F0161 - Edwin Clarence Guillet fonds


Call Number: 1968-007/001

Famous Canadian Trials series

(1)This Man Hanged Himself! A Study of the Evidence at the Third Trial in the Case of The King versus Newell1943 Published under the same title by the Ontario Publishing Company Limited,1943;published by Simon and Schuster under the title 'The Walk and the Kiss', 1973.
(2)The Strange Case of Dr. King: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus William Henry King, 18591943
(3)The Swamp of Death: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus John Reginald Birchall, 18901944
(4)The Assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Patrick James Whelan, 18681944
(5)Death for High Treason: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Louis Riel, 18851944
(6)The Shooting of Thomas Scott: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Ambroise D. Lepine, 18741944
(7)Breach of Promise to Marry: A Study of the Evidence in the Civil Action Ethel Trott versus Elmer Mott, 1941-1944
(8)The End of the Donnellys, or Mass Murder in Biddulph Township: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus James Carroll, 1880'1944

Call Number: 1968-007/002
(9)Memories of Mons, 1918: A Study of the Evidence in the Libel Action Sir Arthur Currie versus W. T. R. Preston and F. W. Wilson, 19281944
(10)The Death of Tom Thomson, Canadian Artist: A Study of the Evidence at the Coroner's Inquest, 19171944
(11)Who Fired Oka Seminary?: A Study of the Evidence in the Five Trials of the Oka Indians, 1877-18801944
(12)Treason at Montgomery's Tavern, 1837: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus John Montgomery, 18381944
(13)The Toronto Maternity Sweepstakes: An Account of the Trials and Other Proceedings Resulting from the Will of Charles Vance Millar1944
(14)Freedom of Speech: A Study of the Evidence in The King versus Margaret Austin and the Joy Oil Company, 1944
(15)Murder Was His Hobby: A Study of the Career of Thomas Neill Cream, M. D. (McGill)1944
(16)Combine in Restraint of Trade: A Study of the Judicial Investigation, 1925-1931, into the Proprietary Articles Trade Association under the Provisions of the Combines Investigation Act, 19231944
(17)Priestly Murder: A Study of the Evidence in The King versus the Abbe Adelard Delorme, 1922-19241944
(18)Student Rebellion: A Study of the Student Revolt and the Report of the Royal Commission Appointed to Investigate Conditions at the University of Toronto, 1894-18951944
(19)Much Ado About Nothing: A Study of the Evidence in the Literary Piracy Case of Florence A. Deeks, Toronto, versus Herbert G. Wells, England, 1925-19321945
(20)Who Killed Abraham Rosenberg?: A Study of the Evidence in The King versus Harold Ferguson, 19441945
(21)Death at The Chalet: A Study of the Evidence in The King versus Irwin William Stata, 1944-1945
(22)Sudden Death in the Arctic: An Account of the Investigation into the Killing of H. V. Radford and T. G. Street by Bathurst Inlet Eskimos, June 5, 19121945
(23)Easy Money: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus John Hendershott and William David Welter for the Murder of William Henry Hendershott, 1894-18951945
(24)Insurance Murderers: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Harry and Dallas Hyams for the Murder of William Chinook Wells, 1892-18951945
(25)Rough-On-Rats: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Maria Hartley for the Murder of Caleb Hartley, 18941945
(26)The Shooting of Frank Westwood: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Clara Ford, 1894-18951945
(27)Family Compact: A Study of the Action brought by Elizabeth Bethune Campbell against W. D. Hogg and the Toronto General Trusts Corporation for Breach of Trust in Administration of the Estate of Lady Elizabeth Howland, 1924-19331945
(28)The Mutilation of Jessie Keith: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Almeda Chattelle, 1894-18951945
(29)Political Offenders: An Episode of Repression in Canada: A Study of the Evidence in The King versus Timothy Buck et al. as members of an unlawful association and on a charge of seditious conspiracy, 1931-1932, with a collation of parallel cases in Great Britain and the United States1945
(30)The Stupid Undertaker: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus Olive Adele Sternaman for the Murder of George Henry Sternaman, 1896-18981945

