome
(89)early peggys cove bluez
(91)th editing moovs in nd out
(92)empty hallways
(93)endless as th sea
(94)enuff for several
(96)evrybodee wants a
(97)evr4one is on fire
(98)evury littul
(99)executive dumbells
(100)eyes pouring out
(101)a faint shaking
(102)fiendish storees uv peopui giving up smoking
(103)th fifth sun
(105)fires in th tempul
(106)th first dream
(107)first reeding i evr did
(108)th first sufi line
(110)flat jungul episode
(112)flying into merida at nite
(113)for bertrand lachance
(114)for to yu
(115)for what
(116)frivolity in the cockpit
(117)from th first sufi line
(118)f-uck he tlaot whn a
(119)get it togethr in time for what
(120)gettin back to th train
(121)gettin out from that house
(122)getting off
(123)getting up xercises
(124)giving of yrself
(125)gold minrs
(126)gonna pour a littul mor tea
(127)good morning my lord
(128)goomba up
(129)grass lake moon
(130)th great wuns tell us evreething
(131)th green bridge
(132)green sky open
(133)had anothr dreem
(134)th hard tests
(135)he limps
(136)he sd
(137)he thinks his wife is a light-bulb
(138)he was sayin to himself
(140)heart flash us
(142)hey yu
(143)hi mistr raven
(144)high above th blue
(145)th high green hill
(146)holee infinitee
(147)holy day
(149)th horny truth
(150)how littul we know
(151)how we pour our sewrage
(152)how yu know
(153)i always give th place
(154)i am so ful
(155)i askd ths guy
(156)i came to bed n yu wer
(157)i herd ya laffin
(158)i thot i wud die
(159)i want to see
(160)i was walking
(161)i will cunt to forty
(162)if evrythings a secret
(163)if i am not too busy
(164)if we cud be alive togethr heer
(165)ifin yu ull wash th dishus
(166)in agen yeh
(167)in love in israel
(168)in th desert in nevada
(169)in th night galloping by
(170)in ths forest
(171)in yr life
(173)intelligens is usd
(174)invisibul wings
(175)is it time to sit
(176)is th eyes
(177)is that a blotch
(178)is ths a memory
(179)is ths what it is
(180)it around it
(181)it sz on th sign
(182)it takes a lot of sitting
(183)it wunt snow til octobr
(184)is a prsons
(185)its a sun room
(186)its all a dreem
(187)its hard
(188)its past th green margarine now
(189)its really hot
(190)its th only way
(191)its very weird tonite
(192)ium cummin to yu
(193)ium havin a ball
(194)ium inside th typwritr
(195)jack kerouac
(196)januaree songs
(197)january hotel
(199)th jewels shine as yr undrstanding
(200)journees thru tempuls in mexico
(201)july rain
(203)th lady and th lion
(204)landslide praises
(205)large eggs
(207)lebanon voices
(208)left to chance
(209)lern not to
(210)let th pomes
(211)letters for a passing comet

Call Number: 1986-008/003
(212)liberating skies
(213)life is a main squeeze hang up
(214)light bulb
(215)th light is he sings
(216)th lights gone out
(219)long movements
(220)th lonliness of literacy
(221)looking out at th melting streets
(222)lost yr way
(223)love nd siphalis
(224)love of life
(225)love yr hair
(226)love yu refuse it
(227)Mad Hatter, a close fit
(228)th magic is not in territory
(229)th magic ship
(230)The Magician
(231)a man in green
(232)th man in th spinning
(233)manifold masturd
(236)th meeting
(237)messd up a bit
(238)middul uv wintr
(239)th mist
(240)molecular voyage
(241)moon slide
(242)moovees can b veree edukaysyanal
(243)Morning in Rush Lane, Saskatchewan
(244)mountain stop
(245)much later i can still taste
(246)music painting
(247)my klassikul edukashun
(248)my lady sd
(249)my lawyr sd
(250)my mouths on fire
(251)my sistr told me
(253)nd not whun word
(254)nd she tol me
(255)nd wer only childrn
(257)th neutron bomb
(258)nevr leev woodin matchus out
(259)a new guitar
(260)th nite sky is beginning to glow
(261)no toothpaste
(262)normal is not returning
(263)nothing goez in rite
(264)nothins tuff enuff
(265)Nova Scotia
(266)Now, according to paragraph C
(267)now they found th wagon
(268)nukleer renting landlord
(269)nus spot
(270)Oakalla Prison Farm
(271)of th sea
(272)on our way
(273)once i worked in a mental hospital
(274)th onlee mobile
(276)open mouth
(277)th opn eye
(278)or, how to make a lunker move
(279)our friends in jail
(280)our moon
(281)th outlaw
(282)outlaws alright
(283)outside th getting smallr wheel
(284)ovr stories
(285)a painting
(286)a pale green diamond
(288)th peacock in chapultapec
(289)peopul get ready
(290)th peopul uv vietnam
(291)piano slithur
(292)playing in th great hungr fields
(293)plea to be sung
(294)poem for my daughter ooljah
(295)poetry diot
(296)poetry dusint have to be
(297)prison window
(298)problems in inhibishuns
(299)th puritans
(301)radiashun collaps
(302)raging on
(304)rain tire
(306)rainy day
(307)rays th touch
(308)read aloud
(309)red harvest
(310)Red Roofs Road
(312)th ride to the place uv meditaysyun
(313)riff th veil from my eyez
(316)rolling anothr whun
(318)salmon herring and th sun
(319)say thanks
(321)th second messenger in taurus
(322)see Ontario
(324)settulin g or what is birth
(325)sha bee
(327)she sd
(328)She, 6ill and curling up with him
(329)she thot and was
(330)shes a very good cook
(331)shud i hit th road agen
(332)Sidney simons speerheds campaign
(333)slow frog song
(334)slow moshun breathing
(335)th Smell uv jasmine
(336)snow bird words
(337)th snow in ottawa
(338)Son of th cremd pistol
(339)song composed in a social assistance line up

