F0302 - True Davidson fonds


Call Number: 1978-004/001

Literary and academic manuscripts

(1)Accursed Parsonage by Margaret Danelaw
(2)Accursed Parsonage (pages 99-232 of manuscript)
(3)All for the Good of the Firm by Susan Finnie
(4)Alphabet Readers by J. W. McLaren and True Davidson (Juvenile ideas)
(5)Artist's Holiday
(6)The Artlessness of Lady Appleby: A Tale of the Good Old War by Susan Finnie
(7)Autobiography by True Davidson
(8)Back to Earth
(9)Beata Goes to Business
(10)The Bells of St. Mary's by Susan Finnie
(11)Business is Business
(12)By This Sin, or The Last Infirmity
(13)Canadian Lumberman (drafts and notes)
(14)Canadian Nation (very rough manuscript)
(15)Canadian Picaresque (term paper for York University course ENG 648)December 1975
(16)Church History by T. W. WinterJune 12, 1925
(17)The Conqueror by Susan Finnie
(18)Counter-Action by Susan Finnie
(19)Crime Must Have A Stop by Anthony Boucher
(20)The Darkest Hour by Susan Finnie
(22)Doughnuts for Dusty

Call Number: 1978-004/002
(1)L'Epogee en Amerique comme source de la litterateur des Etats-Unis at du Canada
(2)Family Tree
(3)Full Moon by Susan Finnie
(4)A Girl Should be a Lady by Bard Pentecost
(5)The Great Story Teller: Tales for Tiny Tots from Galilee and Jerusalem; Baa Baa, the Bad Little Lamb by True Davidson
(6)Grown Ups are Funny
(7)The Hero of Heaven
(8)His Wind Blows
(9)History of East York by True Davidson (manuscript)
(10)History of East York (manuscript footnotes)
(11)History of Emily Montague by True Davidson - York University Essay with cover letter from Clara ThomasApril-May 1976
(12)Hunter, extract from Olive Schreiner's Dreams
(13)"I Wouldn't Marry a Doctor" by Susan Finnie
(14)International Situation by Susan Finnie
(15)It's Never too Late1939
(16)King of the Biographies
(17)Ladies Day at the C. N. E. by True Davidson
(18)Lord Thunderbolt
(19)Love Built the House
(20)Love Finds a Way by Bard Pentecost
(21)Made in Canada
(22)Matilda and the Poltergeist
(23)More Stately Mansions by True Davidson

Call Number: 1978-004/003
(1)Parties: Achievement or Anachronism?
(2)Peace in the Home
(3)Les Peaux-Rouges at les Visages Pales
(4)Personality Plus
(5)The Place Without the Name
(6)Poor Annie's Piano by True Davidson
(7)Porcelain Shepherdess by True Davidson
(8)The Power of Imagination
(9)Punch and Judy Show by Bard Pentecost
(10)The Rats Gnaw
(12)Revelry in Squander Mania
(13)Round Trip
(14)Rounded with a Sheep
(15)Secret Poison
(16)Shadows from the Past
(17)The Slacker
(18)The Smoking Snows by Bram Finnie and Joseph Frederick Gallant1940
(19)Star in the East
(20)The Story of a Love that was Lost
(21)Stranger than Fiction
(23)Sunshine Trailer
(24)Take a Chance on Love
(25)Le Terroir dans la vie canadienne de langue francaise by True Davidson
(26)Topsy-Turvey Comedy/The Appeal of Topsy-Turvey
(27)The Truth About Columbus, Duff, Grayson (Circulating); Guedalla Introduction
(28)The Unreachable Stars
(29)Vision Canada: An Interpretation Centre of Canada and its People, June 1972
(30)Wallflower's Wooing by Bard Pentecost
(31)Wonderland by True Davidson
(32)The World on Fire, or Natalie the Great
(33)Young Idea
(34)The Young One
(35)Academic papers
(36)Clipped stories and ballads