Call Number: 1968-007/003
(31)Progressive Education?: A Collation of the Majority and Minority Judgments resulting from the investigation by a Board of Reference into the dismissal of Bruce Clarke, Principal of Runnymede Collegiate Institute, by the Board of Education of the Township of York, 19431945
(32)Misplaced Confidence: A Study of the Evidence in the Three Trials of William James Hammond for the Murder of his Wife Katie Tough Hammond, 1895-18981945
(33)Racial Discrimination: A Study of instances of public discrimination against Jews in Canada and the Judgment in the Supreme Court of Ontario invalidating covenants in conveyances restricting ownership on a racial or nationality basis, 1945
(34)Juke-Box Saga: A Study of the Civil Action Canadian Performing Rights Society versus Vigneux Brothers et al. and its Eventual Settlement by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, 1941-19451946
(35)The Tolpuddle Martyrs: A Study of the Trial and Conviction of George Loveless, James Loveless, James Brine, Thomas Standfield, John Standfield and James Hammett for forming a Union of farm labourers, of their transportation to the penal colonies of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, and of the eventual settlement of the first five of them in the Province of Ontario, 18341946
(36)The Sons of Freedom: A Study of the Doukhobour Problem and of the eventual disposition of the case of Fred Storgoff, sentenced to three years' imprisonment for appearing nude in a public place but released by the Supreme Court of Canada, 1898-19451946
(37)The Markham Gang: A Study of the Trials of Alleged Members of a Band of Criminals who Terrorized Rural Canada in the Eighteen Forties1947
(38)Wartime Profiteering: An account of the case of The King versus Fred Brown (alias Bronstein) for fraudulently delivering defective mattresses to the Canadian Government, 1943-19461946-1947
(39)Political Bribery: An Account of a Conspiracy to Corruptly Induce Members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to Defeat the Mowat Administration, 18841947
(40)The Chicago Gang: An Account of the Depredations, Trials and Fate of Fred Rice, Thomas Jones and Frank Rutledge, 1900-19021947
(41)Relief from Misery: An Account of the Trial of Josephine White, of Brantford, for the Murder of her Husband by Administering Poison, 19011947
(42)Sudden Wealth: An Account of the Trial and Execution of Stephen Turney for the Murder of William McPhillips, Markham Village, 1846-1847; Together with a Narrative by Turney of his life and adventures while in the Service of the Queen of Spain against the Carlists and in the British Army in Canada and Elsewhere1947
(43)Backwoods Scoundrels: An Account of the Murders Committed by William J. Laroeque and Emmanuel Lavictoire of L'Original, Ontario, and of their Trial and Execution for the Murder of Leo Bergeron, 1930-19331947
(44)Controverted Elections: An Account of the Trial Resulting from the Petition of John Henderson and Henry T. Snelgrove to Void the Election of George Guillet to the House of Commons of Canada for West Northumberland, Ontario, 1882; and of the Trial Resulting from the Petition of Ichabod Richmond to Void the Election of William Willoughby to the Legislative Assembly for East Northumberland, Ontario, 18871947
(45)The Pacific Scandal: An Account of the Revelations Concerning the Contract Awarded to Sir Hugh Allan by the Dominion Government for the Construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and of the Parliamentary Committee and Royal Commission Appointed to Inquire into the Charges, 1871-18731948
(46)Masonic Murder: An Account of the Life of William Morgan and of his Book Exposing the Secrets of Masonry; of his Abduction and Removal from New York State through the Agency of Governor Clinton and Other Masons; and of his Murder by Brothers William King, John Whitney and Samuel Chubbuck by drowning in the Niagara River; together with an Estimate of the Motives, Ethics and Responsibility of All Concerned in the Affair, 18261948
(47)Respectable Prostitution: An Account of the Convictions of Daniel Bloxsom, Toronto, on a charge of keeping a Bawdy-House, and of the Consequent Charge that Mayor W. H. Boulton, Lessor of the House was Living on the Avails of Prostitution, 1847; To Which is Added a Consideration of Recent Cases of a Parralel Nature1948
(48)Inside Job: A Study of the Evidence in The Queen versus W. H. Ponton for Bank Robbery at Napanee, 1897-18991945
(49)The Coburg Conspiracy (1839)1937 Reprinted from The Canadian Historical Review, March 1937.
(50)Political Gestapo: An Account of the LeBel Commission Appointed by the Progressive Conservative Administration of Ontario to Investigate Charges by the Leader of the Opposition and Provincial Leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation that Premier Drew had Established and Maintained Secret Police to Spy upon and Defame Political Opponents, 1943-19451949