Call Number: 1986-008/004
(340)song of th absentee warlock
(343)sounds i make to please her
(344)spirit th
(346)stardust island
(347)suk a soul
(348)sum times th monkey
(349)summer heart
(351)sung to th tune of michael rowd his boat ashore
(353)th symbolik valu
(354)take th river
(355)taking care uv th whole thing
(356)tears cut grief
(357)tell me what attackd yu
(358)tell tell
(359)th tempul firing
(360)there is no mind
(361)there is no other
(362)there is th voodoo
(363)there's only love
(364)there's safety in extras
(366)think uv yrself gunslingr
(367)thr is no whun els
(368)thru a tempul passage
(369)thru th bottom of th rail
(370)ths is a konkreet pome
(371)ths time
(372)time is
(373)torn sleeve
(374)touching each othr
(376)travelling hand
(377)th trees
(378)th treez ar dansing
(379)try not to succumb
(380)tryin to talk abt also real things
(381)twice my studio
(383)th unicorn is loos
(384)untie th knowt
(385)uv the world
(386)th vankouvr establishment
(387)verbal abuse
(388)vincent price is god
(389)wake us
(390)wand ring
(391)th warmth of human company
(392)we danced all nite
(393)we dew it again
(394)we sleep inside each other all
(395)we smoke
(396)we suspekt each othr
(398)th well
(399)weull make a voodoo machine
(401)what childrn can know abt parents
(402)what did ya wrck this time
(403)what does mean mean
(404)what duz an exchange look like
(405)what global yeer
(406)what happened
(407)what he wrote on a tree
(408)what is between us
(409)what is left
(410)what is wovn
(411)what struck me was
(412)what to call it
(413)what will yu tell yr mother
(414)what wud yu say to ths dreem
(415)what yu cant tear yr self away from
(416)what yu let flow out thra yu
(417)what ya look
(419)wher ther is no doorway
(420)where are they now
(421)where did evrybody c-am from
(422)whether the storm cums
(423)while th passengers
(424)white lightning
(425)whn th toothpaste runs out
(426)whn yr hands cant to-uch th railing
(427)whn yr in me
(428)who am i to observ
(429)who are yu baby
(430)who wud play with yr fingrs
(431)why dew poor peopul live in th slu
(432)why duz he hate being away from home
(433)why ths stars
(435)th wind spirits
(437)with love
(439)writing in th shadow uv th tempul
(440)th wundrfulness uv th mountees
(441)wuns i saw it raining frogs
(442)yang yang
(443)yeh th heart uv th peopul
(444)yes ur yes
(445)yr a bird
(446)yr arm in th moon
(447)yr doubting
(448)yr eating me
(449)yr eyes
(450)yr heart is th eye uv th universe
(451)yu are free to move
(452)yu can see th trees
(453)yu dont look up
(454)yu said it
(455)yu wer whispring
(456)yuv seen it all before

Call Number: 1986-008/005

canada gees mate for life

(457)air canada whats the storee
(458)arbutus song
(459)baybees breth
(460)th behaviour modificator
(461)big mac attack
(462)bissett or bissette is a trade name
(463)boomerang th floating karma
(464)th bracelet
(465)can th lite burn o-at
(466)canada gees mate for life
(467)canadian sasquatch sitid
(468)canyun uv th flying mattresses
(469)circa 1955 my sister
(470)close proximitee uv persons
(471)conversaysyans in th karibu
(472)coppr eye land
(473)th coppr ininr
(474)the day th powr went off
(475)deep image in winnipeg
(476)did i tell yu abt th band playing
(477)clyde dunkobbs
(478)elvs ozone factorees
(479)erlee wintr song in th forest
(480)th first snow
(481)th first terrorism
(482)th fool
(483)frasr canyun sky vishyun
(484)getting sum shakes for th porch
(485)th goddess uv mersee n worree
(486)got evreething mor or less wintrizd

Call Number: 1986-008/006
(487)grace mccarthee invites us to jog
(488)halifax nova scotia
(489)have you seen th movee fortune in mens eyez
(490)he uv th silvr sperm she
(491)hold on to yr ty-pwritr
(493)i knew it wasint cabin fevr
(494)i met yu in th park
(495)i stoppd beleeving
(496)i was on beech ave in vancouvr
(497)if we can see th magic animals
(498)in th desert in nevada
(499)in th island uv manee peopul grow
(500)it is our self with whom we dont join hands
(501)it is th same am thees ams
(502)it sz in th london free press
(503)itself th words dew
(504)iul tell yu a storee
(506)lerning mozart minuet in g
(508)th listnr
(509)looking for th innr life in 100 mile
(510)th lovr sighs
(511)moon lovr
(512)mooving thru th islands
(513)th nite th ammunishyun dump explodid
(514)th onlee tim i evr
(515)prayree sou.1 uv regina
(516)prspektiv is a big help
(517)red eyez in th morning
(518)restaurant dutee

Call Number: 1986-008/007
(521)sky eye
(523)spirit ship
(525)sweat dance
(526)thrones uv cormorants
(527)ths longing i feel for yu
(529)unicorn song
(530)vancouvr citee council
(531)walkin down th street
(532)we ar abul to climb up highr
(533)what maree dewing in moscow
(534)wher we ar in th karibu
(535)whn diefenbaker went
(536)who cud have predicted anee uv ths
(537)wintr solstis song
(538)th wizard
(539)wun morning
(540)yul nevr grow

Seagull on yonge street

(541)aginst my will
(542)at th awksyun in hundrid mile
(543)bill bissett
(544)first day back in town
(545)it was at th lost rubbr soul motel
(547)th miracul in th cariboo
(548)mistr bennett
(549)name droppings
(550)no memoree
(551)sum daze

Call Number: 1986-008/008

Manuscripts: Collected and proof-reading copies, 1971 - 1986.