Call Number: 1978-004/004
(1)Clipped stories and articles
(2)General story for "Logging" for Pioneer chapter
(3)Manuscripts (various marked pages)
(4)Miscellaneous manuscript (very rough)
(5)Notebook of Literary Criticisms
(6)Unidentified, incomplete pieces of fiction and non-fiction (handwritten notes)
(7)Unidentified, incomplete pieces of fiction and non-fiction (typed pages)
(8)Miscellaneous notes and pages to various plays
(9)Champlain Play/Obstinate Voyage (drafts, including author's note)
(10)Champlain Play/Obstinate Voyage (notes)
(11)Dark Journey by "Rosemary Grant" (True Davidson)
(12)Don Valley Vision
(13)Mayor Mutton head and his Crew
(14)Morning Coffee
(15)Ontario Canorama
(16)We Aim to Please narrated by True Davidson

Call Number: 1978-004/005

Plays (Listed Alphabetically, Letter size)

(1)Adventures Come to Madelaine, Play with Permission from the Publications SecretaryOctober 1952
(2)All the Rivers by True Davidson
(3)Art for Arts Sake
(4)Back Fence
(5)Blind Street by E. Moreland
(6)Boomanbust Board by True Davidson
(7)Companion of Brute
(8)Cecy Effie and the Ugly Sisters
(9)La Claire Fountaine by True Davidson
(10)Classical Tragedy
(11)Crushed Corn
(12)The Darkest Hour
(13)Ditched (Act Summaries)
(14)Drink to Me, Death
(15)An Elizabethan Christmas
(16)Examination (Rough drafts)
(17)Examination (Bound copies)
(18)Fascinating Figbars by True Davidson
(19)Fiend and the Forewalker, or Virtue Rewarded
(20)Flowers for Mother's Day
(21)Getting Ready for the Anniversary
(22)Honour Thy Mother, A Pageant
(23)House that Jack Built
(24)Independent Minds
(25)It's All in the Family by True Davidson
(26)Keeping Up with the Joneses at Christmas
(27)Love Built the House
(28)[Love Feast?] (Notes and Bibliography)
(29)Ladybird Lodge, or The Secret of Sevenford
(30)The Last Laugh (Notes and draft pages)
(31)Modern Cinderella
(32)Nuts in May
(33)Our Canadian Heritage by True Davidson
(34)Out of this Nettle, An Election Sketch by True Davidson
(35)Poor Dear Princess
(36)The Princess of Samaria (Farce)
(37)Sharing, by Marsh and True Davidson1925 or 1926
(38)Stainless Steel
(39)The Star in the East
(40)Straight Furrow
(41)Time to Die
(42)When Janey Came Marching Home by T. Davidson
(43)Where the Heart is
(44)Wish For Christmas
(45)Ticket Stub and Review of the Play All the Rivers
(46)The Fountain Club (Theatre Announcements, Programmes and Clippings)
(47)Harbourfront News, re: Black Theatre CanadaNov. 1977
(49)Theatre Programmesn.d.-1946

Call Number: 1978-004/006


(1)City Life and Cities (Book of poetry)
(2)City Lights (Book of poems by True Davidson, including introductions and clippings)
(3)Book of Poems re: Love
(4)[Nalure or Nature?] (Book of Poetry)
(5)Book of Poems and Quotations re: Religion
(6)Wonder Romance (Book of Poetry)
(7)A Dream
(8)Dutchman's Quirk: A New York Legend by Arthur Guiterman
(9)Poetry Anthology
(10)Epic Poetry
(11)Poetry re: Immigrants
(12)Poetry Binder

Call Number: 1978-004/007
(1)Poems and Notes
(2)Poems by Phyllis P. Donkin
(3)Poetry by Albert McKay
(4)Poetry/Versus from the University of Toronto
(5)True Davidson's First Poems: The Moon and The Scotch Emblem
(6)Last writing of True Davidson while in the East General Hospital1978
(7)"It isn't the Value of the Gift that Counts: It's the Thought Behind It" Composed by True Davidson in Honour of the 10th Wedding Anniversary of the Baker's
(8)Poetry by True Davidson
(9)Correspondence Between Miss Dowst and Mrs. Clarke re: True Davidson's PoetryMay 1947
(10)Clippings of Poetry and Music
(11)Clipping: Its Literature Can Do Much to Benefit Canada (Poem attached)November 1928

