F0305 - Edith Ferguson fonds


Call Number: 1983-007/001
(2)Reports and Briefs by Ferguson1967-1971 1 of 2
(3)Reports and Briefs by Ferguson1967-1971 2 of 2
(4)Report on the Home Service Community Centre14 April 1960
(5)St. Christopher Neighbourhood, Report and Case Study1966
(6)Papers Written by Ferguson, New York School of Social Work and Teachers' College, Columbia University1948-1949
(7)How to Reach Ethnocultural Groups, Paper Prepared for the Ministry of Culture and Recreation[ca. 1977]
(8)Speeches by Ferguson on Immigrants and Immigration1959-1976 1 of 2
(9)Speeches by Ferguson on Immigrants and Immigration1959-1976 2 of 2
(10)Ad Hoc Committee on Migrants and Immigrants, Correspondence, Reports1969-1970, 1983
(11)Adult Education Development, Working Document for UNESCO1976
(12)Alternatives: Towards the Development of an Effective Federal System for Canada1978
(13)Alternatives Canada, A Conference Report1978
(14)Asian Canadian Community Council1972
(15)Canada: Unity Through Diversity, Scarborough History Conference Programme1975
(16)Canadian Citizenship Council in Germany, Reports1950
(17)Canadian Scene, Annual Report1978
(18)Committee for an Independent Canada1978-1981
(19)Committee on Immigrant Children1961-1973
(20)Communicating Faith in a Multicultural Society
(21)Developing Social Policy in Conditions of Dynamic Change, Report of the Committee of the International Conference on Social Welfare1972
(22)Odds and Ends, Various Community Reports1956-1978
(23)Educational Guidance Project, International Institute of Metro Toronto1964-1966, 1982
(24)Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Occasional Papers1961-1963
(25)Focus on Canadian Immigration by George Bonavia1977
(26)Green Paper on Immigration and Populations, Reports and Papers1967-1975 1 of 2
(27)Green Paper on Immigration and Populations, Reports and Papers1967-1975 2 of 2
(28)Papers, Reports on Immigration by Freda Hawkins1970-1971
(29)Papers, Reprints on Immigration1965-1977 1 of 2
(30)Papers, Reprints on Immigration1965-1977 2 of 2
(31)Immigration Issues Today: Reports and Papers Presented at the 1962 Conference on Immigration1962
(32)Immigration 1975-2001: Report of the National Conference on Immigration, 22-24 May 19751975
(33)Ontario Citizenship Bureau, Intercultural Seminars, Reports1972-1975, 1983 1 of 2
(34)Ontario Citizenship Bureau, Intercultural Seminars, Reports1972-1975, 1983 2 of 2
(35)International Institute of Metropolitan Toronto, Papers1966-1974

Call Number: 1983-007/002
(1)The Mile End West Project: A Study of Community Development in an Immigrant Community[1968], 1976
(2)Macedonia by Haral Sotiropoulos1964
(3)Multiculturalism, Reports and Papers1970-1977 1 of 2
(4)Multiculturalism, Reports and Papers1970-1977 2 of 2
(5)New Canadians and the Schools
(6)Our Changing Canadian Community, Report from the 5th Ontario Conference on Inter-Group Relations1965
(7)Our Future as a Multicultural Society, Summary and Evaluation by Carol Taylor1978
(8)Newcomers in Transition, Project Committee (Parkdale Branch), International Institute1962-1965, 1982
(9)The Recognition of Immigrants' Qualifications in Selected Professions and Trades, Entrance Requirements in Ontario, Report No. 2
(10)A Review of Programs and Services for Residences for Senior Citizens[ca. 1977]
(11)Social Work and Cultures: A Symposium fo Ethnicity1978
(12)Struggle for Equal Opportunity -- Strategies for Social Welfare Action1976
(13)A Study for Needs and Resources of Immigrants in Metropolitan Toronto1970
(14)"Those People": A Report on the Accessibility of Health, Education and Social Services to the Immigration Population of Metropolitan Toronto
(15)Ukrainian Resistance and Its Leader1950
(16)Windsor Community Welfare Council1954-1961
(17)Public Consultation on Population Questions: A Report to the Government of CanadaMay 1974
(18)Ethnic/Residential Segregation in Metropolitan Toronto by Anthony RichmondFebruary 1972
(19)The Dynamics of Racism in Toronto: Research Report by Frances HenryFebruary 1972
(20)Interprovincial Economic Co-operation: Towards a Development of a Canadian Common Market1981
(21)Task Force on Immigrant Settlement Service, Reports and Papers1972
(22)Immigrant Programmes Development Group, Secretary of State, Memos, Reports and Related Papers1972
(23)Immigrant Integration: A Report of the Ontario Economic Council1970
(24)Heritage and Destiny: Second Ontario Conference on Inter-Group Relations, Report1962
(25)Heritage Ontario ReportFebruary 1973
(26)Immigrants and Their Education, The Board of Education for the City of TorontoJune 1965
(27)Religious Information and Moral Development, The Report of the Committee on Religious Education in the Public Schools of the Province of Ontario1969
(28)The Changing City: A Forecast of Planning Issues for the City of Toronto, 1956-1980November 1959
(29)Canadian GovernmentJuly 1970
(30)The Canadian Woman Today1966
(31)Canada Employment and Immigration Commission: An Introduction
(32)Resume of the First Volume of the Final Report of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism
(33)Introduction to Canada1976
(34)The Canadian Way: Your Guidebook1969
(35)Board of Education, Office of Director of Education, Minutes1965
(36)Economic Goals for Canada to 1970December 1964
(37)Life Together: A Report on Human Rights in Ontario1977