(552)Proof-reading copies, untitled.
(553)Poems for Arts Award1978-1979
(554)Poems for Arts Award1984-1985
(555)Poems for Arts Award1985-1986
(556)Poems in progress, canada gees mate for life.
(557)Proof-reading copies for canada gees mate for life.
(558)Proof-reading copies for canada gees mate for life.
(559)Proof-reading copies for canada gees mate for life.
(560)Poems for Council grant1976
(561)Home copy, Drifting into War1971
(562)Proof-reading copies, fires in th tempul. OVERSIZE
(563)Publisher's plates, northern birds in color. OVERSIZE
(564)Publisher's plates, parlant. OVERSIZE
(565)Collected poems, what.

Call Number: 1986-008/009

Works by other authors (Manuscripts and Typescripts)

(566)Arthor Unknown
(572)Jeremy Adler
(573)Kristen Anderson1985
(574)Miguel Angel Asturias
(575)Ooljah Bissett
(576)Rob Carr1986
(577)Paula Claire1983-1986
(578)Bob Cobbing1973-1984
(579)Jane Court
(580)M.E. Csamer
(581)J.W. Curry1983
(582)John Wm. Dempsey1985-1986
(583)Rob Doharty
(584)John Donlan
(585)Clyde Dunkob1982
(586)Paul Dutton1983
(587)Victor Jerrett Enns
(588)P.C. Fencott
(589)Mona Fertig1975-1982
(590)Cathy Ford1975
(591)Sheila Forrerter1985-1986
(592)Maxine Gadd1970
(593)Grant Gardner1986
(594)Clayton Giles
(595)Reshard Gool
(596)Kristjana Gunnars1983
(597)Jorj Heyman
(598)Rosemary Hollingshead
(599)Beth Jankola
(600)G.X. Jupitter-Larsen1984
(601)Rob K.
(602)Wally Koekebakker1986
(603)Bertrand Lachance1970
(604)Chris Laily1985-1986
(605)Michael Lally1977
(606)Christopher Lantz1980-1981
(607)Alan Lord
(608)S.D. MacDonald
(609)Mike McKinnon1986
(610)Nakur Melendez1985
(611)Marie Mendenhall
(612)George Morrissete
(613)Susan Musgrave1980

Call Number: 1986-008/010
(614)Sharon Nelson1983
(615)bp Nichol
(616)Michael O1984
(617)John Paul
(618)Allan Rosen
(619)Michael Rosen
(620)R.C. Ruttan
(621)Anonyme Sanvegret1986
(622)Glen Sorestad
(623)S.F. Stapleton
(624)Margaret Stellick1985
(625)Andrew Suknasi
(626)George Swede1983
(627)David Teare1985
(628)Doug Thompson1986
(629)John Paul Uzelmann
(630)L.C. Vinholes1983
(631)Scott Watson1983
(632)Phyllis Webb
(633)David West
(634)Ken West
(635)Paul Wilson1982
(636)John Zettler1986
(637)Carolyn Zonailo1985

bissett's Notes

(641)Addresses and Phone Numbers
(642)Addresses and Phone Numbers

Call Number: 1986-008/011
(643)Addresses and Phone Numbers
(644)Addresses and Phone Numbers
(645)Appointments and Messages

Artwork By Bissett


Call Number: 1986-008/012

Artwork By Other Artists

(651)general (OVERSIZED)

Personal Correspondence Recieved, 1967-1986.

(653)Initials only1984-1986
(654)Cousin M1984-1986

Call Number: 1986-008/013

First Names Only

(660)Betty and Richard
(668)Dennis and Kimberly
(675)George and Sharon
(702)Aunt Mobile1985

First and Last Names

(728)Academic Press Canada1984
(729)Francesco Adai
(730)Aero Plan
(732)Chuck Allen
(734)Joan and Tom Anderson
(735)The Art Gallery at Harbourfront1984
(736)Arts Students' Council at the University of Western Ontario
(737)Margaret Atwood1984
(738)Bank of Canada1984
(739)Barclay T.1985
(740)Barrett, David1984
(741)Barriere, Garth
(742)Belkiw, Cheryl1986
(743)Betcherman, Gary1984

Call Number: 1986-008/014
(744)Billings, R.1986
(745)Birney, Earle1984
(746)Bissett-Sagar, Elizabeth1984-1986
(747)Bissett, Ooljah1985-1986
(748)Body Politic1986
(749)Boofards, Win1985
(750)Bojman, Deb1986
(751)Bourne, Tony1984
(752)Bowne, Steve1986
(753)Bradley, Jane
(754)Brett, Brian1984
(755)Bringhurst, Robert1984
(756)British Columbia Book Prizes1985
(757)Bruccoli Clark Inc.1986
(758)William Buchanan1986
(759)Burke, Rod
(760)Butt, Bill
(761)Button, Isabel1967
(762)Bamplure, Anne1984
(763)Canada Council1983-1986
(764)The Canadian Book Information Centre1986
(765)Canadian High Commission1984
(766)Canadian Pacific Air
(767)The Capilano Review1985
(768)Carlos, Marianne1986
(769)Carr, Rob1984-1986
(770)Carriw, Jim1986
(771)Claire, Paula

Call Number: 1986-008/015
(772)Claire, Paula1984
(773)Claire, Paula1985
(774)Claire, Paula1986
(775)Clarke, Cathy1986
(776)Coach House Press1986
(777)Collins, Gerry1986
(778)Collins, Thomas
(779)The Company Theatre1985
(780)Contemporary Authors1984
(781)Contemporary Verse1986
(782)Court, Jane1981
(783)Covert, Aunt Peggy1986
(784)Cowslip, Patsy1985
(785)Csepregi, Ellie1985
(786)Cullen, Michael1986
(787)Cumbers, Diane1984-1986
(788)Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru (Welsh Arts Council)1984
(789)David, Jack1984-1985
(790)Deahl, James1986