Research files

(12)Detective and Adventure Stories (Clippings)
(13)Detective and Adventure Stories (Notes and Drafts)
(14)Love Stories (Clippings)
(15)Love Stories (Notes and Drafts)
(16)Science Fantasy Fiction (Clippings and Notes)
(17)Science Fiction Story
(18)Weird Stories (Clippings and Notes)
(19)Story Ideas: History and Literature (Clippings and Notes)

Call Number: 1978-004/008
(1)Serious Story Ideas (Clippings and Notes) 1 of 3
(2)Serious Story Ideas (Clippings and Notes) 2 of 3
(3)Serious Story Ideas (Clippings and Notes) 3 of 3
(4)University Health Services Psychiatric Division Case Studies1931-1932
(5)[Emotional Records?]January-March 1932
(6)Genealogy (Clippings and Notes)
(7)History Research (Clippings and Notes)
(8)Historical Research (Brochures, Clippings & Notes)
(9)History -Bible (Clippings)
(10)History -Canadian (Photos, Clippings & Brochures)
(11)History -Canadian (Notes and Drafts)
(12)History -Canadian -Georges Bugnet (Research)
(13)Historical Discoveries (Clippings and Notes)
(14)History -Elizabethan
(15)History -Loyalist Revolution
(16)History -Natives and Mexicans (Notes)
(17)Notebook with Phone Numbers and Writings

Call Number: 1978-004/009
(1)Notes on DesRochers, LeMoines and Tache
(2)Notes on Educational Schools Curriculum (Education of the Handicapped)
(3)Notes on French Canada
(4)Notes on Hurricane Hazel and Natural Disasters
(5)Notes on William Kirby
(6)Notes/Philosophic Reflections (Clippings, Notebooks, Stories & Poetry)
(7)Notes for Readings and Papers
(8)Notes on Socialism
(9)Notes on Writers and books
(10)Notes -Miscellaneous

Political files

(12)Notebook on Politics, etc.
(13)Toronto for Tourists
(14)Women for the Future
(15)Brief Summary of True Davidson's Education, Background and Aims
(16)True "Grit" Davidson: A Strong Voice for York East (Campaign Slogans and Artifacts)
(17)East York Council, re: Community Well Being
(18)Municipal Council Report. The Township of East York, In the Heart of Metropolitan Toronto: The Present and the Future, 1959-1960
(19)Trustees (Clippings, Reports and Announcements)