Call Number: 1983-007/003
(1)Report of the Select Committee on Manpower TrainingFebruary 1963
(2)Language and Citizenship Classes Directory for Adult Newcomers for Ontario1977-1978
(3)Immigration Report to Parliament by the Special Joint Committee on Immigration Policy1975-1975
(4)Report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada1970
(5)Multiculturalism and Social Work, Report1976
(6)Final Report of the Work Group on Multicultural Programs, Toronto Board of Education12 February 1976
(7)Now Is Not Too Late / Walter Pitman1977
(8)Multicultural Resources for Social Workers
(9)A Study of the Needs and Resources for Community-Supported Welfare, Health and Recreation Services in Metropolitan Toronto1963
(10)Economic Council of Canada, Perspective 1975September 1969
(11)Working Paper on Social Security in Canada1973
(12)Sovereignty Associations - The Contradictions: A Report in the Series "Understanding Canada"1978
(13)A Survey of Pupils Learning English as a Second Language in the City of Toronto Public SchoolsJune 1962
(14)A Time for Action: Highlights of the Federal Government's Proposals for the Renewal of the Canadian Federation1978
(15)Committee on Race Relations, Toronto Board of Education, Reports and Papers1977-1979 1 of 3
(16)Committee on Race Relations, Toronto Board of Education, Reports and Papers1977-1979 2 of 3
(17)Committee on Race Relations, Toronto Board of Education, Reports and Papers1977-1979 3 of 3
(18)Legislative Acts Related to Immigration
(19)Legislative Acts Related to Immigration
(20)Legislative Acts Related to Immigration
(21)Resource List for a Multicultural Society: An Experience '76 Project1976
(22)The Canadian Forum, A Citizen's Guide to the Herb Gray ReportDecember 1971
(23)Canadian WelfareMarch-April 1977
(24)Bulletin: A Study-Action Kit for Generations Yet Unborn1977
(26)Third Age Learning Associates, NewletterJanuary/March 1982
(27)The Social Guidance WorkerMarch-April 1976
(28)Ontario Association of Children's Societies JournalDecmember 1971

Call Number: 1983-007/004
(1)The International Migration Review1966-1969
(2)Citizen, Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Canadian Citizenship Branch1964-1967
(3)Immigration Statistics1965-1972
(4)Immigration Statistics1973-1975
(5)Immigration Statistics1976-1977
(6)Immigration Statistics1978-1980
(7)The Indepencer: Magazine for the Committee for an Independent Canada1978-1981
(8)T.E.S.L. Talk1972-1974
(9)Pamphlets, General1966-1978 1 of 2
(10)Pamphlets, General1966-1978 2 of 2
(11)Government Pamphlets on Information Centres and Services1955-1977 1 of 3
(12)Government Pamphlets on Information Centres and Services1955-1977 2 of 3
(13)Government Pamphlets on Information Centres and Services1955-1977 3 of 3
(14)Our Future as a Multicultural Society, Conference Programme and Related Materials1977-1978
(15)The Canada Youth Congress, Ottawa, Conference Material1936
(16)Canadian Institute on Public Affairs, The People Are the City, Report of the 12th Winter Conference1966
(17)National Consultation on Community Information and Referral Services, Ottawa, 11-13 June 19711971
(18)An Inter Cultural Seminar on the East Indians in Toronto1 December 1976
(19)Strategies for Reducing Discrimination and Inequality of Opportunity in Ontario, Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Toronto2 March 1978
(20)Collected Bibliographies1969-1976
(21)Canadian Ethnic Groups, Bibliography1972
(22)Clippings, Multiculturalism,1952-1979

Call Number: 1983-007/005
(1)Clippings, Immigration1964-1974 1 of 2
(2)Clippings, Immigration1964-1974 2 of 2
(3)Clippings, Kaleidoscope Canada1974-1978
(4)Clippings, General1943
(5)Destiny Canada, 27-29 June 1977, York University, Final Report1977
(6)Phychological Problems of Displaced Persons, ReportJune 1945
(7)Report on Immigration Part II by Joseph Sedgwick
(8)Report and Recommendations of "Portugeuse Immigrants: A Needs Survey of the Hamilton Rd. Area"1977
(9)Statement by the Prime Minister re. the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism1971
(10)Newcomers in Transition: A Project of the International Institute of Metropolitan Toronto, 1962-1964 / Edith Ferguson
(11)Newcomers and New Learning: A Project of the International Institute of Metropolitan Toronto, 1964-1966 / Edith Ferguson
(12)Immigrants in Canada / Edith Ferguson1974
(13)Canada 1980 / Albert A. Shea1960
(14)Automation: Its Impact on Business and People / Walter Buckingham1961
(15)History Textbooks and International Understanding / J.A. Lauwerys1953

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