Call Number: 1986-008/016
(791)DeLorey, Barb
(792)Diakun, Karen1986
(793)Dictionary of Literary Biography1986
(794)Di Prima, Diana1984
(795)Donlan, John1985-1986
(796)Donlan, Mary1986
(797)Douglas and McIntyre1985
(798)Drewry, Alan1986
(799)Drumbolis, Nicky1986
(800)Dunswuir, Meredith
(801)Eckstein, Karen1983
(802)Edgar, Cam1985
(803)Eggleton, Mayor Art1986
(804)Estok, Mike1984
(806)Evason, Greg1986
(807)Expo 1986
(808)Faiers, Chris1984
(809)Far West1985
(810)Farrell, Patricia1985-1986
(811)Fertig, Mona1984-1985
(812)Filip, Raymond1985
(813)Ford, Cathy1984-1986
(814)Forty-Ninth Parallel1986
(815)Foz, J.1986
(816)Friesen, Pat1984-1986
(817)Gafarth, John and Daisy
(818)Gardiner, Grant
(819)Gedalof, Allan1985-1986
(820)Geddes, Gary1984
(821)Gelhada, Mary1985
(822)Gilbert, Linda1984
(823)Gilmore, Jim1985
(824)Giroux, Joel1985
(825)Goldsmith, Penny1986
(826)Good, Jim
(827)Gool, Richard1984
(828)Graff, Tom1986
(829)The Greenfield Review1986
(830)Greenhow, Henry1986
(831)Guildford, Doug1984-1985
(832)Gunn, Mickey1986
(833)Gustafson, Ralph1983
(834)Hagarty, Joan1986
(835)Haig, Tom
(836)Hair, Don1986
(838)Harmony Books1986
(839)Harrigan, F. Wayne1984
(840)Hauser, Gwen1986
(841)Haywood, Peter1984
(842)Henning, Roger1985-1986
(843)Hilmo, Maidie1984-1985
(844)Holder, Wayne1985
(845)Holdstock, Pauline1984
(846)Hollingshead, Rosemary
(847)Hopkins, Konrad1984-1986
(848)Horner, Doug1984
(849)Adolf Hungry Wolf1984
(850)Hunt, Nigel1984-1985
(851)International Biographical Centre1985-1986
(852)James, Clifford1985
(853)Jameson, Dalin1986
(854)Jankola, Beth1984-1986
(855)Jirgens, Karl1984-1986

Call Number: 1986-008/017
(856)Johnson, Marion1986
(857)Johnston, George1984-1986
(858)Karasick, Adeena1986
(859)Keetch, Bill1985
(860)Kehler, Torsten
(861)Koppe, Otto
(862)Kostelanetz, Richard1983, 1986
(863)Kruzel, Hugh1986
(864)Kuropatwa, Joy1986
(865)L., David1984
(866)Labonte, Richard
(867)Lachance, Bertrand1985-1986
(868)Lailey, Chris1986
(869)Lampert, Arlene1985-1986
(870)Landry, John1984-1986
(871)Lanrance, Scott1984
(872)Larventz, Don1985
(873)Lauk, Gary1986
(874)Lawlor, Michaeln.d.
(875)Lazara Publications1984
(876)League of Canadian Poets1983-1986
(877)Lee, David and Maureen1984-1986
(878)Levrette, Clarke
(879)Li, Evelyn1985-1986
(880)Lichui Ltd.1985
(881)Linsley, Rob1983
(882)Literary Translators Association1984
(883)Lord, Jo and Alan1985
(884)Lum, Ken1984
(885)MacDonald, Jim1977
(886)MacDougall, Rob
(887)McIntosh, Leslie1985
(888)McKinnon, Barry1985
(889)McKinnon, Mike1986
(890)McMurchy, Patsi1985-1986
(891)The Mail Room1983
(892)Majors, Cat1985-1986
(894)Martin, Diane1986
(895)Martindale, Sheila1985
(896)Mee, Bill1986
(897)Melvin, Bob1986
(898)Messer, Norman
(899)Metcalf, Michael1985
(900)Metcalfe, Dorothy1984-1986

Call Number: 1986-008/018
(901)Michaels, Anne1983
(902)Micros, Marianne1986
(903)Miller, Steve1985
(904)Milner, Phil1984
(905)Mitchell, Dawne1985
(906)Morris, Craig1985-1986
(907)Morris, Michael1986
(908)Musgrave, Susan1986
(909)National Poetry Secretariat1984
(910)Necakov, Lillian1984
(911)Nelson, Sharon1984-1986
(912)New Democratic Party1985
(913)Newlove, John1981
(914)nichol, bp1986
(915)Oakridge Secondary School1986
(916)Oates, Debbie1985-1986
(917)O'Brien, Peter1985
(918)O.K. Grapics1984
(919)Ontario Arts Council1985-1986
(920)Open Letter1984
(921)Orbach, Marvin1984
(923)Paterson, Gary and Judy
(924)Paxton, Steve1985
(925)Gordon and Mary payne
(926)Peace Arts Publishers1984-1985
(927)Penguin Books Ltd.1984
(928)Pierluigi, Gary
(929)Pito, Glen
(930)Poetry Canada Review1984-1985
(931)Prouty, William1985
(932)Public Lending Right Commission1986
(933)Quartermain, Peter1986
(934)Queen's University, Douglas Library1982
(935)Reaney, Jamie and Colleen1985
(936)Rebeiro, Angela1986
(937)Regina Public Library1984
(938)Richmond Art Gallery1984-1986
(939)Ryga, George1984
(940)Ritchie, Elizabeth1984
(941)Robinson, David1984-1986
(942)Rosen, Gloria and David1984
(943)Rosen, Michael1985