Call Number: 1978-004/010
(1)Open Letters and Brief Reports to the People
(2)History of the Local Government by True Davidson
(3)Local Governments (Notes and Reports)
(4)Fellowship in Action: A Glimpse of the East York Educational Fellowship and of the Educational System
(5)Act of Dedication -Terminating the 25th Annual Conference of the Canadian Federation of Mayors and MunicipalitiesJune 1962
(6)Truly, Faithfully and Impartially -For the Association of Ontario Mayors and ReevesJune 27, 1962
(7)CAAE Conference - Learning to Live in the City1964
(8)Rough Notebook to Accompany the Brief of Reeve True Davidson1964
(9)Royal Commission on Metropolitan Government - Brief of East York Township1964
(10)Brief to the Royal Commission - Introduction1964
(11)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section One: Historical Background1964
(12)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Two: "Whither"1964
(13)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Three: Amalgamation1964
(14)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Four: The Federated System1964
(15)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Five: Definition and Organization1964
(16)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Six: Almighty Dollar1964
(17)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Seven: Eternal Confrontation1964
(18)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Eight: Health and Welfare1964
(19)Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Nine: Price of Mobility 1964
(20)Preliminary Integrated Summation (Phase 3)
(21)Notes and Remarks to Liberal Meeting in Colborne
(22)The Reeve of East York has Three Major Responsibilities...
(23)Brief to the Special Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution
(24)Proclamation and Dedication - Canada's Centennial of Confederation and the Inauguration of the Borough of East YorkDecember 31, 1966
(25)Centennial Medal Conferred on True DavidsonJuly 1, 1967
(26)Centennial Study and Training Programme on Metropolitan Problems - Conference BanquetAugust 16, 1967
(27)East York Centennial Project
(28)Regional Government Formations (Proposals and Studies)1969
(29)26th Annual Conference of the Association of Ontario Mayors and ReevesJune 1969
(30)Pensioners Concerned - Food for ThoughtJuly 1970
(31)Review. Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers, Metropolitan Toronto BranchSeptember 1971
(32)Victoria University Convocation - Degree of Doctor of Sacred Letters Presented to True Davidson May 1971May 1971
(33)Housing Problem
(34)Draft List - Name/Position/Address
(35)Investiture, Order of Canada (Programme)
(36)Bill Boucher Campaign - Alderman Ward Two, East York
(37)Frank Johnson Campaign - Alderman Ward Three, East York
(38)The East York Foundation - A Message from the Mayor1972
(39)Greetings and Good Wishes - Public Reception at the East York Community CentreDecember 30
(40)Invitations from Mayor True Davidson
(41)True's Birthday Bash (Invitation)April 19, 1971
(42)Religious Events(Announcements/Invitations/Programmes)1953, 1972-1975
(43)Borough of East York Remembrance Day ServiceNovember 11, 1972
(44)Retirement Party -Invitation to Honour Retiring Mayor True DavidsonNovember 1972
(45)East York Environment Action Committee1973
(46)Official Opening of True Davidson's Acres Home for the AgedJune 21, 1973
(47)East York Foundation Donations1973
(48)East York Foundation1974
(49)Unveiling and Dedication Historical Plaque for Todmorden MillsMay 11, 1974
(50)City - Coping: A ProposalNovember 1977
(51)Honour Roll Award Presented to True Davidson1977
(52)The Corporation of the Borough of East York ResolutionSeptember 18, 1978
(53)E S & A Robinson (Canada) Ltd. Package Includes Photos, Press Releases and an Address by W. G. Reid1971
(54)Reminiscences by True Davidson (Non-Fiction)
(55)About People, Re: True Davidson - Ontario Educational Communications Authority1978
(56)East York Courier, Election Special - Blair for Mayor
(57)Steetsville Papers (Articles and Original Notes)1918-1937
(58)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and Her Poetry1931

Newspaper clippings

(59)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and Other Articles of Interest1931-1941
(60)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and Other Articles of Interest1945-1950
(61)Science Illustrated, Re: SleepJuly 1948
(62)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and Other articles of Interest1951-1954
(63)Comment on Advertising (Vol. 3, No. 1)January 1953
(64)The Hillfield Piglet1954-1955

Call Number: 1978-004/011
(1)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and other Articles of Interest1955-1959
(2)East York Alert (Volume 1, No.1)December 1960
(3)Clippings, Re: True Davidson And Other Articles of Interest1960-1965
(4)The Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter 1964; 1971
(5)Clippings, Re: True Davidson And Other Articles of Interest1966-1969
(6)East Yorker Published by the Borough of East York1967-1972
(7)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and Other Articles of Interest1970-1972
(8)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and other Articles of Interest1973-1978
(9)Clippings - FrenchApr. 1974
(10)Clippings, Re; Single Parents1974-
(11)IPPF News, Newspaper of the International Planned Parenthood Federation1974-1975
(12)Newsletters: International Women's Year/Annee Internationale de la Femme1974-1975
(13)Clipping from The Globe and Mail: "An Effective Thriller (but an affront to Canada)" July 12, 19751975
(14)East York Danforth Lions Club Bulletin No. 101976
(15)Clippings, Re: True Davidson and other Articles of Interest
(16)Confidences D'Ecrivans Canadiens-Francaise par Valdombre (partial photocopy)
(17)Clipping, Re: Energy Shortage
(18)Clipping, Re: Gardens
(19)A Goodly Heritage by D. Walkington (photocopy)
(20)Is Man A Planetary Disease? By Ian McHarg -Sent to Mayor Davidson from Planning Commissioner Alan McWilliamJuly 1970
(21)The Printed Word - Censorship Piece
(22)"Sorry, Wrong Number", Clipping Re: Agnes Moorehead
(23)Voices From the Past by Edgar Andrew Collard, Clipping re: Professor Stephen Leacock1974
(24)Clippings of Various Sketches and Images
(25)Toronto Sun - Drafts of True Davidson's Columns
(26)Toronto Sun - Drafts of True Davidson's Columns
(27)Toronto Sun - Columns by True Davidson197?-1978
(28)Toronto Sun - Columns by True Davidson1972-1973
(29)Toronto Sun - Columns by True Davidson1974
(30)Toronto Sun - Columns by True Davidson1975
(31)Toronto Sun - Columns by True Davidson1976
(32)Toronto Sun - Columns by True Davidson1977
(33)Toronto Sun - Columns by True Davidson1978