Call Number: 1986-008/019
(944)Ross, Paula1985
(945)S., Bill1986
(946)Safarik, Allan
(947)Safronick, James
(948)Saint James Press1984
(949)Jean Sangwine1975
(950)Saskatoon Public Library1985
(951)Schendling, Karen1985
(952)Shaffer, Stan1984
(953)Shaw, Jerry1984
(954)Siegler, Karl1985
(955)David and Linda Silcox1984
(956)Simmons, St. John1986
(957)Simon Fraser University1976-1984
(958)Simons, Beverley1985-1986
(959)Smith, Steven1985-1986
(960)Sorestad, Glen1984
(961)Sound Poetry Festival1984
(962)Sound Symposium
(963)Sparks, Poky
(964)Spears, Heather1986
(965)Staatsgalevie Stuttgart1984
(966)Steele, Aaron
(967)Stephens, Kevin1985-1986
(968)Stephenson, Joy1985-1986
(969)Strom, Millie1975
(970)Suckle, Eddie1985
(971)Svoboda, J.L.1985
(972)Swartz, Jill1984
(973)Talon Books Ltd.1986
(974)Tardos, Anne1984
(975)Taylor, Paul
(976)Tralla, Tiit1986
(977)Trasov, Vincent1986
(978)Trudeau, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott198z,
(979)Twigg, Alan1984
(981)University of St. Jerome's College1984
(982)University of Western Ontario1985
(983)University of Windsor, Faculty of Law1986
(984)Vakoelo, Eleni1986
(985)Van Bleake, Sharee1984
(986)Vancouver Art Gallery1984-1985
(987)Van Dyk, Margaret
(988)Vesta Publications Ltd.1986
(989)Virtanen, Leila
(990)Wallace, Bronwen1986
(991)Wallace, Ian1986
(992)Wallace, Keith1985
(993)Wallace, Susan
(994)Wherry, Don1985
(995)Whitter, Gaii1983
(996)Wiggins, Bill1986
(997)Wiseman, Adele1985-1986

Call Number: 1986-008/020
(998)Wood, Wendy1985-1986
(999)Woods, Elizabeth1986
(1000)World Poetry Festival1986
(1001)Yawson, Andrea
(1002)Zend, Janine1985
(1003)Zettler, John1986
(1004)Ziduliak, Karol1984
(1005)Zonailo, Carolyn1984-1985

Call Number: 1986-008/021

Financial Records, Minutes and Published Books

(1006)Minutes: League of Canadian Poets1984-1986
(1007)Minutes: Vancouver Art Gallery1986
(1008)Minutes York University Libraries1983-1984
(1009)bill bissett's published books, Air 10.11.12
(1010)bill bissett's published books, Canada gees mate for life
(1011)bill bissett's published books, Canada gees mate for life
(1012)bill bissett's published books, Canada gees mate for life
(1013)bill bissett's published books, th first snow
(1014)bill bissett's published books, The last blewointment anthology
(1015)bill bissett's published books, Northern Birds in Color

Call Number: 1986-008/022
(1016)bill bissett's published books, Parlant one copy, two covers
(1017)bill bissett's published books, Polar Bear Hunt
(1018)bill bissett's published books, Sailor
(1019)bill bissett's published books, Seagull on Yonge street
(1020)bill bissett's published books, Venus
(1021)bill bissett's published books, Where is Miss Florence
(1022)bill bissett's published books, Write me an adventure
(1023)bill bissett's published books, wuns i saw it raining frogs
(1024)Anthologies Including bissett's writing, After the End
(1025)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Anerca
(1026)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Canadian Author and Bookman
(1027)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Canadian Forum
(1028)copy of the Contemporary Canadian Poem Anthology1984
(1029)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Contemporary Verse

Call Number: 1986-008/023
(1030)copy of Poetry Agenda, including bissett1984
(1031)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Poetry Canada ReviewFall 1984
(1032)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Poetry Canada ReviewWinter 1984
(1033)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Essays on Canadian Writing
(1034)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Text-Sound Texts
(1035)Anthologies including bissett's writing, Trends
(1036)Printed works by other Authors, Beryl Baigent
(1037)Printed works by other Authors, G. Bartleman
(1038)Printed works by other Authors, P.X. Belinsky
(1039)Printed works by other authors, Sandra Braman and Paul Dutton
(1040)Printed works by other authors, Anne Campbell

Call Number: 1986-008/024
(1041)Printed works by other authors Henri Chopin
(1042)Printed works by other authors Bob Cobbing
(1043)Printed works by other authors Michael Cullen
(1044)Printed works by other authors, Brian Dedora
(1045)Printed works by other authors, Tim Dunn
(1046)Printed works by other authors Clive Fencott
(1047)Printed works by other authors, Peter Finch
(1048)Printed works by other authors, Cathy Ford
(1049)Printed works by other authors, Patrick Friesen
(1050)Printed works by other authors, Maxine Gadd
(1051)Printed works by other authors, Gerry Gilbert
(1052)Printed works by other authors, Beth Jankola
(1053)Printed works by other authors, Hank Johnsen
(1054)Printed works by other authors, Keith Jones
(1055)Printed works by other authors, Tom Konyves
(1056)Printed works by other authors, Mark Laba

Call Number: 1986-008/025
(1057)Printed works by other authors, Tim Lander
(1058)Printed works by other authors, Beth Learn
(1059)Printed works by other authors, Carole Leckner
(1060)Printed works by other authors, David McFadden
(1061)Printed works by other authors, Barry McKinnon
(1062)Printed works by other authors, Leslie Mundwiler
(1063)Printed works by other authors, bp Nichol
(1064)Printed works by other authors, Denia Pontes
(1065)Printed works by other authors, Andrew Pratt
(1066)Printed works by other authors, Ciel Rose
(1067)Printed works by other authors, Beverly Simons
(1068)Printed works by other authors, Steven Smith
(1069)Printed wrks by other authors, Kate Van Dusen
(1070)Printed works by other authors, E.E. Vonna - Michell
(1071)Printed works by other authors, Ken West
(1072)Printed works by other authors, Mara Zibens and Richard Truhlar
(1073)Printed works by other authors, Carolyn Zonailo
(1074)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Anerca
(1075)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -B.C. Monthly
(1076)Printed works by other authors, Canadian Theatre Review (Anthology)
(1077)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Industrial Sabotage
(1078)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies- Lobby Press Newsletter
(1079)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Matta

Call Number: 1986-008/026
(1080)Printed work by other authors, Anthologies - Poetry Canada Review
(1081)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Proem
(1082)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -The Reader
(1083)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Reality Studios
(1084)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Studies in Canadian Literature
(1085)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Tentacles
(1086)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -This Magazine
(1087)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies - The unfinished anthology
(1088)Printed works by other authors, Anthologies -Visions
(1089)Reviews of bissett's work1978, 1980, 1982
(1090)Reviews of bissett's work1983
(1091)Reviews of bissett's work1984

Call Number: 1986-008/027
(1092)Reviews of bissett's work1985
(1093)Reviews of bissett's work1986
(1094)bissett's collected information newspapers1983
(1095)bissett's collected information newspapersJan 1984- June 1984
(1096)bissett's collected information newspapersJuly 1984- Dec 1984
(1097)bissett's collected information newspapersJan 1985- June 1985

Call Number: 1986-008/028
(1098)Reviews of bissett's work1985
(1099)Reviews of bissett's work1986
(1100)bissetts collected information newspapers1983
(1101)bissett's collected information newspapersJan 1984- June 1984
(1102)bissett's collected information newspapersJuly 1984-Dec 1984
(1103)bissett's collected information newspapersJan 1985 - June 1985

Call Number: 1986-008/029
(1104)bissett's collected information newspapersJuly 1985 - Dec 1985
(1105)bissett's collected information newspapersJan 1986- March 1986
(1106)bissett's collected information newspapersApril 1986-June 1986
(1107)bissett's collected information newspapersJuly 1986 - Nov 1986

Call Number: 1986-008/030


(1108)bissett's readings1980-1981, 1984
(1109)bissett's readings1985
(1110)bissett's readings1986
(1111)Exhibitions - Annual Western Ontario ExhibitionJan 1986
(1112)Exhibitions - Embassy Cultural HouseMarch 1986
(1113)bissett's exhibitions "fires in th tempul"Sept 1984
(1114)Exhibitions - Gallerico'sJuly 1986
(1115)Exhibitions - Making history: Recent Art of the Pacific WestApril 1986
(1116)Exhibitions - Neoartism GallerySept 1986
(1117)Exhibitions - October ShowOct 1983
(1118)Exhibitions - Retrospektiv XhibishyunSept 1986
(1119)Exhibitions - Richmond Art GalleryFeb 4, 1985
(1120)Exhibitions - Second Annual XhibishyunAug 1986
(1121)Exhibitions - Vancouver 6July 1984
(1122)Exhibitions - Western Front Art ShowSept (n.d.)
(1123)Gallery signs for bissett's paintings