Call Number: 1978-004/012
(1)Articles by True Davidson Other than her Toronto Sun Column (Clippings and Drafts)
(2)The Great Denunciation - Drafts of the Article
(3)Scrapbooks for the Whole Family, or Scissors Collectors - Article for the Star WeeklyAugust 30, [19-?]
(4)An Age of Bad Manners - Article by True Davidson
(5)The Sacred Milkman - Article with Pencil Illustration

Bootmakers (Sherlock Holmes club)

(6)Violence and Pornography on Yonge St.(Meeting)
(7)Clippings, re: Sherlock Holmes
(8)Holmes - Collections, Manuscripts & Bibliographies
(9)Bootmakers Correspondence1972-1973
(10)Bootmakers Correspondence and Invitations
(11)The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes (Exhibit)December 1975
(12)Canadian Holmes, Journal of the BootmakersSeptember 1978
(13)Minutes of the Executive Meeting of the Bootmakers of TorontoFebruary 4, 1974
(14)Works - The Baker Street Journal, Canadian Holmes, A Case of Identity
(15)Works - The Alder Commission, Copper Beeches, Return of Sherlock Holmes, Study in Scarlet
(16)Baker Street JournalSeptember 1969
(17)Examination on Sherlock Holmes
(18)Research Notes, Re: Sherlock Holmes, Watson, Cocaine, Cases, Homosexuality
(19)Rough Notes on Holmesiana, etc.


(20)Letter to The Globe and Mail, Re: Park Budgets
(21)True Davidson's Personal Scrapbook Includes Brief Bio, Correspondence and Book Reviews1922-1931
(22)Christmas Greetings from True Davidson
(23)Retirement Card for True Davidson Signed by Many
(24)Ainsworth Electric Co. Ltd.
(25)Bailey, H.
(26)Bremner (Secretary for Anglican Church Women)Oct. 9, 1976
(27)Burrows, DavidNov. 20, 1977
(28)Callighen, Harry B.1977
(29)Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1976
(30)"A Christian Arab"
(31)Cluett, RobertJune 16, 1977
(32)Coboen, David1968-1969
(33)Coboen, Michael (True's nephew)1962-1968
(34)Cohen, Shelley1976
(35)Croll, Senator David A.1973
(36)Dyson, Norman
(37)Ellmes, E.August 27, [19-?]
(38)Fantasy Farm Dining Club (In Account with the Sherlock Holmes Society)January 1974
(39)Fisher, Mary (President of Women's Auxiliary)
(40)Gannoway, Ellen and Gerald (photo included)1968
(41)Godfrey, Paul V.November 1975
(42)Haldon Project President
(43)Heeney, Mrs. Arthur1969
(44)Hunt, DonaldJune 21, 1977
(45)Kaplan, RobertSeptember 8, 1969
(46)Kellogg, Rev. J. ClarkeJune 28, 1977
(47)Kraicer, LenOctober 1971
(48)Macedonian Orthodox ChurchDecember 6, 1976
(49)MacIntosh, C. G. W.January 18, 1962
(50)Maxell, D. E. S.October 18 1976, October 26 1976
(51)McEnaney, Marjorie1969
(52)McKay, AlbertFebruary 3, 1976
(53)Murray, JoanJune 11, 1976, June 17, 1976
(54)Opatowski, Jan1976-1978
(55)Otto, Maryleah and SteveApril 1971
(56)Parkinson, I. W.
(57)Paul, Eleanor (Curator, Todmorden Mills)1974
(58)Penfold, G. E.July-August 1976
(59)Reid, Suzanne1974-1977
(60)Rogers, Edwin A.1972
(61)Sherover, Max (President, Modernophone Inc.)
(62)Mrs. Sissons1931-1937
(63)Smith, Brenda
(64)Smith, Sylvia1968
(65)Somerville, DorothyFebruary-March 1971
(66)Souris, Eddy
(67)Stewart, Willard A.1973-1975
(68)Stinson, FredDecember 31, 1966