Call Number: 1986-008/031


(1124)Publications by other Authors - Sandra Birdsell
(1125)Publications by other Authors - The Canadian Encyclopedia
(1126)Publications by other Authors - Canadian Poetry Now
(1127)Publications by other Authors - Joan Clark
(1128)Publications by other Authors - Robert S. Eden
(1129)Publications by other Authors - Inlet
(1130)Publications by other Authors - Umberto Menghi
(1131)Publications by other Authors - Shar on Nelson
(1132)Publications by other Authors - Orbis
(1133)Publications by other Authors - Allan Safarik
(1134)Publications by other Authors - Bill Smith
(1135)Publications by other Authors - Steven Smith
(1136)Publications by other Authors - Gertrude Stein
(1137)Publications by other Authors - Talon Books
(1138)Publications by other Authors - Audrey Thomas
(1139)Publications by other Authors - Vancouver Fiction
(1140)Publications by other Authors - Carolyn Zonailo
(1141)Readings by other writers - "L'Affaire Pataphysique"May 1985
(1142)Readings by other writers - David ArnasonMarch 1985
(1143)Readings by other writers - Sandra Birdsell
(1144)Readings by other writers - Debora BojmanMarch - May 1986
(1145)Readings by other writers - Robert BringhurstOct. 1986
(1146)Readings by other writers - Paula Claire1985
(1147)Readings by other writers - "The Coast is only a Line"July 1981
(1148)Readings by other writers - Leonard Cohen
(1149)Readings by other writers - David Conn et al.July 1985
(1150)Readings by other writers - Gary Cramer et al.Nov. 1984
(1151)Readings by other writers - Clive Fencott and Steve Moore
(1152)Readings by other writers - "The First Annual Creative Writing 110 Reading" (V.W.O.)
(1153)Readings by other writers - "The First International Feminist Book Festival"June 1983
(1154)Readings by other writers - Allen GinsbergMay 1985
(1155)Readings by other writers - Stephen GuppyFebruary 1986
(1156)Readings by other writers - Gladys Hindmarch et al
(1157)Readings by other writers - "The League of Canadian Poets Book Awards"1984
(1158)Readings by other writers - Richard Lush and Anne MichaelsJanuary 1986
(1159)Readings by other writers - Jackson Maclow and Anne TardosMarch 1984
(1160)Readings by other writers - Sheila Martindale
(1161)Readings by other writers - Michael Morris et alJanuary 1986
(1162)Readings by other writers - Erin MoureAugust 1986
(1163)Readings by other writers - "National Book Festival"April 1984
(1164)Readings by other writers - "New Poetics Colloquium"August 1985
(1165)Readings by other writers - "New River Project"
(1166)Readings by other writers - "Oral Complex"March 1984
(1167)Readings by other writers - "James O' Reilly"
(1168)Readings by other writers - "Gerri Sinclair et al"
(1169)Readings by other writers - "Robin Skelton"April 1986
(1170)Readings by other writers - "Carolyn Smart"
(1171)Readings by other writers - Elizabeth SmartDec 1982
(1172)Readings by other writers - Karen Smythe et al
(1173)Readings by other writers - John Edward SorrellJune 1985
(1174)Readings by other writers - Sound Symposium1983
(1175)Readings by other writers - Andrew Suknaski
(1176)Readings by other writers - Jan Wade
(1177)Readings by other writers - Paul Winter and Yevgeny Yevtushenko
(1178)Readings by other writers - Andrew Wreggitt1985-1986
(1179)Exhibitions by other artists - Art Bank
(1180)Exhibitions by other artists - Darlene Ballis
(1181)Exhibitions by other artists - Jeffery Birkin
(1182)Exhibitions by other artists - Taki Bluesinger and Glenn Lewis
(1183)Exhibitions by other artists - Carl Chaplin
(1184)Exhibitions by other artists - Stephen Clark
(1185)Exhibitions by other artists - Christos Dikeakos
(1186)Exhibitions by other artists - Wayne Eastcott
(1187)Exhibitions by other artists - "Europe in Vancouver"
(1188)Exhibitions by other artists - Ken Lum
(1189)Exhibitions by other artists - Michale Morris
(1190)Exhibitions by other artists - Zonda Nellis
(1191)Exhibitions by other artists - "Ocean Paper Stone"
(1192)Exhibitions by other artists "Lynn Onley"
(1193)Exhibitions by other artists "Gordon Payne"
(1194)Exhibitions by other artists "Pitt International Galeries"
(1195)Exhibitions by other artists "The Arthur Rubloff Paper weight collection"
(1196)Exhibitions by other artists "Jayce Salloum"
(1197)Exhibitions by other artists "Sandra Semchuk"
(1198)Exhibitions by other artists "Staatsgalarie Stuttgart"
(1199)Exhibitions by other artists - Richard Turner
(1200)Exhibitions by other artists - Vancouver Art Gallery
(1201)Exhibitions by other artists - The Mrs. James ward Thorne Colletion of Miniature Rooms
(1202)Exhibitions by other artists Winnipeg Art Gallery
(1203)Magazines Seeking Poetry Submissions, Dog's Breath
(1204)Magazines Seeking Poetry Submissions, A Labour of Love
(1205)Magazines Seeking Poetry Submmissions, Margin
(1206)Magazines Seeking Poetry Submissions, Milton Acorn Anthology
(1207)Magazines seeking poetry submissions, Peace Arts1984
(1208)Magazines seeking poetry submissions, Western Canada Art Association
(1209)Entertainment Information, Film and Television : Department of English Free Cinematheque
(1210)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: F.R.Scott: Rhyme and Reason
(1211)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: Historic Color Films
(1212)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: King David
(1213)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: Movie Facts
(1214)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: My American Cousin
(1215)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: National Film Board
(1216)Entertainmment Information, Film and Television: New Yorker Cinema
(1217)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: No Sad Songs
(1218)Entertainment Information, Film and Television: Pee Wee's Big Adventure
(1219)Entertainment Information, Film and Television - Rogers Cable T.V.
(1220)Entertainment Information, Film and Television - Utu
(1221)Entertainment Information, Theatre and Dance -Aisa Pacific Festival
(1222)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - Baryshnikov + Co.
(1223)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre -The Beifrey Threatre Benefit
(1224)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - Foreign Territory
(1225)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - The Goodman Theatre
(1226)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre -Ice Capades
(1227)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - Meeting Place, Spirit House

Call Number: 1986-008/032
(1228)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - The Paradise Bar Files
(1229)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - Phoenix
(1230)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - Premiere Dance Theatre
(1231)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - Spoke the hub Dancing
(1232)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - Vancouver Children's Festival
(1233)Entertainment Information, Dance and Theatre - The Vancouver Playhouse
(1234)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Bryan Adams
(1235)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Bauhaus Cabaret Enterprises
(1236)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Cantorion Caymraeg
(1237)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Leonard Cohen
(1238)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Ethno Fusion
(1239)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Billie Holiday
(1240)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Richard Lerman
(1241)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Luddites
(1242)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Lubomyr Melnyk
(1243)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Anne Murray
(1244)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Opening Gala, Expo 86 World Festival
(1245)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Radio Waves
(1246)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, RPM Weekly
(1247)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Sound Symposium
(1248)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, The Spores
(1249)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Vancouver Opera
(1250)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Verdi Requiem
(1251)Entertainment Information, Music, Concerts, Radio, Paul Young
(1252)bissett's flight tickets and information
(1253)bissett's travel receipts and information (other than by air plane)
(1254)Local advertising and tourist information - London, England
(1255)Local advertising and tourist information - London, Ontario
(1256)Local advertising and tourist information - New Foundland
(1257)Local advertising and tourist information - Saint John
(1258)Local advertising and tourist information - Toronto, ON
(1259)Local advertising and tourist information - Vancouver
(1260)Publisher's Catalogues
(1261)Publisher's Catalogues - Anansi Press1984-1986
(1262)Publisher's Catalogues Association of Book - Publishers of British Columbia
(1263)Publisher's Catalogues - Balsam Flex
(1264)Publisher's Catalogues - blewointment press1978-79, 1982-83, 1984
(1265)Publisher's Catalogues, ECW Press1984
(1266)Publisher's Catalogues, Glad Day Bookshop Inc.
(1267)Publisher's Catalogues, Harbour Publishing
(1268)Publisher's Catalogues, Kids These Days1986
(1269)Publisher's Catalogues, Letters1986

Call Number: 1986-008/033
(1270)Publisher's Catalogues, The Literary Press Group1982
(1271)Publisher's Catalogues Mosaic Press1986
(1272)Publisher's Catalogues Ocean Paper Stone1984
(1273)Publisher's Catalogues One Ten Records
(1274)Publisher's Catalogues Ouroboros1985
(1275)Publisher's Catalogues, Proper Tales Press1984
(1276)Publisher's Catalogues, Thistledown Press
(1277)Publisher's Catalogues, Underwhich Editions1983
(1278)Publisher's Catalogues, Unfinished Monument Press1984
(1279)Political Publications, Amnesty International1984-1986
(1280)Political Publications, British Columbia New Democratic Party1983
(1281)Political Publications, Canadian Association for Free Expression (C.A.F.E.)1985-1986
(1282)Political Publications, Canadian Civil Liberties Association1984, 1986
(1283)Political Publications, "Censoring Gay Sex"1986
(1284)Political Publications, Censorship Canada1986
(1285)Political Publications, Communist Party of Canada1984-1985
(1286)Political Publications, Community for Creative Non - Violence1986
(1287)Political Publications, The Dismantler1984
(1288)Political Publications, D.O.A
(1289)Political Publications, End the Arms Race
(1290)Political Publications, Energy Probe1984-1985
(1291)Political Publications, The Honourable Eugene Forsey1986
(1292)Political Publications, "Gross National Product" Sharon H. Nelson1984
(1293)Political Publications, Indian Centre Society1984
(1294)Political Publications, International Defence and Aid Fund1984
(1295)Political Publications, Martti Koski
(1296)Political Publications, Lill ooet Triabl Council
(1297)Political Publications, Nanoose Conversion Campaign
(1298)Political Publications, New Democratic Party1984
(1299)Political Publications, The Nuclear Awareness Committee of U.W.O.1986
(1300)Political Publications, Operation Dismantle1984
(1301)Political Publications, Oxfam1985-1986
(1302)Political Publications, Le Patrimoine1984
(1303)Political Publications, People's Front1985
(1304)Political Publications, Project Ploughshares1985-1986
(1305)Political Publications, The Right to Peace Movement
(1306)Political Publications, St. Paul's Hospital
(1307)Political Publications, Solidarity Coalition
(1308)Political Publications ,Sport B.C.1985
(1309)Political Publications, Students United for Nuclear Sanity (S.U.N.S)1986
(1310)Political Publications, Unice of Canada
(1311)Political Publications, University of Western Ontario Liberal Association
(1312)Political Publications, Vancouver Centre New Democratic Part1985-1986
(1313)Political Publications, Vancouver Teacher's and Administrator's Associations
(1314)Political Publications, World Peace and Nuclear Disarmament
(1315)Political Publications, World Vision Canada1985
(1316)bissett's identificaton cards and passport
(1317)Photographs Miscellaneous

Call Number: 1986-008/034
(1318)Photographs of bissett
(1319)Photographs of bissett
(1320)Photographs of bissett's paintings
(1321)Photographs of bissett's paintings
(1322)Audio Tapes Untitled 1 cassette, 2 reels

Call Number: 1986-008/035
(1323)Miscellaneous Artifacts

Call Number: 1986-008/036
(1324)Ampex Reel, bill bissett voice, desmo + foley + guitar and tape "The Mountain Lake"
(1325)Audio tape, bill bissettFeb 1973
(1326)Audio tapeOct 3, 1978
(1327)Recording Tape, bill side 1, gitar side 2
(1328)Recording Tape, lady and the lion
(1329)Recording tape, monkey thread head out
(1330)Sony Ferri - chrome recording tape "Oa Oa Ba"
(1331)Sony Black Coated tape "List 3"
(1332)Scotch magnetic tape, bill bissett, cbc tape anthalogee1980
(1333)Tape, all th good stuff from cell
(1334)Blank Recording tape cartridge, Terry ladd - bill bissett poetry
(1335)Audio Tape, practise tape with th ludditer, LondonWinter 1986
(1336)bill bissett at CITRJan 23 1983
(1337)deep bay cafe' reading1980
(1338)george johnston susan musgrove, bill bissett, reeding in london englandDec 1980
(1339)poet bill bissettMarch 11, 1974
(1341)cbc anthalogee1979
(1342)bil bissett arts award, 30 minutes1980-1981
(1343)Section/Sanichoruses bissett, foley, couffs
(1344)bill bissett, poetry reeding at barrie college OntarioMarch 11, 1974
(1345)bill bissett + ludditesFeb. 1986
(1346)bill bissett reeding at SFU, Recorded by kurtis vanel at SFU gallery and studioJuly 17, 1981
(1347)bill bissett, york UFeb. 1973
(1348)Mostly from cum and space travelApril 1975
(1349)Seattle, Washington hall, bill, Rose marie, Jermy, Cynthia censerMay 13, 1979
(1350)Sonic horses one, underwich eiditon
(1351)York UnivFeb. 1973
(1352)Victoria, Audio tapeFeb. 1979
(1353)Audio tapes anthalogee cranbook

Call Number: 1986-008/037
(1354)Readings with Roger and Gerry
(1355)Jerry Walker, Orchestration, mostly blank
(1356)Reeding with Gysman Walker
(1357)Rampa Treasures, reading stories
(1358)Victoria Siee flying blew horizon seattul, we moved to a mice castal
(1359)Western Front reedingApril 7, 1975
(1360)Surrey Art Gallery side 1, Hour Glass side 21977-1978
(1362)2nd nu tapeSept. 14
(1363)Tape played during vancouver art gallerieOct 1984
(1364)Buttons and Pins

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