Call Number: 1978-004/013
(1)Taylor, K.November 1969
(2)University Women's Club Of TorontoApril 30, 1931
(3)University Women's ClubSeptember-November 1976
(4)Voisey, H. L.1968-1969
(5)Walker, Audrey1971
(6)Women's Canadian Club (Frances Patterson?)April 23, [19-?]
(7)Woods, Jean
(8)Worthington, Peter (Editor of the Toronto Sun)1972-1975
(9)Zolty Holdings Ltd.December 1969
(10)Harry from Johannesburg, South AfricaAugust 7, 1968
(14)Letters given to True, Re: German Correspondence with a Mrs. Harrow in the late 1940s1945-1950
(15)Letter from Berlin (Written in German)July 7, 1948
(22)CorrespondenceJanuary-February 1976
(23)CorrespondenceMarch-April 1976
(24)CorrespondenceMay-June 1976
(25)CorrespondenceJuly-August 1976
(26)CorrespondenceSeptember-October 1976
(27)CorrespondenceNovember-December 1976
(28)CorrespondenceJanuary 1977
(29)CorrespondenceFebruary 1977
(30)CorrespondenceMarch 1977
(31)CorrespondenceApril-May 1977
(32)CorrespondenceJune-July 1977
(33)CorrespondenceAugust-September 1977
(34)CorrespondenceOctober-November 1977
(35)CorrespondenceDecember 1977
(36)CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1978
(38)Unidentified Correspondence
(39)Addresses and/or Phone Numbers
(40)Correspondence of Mr. Sauriol1938, 1947
(41)Press Release from the Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation, Re: Peter Nicholas MoogkOctober 1976


(42)Torontonensis, The Yearbook of the Graduates of the University of Toronto (Vol. 23) 19211921

Call Number: 1978-004/014
(1)Journal incl. Personal Entries & Directory of Poets1935-1959
(2)Pocket Diary1961
(5)Journal and Conference Notebook
(6)Guest Book1969-1973

Call Number: 1978-004/015

Photographs [# of photos in file]

(1)Photos [3]1967-1968
(2)Events: Annesley Hall, Safe Driving Awards Banquets, S. Walter Stewart Building's 21st Anniversary and unknown [9]1971-1972
(3)35th Anniversary Melvir Bible Class [1]
(4)Searching for a Clue, Bootmakers/Holmes [5]1973
(5)Centennial Celebrations: Harmony Hall, East York Barber Shoppers, Allen Shields [5]July 1, 1967
(6)Crescent Forum [8]
(7)Dominion Day [7]
(8)East York Annual Ball, Centennial Ball [4]
(9)East York Argos, East York Bulldog [2]
(10)East York Council Chamber [2]
(11)East York Fire Photographic Department [14]July 15, 1971
(12)First Mail Delivered by Plane in East York [1]
(13)Happy Centennial! [2]
(14)Reception and Dinner, Inaugu. Convocation, Centennial College [1]January 30, 1967
(15)International Conference of Local Authorities in Toronto [1]July 16, 1971
(16)Kinsmen Club of East York [2]
(17)Laying Corner Stone of New Community Centre [2]1962
(18)Libraries: 10th Anniversary of S. Walter Stewart Library, Official Opening of Thorncliffe Public Library [6]1970
(19)Metro Toronto and Region's Massive $35,000 Plan for Flood Control & Water Conservation [1]Dec. 9, [19-?]
(20)Metro Toronto Waterfront "Happening" [1]September 28, 1969
(21)Municipal Building, Macedomian Dignitary [3]1972
(22)Openings: Cedervale and City Hall [2]
(23)Opening of East View YMCA's "Little Guys Baseball League" [2]June 20, 1964
(24)Opening of a Restaurant (on St. Clair East?) Ribbon Cutting [3]
(25)Plains Road School Renamed (Photos include Mr. Diefenbaker) [4]
(26)Plaque to Commemorate the 1st Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Metro Toronto [1]1965
(27)Progressive Conservative Women's Fashion Show and Card Party [1]September 15, 1966
(28)Remembrance Day Service In Front of East York Municipal Hall [2]
(29)School Board Days [1]
(30)Simcoe Day (Mr. Pratt? And True) [1]1976
(31)Think About Fire...Wherever You Are (True Poses with 30-40 Kids In Front of Fire Truck) [3]
(32)Lyla and Dick (Old Photo) [1]
(33)Photo of Anderson, Davidson, DeMonto and Milic [1]
(34)Photos of James Auld and True Davidson [2]
(35)Photos of Willis Blair and Others [5]
(36)Photos of Mayor Angus Campbell and Reeve True Davidson at Pembroke [1]1963
(37)Photos of True Davidson with Jack Christie, Mr. Ellerbeck and Others [3]
(38)David and Michael Coboen [2]
(39)Camp Mothers: Davidson and Davies [1]
(40)Photos of True Davidson and Vern Heaslip [4]1969, [19-?]
(41)Photos of True Davidson, K. MacKay and Wife at Pape Community Centre [2]
(42)Large Gathering (Isle Mansfield Stamped on Back of Black and White Photos) [4]
(43)Photo of J. LaMarsh, Rt. Hon. L. B. Pearson, Chief Justice Taschereau and Mme. Vanier [1]
(44)Photos of True Davidson with Mr. and Mrs. Mole [2]
(45)Photos of True Davidson with Peggy Ross, Stan Wadlow and Unknown [2]1963-1964
(46)Photos Given to True Davidson from the Topham Recreation Cttee (J. Sharkey) [3]
(47)Photos of True Davidson with Metro Chairman Allen, Reeve of Etobicoke Ozzie Waffe and Other (Opening?) [2]
(48)True Davidson and Larry White on Santa's Knee [1]
(49)Photos of True Davidson with....[20]
(50)Group Photos (Photo #1: Men, Photo #2: Women) [2]
(51)Happiness Reigns, Large Photo of True with Friends Celebrating her 2nd Term as Mayor [1]
(52)Photos of True Davidson [46]
(53)True in a Classroom with Children [2]
(54)True Davidson's Birthday [1]April 19, 1968
(55)True Davidson's Victoria Graduation [4]1973
(56)True Davidson's House [2]
(57)True's Induction to the Confurie de la Chaine des Rotissurs [1]October 24, 1972
(58)True Davidson's Retirement Party [2]
(59)Greece [9]

Call Number: 1978-004/016
(1)Photos of True in Large Groups (6+) [24]
(2)Photos of True Speaking, Meeting People, and/or in Small Groups [57]
(3)Toronto Star Syndicate Photos of True Davidson and Others [4]
(4)Toronto Telegram Photos of True Davidson and Others [5]
(5)Black and White Photos of 2 Children Playing Outside the House [5]
(6)Unidentified Photos [17]

Personal Files (See also: Oversize Box)

(7)Sketch of True Davidson
(8)Pencil Sketches
(9)True Davidson Bookplates
(10)Unused Post Cards (Architecture, Art & Religion)
(11)Unused Post Cards (Black & White Cards, Carriages & Miscellaneous)
(12)Unused Post Cards (Folk Costumes, Folk Dances & Culture in Yugoslavia)
(13)Used Post Cards, Various Correspondents1967, 1970, n.d.
(14)Travel Brochures
(15)Travel Souvenirs (Mini Picture Books)

Call Number: 1978-004/017
(1)Imperial Tobacco Centennial Competition: Rules and True Davidson's Entry1966
(2)University Women's Club Meetings
(3)University of Toronto Sound Recording; - Side One: Sounds to Recapture the Varsity Years; Side Two: Varsity Fund, Committee of One Thousand DinnerApril 28, 1969
(4)Victoria University Convocation - Degree of Doctor of Sacred Letters to True DavidsonMay 15, 1971
(5)Applications for Graduate Studies Admissions at York University and University of Toronto1974-1975
(6)The Detective in Literature - A Course in the Continuing Education Programme at U. Of T.
(7)York University Graduate Programme in English - Course Descriptions
(8)Honour Roll AwardsMay 6, 1977
(9)International Alumni Association's Ladies Night - Speaker: True DavidsonJanuary 27, 1976
(10)What Every Canadian Should Know - Lectures Given by True
(11)Current Literature Groups Led By True Davidson
(12)Once upon a time in the village of Tuktoyatuk in Canada's Northwest Territories...
(13)True's Birthday Bash - AnnouncementApril 1971
(14)Announcing the Publication of Hundreds and Thousands, The Journals of Emily Carr
(15)Reward Announcement for 19th Century Sword and Daguerreotype
(16)Group Dynamite - Workshop on "Acceleration"
(17)131st Father and Son Banquet - Photos, ProgrammesApril 2, 1971
(18)Grand Chapter Dinner - ProgrammeJune 12, 1975
(19)A Beginners Guide to Linen Trade
(20)The Canadian Flag, A General Guide Etiquette
(21)Carl Shaefer: Retrospective Exhibition, Paintings from 1926 to 1969 - Catalogue & Letter 1976
(22)Old Paper Mill/Centre for the Arts - Diagrams
(23)Old South Leaflets - Catalogue 1935
(24)The Order of Canada - Booklet
(25)Religious Pamphlets
(26)Stevenage: New Town - Booklet
(27)From Strachan to Owen by Wm. Perkins Bull
(28)Streetsville Fair1940?
(29)The Toronto Purchase 1788 by J. D. Kelly - Pamphlet
(30)Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America - Recognition of Merit to True Davidson1970
(31)W. M. Jones Writings
(32)Journal of Insurance Policy Matters1944-1952
(33)Legal Material1963-1975
(34)Last Will and Testament of William Grant Stickle (True Davidson's Cousin)
(35)True's Book Collection: Biblical Doctrine of Work and La capitale Prague et son administration
(36)True's Book Collection: Das Oberammergauer Passionsspiel, Devon, Enclosure of the Zuiderzee and Enjoying England
(37)True's Book Collection: How to Think Scientifically, Miramare, A New Dimension in Learning and Kobenhavn
(38)True's Book Collection: Only and Ocean Between and The Stoa of Attalos 2 in Athens
(39)True's Book Collection: Teachings of Rumi
(40)Description of the two hats that were transferred to the Todmorden Mills Museum.

Call Number: 1978-004/018


(1)True Davidson's black belt
(2)Portrait of True Davidson [1 photo]
(3)Photo of True with Four Men Sitting Around an Office Desk [1 framed photo]
(4)True Davidson and Others at the Head Table of a Banquet [2 framed photos]
(5)True Davidson and One Other Man Holding Up a Bouquet of Flowers [1 framed photo]
(6)Hillfield School, Hamilton, Class Photo [1 photo]1953-1954
(7)The Metropolitan School Board, Toronto [1 photo]1957
(8)Municipality of Metro Toronto Council [1 photo]1965-1966
(9)Photos of True Davidson - Full Body Shot and Photos of True Getting a Make Over [3 photos]February 15, 1971
(10)Posters, Announcements and Surveys for Mayor True Davidson
(11)Award Presented to True Davidson by the Kiwanis Club of East YorkNovember 21, 1972
(12)Urkunde (Award)Nov. 11, 1966
(13)True Davidson's Karate Certificates
(14)Scholastic Diplomas
(15)Queen and Elgin St. House - Floor Plan

Call Number: 1978-004/019
(1)Scrapbook - Includes Announcements, Awards, Clippings, Correspondence, Greetings, Invitations, Photographs and Programmes1965-1970

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